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Morgan has been a green snake in a green grass all this while but am scared about the safety of my daughter because I know that Morgan will make sure that he kills my daughter even if that’s the last thing he does before dying.


Am so worried……








I watch over my baby shivering in fear, well am not afraid because I know my uncle is gonna come for me.


it was all a plan, I left without any bodyguard because we wanted the two dead not to be handed over to the law.


Since yesterday we have been kidnapped, Stephannie has refused to eat because she was scared.


We were still in the guard room when we started hearing the bullet shooting and I know that they must be here.


Just like expected.


Charlton’ and the other lady that I don’t really know her name walked into the room and they took us away.






I was already in Luxembourg the moment Elvin and Stephannie was kidnapped


and I already know who the person could be….


I drive to the house and I load myself with arms and weapons. I put on my bullet proof. Charlton, Keira, Laura where all ready for any action..


You all know the place and the reason why we are going. I don’t want unnecessary shade of innocent blood. I want just the head of the men in his main building with him because those are the people who give him hope to keep killing.



It might not be an easy one but I know of we all are in for this right……”


I asked and they nod.


Boss, we all are soldiers thought fallen but still living, we fights for peace and justice and we can’t let the heartless person dare the Emperor and go free….. We

are already…..


Charlton said load his gun and he pulled up on trigger and I smiled.


Thanks so much brother.


I want this whole thing to look natural, I want him right in my arms….


I want to make them pay for all their evil act……


I said not looking at anybody in particular.


I got a message from Dominic that the soldiers have already engaged in a shout-out with them at the entrance gate.


” Keep us updated….


Put All the information across……”


I said.


” Okay old friend


Good luck and sure backup…….”


He said and I nod from where I am.


Let get going guys.


Charlton and Laura, you guys should go for Elvin and Stephannie while I and Keira will give you guys backup and then go after the two fool… I said and they nod.


We got into the car…..


Actually, one car for I and Keira while Charlton and Laura on the other car.


We drove to the shoot out point and I step down with Keira.


Sorry Mr. Derek but this is not what you can handle The commander said.



I don’t give a dam about such ideas.


My niece is in there and you expect me to just stay and watch….. That’s


impossible….. No scratches must be found in his body ……


I said and I and Keira got into the car and drove into with great speed.


Immediately we step down…


We gun down six men that tried stopping us… Allot of soldiers are down already


and more are coming….


Well they should take care of those outside…. While I handle the inside……”


I said.


I got to the main building and it was so quiet…. I guess he so much trust in his


bodyguard but don’t worry Mr. Morgan, Derek is here to take care of them for you….


I munched in anger and I matched in with my two gun pointing and ready to kill anything that will come out..


We took just few steps in and there was four bodyguard. Four male and one female…..i informed Keira and she stepped in slowly and before they could notice

her…. She tied up one while the other three shoot but end up killing the one she


was using as defense while I walked in and take their lives.


We keep moving and we encounter allot of bodyguard, we exchanged mare fight with some.


We got to the main, and their was the four main toughest well trained bodyguard of his….. Bruce, Jerry, Mason and Gary.


We engaged in a shoot out with them and they where quite tough for us to break….


The Shooting become more rampant and I had to do it the other way round….


I stopped shooting and waited for them to come out from their hidden places and


just like thought….


They thought maybe we have retrieved or have been wounded by their bullet so they walk out from their hideout gently with their gun ready to shoot.



I looked Keira and she smiled and immediately, we throw and smoke raising cent and everywhere was covered with smoke…


We walked in and they where trapped with confusion…… They ended up killing


each other while we just watch them with smiled on our face.


When the smoke was calm.


I walked into the room and there was the two friends…….


Morgan and Robinson.


Smile escaped from my lip.


Wow wow wow


Just at the spot I wanted the two friends to be….. Morgan !!!!!! and Robinson




I called and they face down.


I never know I could find you both together… Anyways am happy to have you two together


I said as I walk around the room gently while they shivered in fear and freatened…..


” Please Derek


We can talk this whole thing over.


Please let settle this whole thing in one piece……Am ready to surrender everything


under my custody Please ……..”


Morgan said and I smiled.


” Really??? …….”


I asked and he nodded and they shivered the more.


Wow!!!! That’s so impressive Morgan but it quite unfortunate because none of the Devil’s incarnate should be living among human as free men…….”


I said and I frown my face with anger.


