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At first I thought all this is just a joke, I thought I could close my eyes and open them and find out that all this is a dream, I pinched myself and indeed am no longer in Luxembourg just then Vera’s voice came up from the door seeking that I should open up the door for her.


Huh !!!! But I didn’t even lock the door.


It open you can come in


I said and the door made a sound and just then she pushed the door open and walked into my room and shutdown the door and Len on it.


I was just looking at her to Know why she is here, she stare at me for sometime before speaking up.


” Elvin !!!! Dad wants to have a word with you……”


She said calmly not frowning not smiling.


” Dad !!!! ..……”


I repeated.


” Yeah the Emperor, your Dad..…..”


She said again looking at me as if I asked what’s out of point.


Is she my sister or what ???!?!


I stood up and she pushed the door open and walked out while I followed her behind.


We walked into the living room though she got there before me.


She sat down beside Alvin.


This two are always together, maybe he is her girlfriend or something.




Talking about the environment that is called living, it looks so classic double time more than Barlon’s house. It looks transparent, the living room was kinda of a room built in the middle of a round passage.


It seems or should I saw that the wall that demacates the Living room and the passage is just a well placed glass. I was just looking around and then one of the armed men on suit opened the door and came into the Living room and that was when I knew that it wasn’t actually a mirror but a transparent classic wall.


Alvin is already done and Vera were sitting beside him and beside them we’re a kind of special single cushion which only the Emperor occupies.



Then I was just seating opposite the Emperor or should I say my new father. He took out a deep breath and began his speech.


I know you all here must be surprised about what had happened some hours ago most especially to you Elvin.


Maybe I should start by apologizing to my children here for been able to protect my own there by letting you pass through allot of pain all because I couldn’t protect you.


I failed on my duty as your father to protect you and keep you away form harm.but I failed .


Am happy having you alive as my son even though I thought you were long dead, I know I wouldn’t say it totally my fault but I still blame myself for everything,. I over trusted human…….”


He said feeling sad and his eyes has already kind of start changing.


It was caused my my friend’s greediness over money……”


He said as tears slip down from his chest.


It all happened years back, them Barry Loen was like a brother to me. We were best of friends, we we’re known and been respected by other business men because of how tight and smart we run our business together even though then I wasn’t the Emperor yet.


We did business like blood, we had the interest of the other at hand and he watch others back even when present in anything.


I have known Barry Loen since I was a kid but when I left the hood to the city with my only younger brother Derek


Our part separated and I got to meet him again in a business conference that was set my Morgan my business partner then.


Morgan happened to be his friend as well so the first day I meet him after allot of years was on a business conference.


We bond back the way we use to be when we’re still kid.



One day something happened that uptill now I can’t really tell what is actually the reason for the misunderstanding am having with Barry Loen today.


It happened so fast and I wake up to found out that my life and that of my family is been threatened by Barry Loen. We become the best of enemy from that very day and we started hunting for each other’s blood.


Then I only have the two of you as my children and your mum then was pregnant of a baby girl, she wasn’t actually aware of the problem I was having with Barry Loen because I thought the problem I was having with a brother could still be settled one day..


Then your uncle my only brother Derek was still alive.


He said and more tears slip form his chest and he stretch out his hand and one of his armed suited men handed him over with a white handkerchief that looks like a towel to Nigerians.


He touched his face using the handkerchief.


I really thought I was having a mare quarrel with a friend but first my wife was attacked but I still didn’t thought he was the one that hurt my wife.


I never thought he was the one. I only took care of my wife and provided her with more security, On that same very day Barry’s wife got attacked too by unknown men but instead he accused me of been the one behind it.


He promised to get back at me by taken the life of my wife, even at all this I still don’t know that a brother could grow so cold to the instend of hurting my pregnant wife.


You know I thought he was just making a mare threat because of the difference I was having with him.


After some days of Barry’s threats she was attacked again and she was shoot on her arms this time and that made her to be kept in the hospital even on her pregnant state.



Then I threatened to kill him and his wife in revenge of shooting my wife though then he was trying to denny having any hand in my wife’s attack but I never believed him.


You know I went on a personal research and it was truth that he wasn’t actually the brain behind my wife’s attack but from my long known business rival Robbinson.


