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The situation here is what I don’t f**king understand, I have tried calling my dad to help to my uncle but he is so adamant, he has refused to listen to anyone’s pleads.


I wonder if he wanna hurt his two sons. Elvin hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday that they had conversations over Kester’s issues.


I don’t want anything to happen to my two cousins because either Alvin is happy or had eaten ever since Elvin’s mood changed.


I walked to Alvin’s room to talk to him because I knows how to get his mind at rest but Elvin’ is someone I hasn’t master his swing of mood.


I walked into his room and there he was, with an unhappy expression.


Alvin this is not the best way to go about this whole thing, been mood while your twin brother is dying of pain which is killing him inside, you could imagine that he haven’t had something to eat since yesterday


I said to him with sad voice as well because am also hurt, ever since yesterday I have been unhappy and bored Because Elvin and Alvin is moody.



” What do you want me to Vera???


I have tried talking to Dad but he don’t want to listen to anybody at all….. I have


tried talking to Elvin but the pressure is too much for him …. Today is the


competition how is this whole thing gonna be resolved there is no time and Dad isn’t giving any body a listening ear …….” He said with pain in his voice .




Yeah, understand Alvin but we must give up on this whole thing ….. It try and find something to tell Elvin. We can’t just seat here and do nothing…….”


I said to him.


How do you want us to go about this whole thing, Elvin has threatened to hurt everyone if something ever goes wrong in that competition, I can even do something more worse if anything happens to him…. Am much hurt Vera


!!!!!……..” He said.


Let go and talk to Elvin


We could come up with something productive and we can work on it ….


We need to do something.


Let go to him in the living and talk to him again, maybe this time he could see


reasons with us……..”


I said to him.


Okay fine


He said and stood up drop the hard drink he was taken and we walked to Elvin room.


His face was facing his bed even when walked in, he didn’t even raise his face up to know whom came in.


The time was 7 : 30am.




Elvin !!! You need to calm down and put yourself together, this is not best way to go about the whole thing…….”


I said but he didn’t even raise his head up.


” Brother you need to calm down.


Let think out something, you know something we can do to help the situation here




Alvin said and he raised his face up, he seem to be crying all this while because his eyes were red, he look so unkept and down cast.


” Yes brother !!


That’s what I have been trying to do since yesterday but you see at this moment, I


don’t have any time to even think…….”


He said so sad.


” Come on Elvin


Something can still be done just calm down and put your self together…….”


Alvin said again.


” Did you just asked me to calm down brother???????….


Am I in a kind of prison in the house of a man that calls himself my father huh!!!!! You know time isn’t what I have at this moment, I don’t even have the time to think


It already 7 : 30 am and I now that Dad hasn’t even given it a second thought.


The competition is gonna be at noon so what time do I have to think ??????


I just have Less than 4 hours to get to Luxembourg or else something is gonna go wrong………”


He said with a crack voice .


” Elvin !!! Let go talk to Dad


He is in the living, let go and make him see reasons with us….. If three of us can


constantly keep telling him he will definitely allow us……”


I said.


” You know that’s not possible.


This is not the time to place a game of chance, Dad has the heart of stone and it can’t be melted not even with a hot water……” He said.


” Come on Elvin


We need to move with a position mindset here, Let just give it another trials this time we won’t let him it he allow us…….” I said to him.





” Please brother Alvin said.







” Okay fine


Let go talk to him.


But !!!!!!! …….”


He said and he stopped without finish what he wanted to say.


We all walked out of his room to the living.









It all just like there was no longer anything that could be done about the whole thing. The past of my Dad has so much hunt his future to the downfall that the enemy will so much make jest of him.


If in any way Morgan wins this competition, he will become power Emperor and he can easily get to challenge the Emperor.


Am aren’t playing this game to win !!!!!


Their are more to what friend shares and more damages when misunderstanding cheeped in. Yeah it understandable but still unfair to us who know nothing on how this whole thing started.


She sister isn’t finding this whole things funny at all either am I. I walked into the game pitch with my team beside us where Kim’s team as well, I and Kim we’re at the front as the team captain.



I was never coming here to play this game and win but I came to play so not to be labeled a weakling.


I looked at the remaining of my team standing and I couldn’t find where to hold and confort the confidence left. I looked at the quest seat and my Dad’s face wasn’t even an encouraging one.


My sister has been in tears even before the day came Because her phone and everything that he can use to communicate with Elvin was seized by Dad…..


Indeed I now believe that a man got no strength without the existence of Hope and at this point in time it seem all hope is lost.


I think it more better if I lose in the third tournament of the competition than to lose now. It quiet so hurting.


