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Episode 35/36


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


**Jude’s side of the story continues**


We barely had arrived at Tracy’s house when a hostel neighbor called to give me very shocking news.


‘’hey guy where are you?’’ Tony asked as soon as I answered his phone call. I couldn’t help but wonder the reason he was calling by that hour. He was just nothing but a neighbor to me and even though we had each other’s phone number we never spoke on phone.


‘’I travelled to Enugu early today’’ I replied softly.

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‘’I think someone broke into your room. The door is wide open and your things scattered all over the place’’ he informed me softly. I gasped.


‘’are you serious?. How did that happen?’’ I asked without thinking straight.



‘’I don’t know ooo. You just have to come back and check what was stolen. I have already informed the hostel president and gateman’’ he added and hung up while Tracy stared at me curiously.


‘’what happened?’’ she asked.


‘’my room was just ransacked. That was what Tony called to tell me’’ I informed her slowly.


‘’that can’t be true!. Our hostel is the most secure in the vicinity. It has never been robbed before’’ she breathed with disbelief.


‘’a record always takes a day to be broken my dear. I guess our hostel isn’t as secured as we think’’ I answered faintly, slowly searched for the hostel Gateman’s number in my phone and dialed it. He picked up after three attempts,


‘’hey bro. how far na?’’ he greeted.


‘’please I heard my room was just robbed, is it true??’’ I asked calmly.


‘’yes ooo my oga’’ he answered quickly.


‘’please kindly help me shut my door. I will be there tomorrow’’ I informed him weakly.


‘’no worry. I dey your room already. I’m very surprised oooo. Only your room was robbed and no much visitors came into the hostel today’’ he replied, mixing English with pidgin. I simply hung up, without saying any other thing to him. My greatest fear was losing my school documents which unfortunately were all in the room.


‘’I just pray thief didn’t tamper with my school stuff’’ I opened up to Tracy.


‘’I don’t think so. Moreover it’s of no use to anyone’’ she answered with a smile.


‘’but dear, I think it will be better you bring over your school documents here for safe keeping. My mum is good at it. All my documents plus that of my siblings are



with her’’ she suggested softly while my thoughts wandered off again. I couldn’t help but wonder if my room was ransacked by students who probably were looking for some money and electronics to steal or by the same set of thieves that ransacked my father’s house in the village. But then I knew a stranger couldn’t pull up such stunt in the day time without being noticed, leaving me with the conclusion that my room was ransacked by either a neighbor who had been waiting for an opportunity to rob me or perhaps someone paid him to do the job.


‘’I will return to the hostel early tomorrow to see things for myself’’ I informed my girl with a sad look. She frowned and looked down.


‘’I really was hoping we would spend the weekend together. It isn’t your fault though. You have to go check your things’’ she muttered with understanding.


**Kelvin’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode**


I slowly squatted beside the unconscious girl, shaking her softly. My heart pounded furiously with great fear.


‘’dear lord I hope she’s fine?’’ I prayed. Cynthia sneezed, opened her eyes and quickly sat up, holding her head.


‘’you want to kill me right?. You better finish it up because that’s the only way I’m leaving you’’ she threatened seriously. I knew I had to keep myself in check and act wisely.


‘’I’m sorry dear. You just got on my nerves with your behavior. Kindly go to one of the rooms and sleep. Tomorrow we will figure things out’’ I begged. She breathed deeply, stared at me suspiciously for a while, shrugged, got up and headed to the toilet without another word. I fell back on the floor and swallowed hard.


I needed no telling that I was in for a tough ride with her.


‘’Dear Lord. I don’t want to marry this lady; I equally don’t want her to be the mother of my child. Help me. This is too much a punishment’’ I prayed sadly.



I couldn’t sleep that very night. My head was just filled with many impossible ideas and silly thoughts. Yet I couldn’t come up with a solution and the next day I woke up with a terrible headache. I managed to take some pills before slowly heading to my sitting room to see if I could find an interesting program on TV.




On getting to my sitting room, I was shocked to see Cynthia calmly seated and watching a movie like a happy housewife. She was tying only a wrapper as if she was in her matrimonial home. I lost it again.


‘’Cynthia what is wrong with you?’’ I barked furiously, but before she could turn and answer, Jessica stormed into my apartment, carrying a big food flask. The shock that befell her was really killing as her eyes fell on Cynthia and I.


I couldn’t believe the id.i-t guarding my gate let her in without notifying me.



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