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Barlon my old friend, I won’t want to participate in your tears this days. Just watch over them and don’t allow a scratch in any of them……..”


I said to the boy over Luxembourg.


Okay boss…..”


The boy said and I put the call down.


All I wanted to watch you cry without anyone to say sorry to you and am happy there is an easy way to do so. I won’t make your day worse just bear the pains of guiltiness of your Griff of what you have done to a friend.


I walk around my room in the estate with a worried face. You know when you play a smart game to nature, they will amke you a free man and watch you get drawn while swimming.



I got a drink to cool down my head.








I drive out with Keria with so much anger in my veins. I drove straight to his wife’s office and there she was helplessly.


Her security men tried stopping us but they we’re no match for us.


We gun down all of them without sparing anyone at all. Keria put her in the car and we drove away with massive speed to his son’s sport academy.


He also have armed men monitoring his academy but we drove in and gun down those that think they can stop us. We still took the idoit of a son and drove back to the resident.


We pulled them down and tied the both mom and son on a seat. They were sleeping so Laura poured water on them and they breath out very fast.


” Welcome to life Mrs Robinson…….”


I said to her with a bold smile on my face.


” What do you want you beast ……”


She said more of a shout.


” I love that….. What do you I want ????


Yeah.. I want something I got what I want which is you but what you will help me


to do is to help me with your life……..”


I said


” Go to hell Derek.


My husband is gonna get you…….”


She spoke out and I laughed.


” Her husband is gonna after me.


Guys !!! I wished for her husband to come after us…..


Now look woman, I kept you alive because I want you to see your son and hear the voice of your daughter before you pays back for your sin……..”


I said and I called Maya her daughter and she pick up immediately.


” Hello beautiful Maya.


How are you doing sweetie???……”


I asked with a smile.


” Am fine sir


Who are you please……..”


She asked.


” Awwwn am sorry sweetheart


Am Derek Elson, your dad’s doom and your mom’s killer ….


I want you to say bye to her……”


I said and have the woman the phone


” Mum !!!! …….”


I heard the voice of the little Maya shout


” Yes my daughter


Don’t worry Dad is gonna get me out of here Okay …..!!!!…….”


She said and she and I smiled and snatch off the phone from her and place it in my ears.


Look Maya, I will advise your dad to stay low for the main time till the law choose to come after him as well……”


I said to her and put the call down.


Now to you woman.


What do you have to say to your son before you dies…….”


I said to her.


” Derek !! My husband is gonna come for you.


I killed you once and I can still do that again…..”


She said and I smiled.


She got gut !!!!!


Let see how you courage is will carry you to


I said and I pulled the trigger on her legs and she scream in pain and then to her shoulders and then to her two arms and to her ankles.


I watch her shout in pain and I smiled..


I kill the innocent… She is guilty and needs to be killed……


I shot at her at her finger and then I turned my back….


You guys can take care of her and I send her body back to that monster that thinks he is the king of the game……..”


I said and walked away.








I was in Olivia’s house when I got the call that my mum is under the captive of a man by name Derek and I ran out got into my car and drive home Immediately.


I got home to see dad reading magazine…and that’s made me wonder if he is even aware that his wife is in danger.


Dad !!!!! How could be free here reading magazine while mum and brother is in danger ………”


I said to him with anger.


What’s ??? …….”


He exclaimed in shocked which shows that he wasn’t even aware about the whole thing.


” What’s did you just say???……”


He asked.


Dad…. Mum is under the custody of one Derek Elson, he called me few minutes ago and told me to hear the last voice of my mum ….


Dad you need to do something about this


Nothing should happen to mum……”


I said crying.


” Is Okay daughter……”


He said and just then one of his bodyguard ran in frightened.


” What’s the problem and how dare you barg in on me like that…….”


My Dad questioned.


Am sorry boss but one of my boys just saw the lifeless body of your wife at the gate just few minutes ago …….”


He said and i daughter fainted out of shock.








I rushed my daughter to the hospital immediately and the doctor was taken care of her when I got a call that my son is missing… His sport academy was attacked my unknown armed men.


I know it Derek all this while.


I got a call from Morgan when I was in the hospital.


I drive to the house with anger.


Derek has dared me…..


How could he kill my own wife and send me her dead body……


I called the fool and he picked up after second ringing.








I was waiting patiently for his calls because I definitely know he ilwas gonna call and just like expected his call came in but I waited for the first ringing to end and he called again and I smiled and picked up the call.


” Hello Mr Robbinson……”


I said over the phone.


” Look Derek…


Am gonna acome for you.


Am gonna make your life so miserable and painful for you.


I promise you on that’s


He said with anger boiling in his voice and i just laughed and I guess that got him so pissed of.


Am waiting for that dear friend.


You will feel more worse if you try ..


