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” Come on Elvin…..


It me Alvin, your twins brother……..”


The voice said again and I was getting more confused.


” Am I in a dream Land or has something gone wrong in my thinking


faculty… ???????…….”


I thought…..


No Elvin, you prefectly Okay and you not in a dream Land Okay ….


Am Alvin you twin brother,


Okay, lemme explain, the skating guard I gave you that you wore is not just a mare guard.


It is an electronic skating shoe and guard.


I can communicate with you from my phone here……..”


He said.


” Really???……”


I asked .


” Yeah!!!!!, hope you are perfectly Okay…….”


He asked


” Yeah am fine as long as you are the real brother that I know……..”


I said you know nah.


” Yeah am Alvin.


Now you gat to pay a close attention.


Those idoit in that pitch I don’t think all of them are humans….


So that headmat you are putting on can be controlled through the watch in your hand.


Beside that watch their is a button that has blue color, that’s the one to view enemies, and the one with a red color indicate the fast rate of your attacker and the big one white black color is what you use to take control over your speed……” He explained.


Wow !! wow !!! wow !!!!………


I exclaimed..


That’s so cool……”


I said.


” Yeah, you brother


You don’t need to over stress yourself just allow the skating shoe to run on it own while you control it to where you wish it to go……” He said and I got excited.




” Thanks so much brother…….”



I said with a smile in my face and I clicked on the button just like he directed me and then everything became abnormal… It was as if I was playing a game or something..


I saw three different type of people, one is my team and they have the normal color of a human being but Kim and his team has a different color with a ❌ cancelled taged on their forehead….



Then to the robots which was clearly indicated by the headmat they where indicated with ared color and their fast rate that they can move was tages by their side and they their speed at the moment was the one moving about.


” Wow !!!!!……”


I exclaimed again


” Yeah brother


Even when you gets tried the skating shoe is gonna keep on moving even more faster than what you can think….. So you don’t need to be stress your self just save


the energy and use it to control their moves……”


He said and I smiled


Thanks so …….


Awwwn !!!!!…….”


I scream out loud the ball hit me and I heard him laugh…


Come on don’t forget you are on a pitch.


Hope you are okay????……”


He asked.


” Am fine ……..”


I said and I on the skating shoe and it ride me to the direction the ball is in…..


Just like a magnet….


I watch their fast rate and even before they could make a move I have already know on which speed the ball can go and move out front her reach.



The only negative part of it Is that’s who so ever the ball hits falls down including Kester.


I knocked him down two time.


He needs to know.


I ride to him and I got him up. Are you Okay…….


I asked.


Yeah Elvin but that’s was so far……


He said


Yeah Kester.


You need to watch my hands from now


Those things aren’t human and if we much win this game then we will have to play


a smart game not a strength game…….”


I said


” How do you mean…….”


He asked.


” Look Kester


You can’t compete with those robot with speed because they will always bit you. You gets tried but they don’t so if we must win you must watch my move …. I mean my hands …


Don’t act on my moves act on my hands direction……..”


I said and he nod.


” Cool right ……..”


I asked and he nod.


” That’s a smart one…….”


I heard Alvin’s voice


” Thanks brother


You need to leave me to concentrate…….”


I said and he laughed in the background…. While I put a smiled.


I took up and unfortunately for the poor idoit Kim. He was competiting with my speed, I just decided to go on with just mu normal speed and trust me he is still a boy…..


I will make you pay for Daring to touch my Stephannie


I said and I threw the ball at him and he wanted to catch the ball but the ball pulled him off and he falled and still loss the ball to Kate.


Kester called Kate and sheoved the ball to Kester and I look at him and he nod while I did as well and I ran up while he push the ball to me and he pick a race far and I pushed the ball more faster than him and he got the ball as calculated…..


He got the ball and just like that’s


He gat a wonderful score and the fan shout in joy……


” This world looks strange brother……”


I said and u heard him laugh.


Come on don’t forget you are in a pitch but anyway am the only one hearing you…..”