I kept quiet fighting out the truth but I still fought Mr. Robbinson in secret and still a quarrel with Barry Loen.


That very day I got a call that my wife, you and the unborn child are all dead because the hospital she was admitted in was boob down to ashes.


This time he was the one behind it because I got the video of one of his men on the act.


Even at that he still murdered my younger brother your uncle and still sent me the video of it.


I was so Griff and I swore to wipe away his entire generation from the surface of human race.


I went for him but he left Switzerland without leaving any trace of how to locate him.


I searched around in other nearest country but he was lost like a wind.


So that’s it


That’s how your uncle and your pregnant mum dead out of the account of what I


don’t know but I promise you one thing.


He has 48hours to live on Earth.


I will make him pay with the blood of everything thing that makes him happy even if that the last thing I do for my love one’s he took their life’s……..”


He said and this time he wasn’t smiling at all. It was as if now the devil himself is speaking.


” Can I ask something……..”


I asked gently and he made a little smile.



Yeah, feel free to ask Anything at all…………” He said.


You said you have twins son, Alvin and Elvin?? And asked and he nod. Then what happened?? How did I got missing!??


Was I kind of kidnapped or something???……” I asked.


Well you were your mum’s favorite and she always wants you around her. I stays with your brother here so it was just you and her in the hospital while I was home with your brother here.


How you were able to be alive is till a mystery to me….…..” He said.


I really lost allot,


Your uncle, my wife and daughter.


After I couldn’t find Barry Loen I left Switzerland as well because things around reminds me of a bitter past.


Every moment of my life.


The only thing that count is the day I was gonna met with Barry Loen again.


I lived with unsettled mind. I lived in pain and shadow of my own self……


I visited Switzerland secretly to now if he has gone hiding but there was no trace of him ever after the incident.


I kept his life in the hand of fate.


He said again and he took a water to drink.


You know, I decided to start a new life so I had to change my name from Thom Elson to Thomson.


I became double rich and that was how I ended up becoming the first European God Emperor. You know this is also the reason why up til now Robbinson and I remain enemies for years.


What of her.????? Who is she??????……..”


I asked pointing at Vera.


” That’s your cousin sister,


She is the only daughter to Marcelo your mum’s only brother…..….”


He explained.


” Look son


I know all this will be a surprise to you but it the whole truth about your real identity…….”


He said and I just nod a little.


” Sir !!! Dad !!! I corrected myself Immediately and he smile……”


” It okay ….” He said.


“My mum, is she still alive???


I mean if I had survived that mean she also did?????…….”


I said.


” That’s I can’t really tell.


Your been alive is just a mystery.


Maybe she is but if she is she could have come over since then……”


He said and just then his phone started ringing.


Please son, I need to take care of something Immediately, it actually very important…..”


He said calmly,


Alvin do take care of your brother.


He said stood up and excused himself before leaving.


I was just still confused.


It was still like a dream.


I looked around again from the walls to Alvin and from him to Vera, I just hope


this is just a dream


I said.



On the other hands Alvin we’re busy with his phone, I just stood up even though I don’t even know how to locate my room but I just walked upstair.


I met a confusing state and I started pushing all the doors I met but none looks like mine, I ended up finding myself back to the living I left but then Alvin and Vera wasn’t there again.


I met like eight suited armed men in the living room,


” Please can you help me to my room ma kind of lost …..”


I said to the one I think could be friendly than others and he bowed down and lead the way while I followed him inside.


He helped me back to my room and I thanked him, my door were been gaurded by two armed men and that even made me wonder if they are actually keeping me hostage or something???


I got a call from Stephannie immediately I got into my room.







” Hello !!! sweetie…”


I said to her.


” Elvin !! How are you doing??…..”


She asked immediately


” Am sorry sweetheart


Am fine, I mean am good …….”


I said.


” Are you sure ???


What are those men doing to you???……”


She asked with a worry voice and I just smiled a little.


” Am fine


Okay you know what, let me give you a video call then so you can see am fine….”



I said and put off the call and called her a video call and he she picked and her face showed up, she we’re in her room and she eyes were red.


” Heyee!!!!


