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Episode 17


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


‘’Well my name is Kelvin Ibeh from Isiala mbano L.G.A’’ I answered innocently, watching her keenly. She instantly froze for some seconds before regaining her composure and smiling faintly. It really was very obvious she was hiding something and I equally took a big gamble by telling her my real name.


I had to tell her my real name because I knew she was definitely going to dig up my profile if I succeed in getting her interested in me and using a fake name could be very harmful in the long run while telling her my real name like I just did could make her tighten her guard a bit but still be free with me, thinking that perhaps our



meeting was nothing but coincidence. Nevertheless a lady like Jessica could totally be unpredictable and so I had to be alert always


‘’your surname sounds very familiar. I had to run a quick check in my mind the moment you mentioned your name and local government’’ she explained with a smile.


‘’of course I understand. It’s not easy to be acquainted with so many people ‘’ I said, winking at her.


‘’Well thanks so much for giving me your time and attention today, I have to take my leave now, I have some pressing issues to attend to’’ I suddenly said, taking a quick look at my watch and standing up with a smile.


She looked up at me with surprise. Of course when dealing with a lady like Jessica you need to show authority, you need to look busy and responsible. Even though I badly wanted to spend more time with her, I had to keep my feelings aside and act like a very busy man.


‘’ but before I go, please can you consider having a date with me tomorrow or on Sunday?. We still have a lot to talk about and I’m so charmed with everything about you’’ I begged softly. She shook her head.


‘’I hardly do that. It really isn’t my thing’’ she muttered.


‘’I know but please just change your mind set for once’’ I pushed on.


‘’I will give you a call tomorrow. You will have my reply then’’ she answered with a smile.


‘’okay then but please I won’t take a negative reply’’ I added, winked at her and left with a smile of accomplishment.




Jude’s side of the story continues


By 6:15pm that fateful Friday, I got a very surprising phone call from Pamela.


‘’hi Jude I’m in Owerri. I’m at Links hotel. Can you come over?’’ she asked with her usual soft tone, leaving me totally surprised because we planned meeting on Saturday and not on Friday.


‘’you mean you are in Owerri?’’ I asked to be sure.


‘’yes just come over to Links hotel please’’ she answered slowly.


‘’okay, I will be there shortly’’ I breathed with disbelief and headed to my bathroom to freshen up. I really couldn’t believe she was in town. It was such a surprise and I really didn’t know how to take it.




On my way to the hotel minutes later, my phone rang and it was Tracy calling me. ‘’what’s up, seems like you are not in your room. You are in a noisy place’’ she asked as soon as I picked up the call.


‘’yes I’m heading to Kelvin’s house’’ I lied.


‘’okay I just wanted to check up on you. My spirit is just so restless right now’’ she kind of complained while my conscience instantly pinched me. ‘’I hope you are still coming over on Monday?. Please don’t disappoint me. My parents are already expecting to see you on Monday’’ she reminded me softly.


‘’I won’t disappoint you though I’m still very nervous about it’’ I confessed.


‘’come on be a man jare, silly boy’’ she joked, laughed and hung up while I smiled to myself as a new wave of happiness hit my heart. My eyes instantly soaked with tears.


‘’Tracy why are you doing this to me?’’ I asked inwardly.





I arrived at the hotel to meet Pamela sitting all alone at a table. She wasn’t looking at all bright like the last time I met her. I approached her with caution, my eyes all over her.


‘’hi dear, what a surprise’’ I greeted, sat down and faced her. She smiled, raised up her eyes to meet my gaze for some seconds before looking down like someone in pain. I couldn’t help but notice how colored up and pale she was.


‘’what’s wrong?. You don’t look alright to me?’’ I asked with great concern.


‘’let’s get to my room first’’ she replied, standing up and forcing out a smile. I equally stood up with my eyes still on her. She slowly led the way and I followed quietly with lots of questions in my mind.


On getting to her room, she locked the door, sat on the bed and covered her face with hands.


‘’I regret marrying for money and title. Money can’t make you happy. The best it could do is to provide your material needs. When I married the senator I thought I was in love. I did many silly things for him but in the end I’m nothing but a depressed woman who wears makeup and fake smiles to give out the impression that all is well’’ she suddenly poured out, leaving me as confused as ever as I stared down at her.


‘’what exactly is going on with your marriage?’’ I asked with concern, sitting beside her.


‘’you don’t need to know. I don’t have to trouble you with my personal problems. Just make love to me. Just make me happy. Just satisfy me. You are the reason I’m still alive’’ she proclaimed with great energy, throwing herself on me and holding me tightly.


I was nothing but a boy who wanted an adventure, who wanted nothing but pleasure. I never planned on getting involved with emotional crises like the one I was witnessing. I was inexperienced in dealing with such situation. I had no idea of what to tell her and I just couldn’t pull off my clothes and start making love to her



like a dog. What she needed was love and attention, something I really couldn’t offer with my heart.


Moreover I was yet to know her problem or what I was even getting myself into.


To be continued






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