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Episode 26



I returned to my hostel with a very troubled spirit. I just didn’t know the direction to think. I knew I had to do something to stop Pamela’s plans but what exactly do I do was a question I couldn’t answer.


‘’dear lord I hope she isn’t pregnant for me’’ I prayed as my mind flashed back to the fun I had with her. Of course I was so stupid to sleep with her without any form of protection. I was so carried away by her beauty and personality without knowing that she had sinister plans for me. I just felt like a big fool. Oh yes I was a very big idiot.


Keeping my fears and feelings away from Tracy was another tough battle I fought so hard to win but in the end the caring girl soon noticed that something else was eating me up. Tracy was just so sharp in noticing things and it really was one of the qualities I admired in her.


‘’you know yesterday, I thought it was only malaria that was bothering you but I feel something else is eating you up. You have been acting so withdrawn and strange since yesterday. What is bothering you?’’ she asked curiously when we were alone in her room. I breathed deeply, wondering if it was okay to tell her the truth or not.


‘’yesterday I was down with fever but today I’m okay, only that I’m still weak’’ I answered, smiling convincingly.


‘’Jude I have known you for a long time and I know when you lie. At least I know ninety five percent of the times you lie. You just lied now’’ she pushed on.


‘’okay fine, my cousin Kelvin invited me to his house just to tell me that an uncle in Abuja wants to see me and I think its relating to my dad’s death. Moreover I’m yet to travel to the states to meet my dad’s attorney. I just have a lot going on in my head right now and I’m still indecisive on whether to head to Abuja tomorrow or not’’ I lied fluently. She breathed deeply and held my hand.


‘’now I understand how you feel. I think it’s best you meet your uncle. You have a lot to gain. But first you have to be strong’’ she said with a smile.



I swallowed hard with guilt as I returned her gaze. Each time I lied to the innocent girl, my conscience always pinched me. She never deserved a guy like me but unfortunately love pushed her to me.

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‘’Tomorrow I will head to Abuja then ‘’ I muttered with a smile.




Later in the night as I was about falling asleep, my phone rang and it was Pamela calling me for the first time since I broke up with her. I stared at the ringing phone for a while before answering the call. Luckily the night was one of those nights Tracy insisted on sleeping in her room and I really was grateful for it because I still had a lot to talk with Pamela.


‘’listen Jude, I really don’t want to be hard on you. No matter what happened in the past, I still love you and you are going to be the father of my child. I think you should keep aside your pride and come over to Abuja for us to talk. I didn’t get pregnant to punish you or to force myself on you. I got pregnant for a reason. I got pregnant because I’m obliged to have a baby at all cost and I couldn’t help but allow a man I love the most to father the child for me. We really have a lot to talk. Just come over to Abuja. You have nothing to fear’’ she preached softly.


‘’fine, I will be there tomorrow evening. I will take a flight to Abuja tomorrow’’ I agreed softly.


‘’ Just alert me when you touch down at the airport. I will come pick you up’’ she added and hung up, leaving me with my thoughts.


Abuja , Nigeria


By 6:23pm the next evening, I was in a black Hilux truck Pamela sent to pick me from the airport. At first I was nervous when the driver walked up to me but his friendly smile and Igbo language made me loosen up. In no time we arrived at Pamela’s house. A very cute bungalow built with high taste.



Of course I was scared as I alighted from the truck. I never expected to find myself there. I thought we were meeting at a hotel or guest house. Pamela soon appeared, smiling happily.


‘’welcome to my house Jude’’ she greeted proudly while I stared at her suspiciously. But I said nothing nor made any protest until we were all alone in the sitting room.


‘’why bring me here?. This is your matrimonial house right?’’ I asked nervously.


‘’oh come on Jude! Does this lonely house look like the house a serving senator


resides in?’’ she asked, leaving me silent. ‘’I live here all alone with my security


and driver. I already told you there are many things about me you are yet to know’’


she explained with a smile, leaving me to wonder if she’s actually a senator’s wife


or a senator’s mistress. Moreover she revealed the previous night that she needed a


child at all cost.




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‘’what really is she up to?. I pray I don’t burn in hell with her’’ I pondered as I prayed silently.


To be continued…..




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