Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 18


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


‘’Just make love to me, just make me feel alive. I beg of you Jude’’ Pamela solemnly pleaded, embracing me tightly. I swallowed hard as I stared at her with confusion. I even was scared to hold her.


‘’you don’t look too well to me. I can’t make love to you like this’’ I breathed softly.


‘’I’m okay, just make me feel alive’’ she urged me.


‘’I think we first need to talk. Sex can’t solve your problem. I know I look inexperienced but you need to pour out your heart to someone and I’m all ready to listen and help. We can come up with a solution, just open up your heart to me’’ I pleaded. She looked up at me and smiled.


‘’it’s better you don’t get involved or know my story’’ she answered and broke away from me. ‘’are you hungry?. You can order for anything you wish to have’’ she softly added, stood up and grabbed her bag which she gently unpacked, fetching out a towel. ‘’I have to go freshen up. I won’t take too much time’’ she muttered with a soft smile, undressed before me and headed to the bathroom without another word. I breathed deeply as soon as she disappeared into the bathroom.



My head filled with many thoughts. Her behavior really was very weird and her decision not to open up about her private life made everything look astonishingly weirder.


‘’being with this woman isn’t worth it. I’m breaking up with her first thing tomorrow morning’’ I resolved once again, quickly distracted by her phone which began ringing minutes later.




Pamela soon appeared from the bathroom totally unclad with a s£xy smile on her face. She looked so bright and composed as if she wasn’t the lady who just cried a moment ago like a frightened child. I couldn’t stop staring at her great beauty as she reached for her ringing phone which she picked up and switched it off.


‘’I’m sorry for what happened earlier Jude. Sometimes I get carried away, sometimes I start regretting things that I’m not supposed to regret. The life I’m living now is what I chose for myself’’ She said with a soft smile, sat on the bed and brought out a bottle of cream which she gave to me. ‘’I hope you know how to massage a lady’s body?. Better pull off your clothes and do justice to my body’’ she said seductively, leaving my entire body so hot with want.


She just was like the fruit of Eden, so beautiful, so attractive, so eye-catching but a sin to devour. In no time, I was all na.ked on her bed, massaging and fondling her entire body with great energy while she moa.ned under my touch.


‘’Jude I can’t describe how I feel about you. It’s just as if I’m offered a second shot at life with you. You are so wondrous’’ she breathed with great passion as I slid my thing inside her. Just like the previous time, she insisted on no condoms and I obliged her request. Nevertheless I still was very much resolved to break up with her the next morning. It was something I had no choice than to do unless I was willing to die for her which I wasn’t.





3am Saturday morning, I woke up to see her sitting on the bed with her eyes on me. I quickly sat up and stared at her curiously, quickly rehearsing the speech I had planned in my head for her.


‘’I have something to tell you Jude’’ she said softly, smiling faintly.




Kelvin’s side of the story continues 2am


Saturday morning, I woke up with a jolt as a loud bang from my kitchen sent me up on my feet. My heart throbbed furiously as I kept quiet for a while, wondering what the noise coming from my kitchen could be. I soon heard male voices which instantly sent panic into my heart as I realized that my house has been invaded.


I quickly dashed to my wardrobe, reached for the ceiling and pulled out an English pistol I bought the previous year from Joe. I very much knew how to use it but had never used it for once. I quickly loaded three bullets, pulled the safety and headed to my kitchen with fear.


As I slowly opened my kitchen door, I instantly noticed that the iron protector at the first window was gone. But before I could even take a good look, two shots rang out from nowhere sending me down. I felt no pain, I wasn’t even sure If the bullets got me , but all I knew was finding myself on the floor and as I fell, my gun went off, sending out three shots.


After my gun went off, there was silence everywhere. It was as if the hoodlums suddenly disappeared as my gun went off or probably took cover waiting for the right moment to make the next move. I was so scared. It was my first time of experiencing such a thing. I really didn’t know what next to do.


‘’Could it be a hit on my life or could it just be a robbery attempt?’’ I wondered as I managed to sit up with great fear, uncertain of what next to expect.


To be continued




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