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DEDICATED TO Debby Dowuona AND Collins Spay Key






It came a Saturday morning.


I actually slept in a different room with Stephannie because her sister Mirabel came over to spend a night with her so there is no way she can leave her cousin all alone to herself.


I was waked up by a Knock on my door and I stood up and dragged myself to the door. Who could even be knocking on my door early this morning


I asked myself because I know that Stephannie Knows the password of my room so I don’t see any reason why she will be knocking when she came easily input it and the door will open.


I asked whom the person could be and I looked into the eyemirrow at the middle of the door but the person’s face wasn’t seen there.


I wanted to walk back to my bed thinking the knock was an imagination but just two step away from my door the knock came again and I was kinda of angry.


Who could be this???


Maybe it Victor because only him will be playing such a plank with me.


I didn’t bother to ask who is in the door again, I just got to the door and I swing the door open and there was the image of my beautiful princess Stephannie with a cute smile in her face.


All my anger fade away seeing her cute smile. I looked at her properly with the new style she made her hair looks, so cute and that hair style made her looks so adorable and more pretty.



Talking about her dressing code she is on white Jersey and a leggings which, on her foot was a cute black sport shoe, she wore a sliveless black singlet on top of her white jersey. She had a headphone around her neck.


” Quit staring….”


She said with a smiled and she came closer toe and kissed me and I reciprocate to the kiss.


” You are so beautiful……


I c”omplemented on her dressing and she just gave me a cute and killing smile.



” Thanks so my love She said and kissed me.




” Whats the occasion???


Why are you on this???????……..”


I said overing my eyes around her tight sport jersey and she just smiled.


It Saturday, you are gonna join us in a jogging to the stadium, we all are going for an exercise together……..”


She said.


Huh !!!!????……”


Come on, go in and get dressed up


She said with a smiled and she pushed me into the room and locked the door behind her. She walked to my wardrobe and she selected a white Jersey as well for me to well while I was seating at the bed looking at her or should I say her cute body.


She wowed looking beside my bed and she saw my guitar,


What’s the wow for????………” I asked.


Was wondering were you learn how to play this, you know I really wanna learn it but my brother isn’t very good with it to teach me ……”


She said


‘”‘ Well that’s not a problem


Am gonna teach you how to play it probably we can start learning now


I said and she nod no but you need to dree up, we are gonna do the learning after the sport.


” Come on go dress up or do you want me to dress you up myself…….”


She said and you know nah, I nod to it but still stood up and dragged myself to the bathroom to brush.


I came out and I changed not really naked in her present if you must know,


She walked closer to me after I was dressed up and she kissed me and adjusted a little thing on my dress.


” look so charmingYou……”


She said and I frown while she just laughed.


And she pushed me out of the room.


There was Kester Victor Mirabel and Flora, they are all in a sport vest.


” Finally the God and goddess are finally out.


I didn’t even remember we are going anywhere, I thought that you and went for your honny moon…….”


Victor said and other laughed.


I looked around and it was just cars around but i thought this guy’s want us to go for a sport why keep the car ready why they can possibly ask the guard to pick us after we must be done with the sport.


Well maybe the method of sporting here is different like the way we had it in Nigeria.


I got into the car with them and we drive to the stadium but not Kester’s competition stadium.


We got to the stadium and the guard around brought out the bicycle and a skate shoe actually the bicycle was just two and the skate shoe was also two and then the skateboard was just one.


Kester took the skateboard while I took the skate shoe and then Mirabel took skate shoe as well while Victor and Stephannie took the two bicycle and we all ride into the field outside the stadium anyway.


The field was crowded by allot of people on different sport vest ,allot of activities where going on in the field, some where even watching a football match inside the stadium. Aside where people playing basketball, some one skating while some where still on volleyball. Others where on different type of game.


Some where even just jogging around the field while some also could be seen discussing with friends I guess.


We got to a place I could possibly say that here is just for the VIP because the play is more guarded by armed force than the field and few people could be seen around here .


When we got there


We got down from our bicycle and Kester and Mirabel went to play basketball while Victor and Stephannie played table tennis ball in the table scort.


I just sat down with Flora watching them from the place we we’re. We just came with four guard form the castle.



Some guys came and the shake hands with Kester and some took pictures with Stephannie and Mirabel, well they don’t know Victor. Allot of people who were there before us we’re coming to say hey to them while many of the guys will have a brief chat with Stephannie.


I took allot of pictures of her while she was on the bicycle.


A message got into my phone but I didn’t bother to check who could be the one texting so I still focused on Stephannie then after some minutes my phone vibrate which shows that I call was coming in but before I could pick it up it has already cut.


I open it with my thumb to find out whom could be the one calling and then I saw an unread messages from a strange number.


The message was strange and it kind of keep me worried.


The text reads


Hello cute Elvin Elson.


