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Episode 24


I ended up spending seven cool days at Tracy’s house and I really had a very great time with the lovely family. They showed me great love and I couldn’t help but pray to God, begging him to give me such type of happy home in future. I really felt at peace being with them.



Tracy and i headed back to school at the end of the week to face a very tough examination. I started the semester very badly and so really wasn’t hoping for a good result. Nevertheless I tried my best with Tracy’s assistance which was more than enough for me.


The exam week really was very uneventful and nothing much happened in my life apart from the regular routine of leaving the hostel early and returning late throughout the duration.


However precisely one week after the exams, just as I was making plans for my industrial training, something happened that shook my entire being. It was something I never expected in any way and yes it did happen in a very shocking manner.


On that fateful evening, I was lazily going through my bbm chats when something or should I say curiosity made me check Pamela’s profile. As I clicked on her profile, the bbm status she uploaded kind of left me speechless for a while.


’’I’ll soon be a mother. Can’t wait’’ were the exact words I saw on her status. And after few minutes of reading the status over and over, I sent her a message.


’’congrats on the baby you are expecting. God is wonderful’’ I sent to her with an open heart. It really was the first time I was sending her a message after breaking up with her weeks ago and deep down I equally was very surprised that she could stay a week or two without bothering to chat me up. Yes I know i shouldn’t have sent her the message. I should have deleted her contact long ago, but I failed to do so for no just reason.


In two minutes, my bbm beeped and on checking it, I saw that she replied my message.


‘’ yes I’m having your baby for my husband’’ was the reply she sent me, leaving me so cold with shock and disbelief. My head just went hollow that moment. I really didn’t know what to think or what to reply.


’’really?’’ I managed to type and send.



’’yep’’ she replied instantly. I switched off my phone and fell back on my bed to calm down as the reality of what she just informed me did wonders on my body.


‘’maybe she’s trying to play a fast one on me. I have to relax. I have to keep calm before Tracy walks in and catches me in this state’’ I said to myself as sweat soaked my body and no matter how hard I tried to calm down, I just couldn’t keep my mind at rest.


In few minutes, I was down with severe headache which slowly heated up every part of my body, making it look as if I was down with malaria.


Tracy soon walked in to see me looking so sick. Feeling my pulse, she concluded that I was down with malaria and rushed out to get some malaria drugs for me, which I took without hesitation because I had no strength to argue with her. The next day, I woke up without any headache or fever. But my problems and fear were still there to solve.


I lazily grabbed my phone, checked my bbm and read the short chat I had with Pamela the previous day. I read it over and over to be sure of myself before deleting it.


‘’I can’t solve this on my own. I have to open up to Kelvin. He is older and more experienced. He will figure out something for me’’ I decided without any other choice.




After having breakfast with Tracy that fateful morning, I headed to Kelvin’s house ignoring Tracy’s pleas to stay back and rest. Of course she was far from knowing what really was wrong with me and all her concerns were on my health without knowing that something stronger was killing me inside.


I arrived at Kelvin’s house around 9:45am and headed straight to his bedroom since I couldn’t find him in the sitting room. But on getting to his bedroom, I heard voices coming out from inside which told me that he’s with someone. The voices I heard were that of two adults discussing and not that of two adults making love.



I tapped on the door to make my presence known before peeping into the room to know if I was free to enter but as soon as I peeped in, a sight struck me that shattered the remaining sanity I had left. Kelvin sat on his bed, carrying a lady on his body and the lady was no other person than the lady he showed me on his computer sometime back.


The lady he introduced to me as Jessica Simon. The lady he told me could be behind my father’s death. Yes her image stuck in my head from that day he showed me her picture and she was the same lady I just saw him playing with. I staggered back, surprised, shocked and confused.


To be continued…





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