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One part of my body was no longer with me.


Their was no way I could communicate with Kester or even Stephannie. I was just in my room waiting for the game to start.


The game was gonna start in the next four hours plus ,


I couldn’t sleep all through the night,


It has been three days since I haven’t heard from Stephannie, she isn’t f**king my calls or returning them,


I don’t even know if Dad has done something to her.


God !! Can I stay and watch things go wrong am living in my own Shadow, I really miss Stephannie.


Tears slip down my cheeks.


” Is Okay brother


I understand all you feel at this moment, I think we should try talking to Dad again and this time make him understand the gravity of what his action can cause his son’s happiness……”


Alvin said and I looked at him with tears in my Dad.



” You think dad’s gonna listen to us……”


I asked and he nod


” Come on


He must listen to us.


Let go and talk to him……”


He said calmly and I clean up my fcae and walked down with him.


There was dad reading magazine less concerned, I just pray this not gonna be a hard thing for me.







I so much dislike hatred, I hate war but I never runs from it when it comes my way. I hate greediness but I murders jealousy because it is an evil act that can turn an angel into a monster.


But it seen life has a better way of doing things but it still difficult to let go of the past because it is always the story to tell the future.


I was in my room after what my sons told me but how could I help the situation, how do they all expect me to let go without thinking of what my feelings has in mind.


I was in the living room when my two sons walked up to me. I already know what they want but I know I wasn’t gonna listen because what Barlon did hurt more than what a mare word can calm.


Dad can we have a talk with you.


Elvin said and I dropped the magazine I was reading the moment they came in.


” Yes son!!!!!!…..


Dad is listening, what’s the problem???…….”


I asked.


” Is about your friend Barlon.


Dad I understand your you stand and pain.


Am more hurt than what you could even think of because his act made me live in dark for the past 18 years of my life with a without knowing my family.


I know what I pasted through when uncle Derek left me in the hand of an unknown old woman, I never knew weather he is dead or still Alive.


All my past pain was caused by one man’s greediness and selfish reason.


My uncle thought me one thing I can never forget in a hurry.


He told me that I live in the world where three category of people live in. A world where am the king, the other person are my family while the other are my slaves.


I could have done more harm to him because I know where to hurt him.


But I know he has learnt his lessons because am sure he knows am your son but he still haboured me over three months…….”


He said and I wasn’t moved because I already know before they came.


What Barlon did isn’t what word could calm and kill off. I feels more pain seeing the portrait of my dead wife and unborn daughter.


Dad !!! Please He needs my help.


His son needs my help…….” He said.


Son, Barlon don’t what a helping hand from you or any of my bloodline. A man who can hurt his friend is more than a monster…….”


I said to him.


But Dad, he is sorry.


Dad please !!! This is a man that gave me shelter and he watched over me for three months Dad !!!


Even if not for anything for the sake of my happiness Dad.


I love her daughter and if you hurt her father you have hurt her and if she is hurt


am more hurt. Dad please for my sake.


This is the only thing I ever asked of you


Please Dad …..”


He said


” If you really treasures my happiness.


The happiness of your sons do this for us Dad..


I beg you Dad …….”


Alvin said and I watch tears slip down his cheek.


” My anger melted at the spot.


I became weak and couldn’t move.


I can’t watch my son be unhappy because I treasures to hurt back a man that hurt me.


But it fine.


” Is Okay son.


Is fine !! I can’t watch you be unhappy because your happiness is mine as well.


I forgive him and his family for hurting me.


I could have hurt him so hard but hurting him will hurt me the more because you will still get hurt along The line.


I forgive them and I promise not to hurt them again, I will release all I have taken from him.


I will make him a free man, to fly around just like a bird.


” You are free to do anything you wish.


You are free to help him out in anything and in anyway you wish.


You have my permission……….”


I said and he I watched how surprised they looked.


Indeed I was moved by his pleads


I all I have worked and lived for I to make my sons Happy and if forgiving him is


one of them am ready to.


You are free to.



” Dad you forgive them????……”


He asked and I nod.


” Am free to travel to Luxembourg and do anything……”


He asked and and I nod.


” They we’re happy ……”


I watched my two sons smile again ever since all this whole this started.


” Thanks Dad !!…….”


He said with a bold smile and I smiled as well.


Come on. Go get ready.


The game is gonna start in less than four hours and you know to get to Luxembourg will take four hours…….”


I said to him with a smile.


Am going upstairs immediately


Thanks Dad ……”


He said and he ran up with his twins brother while Vera stood up as well.


” Come on are you all gonna leave dad behind alone to himself?.?……”


I asked and she turned.


Yeah go stay with your follow old men. Am leaving with my cousin……”


She said and ran up as well.


Jacky !!!


Get the Jets ready and make sure not a scratch i repeat a scratch is found on his body ……”


I ordered and he bowed and left.


I took my phone and called the customs director on phone and I asked them to realize all the ban product of goods been imported by Barlon.



Let me just let him fly.


I stood up from the cushions i was and I walked into my room only to meet I last of the kind I expected to see.


Thom Elson!!!!!


Surprise !!!! Dear brother


I heard the voice of a man form behind and I turned to see my lost brother Derek.


I hugged him out of happiness.


” Come on old man


Don’t Chuck your brother to death……”


He said and I smiled.


” It sure a long time


What happened brother ?????


Where have you been……”


I asked with concerned and then I looked back again and then I noticed the first person i saw and I smiled became that of an angry monster.


” How dare you ???……”


I asked with furious voice.


” Be calm brother


He has something for you…..”


My brother said.


” Please sit…….”


He said and I sat down peaceful……..


Charlton explained everything on how he was been paid by Morgan.


I was like I could kill at this moment.


So it has been Morgan all this while and I though it was Barlon I said.


” So you see brother


You need to pay your old Friend a visit,


He is sure in a trail time……”


My brother said and I just nod.


I was just standing speechless without knowing, where to start from is what’s I


don’t really know…..


So it has been you all this while


…..MORGAN !!!!!!…….









” Come on !!!!!!….


Who is that damn fool that had to score.


What did you install in those fool you called robot….


” Get that fool down…..”


I said to me operator of the robot in the field.


” Okay sir……”


He said.


I want him to be badly injured if possible I want him to be six feet down…..


I don’t what to know who he is, get him down and now ….…”


I ordered and he said yes and I put the phone down.








We got to Luxembourg and then the game was just 15 minutes for the first half to be done, so I just waited for the first half to be done but before that, I asked Daniel, Kate and Maxwell to join the game while I wait back for the second half.



They really surprised me and they manage to equalize the game and it was one against the other, I joined in the second half anyway but the game was quite tough.


Everything about the players seem different, they we’re faster than me and they gets the ball so accurate, they never missed target like human this are robots I


thought .


I took a luck and yeah,


The ball came to our luck and Kester got the ball, he too a massive speed he really surprised me because he outran the almighty Kim.


I guess he drive some strength seeing me, that’s good anyway.


He was on the damn of losing the game when he pushed the ball to me. I pick the ball and decided to know what am really dealing with.


I pick with the human robot as I thought and yeah, he was two time faster than I am.


Just the one struck of the robot hand and I failed down.


I shouted in pain.


Very where was becoming visual to my seeing.


I could hear voices asking me if I am fine.


I opened my eyes and I saw the unhappy expression but he smiled seeing me.


I got up so weak and un able to move.


The next thing I started to hear the calling of someone….. The voice was massive


and it sound like Alvin’s voice.


I couldn’t picture where the sound was coming from. I tried finding out but I could.


Is something wrong with my brain?????


What’s the problem???


Hope am not harrocinating…….????


God am I going insane????



























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