Watch your sweet heart closely because she is gonna drive herself into danger


The texted ended and I began to look around the place we are to know if I could see any suspecting thing around but I didn’t see any.


Who could be the bearer of that message.


As thought.


I looked she as she was riding around with Mirabel. She smiled at me getting a bit close to were I was seating.


She dragged me to play a tennis ball game with her, Stephannie is really good on a tennis game, she won me amny time.


She went into volleyball with some set of people around the volley pitch.


Kester and Victor were on the same side of the volleyball pitch while Stephannie we’re with other guys on the other pitch, I watch Victor spoil all the game for Kester team.


Kester is a little good with the game but Stephannie never missed her traget or ball and she always be


the one to make point for her team……


I stare at her,


She is just an angel.


After she was done with the game so should I say she was tried, she came to sit with me.


Kester put on his skateboard and ride around a sharp well build area of a sport arena.


Mirabel later joined him on the ride.


You wanna join us



Kester asked and she looked at me before nodding, stood up and She got in on a skate shoe and ride with Mirabel and Kester.


I just sat at the spot I was with Flora watching Stephannie and her cousin sister Mirabel riding around the vessility of the VIPs.


My phone deem message light again and I took it and it was another message from the same number again.


You shouldn’t be watching her ride alone for her own safety……


” Who the hell are you???……”


I texted to the person but the person’s didn’t reply my message.


” Are you Okay sweet heart…..”


Stephannie said touching me and I got myself.


” Yeah am fine ……”


I said


” I don’t think you are.


I have been calling you but you weren’t answering……”


She said.


” Oh !!!! really???


Am sorry am mind was carried away by your beauty you know……”


I said and she smiled


Come and join me on a ride…….” She said and she dragged me up.


” I put of my shoes but I was with my phone,


Who could have sent the message and what’s he talking about ???……”


I asked myself.


” Am really bothered……”


She ride closer to me and she kissed me. Let know who is more faster …….”


She whispered into my ear and I just smiled.


” Okay take a move.


I will do the chasing……”


I said to her and she ride away looking back at me and she used her hand to ask me to come after her.



Just then I noticed a black car coming towards her and she wasn’t looking were she was going.


I couldn’t call out her name because she wasn’t gonna save herself because the car is already close to where she was and they opened the car door.


They gun down two men immediately and even then Stephannie wasn’t still aware the she isn’t riding in a safe side.


I can’t really say what Happened but I found myself close to Stephannie, I just pushed her out of the way and with the help of the skating shoe she is on. It was easy for her to move away form the black car.


the guard started shooting at the guys on the black car while the guys on the black car ride after me and Stephannie.


Nobody needs to tell me that this is what the message I got was trying to tell me but who could be the bearer of that message and how on Earth did he or she know that some hoodlums are gonna attack her.


They we’re just riding behind us without shooting at us, I think they want Stephannie alive or better still they might be kidnappers.


I was riding so fast with her, I just kind of keep pushing her while she ride fast with the help of the skating shoe.


I was just calculating on how to make move for our own save side.


You know the field was crowded with allot of people whom don’t even know what’s happening around the field surrounding so I just pushed Stephannie into the crowd and because the guard with us was shooting at them it triggered the awareness of the crowd and they scartchtered running into a safe side of the field.


We just joined the run and we hid into the one of the space available. Stephannie was really scared and she hold my hand so tight shaking in fear,


I just pray that Kester and other are on a save side. Please God don’t let anything happen to them.


I pray silently.


We were on the little hiding place that we we’re when one of the armed men walked pass the place we we’re and Stephannie tried making a sound but thanks God I hold her mouth before she made a sound.


She hold my hand more tight so I had make her lay on my tight with her still holding me very tight.


I was calculating on how am gonna make sure we leave the place we we’re unharmed Because the armed man that just passed just stood a little mile away from where we were. If by any chance he ever turned his back, he will surely see on and the story will change definitely.



I just taped her and I told her that am gonna go fro the man, you know at first she tried stopping me but I told her that our lives is still at stake even if we didn’t go after him so he Finally allowed me to go.


I tip walked closer to him. He was squatting on a spot checking out the environment. I got to him and I pointed my hand on his head and he stopped what he was doing.


” If I were you I won’t dare…..”


I said to him as he wanted to touch a knife in his pocket.


You dare not turn because if you do without my order I will brow your brain off


I warned. Now dropped that gun i ordered and he dropped his gun without hesitation because he thought I have a gun in his head.


Stephannie picked up the gun he dropped.


I took out the small one behind his back pocket and I walked him to turn around while I watch him.


We walked him into a little space we saw under the stadium with a chocked gun pointed in his head.


We got to the place and I asked him to his arm himself but he was still standing mopping at me, I shoot him immediately and he scream out in pain, I looked at the noisiless gun. Wow I think I love this gun.


I mean now


I said, no one needs to tell him that am aren’t here for jokes or child play.


He refused all his armed weapon he is with, including his bulletproof jacket.


