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Episode 31&32


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi



’I don’t know the basis of your suspicion. Is it a crime to fall in love with you?. Have I ever done anything that suggests that I could be into you for another reason?’’ I asked with a bold outburst. Jessica scoffed and eyed me.


‘’yes I did one or two deals in the past to get rich but that was in the past. I really don’t feel comfortable with you right now. Perhaps I got it all wrong by thinking I could start a new life with you’’ I added with energy. She kept quiet, keenly studying me.


My heart throbbed loud as I desperately thought of the next words to say. I never expected such confrontation from her and I knew I was in a tight fix.


I badly needed to turn things around with my words but unfortunately Jessica did her homework very well and a little miscalculation on my part could make things worse.


‘’you just said everyone has a skeleton hidden somewhere. If I should start digging into your past, I know I will dig out something nasty. But the past always belongs to the past. Nigeria is a very tough country to survive in and without extreme measures you can’t survive or live a fulfilled life. What matters is how we atone for our sins. Believe me It isn’t easy for me. I came to your life to seek happiness, to seek peace, to start all over. I will never do anything to hurt you. Believe me’’ I poured out solemnly. She took a step closer and smiled for the first time.


‘’I feel at ease now. I believe you. Let’s just forget about the past but if in any way I discover that you are using me for a devilish agenda, I won’t hesitate turning you to the police or to the EFCC.’’ She muttered with a soft voice, but her words to me sounded more like a threat. I nodded in agreement, breathing deeply. She surprisingly drew closer and hugged me.


‘’I’m sorry for being a bit aggressive. I was only protecting my interest’’ she apologized softly.


‘’I guess you are still coming over with Jude on Saturday?’’ she asked.


‘’yes I’m’’ I answered softly.





Jessica left minutes after, leaving me shaken and a bit scared. Of course I knew she was capable of reporting me to the cops. I equally knew she could still be spying on me. I had to come up with another plan. I had to dig into her past as well. It really was so unfortunate that I deviated from my main purpose of approaching her all because of love or perhaps lust.


I couldn’t sleep that night. I battled with my thoughts as I weighed every possible means of digging into Jessica’s past. She really was very good at hiding things and I was slowly realizing that behind her cheerful smile and acts, she equally was a very ruthless lady, capable of doing anything to protect her interest.


‘’jeez, which direction do I take?’’ I wondered miserably.




Early the next day, I headed to Joe’s gym to open my fears to my friend who listened patiently as I narrated the events of the previous day to him.


‘’hmmmm Jessica is very smart. The lady was into you the moment you stepped foot into her life but you thought you had the game all figured out, giving her ample time to dig around you. I really don’t fancy your position right now because she has already dug around you. Any step you take might end up getting you in a pit’’ he muttered carefully.


‘’so what do you think?’’ I asked nervously.


‘’I think she knows more than she told you yesterday. She probably knows about your possible plan with your cousin and I believe she stayed back to use you to achieve her aim or maybe she also is in love with you and can’t afford losing you no matter what’’ he added seriously.


‘’so what now?’’ I asked.


‘’simply keep calm and wait’’ he suggested.





**Jude’s side of the story continues**


Same day




I woke up feeling so bored and a bit angry. I wasn’t prepared for Tracy’s departure the previous day and I had no choice than to start making my own plans.


‘’I have to see Kelvin today. He once promised to link me up with a drug manufacturing company for my industrial training. I have no choice than to stick with him now’’ I reasoned as the scene I witnessed weeks ago in his house annoyingly played back in my head.


‘’I must find a way to confront Jessica on my own. I can’t keep waiting for Kelvin to act on it’’ I made up my mind.


By 12noon, My phone rang and it was Kelvin calling.


‘’hey bro, can you come over to my house right now?’’ he asked.


‘’yes I will be there in an hour’’ I answered softly.




An hour later, at kelvin’s house


I walked into Kelvin’s sitting room, to see him busy with his computer. He instantly smiled on seeing me.


‘’thank God you are here. We have a new million dollar deal on the way’’ he announced happily. I forced out a smile as I settled beside him.


‘’so what’s up with you and school work?’’ he asked with concern.


‘’I’m still looking for a placement for my I.T’’ I answered.


‘’that shouldn’t be a problem. I will link you up with the guy I promised you sometime back. The only problem is that his company is located at Aba’’ he offered seriously.



‘’oh thanks, the location doesn’t matter’’ I thanked him with a smile.


‘’Jessica wants us to have dinner at her place. I don’t know how you feel about it but I think we are going to make progress with it’’ he softly mentioned, studying me keenly.


‘’that’s cool. I can’t wait to share the same table with her’’ I plainly answered without wasting any time, leaving my cousin totally surprised.


I bet he wasn’t expecting such quick answer from me and I knew he must be wondering what I really was up to.


I just couldn’t wait to be close to the lady who knew a lot about my father’s dead.



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