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Episode 38


’let’s take her to the hospital’’ I breathed, holding up Cynthia’s head as I threw a look at Jessica who shrugged, bent and felt the poor girl’s pulse.



‘’please give chance’’ she said softly, pushed me aside and did a little push up on Cynthia’s chest but unfortunately the poor girl made no sign of coming back to life.


‘’she’s dead’’ Jessica suddenly announced, wiping out sweat from her forehead. I gasped with great fear.


‘’let’s stop wasting time and take her to the hospital. We can’t let her die here’’ I muttered, shaking with fright.


‘’she is dead already. There is nothing you can do about it’’ she replied softly, shook her head and looked away. I couldn’t believe it was all happening. I couldn’t believe it was all real.


‘’but let’s take her to the hospital to be sure’’ I muttered faintly.


‘’what will be your explanation to the doctor or her family or even the police when they start asking questions?’’ she suddenly asked, putting more fear into me with the question.


‘’my friend you are going to jail and there is no two ways about it. This is Nigeria in case you have forgotten’’ she said a bit coldly.


‘’what kind of woman are you?. Don’t you have any human feelings inside?. I’m so disappointed in you. I can’t believe you have the mind to talk this way after killing her in your house. Now tell me, what you want me to do?’’ I asked angrily.


‘’please stop playing the blame game. We are into this together. We are nothing but the same. You are also a killer just like me. Or don’t you know how many lives you have ruined with your scams?’’ she fired back. I shook my head, bit my lips and headed towards the door in desperation.


‘’Dear Lord why me. Why am I into this mess? This is so unbelievable’’ I breathed with a faint heart.


‘’you are not walking away, are you?’’ I heard her ask quietly. I turned and faced her with eyes filled with tears.



‘’my life is ruined. You have succeeded in ruining me’’ I stammered. She smiled, drew close and held my hands.


‘’I never meant for this to happen. It was all a mistake. But we still have a life to live. We have a future together. Let’s work harmoniously to set things right’’ she offered solemnly.


‘’what do we do now?’’ I asked.


‘’she took her things out of your house before coming here right?’’ she asked while I nodded.


‘’good, so that takes you out of the picture and I bet she told no one she was coming to my house today. The best thing to do right now is to find a good place to dump her body. In few days she will be found. Yes the police will come questioning you but I can be your alibi. Simply tell them we spent Sunday evening together. I have my team of lawyers and the police wont dare question me because I don’t talk to the police without my lawyers being present’’ she lectured calmly. I couldn’t help but be amazed at her articulate plan.


‘’have you done this before?’’ I asked suspiciously.


‘’no of course but I know my way around things and that’s why I’m successful in life’’ she replied with a smile.


‘’how about the people living with you?. Won’t they talk?’’ I asked.


‘’no of course not. They won’t dare snitch on me’’ she answered confidently.


‘’so what now?’’ I asked.


‘’let’s take her body to your car and find a place to dump her’’ she said quickly.


‘’no not my car. The police can easily get a warrant to search my car if her body is discovered later. DNA things, Let’s use your car instead’’ I suggested. She shrugged with resignation.



‘’fine, let’s get going’’ she breathed quickly.




It really was a very hard and nauseating task getting Cynthia’s body into Jessica’s car. It was the most deadly thing I have ever done in my entire life. I had no choice than to go with Jessica’s plan even though I wasn’t responsible for killing Cynthia. I knew I had to go with her plans in order to survive. There wasn’t any other way apart from the road to jail which I wasn’t ready to take. I knew the odds were all against me and I had to take the easiest way out.


In the cover of darkness we headed out with Cynthia’s body, looking for a good place to dump the poor girl. I was so totally sacred and anxious but Jessica was very relaxed. It was just as if she was cold hearted and blooded.


‘’dear lord, help me’’ I prayed over and over.


In no time we got to a very quiet refuse dump site along Portharcourt expressway.


Jessica pulled over and stopped her car.


‘’let’s get it done’’ she breathed, opening her car door. Together we dumped Cynthia’s body and silently headed back to town.


How did my life get this way?


To be continued…




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