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Episode 29&30


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


**Jude’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode**




‘’how about we make love?’’ Pamela suddenly demanded, pulled up her night wear and climbed over me seductively. I swallowed hard as I stared at her tempting body. I never suspected she was unclad underneath, until she pulled up her night wear that very moment.


‘’I’m not in the mood. I want to sleep’’ I lied, trying hard to look responsible while deep down my body was already responding to the sight of her seductive body.


‘’I’m already pregnant. So there is nothing to lose. Relax’’ she pushed, slowly went for my d—k, drew down my shorts and suc.ked it with great energy. Her mouth and tongue were just made for the stuff .



We ended up making love once again. I had no one but myself to blame for having s£x with Pamela that fateful night. I just couldn’t hold myself from doing it with her not minding the problems ahead. Perhaps I easily got in the mood because the last time I had s£x was weeks ago and it was already telling on me.


Yes I enjoyed every bit of it as it lasted but immediately after the deed my conscience flogged me. I began feeling regret and nauseous.




The next morning, I woke up to see Pamela smiling with her eyes on me. I yawned and sat up, returning her gaze.


‘’you know my greatest prayer is for us to have a happy family. I can’t imagine how it would feel, waking up every morning in your arms. I never believed in love until I met you and now it’s making me look stupid’’ she breathed softly. I kept quiet. Of course I couldn’t figure out what to say.


‘’you can’t even wish me a happy birthday’’ she suddenly complained with a sigh.


I smiled, drew close and gave her a surprising kiss.


‘’happy birthday dear’’ I muttered sweetly, leaving her blushing with delight.



‘’so what are your plans for today?. Do you still wish to see the woman I told you about or should we plan something for my birthday?’’ she asked curiously.


‘’I’m going back to where I came from today. I think I will first like to see the woman before heading back to my state’’ I answered.


‘’okay cool. I guess I will have to sacrifice my birthday celebration for you.’’ She muttered with resignation.




By 10am, we were on our way to Suleja to meet the overhyped spiritualist. I really never believed in such stuff but sometimes that are things that could lead one into doing something out of curiosity. I had nothing to lose seeing the lady and so had to accept going with Pamela to see her.


Pamela equally insisted we go in the morning in order to be attended to on time. According to her, the place was always filled up with people searching for answers to their problems.


11am, we arrived at the big house where the spiritualist resided. The house really looked like every other house in the neighborhood, though bigger in shape and size.


Just like Pamela said, there were lots of people, especially young girls waiting to be attended to. And I couldn’t help but wonder the kind of problem they were all having.


‘’I have to go book our presence’’ Pamela whispered to me as I settled down on an empty chair. She left seconds after to speak with a lady who was holding something like a register in one of the open rooms.


She returned minutes later with a smile on her face.


‘’we will have to wait some minutes for our turn’’ she said, sitting beside me.



We ended up spending close to an hour before being invited into the main room, where an old woman dressed like a devoted Muslim was seated on a mat. Pamela graciously sat before her and I equally did the same.


‘’Zainab what brings you here today?’’ the old woman asked Pamela who smiled and nodded at me.


‘’I brought my friend to see you. He wants answers’’ she replied softly. The old lady left her eyes on me for some seconds before giving me an ointment to rub on my eyes.


’now hold my hands and close your eyes’’ she said, offering her hands. I silently obeyed and did like she demanded. She soon started speaking in a foreign language.


In few seconds, I felt as if I was drowning. I felt as if someone was trying to rip my heart off. I really didn’t know how the woman did the trick. Perhaps it was the ointment I rubbed on my eyes that made me feel that way.


‘’your future is very much clouded, but you can still change it for good. Trust no one but her. Trust no one but her’’ the old woman breathed with a slightly raised tone, releasing my hands with great energy.


I opened my eyes to see Pamela smiling with satisfaction while the old woman’s words played back in my head.


‘’Trust no one but her. Unfortunately I couldn’t comprehend because i had two women in my life. Tracy and Pamela,



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