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I was with him after we got back home to see our children in harm and happy, am also happy that all this has all ended in good faith.





” Am so happy to have you back my old friend, I thought I have lost you…….” I said calmly to him and he smiled.


I thought something worse but am so happy how everything has been displayed…..”


The Emperor said.


Well all the same am sorry……”


I said quietly and he nodded.


Come on !!! Barry I know never begs. I sure got you on that…..”


He said and I smiled and we hug each other while our children clapped for us.


It has really been a long time old friends.








Am so happy that finally Dad and his old Friend is back together at least now am free to make my moves.


The two old man was having a little chat chat and Elvin was with his baby girl, I took a little walk with Mirabel.


She was smiling repeatedly and was kind of shy.


Silent dwells along the road we pasted but at a point I decided to break the silence by starting up a conversation with her.


So tell me Mirabel.


I have been wondering, why didn’t invite your boyfriend over for the party ??……”


I asked wanting to know what she has to say.


” Nothing or better still


don’t have a lover yet……” She said.


” What about you????


I haven’t seen anyone around, I even had to search but no girl, why?? ……”


She asked and I kind of swallowed my spit.


Well, I think we have the same faith as well but I gat a crush but she isn’t aware that I have something for her……”


I said feeling awful.


Wow! !! But why haven’t you told her yet. You are cute and hot. No girl can ever turn you down….. So why haven’t you make the move??………”


She asked though she seem a little sad when I said so.


Well I don’t really know maybe am waiting for the prefect time to voice my feelings out…….”


I said and just then I got a text from Elvin that Dad is ready for us to go.




Do take care of yourself


Am gonna come for you later……”


I said and she smiled.


” Can I?? ……”


Putting my arms apart.


” Sure ……”


She said and we had a warm hug.







It was all gonna be a surprise.


I was already very much close to Iceland, I actually left immediately after the whole thing.


My flight landed and I and the less walked in and their was my brother’s wife and her beautiful daughter.


I told them to get ready we will pay the Emperors a surprise visit tonight.







Life is sure in a random table, whatever you do comes back to you.


I could have fight to live but he made a promise to kill me so even if I was to live he will still come after me.


I waited in the hospital and surprisingly, the doctor came to announce to me that my son was here to see me.


I was surprised and at the same time happy.


The door opened and my son ran in and gave me a warm hug.


” Dad !!!!! …….”


He called out and I drive out a little smile.


” Son !!!…….”


Am happy to see you


I said.


” Dad what happened to you……”


He asked.


The law of nature took it upon itself to pay me back for my wrong deeds I said.


Don’t be weak son


You need to know that evil isn’t meant to dwell among men. I was evil, I was selfish, I was greedy, I was a beast, I was everything evil.


I want you to know that life his a mirror, whatever you do the other gets the pain. I want you to learn for this lesson and never walk in the same part I walked in.



I might make it and I might not but you need to stay strong and always have it in mind that Thomson and Barlon’ are the two great true friends I had both in my hard time and that of the good.


Don’t hold it against them…….”


I said and he nodded with tears in his eyes.


” Okay Dad


I promise but you need to alive to rewrite your wrong dad …….”


He said and I smiled.


” I pray I could.


Get me the doctor am feeling sharp pain……”


I said and he stood up and ran off.


I took the Poisson and I allow my head to fall slowly.








We landed safely at Iceland, well actually in my dad’s compound and we step down with Stephannie by my side. Yeah she came over with us.


She insisted she wanna stay with us for some time and my dad didn’t decline.


We all worked in and their is uncle. The big living room were well decorated. Only uncle and his friends where around.


I looked at Dad and he smiled.


We hug him and I was thinking maybe we are still gonna travel to Luxembourg to see mum.


Just thinking.




I sat close to Stephannie.



Dad opposite Uncle and his Three friends where lined up by his left hand side of the table.


Then Alvin and Vera.


We were all enjoying ourselves with a chit chat when two people walked in.


I know one and I don’t know the other but with the Nigerian mentality.


I know that the woman beside Priscilla’ is my mum.


Dad went shocked raising his head to see them and his fork dropped.








It was a surprise, I wasn’t expecting to meet my brother in the estate well it a good one. He sure had a surprise for us and he caught me off guard.


We were enjoying the wonderful meal when the unexpected shocked happened,


There were my wife, and beside her was a little beautiful girl that looks little like me.


Could that be my daughter??????.


I stare at my wife for sometimes before I stood up and we hugged each other.


We declined from the hug and then I turned to the little girl.


” Who is she?? ……”


I asked.


” That’s your precious daughter Priscilla ……”


Evelyn said and I smiled and I hugged her as well.


What happened


I asked fighting to hold back the tears in my eyes.



I don’t know but Derek made this day


She said and I turned to him.


We all hugged each other.


am gonna throw a big celebration tomorrow…… the world is gonna view the wife


family of the almighty Emperors


I said with a big smile in my face.


























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