Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 8


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


I walked out of Tracy’s room to meet Kelvin who was patiently waiting for me. He smiled at me while I looked down with a frown. ‘’listen Jude. You have to quit behaving like a baby and act like a man. If there is anything you wish to say to me, better say it now’’ he demanded with a strong voice. I looked up at him, breathing heavily.


‘’what are my father’s documents doing in your room?. You said you knew nothing about his death but it doesn’t look so’’ I poured out bravely. He drew closer and touched my left shoulder.


‘’listen Jude, supposing I killed your dad, I wouldn’t need you for anything and you wouldn’t be alive today to question my integrity. You just need to think deeply. Why would I give you my house keys if I’m actually guilty like you think? Boy I’m just trying to help you get to the root of your father’s death. If he was actually killed, then you have to know that the murderer is still free out there and you can’t find the person without my help. Inside the suitcase, there is a signed cheque in there. That’s the lead I’m currently following. You have to give me back the suitcase’’ he explained and demanded seriously.


I shook my head and staggered back. Yes his words were totally convincing, his motive seemed genuine but I still had my reservations. I wasn’t willing to give him back the suitcase so easily. I had to study the contents of the suitcase first and I was yet to do it thoroughly.


‘’I will give it back to you but not now’’ I breathed. He shrugged with resignation.



‘’suit yourself. But how about the deals we stopped halfway the other time?. The money is supposed to come in by Monday and we still have a lot to do. You have to come over to my place for us to get done with it or are you no longer interested?’’ he asked curiously while I nodded.


‘’yes, let’s go to my room. I will freshen up and we will go to your house together’’ I answered, leaving him with a sigh of relief.


‘’a friend of mine is among sponsors of a beauty pageant going down this coming Sunday in Abuja. He gave me two VIP tickets and I know you will love to go with me’’ he offered as we walked to my room, leaving an innocent smile over my face.




I spent the next three days in Kelvin’s house where we worked tirelessly to close a fraud deal worth 15million naira. Yes it wasn’t an easy deal, and the cost of even pulling it was close to 5million naira, not to talk of the percentage his partners were to take out of the deal.


By Saturday evening we flew to Abuja where we were hosted by one of Kelvin’s rich friends.


‘’Edu is now a big time car dealer. You can’t believe two years ago, he had nothing but two shirts and a trouser but now look at him. He has up to twenty graduates in his payroll’’ Kelvin whispered to me with a proud smile. Yes I was totally impressed by everything he was opening my eyes to.




Sunday evening, we found ourselves inside an exquisite hotel in the heart of the capital city. The whole environment looked like an entirely different world. I just felt so small in the midst of celebrities, business moguls, fashion designers, TV presenters and politicians. The whole place was just amazing. The show was yet to start when we arrived.



‘’you have to act like you belong here. You have your American upbringing with you. This is the place to showcase it well’’ Kelvin whispered to me with a smile of accomplishment.


For no reason he chose a table already occupied by a very beautiful light skinned lady, who sat alone, with her eyes glued to her phone. However as we approached the table, she raised her eyes to meet my stare and the moment our eyes met, it was as if the world suddenly stopped revolving. She looked so gracious, so charming and so beautiful. She looked quite older than me but it never stopped me from getting greatly attracted to her that instant.


The lady on her own part left her eyes on me longer than necessary, as if she recognized me from somewhere. Deep down I knew my story was about to change, but what I didn’t know was if it was changing for good or for bad.


To be continued.






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