Sat. May 11th, 2024



Episode 23/24


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


We kissed passionately for a while before Jessica got hold of her body and broke away from me. ‘’stop this. I beg of you’’ she breathed, looking down. I slowly brought up her face with my hands and looked into her eyes with great desire. The urge to make love to her was so much in me. I just felt hot and hor.ny like a guy who hasn’t been with a woman for many years.


‘’I don’t know why I’m feeling this way. I hardly have feelings for women but with you things are different. I can’t control my body. I can’t even hold back what I’m feeling inside. I’m sorry for ruining our date’’ I stammered softly. She shook her head and breathed deeply.


‘’you didn’t ruin anything Kelvin. I feel the same way’’ she confessed, leaving me a bit stunned and happy at the same time. Without another word, I drew closer and kissed her again, this time around, putting more fire and energy into it.


‘’oh easy’’ she moaned, holding me tightly as if she was scared of standing on her feet. I just was on top of the world that moment. It was as if we were the only couple on earth. I never knew when or how I got the energy to carry her to my room without breaking our kiss and oh yes she was quite a great kisser.


In no time, my mouth was on her left nipp.le which I managed to squeeze out of her bra and just like that we were soon unclad on my bed, ready to take our passion to the next level.



‘’what are you doing?’’ she asked weakly as I slowly dug into her. Her body was so warm and welcoming. Thirty five minutes later, we fell apart, totally spent and tired. It really was one hell of a love making.


‘’I can’t believe we just did it’’ I heard her mutter to herself as she buried her face on my pillow while I slowly regained my senses as the consequences of what we just did slowly dawned on me.


Making love to her was never part of the plan and with the way I still felt about her, I was very clueless on the direction my life and plans were heading.




Jude’s side of the story continues from the last scene


‘’you have to listen to me Tracy, even if it’s for the last time’’ I begged, trying hard to get the broken girl to listen to me.


‘’what is there to lie huh? What is there to say?’’ she breathed solemnly.


‘’and what gave you the impression that I want to lie. I only wanted to protect you by keeping this away from you but since it has come to this level, I have no choice than to tell you what actually happened on Friday night and the reason I came over to your house yesterday’’ I stammered, trying so hard to come up with an explanation. I never planned telling her the truth but I equally knew I had to at least come up with something close to the truth to get her trust back.


I really wasn’t a good liar but my business with Kelvin taught me a whole lot of things, including turning a lie into a believable truth. Pobsonline once wrote that ‘sometimes a well told lie is better than a painful truth’ and that was the option I had no choice than to take. I had to come up with a well constructed lie.


‘’I was with Pamela on Friday night. The silly girl just showed up to spend the weekend with me, without even notifying me that she was coming over. It was hell spending the night with her because all I could think about was you. And early the next day, I had to lie to her that I was travelling. I couldn’t bear spending Saturday and Sunday with her and the only way to kick her out was to make her believe I



was travelling. It was the reason I had to start coming down to your house yesterday, instead of Monday we agreed on. I did it all for you.


Okay why will a guy spend a night with a girl on Friday and abandon her to visit another girl on Saturday?’’ I explained nervously.


For the first time, Tracy kept calm and searched me with her eyes. It was obvious she was buying all I just poured out.


’but who is she?’’ she asked, leaving me a bit uncomfortable with the question. Of course the last thing I would do was telling her that Pamela was a married woman. That she’s a senator’s wife.


‘’Pamela is a student. I used to have fun with her before the death of my dad’’ I lied. She looked down, saying nothing. ‘’I know you still don’t believe me but do know that I have genuine feelings and intentions for you. I will leave your house this evening because I don’t want you to embarrass me before your parents. I never came here to take advantage of you. Please simply pretend as if all Is still well between us, till I leave in few hours’’ I begged her softly.


‘’who told you I didn’t believe you?. I know you have no reason to lie to me and the explanation you gave is more than convincing. You have no reason to be here yesterday but you surprised me by coming over instead of being with her. Not many guys would do it. I’m sorry for doubting you. It’s just that her text message shocked me. I’m fine now and I believe you’’ she suddenly opened up with eyes filled with tears.


I swallowed hard with guilt as I stared back at her. Tears slowly showed up in my eyes. She never deserved being lied to but I had no choice.



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