There is no harm in trying you know…….”


I said to him and I laughed out loud.


Derek !!!! You think you have won but the battle is just beginning…..


Am coming for you I will get you down


You must pay for the dead of my wife


You must pay for holding my son captive against his wish You will pay…….”


He rant and I laughed the more.


I will be so glad to have you Mr. Robbinson.


The next death on your door will be the dead body of your son and don’t bother putting more security on your daughter……..” She is such a cute princess I won’t hurt her…


I will allow the law pay homage to her


I said andy tone changed at instant.


” Look Derek.


The law is coming for you for the murder of my wife ……..”


He said and I laughed again.


” Am the law ….


The law can’t do anything to me.


Am a soldier and I am free to kill the guilty…. Am mafia if I must remain you am


free to move around with guns …..


So you see… Am the law itself and coming to get you as well…….”


I said to him.


” Derek the battle has just began…….”


He said.


” I will be patiently waiting for your worse Mr. Robbinson !!!! …….”


I said and the line went dead.











After have a chat chat with Stephannie, Jacky suggest we start going because he was kind of having some feeling that something was gonna go wrong even though my twin brother tried objecting to it but you know nah been train from Nigeria we don’t play with strange feelings.


I had a brief discussion with Kester and promise you call him when I get home to have a more detailed discussion with him.


We got into our flight and we fly back to Iceland in the next three hours time.


We got home but Dad wasn’t around I guess because according to Alvin his car isn’t around the estate environment.


We walked in and stayed indoors till I dozed off and I was waked up by the soft touch of Vera… She smiled seeing that I was awake.


” Come on Elvin


It evening…. Dad is waiting for us at the dinner table……..”


She said with a smile.


” Awwwn !!!!!


Am sorry … Thanks so much……”


I said and I stretched my self to take of dizziness form my eyes.


” Your are welcome sweetheart


Come on… Am not leaving without you……”


She said and she dragged me up and we both walked out.


We had a wonderful dinner without Dad suspecting anything at all.


After that I was in my room with Vera and she demanded for a play with me…. She


wants me to play my guitar for her to I just picked it up from where it been kept and I started playing …


I wasn’t really playing it to please her but I was playing to know if I can reduce the pressure I have in me.


We got carried away with what we were playing.








After we got back from Luxembourg, I have the feeling that Dad knows that we traved out of country but what I was confused about what why he didn’t say anything about it when we were having our dinner.


I walked to my room to have a cool sleep after having a long day…. I know how it


feels …. You know dad has warmed me to mind how I stay and discuss with my


girlfriend …. You could imagine that.


Those two really love each other


How I wish I could find something that could love me just the way this two does.


I tried sleeping but I couldn’t.


I tried talking to my girlfriend but instead she gave me some attitude and cut the call while I was having conversations with her.



I decided to know if my brother we’re still awake… Anyway I know he was still gonna be awake because I have noticed he loves sleeping late… I always caught him still have a chat with his girlfriend very late at night.


I waked up to his room and there he was, still awake but doing something different…


He was playing guitar with Vera…..


The two was so carried away…


Awwwwn !!!! my cousin sister is so cute and enjoying the best of the rythm


coming out form Elvin’s guitar…


Those two were so carried away so I decided to cheep in a song that moves with the rythm of the sound Elvin’s guitar is producing. I close my eyes and allow my mid to stay focus.



You need to keep your mind at rest


Even though to resist the feeling becomes so hard…..


But you need to know that whatever the heart feels is









what the nature has




Yeah !!! The feeling pushed one beyond limit.


It makes you act carzy and thinks less about others and what they thinks.


Yeah but that’s the true meaning of love.






It comes so pure and always win the fight no matter the


surrounding it.


It always conquers.


It always win.








I sang with all my mind so focused and carried away……


We all got distracted by the ringing of Elvin’s phone and I opened my eyes and the two of them stare at me and I just left out a smiled.


” Who dare stop this beautiful moment I am enjoying ??????…….”


I said and Elvin and Vera smile.


” When did you get in…….”


Vera asked.


Long enough to have seen why I now feels bored…. Since Elvin get to live with you. That was the very day I lost my favorite to my twin brother…….”


I said and Vera smile.


You are the old version…


Elvin is my sweetheart…. Go stay with girlfriend…..”


She said and I just hiss.


” So why can’t I stay with my cousin??…..”


I asked.


Huh !!!! Okay fine Come and join us…….”


She said and I walked in and sat down with them.


He had a lot of things to talk about.


We all later slept off in Elvin’s bed.







I was the first to wake up because I got a call form Stephannie…. I so wish to have


her on my arms again and listen to her as she says how she cares and love me.


I just walked into my bathroom and brushed my teeth. I came out and the two was


already awake…..


” Good morning sweetheart……”


I said to Vera and she smiled.


