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Episode 43/44


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


**kelvin’s side of the story continues**


‘’oh jeez you are not in town?’’ I suddenly heard her scream in frustration.


‘’please get back to me as soon as you are back’’ she begged and hung up while I slowly smiled with satisfaction as all I just heard buried in my head.


I quickly made a decision to get the number she just called by any means because to me the person could also be an accomplice in everything that happened to my uncle.





I composed myself, knocked on the open door before walking in innocently. Jessica froze with a colored look as soon as she saw me walk in while I pretended as if I heard nothing.


I drew close to her, softly grabbing her waist. She curiously scanned me with her eyes.


‘’I’m sorry for being a bit insensitive with my nosy questions. I promise it won’t happen again’’ I apologized softly. She breathed deeply out of relief, smiling seductively.


‘’It’s okay but you have to start trusting me. All I have is yours and that’s the reason I suggested for us to get married the other time but you acted as if you are not interested’’ she replied, rolling her eyes.


‘’I understand you my love but I’m still in the process of arranging a big surprise for you’’ I hinted, kissed her strongly and dragged her to the bed where I quickly undressed her. She was totally surprised by my moves.


In no time, we were fuc.king away like mad dogs, enjoying each other with great abandon. An hour later she was fast asleep with her head on my chest, while I lay awake, ready to search her phone.


Luckily her phone wasn’t pass-worded which gave me the opportunity to go through every inch of it but there wasn’t any incriminating text message, video or picture I could find. The phone was just clean and I simply copied out her lawyer’s phone number which was the last number she called that evening, saved it on my phone and quickly settled down to sleep beside her.


Just like I said earlier, I was ready to get to the root of my uncle’s death even though I was clueless on what to do with the information I would obtain because I knew I couldn’t take Jessica down without going down with her.


Jude’s side of the story continues


‘’I will be travelling back to Imo state early tomorrow morning. I’m yet to wash my clothes and prepare myself ahead of my I.T on Monday’’ I lied to Tracy as she



was about leaving for her room after dinner. The look on her face as I broke the news was far from pleasant but she had no choice than to accept my decision.


‘’I thought we were going to spend some days together?, but it’s all cool. Your industrial training is very much important. I believe in future we still have a lot of time to spend together’’ she muttered with a smile, drawing close to give me another long hug.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



Of course my conscience hurt me because I lied In order to be with Pamela. I had every right not to honor Pamela’s invitation but something in me kind of pushed me to change my weekend plans for her and early the next day. I found myself in a bus, heading to Abuja.




I got to Abuja by 6:34pm, a bit worried and nervous. Pamela’s driver as usual was waiting for me at the bus station, making my journey a very easy one.


By 7:30pm, I was well settled in Pamela’s house, where I was treated like a king. Yes Pamela really was a wonderful lady but my only problem with her was that she was using me without my consent for her own goals and secondly she was nothing but a married woman no matter how young she appeared to be.


‘’I’m glad you came my love. You can’t imagine how much I missed you. You can’t imagine how much I have yearned for you. You can’t imagine how many sleepless nights I had because of your absence. Every part of me is just itching and waiting for your touch’’ she breathed as we settled down for dinner.


I smiled to her words. Of course as a man my ego swelled. It felt good being flattered by a beautiful rich lady.


‘’I have settled every issue with my husband concerning the pregnancy and I will be travelling out in few weeks. Perhaps this might be the last time we will see each other this year in Nigeria. You already know my plans. Our child deserves the best and perhaps the next we will meet, you won’t be seeing only me but your child as well.’’ She added, slowly reaching for my hand. I stared into her eyes, unable to say a word.



Of course I wasn’t happy about having a child with her but the way she just presented her words kind of made me look forward in seeing my first blood.


‘’i want to close one of my accounts and transfer everything in it to yours. I won’t want you to look unhealthy when you finally meet me over there’’ she suddenly announced, leaving me more stunned.


‘’Pamela seriously I don’t know if you are a blessing or a curse to me. Yes everything about you is awesome but I don’t just know. You are having my baby; you are now offering me money I know you stole from your husband. I never planned for all these. It’s just as if you are now the one running my life for me. What happens when our child is born?. You know I can’t allow him to grow without my presence in his life but I also have my own life to live. Unfortunately it’s now as if you have my life in your hands.’’ I confessed.


‘’is it because of Tracy that you are sounding so immature?’’ she suddenly asked with a curious smile.


‘’and what’s so immature with my words?’’ I fired back. She dropped her eyes like someone in pain.


‘’it’s quite a pity you are too blind to notice how much I love you’’ she muttered solemnly.


Perhaps she was right, I was blinded by what I felt for Tracy even though with the look of things Tracy could end up belonging to my past. Do you think so?


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