He said and I smiled.


And I want you to score.


He said


Sure ….. And am gonna score with my mare strength


I said and he laughed….


Don’t wound yourself or else your girlfriend will leave you for me…..


He said and I laugh.


I can see…..


I said and I looked at the ball and it nearly hit me but I got it and I looked at the


time just 5 minutes for the game to end and I need to score a goal for us to win….



I calculated the speed needed to gave a goal and if I use my normal strength I


might miss the Target or I might now even got close enough to score…..


I close my eyes and I opened them …


Elvin you can do this…..


I said to myself and I close my eyes and I off the skating and move on my own.


I saw the two robot coming with a great speed…..I close my eyes more tight and I


slid myself gently in between the two of them and I threw the ball so high with my last strength and one of the robot struck me his hands and I falled down…..


Is that’s a goal ???


Was that a goal so something????


I asked myself, it was as if they were contemplating if weather it was a goal or not.


Well I choose to keep my shout till I hear the final decision of the referee….


I was still calm with my eyes shut but when I tried opening them since I wasn’t hearing any sound of jubilation but opening my eyes half way I saw the players running towards me and I just falled on my own while they all bouce on me.


The final whistle was brown and the flag of Kester’s team was flyed by his fans as they shout of joy.


I took my top and I gave to one small boy that ran to me…. Allot of them gave me


their clothes and I just signed my signature on it, while I gave almost all my clothes to one or the other…..


I came out and Immediately I step some steps away, Stephannie ran and hugged me with a kiss


Awwwn……. I have so much missed that.


Kester cleared up his throat and we broke the kiss. I have missed you sweetheart….


She said and I smiled.


I missed you more my love….


I said and I kissed her again and this time I was the one to choose when to break


the kiss ……



We took some pictures with the golden cup giving to us to show that we won the game.


I took personal with just Stephannie and I ….


So cute .







I was monitoring his moves just like the boss told be and yeah, I got were I wanted him. He was just coming out with that daughter of Mr. Robbinson, I just drove and stopped in front of him and I pulled out my guns and he slowly got into the call without making any sound.


I drove away with him and I tied him up in one room and then gave Derek a call to tell him that the deal has been done.







Awwwwn!!!!! I have so much missed my Elvin


I never knew he was gonna show up in the competition after my dad came back home without any hope of the Emperor forgiving him.


We all drove to the castle and we spent time together or should I say I spend my time with him in his arms.


Right now I feel like stuck my lips in his….


Dad threw a little party in the evening….. Just for close friends and family….






You that’s a very wonderful goal.


I took out a deep, thanks so much old friend for letting your son to help me even with our differencise…..


The game ended just after Elvin gave the last goal but he was still in the ground when the players rush and jump on him in celebration, my sons fans where flying his flag with his name and that of Elvin.


I told you this whole thing is gonna be over and it will surely be on our favour My brother and I turned with a bold smiled on my face.


” Thanks so much brother


For been there for me in my trials……”


I said.


Come on that’s what made us blood


It my duty to be there for my brother in any form of difficulties……


He said and I smiled and we hug each other.


Come on let go and congratulate our boys


He said and we both walked out from the quest seat……


I met them seated in a circle form, my princess was seating beside her king.


I gave them some speech before I went to have some word with some business personnel that came around.


After that I came to get to my car, well I have already send a message across for a


party to be thrown for Kester’s victory…… It what celebrating…


I came across Morgan and with the looks on his face… He wasn’t finding the whole


thing fun…. That’s what it caused to be betrayal…


Wow…. I never knew I could still see this face around, my dear friend Morgan


I said with a smiled I’m my face and he frown .


Look Barlon…



You might think that all this is over but I tell you, the battle is just beginning and get ready to face it real hard this time….. He said and I laughed.




Off course we know what you are made off


Morgan… You know I was wondering how you were able to survive all this while living in a green grass even when you are greenish in color….. Morgan !!!!


A voice spoke out from my behind and I turned to see the last person I ever expected to see ….




























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