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Episode 13


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


‘’My name is Kelvin. I have been a silent admirer for a very long time. You can’t imagine how long I have been observing you. Today I had to force myself to be brave and talk to you. So please don’t embarrass me’’ I muttered with a smile. She rolled her eyes, shook her head and breathed deeply.


A smile slowly appeared on her face while her eyes still remained on me as she probably did some calculations in her head.


‘’so now that you have gotten my attention. What next?’’ she asked.


‘’the usual thing we guys always ask for. Your phone number please’’ I begged with a playful tone.


‘’hmmmm and how are you sure I’m not engaged or married?’’ she asked curiously, leaving a deeper smile on my face. With every attention she gave me, I grew more confident. It really was very obvious she was enjoying the conversation. All the fears I earlier had about confronting her quickly disappeared.


‘’well life is all about risks and luck. It took a lot from me before approaching you today. At least I’m happy you didn’t embarrass me and I guess the big ring you have on your fourth finger isn’t a wedding ring’’ I said with a sharp smile.


‘’what made you say so?’’ she asked.


‘’because it is too big and shinny to be a wedding ring’’ I answered. She laughed, fetched a business card from her handbag and gave to me.



‘’my phone number is in there. I’m into stocks and real estate’’ she said quickly, turned and headed to her car without another word. I quickly threw her card into my trouser pocket, turned to head back to my car with a smile of satisfaction only to see Cynthia matching towards me like a soldier. I instantly froze with fear and surprise. I really didn’t have the strength or energy to face her tantrums that moment.


Of course I knew she was coming to make trouble. There wasn’t any doubt she saw when I was talking with Jessica.


‘’I was passing in a tricycle when I saw you publicly displaying your ugly teeth with that girl. You told me you were going to your village for a meeting. Is this the route to your village?’’ she asked, raising her voice very high for people to hear.


Cynthia was just a wild cat who refused to be tamed. The only good thing about her was just her s£xual prowess.


‘’let’s go to my car and talk or do you just want to embarrass me?’’ I calmly said to her.


‘’she is lucky I didn’t get to her before she drove away. She is just lucky’’ she breathed angrily.


‘’why can’t you behave like an adult you are. Why are you always suspicious in everything I do?’’ I asked as I led her to my car.


‘’because I know the kind of man I’m dating. If you think I will ever give you breathing space to do as you like then you must be high on weed’’ she poured out without any reservation.


I silently stared at her without saying a word. She really was outgrowing her usefulness. It really was about time to kick her out of my life. I never loved her. I never had any strong feelings for her but the constant s£x we shared kind of made her think that we were in a relationship, something I had to settle before it turns nasty.


‘’Where were you heading to before you spotted me?’’ I asked.



‘’I was heading to my shop’’ she answered quietly. I switched on my car engine and slowly headed to her shop without another word while thinking of my next step with Jessica.




Jude’s side of the story continues


I returned to the hostel later in day and lazily fell on my bed for a long sleep. I woke around 6:30pm very hungry and dull. On a very good day, I would have rushed over to Tracy’s room to eat but I just couldn’t because we weren’t close to each other anymore. I had no choice than to settle for the bread I bought on my way back even though I had no appetite for it.


By 6:54pm, the electricity went off, leaving me with no choice than to put on my generator. I barely had settled in my room after putting on the generator when Tracy knocked and walked into my room.


’hello. I never knew you were around until I saw your lights turn on’’ she said with a smile, sitting on my bed. I smiled back at her, a bit lost on what to say but happy that she came to keep me company.


‘’I came to tell you something’’ she said seriously, leaving her eyes on me. I nodded for her to continue. ‘’you see we have been friends for close to two years and many people including my friends think we are dating. I honestly don’t know how you feel about me but one thing I know for sure is that guys are always possessive. ‘’ she said, stopping to breathe. ‘’someone is seriously asking me out. He has been disturbing me for months now and I haven’t really said anything to him. He isn’t a student but a banker though he just started work this year. He is really very serious about me and is even trying to get my close friends to introduce him to my family. I’m yet to decide anything but sooner or later I will’’ she poured out and waited for me to at least say something.


I swallowed hard, unable to say a word. Of course what she just told me really hurt even though I carried a defiant look. I couldn’t imagine her being close to another guy the way we have been over the past few months. I couldn’t keep the idea of



another man making love to her in my head. She just was someone too precious to me, too precious to be defiled.


I didn’t touch her nor attempt making love to her in the past because I wanted her to remain pure and clean. I just was so confused and speechless. I didn’t just know what to say.


‘’I see you have nothing to say?. Okay then, goodnight’’ she breathed, stood up and headed towards the door.


‘’no wait’’ I suddenly breathed, stopping her with my outburst. She turned and faced me curiously, while I rushed forward and embraced her.


‘’I don’t want you to go away even though I don’t deserve you. I want us to be together’’ I heard myself plead with a silent whisper.


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‘’I still don’t understand you. You don’t want to be open with me. I have to know where I stand in your life’’ she demanded, breaking free from me as we stared at each other. Our hearts pounding loud.


To be continued.






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