Please Derek…..


Something can be done.


I surrender everything…….”


He said and I laughed


But Morgan….. Maybe I could that you word a second thought….. But what are you really gonna change in place of your life ????? What are ready to sacrifice in exchange for you to keep living??? ……”


I asked.


Anything you want Derek.


I can divide my entire wealth into three and you can take two……


He said still shivering and I just smiled.


” Really???? ……..”


I asked again and he nodded.


” Come on Morgan


You know how you made your money.


You are a greedy monster that kills your friends and take over their wealth…. So I


want to ask..


If all the weather you have taken away from people is been returned to them…


What else is left to be exchanged with your life???? ………”


I asked but he didn’t make any word other than Please.


None I guess…


so tell me Morgan.


How many men have you killed in quest for power???…….” I asked and he kept mute.


I just asked a question …….”


I shouted at him pointing my gun and his forehead and he became more freatened and afraid, he shivered in fear..


” Okay I will speak Derek’ but please don’t pull the trigger ……”


He pleaded



He started mentioning the names of men he has killed, how and when. It accidentally happened that he was the person that killed Robinson elder brother who was the first lord of Luxembourg.


Robinson was to angered that he neglected the fact that I was there and he wanted


to strangle him to death but I had to command him to stay came….


You know Morgan


At first I thought I so much know the devil but now I know that you are the devil I never knew….


Look at what greediness and selfishness has so much cause you.


The life of your wife and it still gonna cause you the life of your son.


I promised you that your evil lineage will be seized from existence…. Your kind is evil for human race……..”


I said with anger boiling inside me.


You Robinson !!!!


You said you are gonna get me and make me beg for my life. Hope you have seen that am the wind that never be caught….in the next life to come never you make


threats with the devils…….”


I said to him and he nodded his head repeatedly…


” You know I respect you for one thing.


You value you future. You know all this while you never get your children


involved in all this and for that I promise to help you watch over them. I will allow


them to keep living for you…..”


I said.


It time to pay but I think it will be nice to have a word with someone before you take a rest…….”


I said and then I put a call to the Emperor’ and his image appeared.


Hello brother.


I thought it wish to say bye to your friends before they visits their creator……” I said then I kept calm.



Morgan !!!, it good to have you on your last day… You know I told you that am coming to get you, I told you that the evil mind like you can’t be allow to fly freely like a bird.


How I so wish I could be the one to chook off your head fork your neck…….” He said.


Brother !!!


Take care of them and farewell to you old men. Tell me hey to the devil……”


He said and he put the call down


” Morgan!!!!


You know you don’t have anything to exchange your life with But I will just make your life miserable but you can live afterwards…..”


I said and I shoot him in his two legs and then in his shoulder.


I watch him scream in pain.


I shoot him his his two hands and then I shoot his ankle.


I made sure I messed him up with bullets allover him but I made sure I allow him to keep breathing.


I turned to Robinson.


” You know you deserve a peaceful death ……”


I said and I just gave him two shot at his head and his heart and he dead instantly.


I heard the commander’s word for the Armed men to stay down because they have surrender the environment.


I step down with Keira and I walked down and I keep my guns down. They rushed into the building while I took Keira to the car and drove away to the hospital because she sustained injury from the shoot out combat.






I was so scared.


I was just lying on Elvin’s laps when gun shots began to sound outside.


it was as if they were in a gun battle with some people.


I became more scared and I hold Elvin so tight, Someone break the door and walked in with gun and they took us way.


They drive us home in one piece even though they where still more soldiers shooting at some blacked suited armed men.


We drive into the castle and we step down. there was Alvin Vera Mirabel, My


brother and my step-mom.


my Dad wasn’t around.


I ran and hug them one after the other and we all walked into the castle together.


Dad came back with Elvin’s Dad few minutes after and they were so happy to see that we are safe without a scratch.







I promise your Dad you kill you but am gonna spear you…. Just for on reason but I plead with you never to take the part your parents has taken.


Am Derek


Am a killer


am the empire to the devil’s contractor…….”


The men said and I nod rapidly.


And to your little boy. You watch over your sister.


here is your dad’s documents to his assets ……” He said and have some papers to Eryk.


You both can go but remember.


Am Derek’…..”



He said and walked out from the place and the police officer walked in and take is away.


I got home to hear the bad news about the happenings, I had to rush to the soldiers quarter to know about my dad’s remains.





























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