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Episode 36


**Kelvin’s side of the story continues**


I just didn’t know what to say as I faced Jessica, who quickly regained her composure, ignored Cynthia and walked towards me with a cold smile.


Her face was simply plain and expressionless as she walked towards me. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her head that moment.


Cynthia equally was stunned by Jessica’s presence. She couldn’t say a word as she watched her walk up to me.


‘’I made this breakfast for you. I never knew you had a guest. I just got back from church and rushed over to bring it over. Happy Sunday dear’’ she breathed calmly, offered the flask to me, smiled, turned and left my house without another word.


I couldn’t even make a move or say anything to her. My head, my tongue, my speech all were frozen with tension. However I thanked God for the calm and matured way she acted. I never expected such calmness from her.


Cynthia soon sprang to my side, snatching the flask from me.


‘’I knew it. Yes I knew it. That w.hore, she even had the nerves to offer you food in my presence. You guys have enjoyed enough romance already. I’m here to stop it. Enough is enough’’ she breathed fiercely and headed to the kitchen like an angry cow. I cursed inwardly as I followed her.


I felt like smashing her head to the wall but I knew it would do me more harm than good. She really was tempting me, knowing fully well that I could lose my head any moment.


On getting to the kitchen, she opened the food flask and threw the contents into the dustbin while I bit my lips in anger.


‘’I can’t tolerate this nonsense anymore. She has bewitched you’’ she muttered furiously.


‘’listen Cynthia. You are not my wife and I will never marry you. Simply get your things and leave my house. I don’t want to kill you but you are tempting me’’ I shouted angrily.


‘’you can’t do anything to me. You can’t’’ she dared me.


‘’I won’t lay my hands on you again. You are sick. You are looking for someone to kill you but I won’t give you the pleasure. I will get the police to throw you out of my house. You don’t know what I’m capable of’’ I shouted, left the kitchen and headed to my room to freshen up.


I left my apartment minutes later without saying a word to her. I had to leave my house in order to cool down my temper.


As I drove out of my house that morning with a heart full of anger and confusion, I totally was at lost on how to deal with Cynthia. She just was a wild lady capable of withstanding anything and she had no atom of shame in her.


‘’how did it all get to this level’’ I asked myself over and over as I headed to Joe’s gym.



After a short drive, I stopped, turned my car and headed towards Jessica’s house. Of course I had a lot of explanations to make and I knew I had to come up with a good one.




Jessica frowned on seeing me walk into her sitting room. She first searched me with her eyes before shaking her head.


‘’I’m sorry for what happened this morning. It was totally unexpected’’ I apologized softly.


‘’of course you weren’t expecting me to show up by that hour. So what’s your excuse or lie?’’ she demanded.


‘’I have no excuse. I have no lie. I’m totally responsible for everything. The young lady was a girl I used to have fun with in the past. A girl I always used to cure my s£xual hunger before I got to know you. I haven’t seen her for almost a month and when I got home from your house yesterday, I saw her waiting for me. She is claiming to be three months pregnant for me. I tried forcing her out of my house yesterday and she almost fainted in the process. I will have to get the police to help me out’’ I explained weakly.


‘’so should I believe you?’’ she asked with a strange smile.


‘’no you don’t have to’’ I replied honestly.


‘’but I do believe you’’ she muttered, surprising me with her words.


‘’you saw a cheap girl and started enjoying her without reservation. Your stupid head never told you she had her own plans. Why are guys always good at cheap things?’’ she asked while I ke


‘’you saw a cheap girl and started enjoying her without reservation. Your stupid head never told you she had her own plans. Why are guys always good at cheap things?’’ she asked while I kept quiet like a spoilt kid.



‘’just give me her phone number, I will talk to her and see what she wants’’ she suddenly offered, leaving me with no choice than to oblige even though I was very suspicious of her motive. I knew Cynthia would never listen to her.




I headed to Joe’s gym after spending some minutes with Jessica. I must confess Jessica’s calmness and understanding was a welcomed development but equally extremely suspicious. I never expected her to be so understanding and calm. Could it be that her love for me is so strong to make her this understanding?’’ I wondered as I drove to Joe’s gym.




Joe and I had a long, very long talk when I got to his place but unfortunately he couldn’t offer any solid advice to me.


‘’my brother your situation is a very difficult one. Supposing you are dealing with young school girls I would have known what to advice. But the two ladies are big time adults with their own plans. Only God will help you out of this. If I’m in your shoes, I will simply forget about Jessica and deal with Cynthia before things gets out of hand’’ he advised, leaving me deep with thoughts but unfortunately i couldn’t accept his suggestion because I was already way deep into Jessica to back away. My main priority was getting rid of Cynthia.




I returned to my house, uncertain on how to push out Cynthia from my life. I threatened earlier to call the police on her but failed to do it. I went into my house with prayers on my lips.


I really didn’t want things to get messy with her but the d–n girl was daring me. I couldn’t help but wonder what she was doing inside.


As I walked into my sitting room, I was surprised to see her well dressed up, holding her big handbag. I stared at her curiously, wondering what she was up to.



‘’I’m leaving but I will be back later. So don’t celebrate yet’’ she muttered coldly, eyed me and left my house without another word. She simply left without any fight and I couldn’t believe myself.


My phone however rang a minute later and it was Jessica calling.


‘’so how far?’’ she asked as if she was seeing me from somewhere. I breathed deeply, unable to find my voice.


‘’meet me at my house by 5pm’’ she said and hung up.


To be continued…



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