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Episode 28


’what’s up with your interest in my cousin Jude?. Do you know his late father?. Is there anything you are not telling me?’’ I asked Jessica, searching her reaction. She smiled and shrugged.


‘’I feel that you don’t want your family to know about me. You don’t tell me anything about them and your body language is not like that of a guy who wants to take our relationship to the next level’’ she answered softly while I breathed deeply. I really wasn’t expecting such reply from her. I had expected my question to throw her off balance but she answered it quickly and innocently as if she had nothing else in mind. If actually she wanted to meet Jude for another motive, it never showed on her.



‘’how do you think, introducing you to my cousin will change my body language?’’ I asked.


‘’At least knowing one person from your family will assure me that you are not a ghost’’ she answered with a smile.


‘’fine, by next weekend, Jude and I will have dinner at your place. Hope you are cool with it?’’ I offered, leaving a very satisfying smile on her face. If really she was planning something bad for my cousin, it failed to show on her.




Jude’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode


‘’what exactly did the lady tell you about my life?. I hope you are not trying to play with my head?’’ I asked Pamela as I followed her to the kitchen. She scoffed, turned and faced me.


‘’what will I gain by playing with your head. You are free to leave. You act like a little kid and I feel so sick being with you sometimes’’ she answered coldly, eyed me and faced the dishes she was about washing. I silently watched her for a while, uncertain of what to do next. She really seemed very serious with the information she gave me but then it equally looked like a ploy to stop me from leaving.


‘’can you tell me about the lady?’’ I demanded but she kept quiet, saying nothing to me. ‘’please I beg of you. Who is the lady and how did she know me?’’ I begged breathlessly. She turned, stared at me for a while and smiled.


‘’don’t get so colored up. You are not dying tonight. I will tell you everything you need to know later in the night’’ she said softly. I shrugged with resignation.


I ended up spending the night at her place and it really was a very long and memorable one for me. Pamela and I had a lot to discuss and yes we had a very long talk.


‘’so tell me about your new girlfriend?’’ she asked as she settled down beside me on her bed. I smiled to myself as Tracy’s image appeared in my head.



‘’her name is Tracy. She has everything I need in a woman. She is beautiful, intelligent and down to earth’’ I answered softly. Pamela breathed deeply, drew closer and placed her head on my chest.


‘’we have been through a lot together and she trusts me so much’’ I added proudly.


‘’do you have her picture on your phone?’’ she asked curiously.


‘’yes’’ I answered, reached for my phone and opened the picture gallery. Together we went through Tracy’s pictures.


‘’she is very beautiful’’ she confessed.


‘’yes and I’m very proud of her’’ I answered proudly.


‘’so are you going to tell her about us?’’ she suddenly asked, shocking me with the question.


‘’no I can’t’’ I breathed quickly.


‘’but you have to. Sooner or later she’s bound to find out and if you are really serious about her, I think the best thing to do is to open up to her yourself’’ she softly advised while I eyed her angrily.


‘’you are a lady and you know a young girl like her will break up with me on learning of our illicit affair. The great love and trust she has for me won’t stop her from walking away.’’ I replied with a slightly raised tone.


‘’okay fine, just do your thing the way you want’’ she muttered with resignation.


‘’right now, I feel like strangling you. I feel like resetting my life. You came into my life to ruin me. I’m really far from happy with you’’ I confessed.


‘’so do you still want to hear about the lady I told you about or not?’’ she suddenly asked, changing the topic.



‘’so tell me about her. That’s the main reason I stayed back’’ I muttered. She smiled and sat up.


‘’she is a very powerful spiritualist. She has been giving me spiritual guidance ever since I came to this country and never for once has she failed me. She sees the future and sometimes can manipulate one’s destiny. A friend actually introduced her to me and you can’t believe her clientele ranges from young girls, politicians, government contractors, and even pastors. She has a special way of offering prayers’’ she slowly explained while I laughed.


‘’I really don’t believe in that stuff. There are a lot of them in my area’’ I said, smiling with disbelief.


‘’before we had the first s£x, I scanned your picture and gave it to her to check if we were compatible. After her prayers, she told me you are going to be my child’s father but may end up not seeing the child.’’ She narrated softly. ‘’when I pressed her further, she told me that an evil wind is circling round you, the same wind that took away your father.’’ She added, putting a little fear in my heart with her words.


I swallowed hard, unable to say anything. Of course I knew most spiritualists were nothing but fraudsters but then I equally knew that most of them were good at predicting ugly events.


‘’if you still doubt me, tomorrow I will take you to her. Perhaps she will have something new to tell you’’ she added and smiled reassuringly, leaving me deep in thought whether to go with her to see the woman or not.


‘’Jude there is no doubt your life is in danger. Trust me. The last thing I will do is to hurt you because I so much wish for my child’s father to live a very long life’’ she pressed further, totally convincing me.


To be continued….




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