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Episode 25/26


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


I returned to the sitting room, feeling so cold and miserable. I really didn’t know how to react over the scene I just witnessed. What I saw was nothing but two adults in love and I couldn’t help but reason that Kelvin could be working for both sides. He was a scammer for crying out loud and so was capable of anything.


Yes he told me about the lady quite alright. He equally told me about his plans for her but what I just saw really wasn’t part of the plan and I was no fool not to know when being played.


‘’Jude I’m so glad you came’’ I soon heard Kelvin say to me with a smile as he showed up in the sitting room. It was possible he saw me when I peeped into his room, minutes ago. ‘’please let’s talk outside’’ he added, winking at me. I breathed deeply and followed him to the front veranda where he stopped and searched me with his eyes, expecting me to say something but I didn’t. I simply kept my feelings to myself and made no attempt to ask him about what I just witnessed.


‘’I’m with Jessica’’ he whispered with a smile, trying hard to be open with me. I simply shrugged, saying nothing. ‘’things are going on well between us and by



God’s grace in no time I will uncover all she’s hiding’’ he added with a smile of accomplishment, expecting me to leave a positive response but I said nothing, instead smiled and shook my head. The last thing in my mind was to believe him. I simply pretended and smiled like an innocent kid. ‘’you don’t look too well to me. What’s up?’’ he asked, searching me with his eyes once again.


‘’I have been down with fever. The exam stress was just too much’’ I answered softly, keeping the main reason I came to visit him to myself. Of course I couldn’t get myself to tell him my problem and secret after what I just witnessed. I kind of decided to tackle my problem without involving him.


‘’oh I see. No wonder’’ he breathed.


‘’I just felt like saying hello to you today, that’s the reason I stopped by. Anyway I have to go. You are busy’’ I said, forcing out a smile while he shrugged, his eyes still on me. It was very obvious he sensed something wasn’t right with me.


‘’okay but I will be expecting you soon again because we have a new deal to push through’’ he muttered softly. I smiled, nodded and left his apartment without another word. Yes I really felt bitter seeing him with that woman and supposing I was stronger and older than him, I would have dealt with the lady in his presence without minding what it would lead to but unfortunately all I could do that moment was just to pretend and walk away with a heart full of hatred.




On getting to my car, I dialed Pamela’s number. She soon picked my call without greeting or saying hi to me.


‘’we have to talk’’’ I said coldly.


‘’I can’t speak to you on phone. If you are serious about settling with me then you should come over to Abuja’’ she replied and hung up rudely, leaving me speechless and totally confused.


‘’is she really serious?’’ I reasoned as I dialed her number again.



‘’please if you are really serious about speaking with me, just find a way to come over to Abuja’’ she said again, hanging up rudely. I just can’t describe how I felt that moment. My head was just filled with confusion and indecisiveness. I had Kelvin’s games on one hand to deal with, Jessica’s involvement on my father’s death to unravel, Pamela before me to subdue and innocent Tracy at the corner, totally unaware of anything or the dangers I could be putting her to.


‘’Should I go to Abuja or not?’’ I reasoned over and over.




Kelvin’s side of the story continues


I returned to my room with great guilt. Of course I noticed the suspicion on Jude’s face as we talked seconds ago. I equally knew he visited for a reason but had to go back without opening up to me. I knew I went over the line in my dealings with Jessica. I knew what I was doing with her was totally wrong but the problem was how to stop and get my act together.


From the first day I tasted her honeypot, my feelings and plans totally changed to something I just couldn’t describe. I couldn’t even stay a day without being with the pretty lady and she was now influencing my life a great deal. I was just like a hunter who got caught in his own trap and about to be devoured by the animal the trap was meant for.


‘’who was the guy that peeped at us?’’ Jessica asked as I walked into my room.


‘’oh he’s my cousin Jude’’ I answered with a smile. Her eyes instantly widened with excitement.


‘’your cousin Jude?. Where is he now?. I can’t wait to be introduced to him’’ she asked with a smile while I stared at her suspiciously, trying hard to keep my feelings in check.



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