The referee brow the whistle and the game started. I was getting weak every passing minutes of the game.


I watch I and my team been made as a mockery but I am helpless in this case.


Nothing on my mind.


Nothing seems working again.


Some part of me was no longer functioning again.


I and my team only plays a defensive game because this time it a game of one teams with it’s goal post.


Even on our defensive plays they still conquer us and plays a free game in our score pitch.


You know I looked around but nothing was motivating again. Not even any of my teams flag was up.


It even seem the fans has given up on us even before the game starts.


It seem I was just all alone in the game.


Either Daniel Kate or Maxwell was with me in the pitch because they sustain injury and they can only join in the second half of the game.


Kim’s team score one goal before the game was getting to 30 minutes.


Three new student with a different jersey joined the game I guess that must be Maxwell, Daniel and Kate because those are the only left student I got.


Their was no hope at all.


I even thought that one of the new players was gonna be Elvin but it wasn’t him.


I think am gonna quit…..


I think am going to be substituted out of the game because I got no strength to keep pushing…


I only spoil there chance of winning if I still remain…..


I need to be substitute out.









” Sir the robot are all ready, should we install them immediately…….”


The mechanic working on my factory said.


Sure, you can substitute them but you have to wait till the first half is done. Install them during the second half of the game….


I wanna watch their face and make sure nothing is suspected…….” I said .


And take note, install the robot to badly injury all Kester’s team players… None of


them should be allow out of the pitch without any harm and as for that boy Kester,


I want him out half dead if not dead…..”


I added.


” Okay sir ……”


He said and I put the call down and smiled excape from my face.


I walked back to the quest seat and sat down very peaceful to watch the game.


The game started exactly it was 12 :30 noon




I was already at the quest seat when Barlon and his brother with that idoit of a Friend Marcelo walked in and sat down.


The players walked in and the referee brow the whistle and the game started immediately, at first the game was on my teams favour.


They play around the pitch like they owns it, I smiles as Kim my son knock down Kester of a boy countless number of times.


You know they even played free game inside the score pitch.


I smiled as I watch how the game was going.


Kester tried many times to get to my score pitch but you know, he got no speed and my son is more well built than him so he falls at any struck.


Just like planned, Kim my son score at the thrity minutes of the game and the fans shout in happiness, and I just left out a smile.


The game was moving smooth but there was a substitution done and three different players were exchanged from the pitch, I don’t really know how they came across the three new players Because they three where wearing the same pattern of jersey.


The game started again after they where substituted and the truth of the matter is that , the game changed and everything becme hard for my son to access Kester score pitch again.


Just like a play, one of the new substituted player scored a wonderful goal that kept the fans shouting so loud and their flag was flyed so high.


Anger envelope me.


Who the hell is those three idoit and where are they from ???..


The first half ended and their score post where changed into something smaller and


the game started again.


Now it was 12: 50 pm noon.



The robots where substituted in and I watch as the game is gonna be turned




…….I always win …..







That very day was the situated day for the competition, and even up till now, Elvin


isn’t in Luxembourg……


Well maybe he is on his way coming,


I took my phone to call Mr. Robbinson.


” Hello Mr Robbinson……”


I said with a smile.


” Derek !!! You are playing with you death……”


He said.


” Will you shut up and listening to me.


If you must know, the law will soon be at your door to take your precious daughter Maya away for the murder of the boy she killed while having sΒ£x with…..


Oh ..!!! I know you must be shocked but you know, I will love to travel to visit my brother and I will sent you the remains of your son…….” I said..




” Please Derek.


Anything you want I can give to you


Let settle this as gentle men……”


He said with a shivering voice and I laughed out loud.


The almighty Robinson is pleading for negotiation????.. Well am not a greedy man like you.


We can negotiate together….


So tell me what can you offer ???…….”


I asked.


” I can offer 100 million dollars but please don’t touch the life of my son……”


He said.


” No Robinson,


You have been hurting my brother all this year’s and he needs a compensation…..


You know what, did you properties into three part, one for me one for you and one for my brother…..”


I said and you have less than thirty minutes to do that or …….


I said and I put the line dead.


I smiled and waited patiently and just like a expected, he called to tell me where he has delivered the documents attached to the property and then the money was transferred into my own account……


I got a call from Dominic that the flight was ready so I just left with the rest while Keria stayed back to watch over city.


I, Charlton, Laura, Mrs. Evelyn and Priscilla fly to Iceland and we landed safely. I logged into a safe hostel while I and Charlton drive to the Emperor’s resident and Laura stayed back with Evelyn and Priscilla…….. .




Note__If you guys can’t met up with my demand then we all will go for three days Suspense……
























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