” How did you manage to wake up before me????…..”


She asked and I smiled.


” I bit you on that …….”


I said and she smiled as well..


” Hope you had a wonderful night!???…….”


I asked.


Yeah …. So peaceful and I enjoyed very bit of it …. Awwwwn is like am gonna be spending the night here always…..”


She said..


Me too…….”


Alvin added with his sleepy voice and I just smiled..


They both of you should got have you shower… You know Dad loves having breakfast with us before leaving


I said and they both drag themselves up and left my room.


I had a quick shower because I was kind of tried….. After which I walked down


with Vera because she came to inform that everybody is ready for breakfast…..


I wanted to speak to Dad about his Friends Stephannie’s Dad but I lost the courage to do so because I couldn’t read his mood whether he was happy or not.


I walked back to my room after our Breakfast and I got a call from Kester. He told me how injued his students has been injured during the attack in his academy…


Alvin and Vera meet me in an unhappy mood.


” What’s the matter again…….”


Alvin asked seating on the bed while Vera sat much closer to me.


” What’s the problem…….”


She asked with a soft voice.


” Brother, this whole thing is getting into me.


The competition I told about is gonna hold in the next three days and he is gonna lose to it if I don’t help him out with it……” I said calmly.




” Look Elvin


I perfectly understand.


This whole thing of been the Emperor’s son is still a new thing to you ….. You have


been living a free life but you need to know that you can’t move freely without people noticing…….


Dad is bothered by your safety…….”


He said.


But I can hot with guards I really need yo help him.


He so much took me as a brother while I was still with him. Try to understand……”


I said.


I do but this is all about what Dad believes in… You see, you are the Emperor’s son and you are the best and no one is worthy to compete with you on thing…….” He said.


Is that it …???…..”


I asked getting angry.


Okay… I suggest we got talk to Dad He might listen…….”


Vera suggested.


You think that’s gonna work……”


I asked looking at Alvin .


” Anything for you brother


Let go talk to Dad…. He might listen if we persuade him…….”


He said and I nod.


I walked down with Alvin and Vera to talk to Dad.


I really need to talk to Dad about this whole thing because am.


Aren’t finding it funny at all.


Stephannie is sick and it all caused because I wasn’t with her.


She misses me and I do as well.


I don’t know I might even fall sick.


I walked down and there he was watching the television with a drink by his side and armed men around with eyeglasses on without any trace of smiled in there faces.


Dad I really wanna talk to you about something, it has become a burden to me all this while…….”


I said to him and he dropped his glass cup filled with red wine.


What’s it son


What’s bothering you!???…..”


He asked.


” Dad it about your friend Mr. Barlon……”


I said looking at his reaction but he was still calm.


” Okay, what about him????…….”


He asked not feeling angry I guess because his voice we’re still calm.


Dad please, I understand you are hurt by what he did in the past to you but please Dad I just want to ask you to give me a permission to help his son out with something at least to say thank you for helping out ..…..…”


I said not wanting to get him angry.


I guess you help him out win his skating competition which caould enble him to get access to been an empire over three different countries in Europe.


Am just guessing !!!!!………”


He said not looking directly into my eyes.



Truth be told I was shocked that he knows about it though I don’t know what he mean by him been an empire over three country.


” You know about it ?????…….”


I asked just like Nigerians will.




” Off course, I know so many and almost everything that happens around me….


I also know that you three left this city to visit her and that made me wonder why you have to disobey your Dad to visit her and you didn’t even bother to tell me the outcome of everything……..”


He said and words run of my mind.


I couldn’t say anything I was just looking at him including Alvin and Vera in shock and he smiled.


Son, you need to know that you are my son. The son of an Emperor is an Emperor, you are not answerable to anyone, you are the best and you can’t compete with anybody…….”


He said.


But Dad we talking about his son.


He was like a brother to me.


Dad please ……..”



Son, Barlon don’t deserve your help in anyway, he made you homeless for 16 years. He made you live without a family……..”


He said.


But Dad


This is a man that gave me shelter…


I once called him father .!!!!…….”


No, you aren’t gonna help him out with anything, he doesn’t what your help…..


Don’t make me do something more worse to him……”


He said and his voice was a little high this time and I shivered.


” Am sorry son


I don’t mean to me harsh to you


I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable in your own home but you need to always have it in mind that here your home and remains your only home. ”


He said this time calm………”


He stood up and excused himself from us and walked into his room.


Why is Dad doing this ???


I can’t he just understand……”


I said feeling so tried of everything.


Just calm down brother


Give him some time he is gonna come around…


But time is what I don’t have. It just a day to the competition….


I need to do something very fast brother. I don’t have time……”


I said cutting him off from what he wants to say.


You still have to calm down……”


He said and I walked back to my room in anger.




























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