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It sure gonna be a wonderful thing.


Am really happy to have all of you back in…..


The competition was hold but Elvin and Priscilla wasn’t among the participants so that gave Maya the opportunity to be the second student in the competition.


Alvin and Elvin resumed in the same school and then Stephannie’, Mirabel and Vera had to come over to Iceland.


Their was a big family as the two new lovers create their own love story.


Some months after.


One could see allot armed men around the compound of a man who look so surprised to see them.


The Jet landed and the Emperor, his two sons and daughter and his wife stepped down.


Beside Elvin was Stephannie.


Well it happens they came visiting in Nigeria.





Wow !!! Anabelle has grown so big and cute. She look so surprised to see me. She was static because she couldn’t identify which one is me between I and my twin brother.


” Anabelle!! ……”


I called out gently and then she smiled a little bit still kind of surprised.


Mr. Bernard was so shocked to see me. Well it a surprise, it only Daniel that knows me well that because he met me in Europe but he wasn’t making any move just smiling….


Well he can’t identify between the two whom he know.


” Good day Mr. Bernard…….”


My Dad said calmly.


” Good day sir


How may I be of help to you ??……”


He asked.


” Well am Mr. Thomson.


That’s my son Elvin and over there is Alvin his twins brother.


My son told me about you and how you helped him.


So I just came to say a big thank you……”


Dad said and I just just looking around the whole place.


It has sure been a while.


The gateman wasn’t the Dennis that I know.


Mr. Bernard urge us in and we had a little chat with the family and then Anabelle’s mum apologize for her actions.


I had a walk with Anabelle.


I have really kind of missed her.


It has been a while my favorite


I said breaking the silence that is walking with us.


” Yeah…..!!!!


You got me thinking and crying.


You got a twin???…….”


She asked and I nod while she smiled a little.


” I have really missed you…..”


She said.


” I do as well…….”


I said and I kept quiet not knowing what else to say.



Your girlfriend is so cute just like you She said and I was surprised…….”


She got me off guard.


Who told you that……”


I asked and she smiled.


” Daniel did……”


She said and I kept quiet.


” What about you??? ……”


Yeah !! ! his name Michael. But not cute as you…….”

She said and I smiled.


Am happy that you are happy…….” I said and we hug each other.


After Dad was done talking with Mr. Bernard, he dropped some money with him


and we got back into the Jet and fly back to Iceland…….



I think am gonna eat the forbidden fruit tonight……





My academy grow more stronger and I train more students.


The love between me and Flora grew more stronger everyday……..





Derek later got married to Keria and they start up an wonderful family,


While Mrs. Evelyn took up her position as the best medical psychologist Europe had.



Victor went on a date with Vera and it happens to walk out for the both and the started their own love life.


Kim and Maya got back to each other but they left Luxembourg to another far country.














Life continues…….

Nature is one strong man that has lived for centuries but it never dies, either does it grow old.

Allot of men whom tried fighting it counts their death but he still lives strong.******

A story never ends until the writer wishes to… Well their love life continues………..

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