Have you been crying or something…….”


I asked.


Not really my love. It just a little


Am happy to see you are fine I miss you…..”


She said and smiled.


I miss you more sweetheart


I don’t really know how, but right now am in Iceland as we speak, but don’t be sad I promise to visit soon ……..”


I said and she looked quiet when I said that but still smiled alitle when I asked her to.


” I promise Okay…….”


I said and she smiled and then Frown again but a little.


” What’s it again ……..”


I asked.


” Am really scared my love.


I hope this problem between your dad and mine won’t have effect to our relationship together………”


She said looking worried and what mu dad said flash back on my mind. She has 48 hours to see his family again.


I will make him enjoy the pain I have lived with for all the years.


Look my love, nothing is gonna happen to our relationship Okay, nothing will and I promise…………”


I said to her even when I felt like crying but I need to tell her that all is fine.



But it already having effect on my Dad, you dad has already ban all my dad’s imported goods. Am really scared Elvin…………”


She said


Don’t let it bother you


Am gonna talk with my Dad I hope he is gonna listen to me ………..


I said to her even though inside me am really scared already.


” Baby I don’t think I can live if anything happens to our relationship……..” She said


” Come on nothing is going to happen


Trust me okay …….”


I said and she nod.




” Now smile for me I said and she smiled.






” Thank you so much Elvin


I love you ………”


She said



” I love you too and more. ……….”


I said back.


We talked about so many things and you know she told me that Morgan was behind the attacked in Kester’s academy, even Daniel was badly injured.


I just pray that this whole thing will be sorted before the next four days because the next and final competition comes in the next four days.


I don’t now how Kester will be feeling now.


I first called Victor and just like I expected Kester we’re with him so the three of yours had a talk and I had to promise to make sure I comes to Luxembourg to help him.



I was still on call when the maid or the cook of the house came to inform me that dinner is ready and my dad and brother is already waiting.


I had to round up with the call I was having with Kester and went to have dinner with my family.










The world is met to be ruled by men with the heart of lion, those ready to shade blood when their is needs for but the world isn’t meant again for me, it my right to rule the Europe and become their Emperor and that I must sure achieve I said and I smiled at my thoughts.


Thomson, just help me out and distroy your friend and when I finally mount as the second richest I will show you the best way power is been used.


I know Thomson he will stop at nothing until Barlon is down or even possible dead. He had already seized all his imported goods and that’s why I asked my men to attacked his son’s academy Because I know he don’t have the money to treat them and keep them back strong before the next four days.


Am the genius in this game.


Barlon my old friend.


This whole thing is caused by your greediness, you could have supported me by now Thomson would have been the one down but you choose to be a deligent men and dig your own grave.


I was enjoying my upcoming victory when Kim walked into the house so worried.


I wonder who could have sent such message to him.


Am Morgan and I already have deal with the devil…..



Later after the dinner I know he is waiting to know everything and I think this is the best time for him to know.


Son, I want to to always have it at the back of your mind that what even am doing today is for your own good.


This is what happened years back but I think this is the best time for you to know the truth about the whole thing.


I cleared my throat and I begin.


It all happened even before I had you as a son. Then we we’re friends and we did everything together.


I was actually the one that connected the business that made Barlon and Thomson the emperor become friends but despite the fact they am the one that joined the both together.


They conspired to betray me and they left me in the dark side of their business affairs that should meant to be done but us as friends.


They become more richer than me and I vowed to make them pay for betraying me.


I left Switzerland to Luxembourg here and I only pays them visit with my evil intension boiling inside me.


They thought we were still friend but to be our friendship dead they day they


choose to betray me.


I said to him.


” Okay Dad


So what happened when you went to Luxembourg, I mean how did you now get to revenge???…..”


He asked and I drink a hard drink.


There is met Robbinson Maya’s dad, he was the richest business tycoon in Europe then, he was well respected but he was Thomson rival because he never crosses Switzerland with his drug business.



He helped me out with business connection and that how I become rich. He later travel to Asian leaving me with his younger brother whom was the one in charge of all his business empire in Luxembourg.


I killed him and took over all his asset and that’s how I become this rich.


