Fri. May 10th, 2024

Episode 10


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


As days passed by, the bond between Pamela and I grew stronger and the desire to be with her took control of my sense of reasoning and soul. In one of our late night phone calls, I finally popped the question. ‘’how do we see again?” it was a question I used everything in me to ask. I couldn’t even breathe out of nervousness after asking the question.


‘’hmmmm why do you want us to see again?’’ she asked after keeping quiet for some seconds.


‘’we have a lot in common and I just want to spend a good time with you’’ I murmured, not sure if I gave the right answer.



‘’but we have been spending a lot of time with each other chatting and speaking daily on phone’’ she muttered, perhaps trying hard not to appear desperate or cheap.


‘’yes but that’s on phone. I want to see your face and be able to touch it’’ I answered, while she let out a short laugh.


‘’aren’t you scared of me?. Hope you still remember who I’m?’’ she asked softly.


‘’yes I very well do. You are a very charming, attractive and beautiful lady that I will do anything to be with’’ I replied quickly.


‘’hmmmm anything?’’ she asked.


‘’of course anything’’ I quickly breathed.


‘’I will be coming down to Asaba on Saturday for a wedding. Tomorrow I will send you a text message with the name of the hotel I will be lodging in after the event. All you have to do is book your own room at the hotel, when I get back from the event; I will invite you over to mine. Hope that’s okay for you?’’ she asked, leaving me extremely overjoyed.


‘’yes that’s very cool’’ I muttered with great passion. I couldn’t believe I was about having such a high class chick so effortlessly.




I really couldn’t wait for Saturday to arrive. I was so nervous and anxious. I did a whole lot of shopping the next few days, buying new sets of clothes and Jewries. Yes I had the money to throw about, thanks to Kelvin. However on Friday afternoon, Kelvin paid a visit to my hostel without even notifying me that he was coming. He came into my room unannounced, really surprising me with his presence.


‘’what’s up with you?. Are you still angry with me over the suitcase issue or what?. Imagine throughout the week you never bothered to check up on me or even call?’’ he asked suspiciously while I searched for a good reply to give him but



found none. ‘’anyway I came to collect the suitcase to continue my investigation on what could have led to your father’s sudden demise.


Yesterday morning, hoodlums broke into your father’s compound and ransacked his house. I believe they were looking for something and it could be the suitcase. So you better hand it over to me now unless you have a better plan’’ he demanded. I couldn’t believe my ears.


‘’’You mean my dad’s old house was ransacked yesterday?’’ I stammered the question. He nodded.


‘’Yes and that’s the more reason why you should trust me. Now get the suitcase’’ he demanded once again.


‘’but what do you plan doing with it?’’ I asked.


‘’I already told you that I had a lead I was following before you soiled my plans. I have the experience to decode the contents of that suitcase. It’s your property but you have to trust me’’ he answered convincingly. I breathed deeply and stood up.


‘’the suitcase is with a friend. Let me go get it’’ I answered to his surprise, quickly heading out to Tracy’s room with a fast pounding heart. It really was the first time I was going over to Tracy’s room after she shut the door on my face and equally refused granting me any attention in school days ago. I really didn’t know what to expect from her and I prayed for her not to embarrass me again. I hate being embarrassed.


Tracy opened the door seconds after I knocked. She looked extremely surprised to see me. It very much showed on her face.


‘’hey’’ she greeted .


‘’I came to collect the suitcase’’ I said with a cold smile.


‘’what for?’’ she asked seriously, taking me by surprise with the question.


‘’I thought you no longer care?. Why ask?’’ I breathed seriously.



‘’is that what you think?. That I no longer care?. All I want you to be is a better man but you just don’t want to be the type of man I want you to be’’ she poured out, shaking her head.


‘’I cannot change who I’m because of you. You said I’m no longer worthy to be your friend and that’s fine by me. You can go find another guy you can mould into an idol’’ I said a bit harshly. She drew back, went into her room and returned with the suitcase.


‘’take it. You can go to hell for all I care’’ she breathed fiercely, throwing the suitcase into my hands but as I looked at her face, I saw that it was greatly colored up. I noticed that she was fighting hard to hold back tears from appearing in her eyes. My heart instantly softened. I couldn’t take seeing her hurt.


‘’why are you always being hard at me?. You always like to control my life?’’ I kind of stammered.


‘’because, because’’ she breathed, shook her head and shut her door on my face without completing the sentence.


To be continued






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