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Episode 37/38


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


By 5:15pm that fateful Sunday, I slowly arrived at Jessica’s house. I couldn’t help but wonder why she asked me to come over.


As I approached the door leading to her sitting room, I heard two female voices arguing with great energy. I easily made out Jessica’s voice but couldn’t make out the second voice even though it sounded very much like Cynthia’s voice. I knew she had no reason to be there and so it never crossed my mind that it could be her.


As I walked into the sitting room, I was confronted with the greatest shock of my life. I couldn’t believe myself as my eyes fell on Cynthia and Jessica exchanging words. Cynthia was standing with both hands on her waist while Jessica was sitting a distance away, facing her. I froze for some seconds as I quickly thought of how to face the unexpected situation.


‘’thank God you are here’’ Cynthia quickly said as soon as she saw me while Jessica stood up with her eyes on me.



‘’I invited her over to see if we could reach a good compromise but I just realized I made a very terrible mistake. She has been threatening me ever since she got here’’ Jessica softly explained.


‘’of course you deserve everything that I have been throwing at you. Why can’t you go and find your own man?. Why can’t you struggle to build your own man?. Aren’t you ashamed that at your age and with all your acclaimed accomplishments, you stooped to low to steal another person’s man’’ Cynthia fired violently at her while I shook my head, uncertain of what exactly to say.


I never expected to confront such scene and it just looked like a dream. I never expected Jessica to be so stupid as to invite Cynthia to her house unless perhaps she had another hidden motive.


‘’Jessica I never asked you to invite her to your place. I never asked you to help me with my problem’’ I scolded Jessica before facing Cynthia with a cold smile.


‘’let’s get out of here please. You shouldn’t be here in the first place’’ I said softly.


‘’you are just a retired prostitute who’s looking for young blood to settle down with. Sorry my man isn’t available’’ Cynthia mocked, drawing out Jessica’s temper.


‘’what did you just call me?’’ she asked, closing in on Cynthia who quickly pushed her backwards. Before I could even blink, Jessica pounced on Cynthia like an angry lion, pushed her to the floor and hit her head severally on the tiles before choking her by grasping her throat. I quickly pounced on Jessica, pushing her away from Cynthia’s body but unfortunately I intervened too late.


Yes Cynthia was a very strong lady who could easily beat Jessica in any fight but she never expected Jessica to go extreme by attacking her in such manner. Moreover she was pregnant and wasn’t as strong as she used to be, giving Jessica an upper hand in the fight.


As I pulled out Jessica from Cynthia’s body, I noticed that Cynthia wasn’t breathing nor moving. I nervously shook her with great force but she still failed to move.



‘’what have you done Jessica?’’ I asked with fear.


‘’she deserves to die’’ she replied without any atom of remorse. I couldn’t believe I was in such a nasty mess.


‘’I think you have killed her’’ I breathed nervously as I felt Cynthia’s pulse over and over without getting any sign of life.




**Jude’s side of the story continues**


I returned to my hostel at exactly 4:45pm that fateful Sunday. My room was totally ransacked just like I was told but none of my electronics was taken. I quickly arranged my school documents which I found scattered all over my bed.


‘’I guess it wasn’t robbery after all. I guess the person that broke in was searching for some other thing possibly the suitcase in Kelvin’s care’’ I reasoned as I dialed my cousin’s phone number but surprisingly he rejected my call.


I shrugged, went down to meet the hostel gateman, paid him for another key and lock before heading over to Kelvin’s house.


Of course i had a lot to talk with him. I equally was curious to know how things went with Jessica the previous day.


But on getting to his house, I was told that he left minutes ago. I dialed his number again and for the second time he rejected my call, something he has never done before.

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