Robbinson was never aware because he was away when it all happened.


Then I met Robbinson’s boss by name Don calvin. He linked me up in their type of business and there I got more exposured to more rich men over Asian.


The business that is causing problem which made me have the support of six Emperor’s in just a plot to separate the Emperor’s power and I succeded.


” You know dad.


All this still have say anything about Barlon……”


He said.


Well, I don’t have business with him I just to be the emperor and make then pay for what they did in the past, ever since I killed Robbinson brother killing become part of me I sees blood as a normal water that needs to be poured away when dirty. I took pressure seeing people cry and I kill even till now to still become more rich as I am now.


When I kills you, I takes your property and all the things you have. I vowed to make Thomson and Barlon pay so dearly but the two Friends where so tight and smart.


I couldn’t get to them with power so I choose to become a green snake in a greenish grass.


I planted misunderstanding in them and that was what caused the marise between the emperor and Barlon till date.


You know then I wanted to wipe them out and take over their empire but to kill them was a difficult thing to do because of his brother Derek was a shade that covers them.


So to get to them I needed to take Derek off.


I paid one of his Best friend by name Charlton to murder Derek and when he did I killed him as well.


I killed Alvin’s mum and sister. And I killed Stephannie’s mum as well and I was the one behind Stephannie’s rape few years ago and I also planned the kidnapping of his son.


You know I made this whole thing to look real, after Charlton killed Derek I sent the video to Thomson and so I didn’t when his wife’s hospital was bomded down.


I have done allot of thing and am ready to do more till he goes down……..” I said with so my hatred.


” Dad, all this happened years back.


So what then brought about this second war?????……..”


He asked.


” You see.


There is a business I want to get into Europe, a business that can pay me to even become more rich than the emperor but this business can only be allow if Thomson sign a document which he had refuse to sign.


Even when I present the matter to other emperor’s six supported me and Barlon and


his brother with Marcelo supported him and they are four important people that


can’t be neglected………”


I said.


Strange !!!!!, I mean why will Barlon support his enemy……..


He asked again.


Well I learnt that the boy I sent kill Barlon’s wife played a smart game on me and he told Barlon the truth and that made him to leave Switzerland to Luxembourg.


Ever since that travel the two friends never get to meet each other again till




I said.



So you see this is the reason for all this.


I deserve to be the emperor and I will stop at nothing till I achieve it I said.


Okay Dad you have my support.


He said.


Thanks so much son


I said and he stood up and left.


Am coming for you all


I said and drink form the bottle wine.








Morgan you have triggered the anry sleeping Lion and the lion and grown so loud that other animals around will pay with their own life, life is a choice you choose how to live yours.


Morgan has digged his own grave by his hands, I wanted your death to be a surprise to you but you has packaged his Death and am gonna help you deliver your Death to you.


I never wanted your death is soon.


But you have already prepared your own grave yourself…..”


I said in anger.


Guys I gat no time to waste.


I know my brother too well and when he speaks he does. He gave him 48hours and if nothing is done I know he will do harm to him.


I need to pay him a visit…….” I said.


We are always ready boss ………” They said.



I am only going with the company of Charlton, while Laura please monitor the movement of Barlon’s daughter most especially. And Keria watch over Morgan’s son and my brother’s wife.


Get me all the Information in need across to Iceland..


Don’t forget what I told you.


Make a move when I give ordered and make wise decision if any issue arises in the




I said.


” Okay boss…….”


They said and I walked to my room with Charlton to plan for the next line of execution.







I have known that this feeling was right but then I couldn’t place how or where…..


The moment I saw his picture in Vera’s phone something was so connected about him.


Am just worried about his relationship with Barlon’s daughter because I know dad, he is gonna hurt her and that’s still hurt Elvin.


I was in my room.


Chatting with my best friend Alexander.


I already told him about my found twins brother.


Tomorrow I can peaceful release a new wonderful album and this time it gonna be delicated to my precious missing shadows.


Welcome home brother !!!!!!


At least am not gonna be bored in the big estate again. I have Vera and my brother Elvin. Actually the reason why Vera came to stay with us is because for now dad wants Elvin to be indoors so he will be home with Vera when I goes to school. .








To be continued

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