He tried him on a little wood.


” Who is your boss and who paid you do kidnap her and why !!????……”


I asked him.


” Fuck you bitch…….”


He muched and I just smile.


You know this foreigners thought we have this same mentality with them, kidding with everything including life.


You know, I can see you are a smart and tough idoit but look let me warn you, you don’t play with me because I will brow your brain off and still go after your boss so you better talk now…….”


I warned.


Go to hell Elvin


My boss will stop at nothing untill he brings the two of you down. There is not hidding place for you guys




He said.


” Oh !!!!..


I see, they won’t stop at nothing untill they have us killed, I even though they are only after you Stephannie……..”


I said and I turned picked a knife on the ground and backed the idoit.


” Elvin if you must know


Either even that idoit called Kester is save


Fuck you !!!!!!


Go to hell !!!!!!!!……….”


He said and the next thing he screamed and I turned to see that Stephannie stabbed him.


She even pick up the remaining knife but I hold back her hand. We need him alive.


I said to her. I was kinda surprised but I know seeing the idoit blood won’t be a hard thing because she don’t like anything about men.


I got close to where the idoit is and I hold the handle of the knife Stephannie stabbed him. I slowly swing the knife more deeper into her shoulder Because, he was been stabbed on the shoulder and on the leg.


He scream in pain as I swing the knife more deeper into his fresh..


” Are you gonna talk????……”


I ask but he didn’t make a word just scream out of pain.


I took the gun and I shoot him in the other legs then his eye turned from red to black, I guess he is already seeing his death if care isn’t taken.


” Wait please am gonna talk……”


He finally say


” Better now start talking…….”


Stephannie ordered.


” My boss was sent by Maya Robbinson and Kim Morgan. They want Stephannie to be killed……..”


He said


” Why!!???


How possible is that, I mean Kim loves you and there is no way he can sent this hoodlums after your




I said.


Well, it actually wasn’t a direct order from Kim himself, my boss go double contact on the both of you, Maya wants Stephannie dead and she paid my boss to carry out the operation. She ordered that



Stephannie should be killed while Elvin was kidnapped and brought to her while Kim ordered for Elvin’s killing while he asked my boss to kidnap Stephannie for him….” He said.



” I think I understand


You guys got the chance to kill Stephannie few minutes ago why didn’t you guys carry out the




I asked.


If we had then we will lose our pay and also have problem with Kim so my boss choose to kidnap Stephannie and then probably when you comes after for her, we could adopt you as well. Then we can call the two bosses to make there choice on what to be done to the two of you…….”


He said.


Maya !!! and Kim !!!!


Why did you decide to make your journey to your ancestors more closer to than the expectation of the nature.!!!!!!


I muched inside me.


” Is brother part of the killing target???……”


Stephannie asked.


” Yeah


Kim wants him dead…….”


He said.


” We need to make sure that my brother is save…….”


She said.


We dropped the gun on top of him and walked out the place, I asked Stephannie to put on the bulletproof and by then the gun shoot wasn’t ranpant like before.


We watch and walk careful not to attract the attention of anybody or anything.


I remember the message I got earlier before the attack so i thought the bearer of the message must know something about the attacks.


I got another message from an unknown number asking if am save where I was and whom an with.


I only texted him that I wasn’t save and I sustain bullet injury and am not with anybody but it seen the person knows it all.


I got another text immediately.


Smart Elvin



You should know that someone who could have giving you such a vital information about the upcoming attack on your girlfriend I thought you should have smart enough to know that the person knows everything that happens around you.


Well, I love you smart way but you must let her out of your sight again. Am sending a van to come pick


you both up to a save place


Take care


The text ended.


I took out a deep breath and I hid in one of the corner in the stadium just like instructed by the text I got.






Boss we have six armed men and they have already gone down all the police man guarding the stadium…….”


I said to them.


Just maintain your watch, we are there already……..”


He said and I put on my microscope and I saw the car drive into the stadium and they pull of and started shooting at the hoodlums while I went in search of Elvin and Stephannie.


That boy Elvin is really a smart boy just like his uncle, well I was the bearer of the message, I was in the stadium even before the arrival of the hoodlums but then I just thought they are here for Alvin but my guess was wrong.


In the middle of searching for Elvin and Stephannie I ran into one of the hoodlums and I gun him down informed the other that one is down. Others hoodlums ran way and I Derek and Charlton got into our car and ran after them.


We gun down one on the process of trying to get into the escape car and it was just four men standing.


We still gun down two on the race and while one ran away leaving the other in our fate.


We took the one left, tied him up and kept him in our boot and drove back to the stadium to make sure that others are save.






I wake up a bit late and I even forget that today is Saturday, I kinda have an appointment with someone I met on social media that insisted on seeing. So he said the best venue for him is in the stadium.



After I made sure I put thing in good places for my mum, I told Miss Harriatta we’re am off to. I jogged to the stadium because it wasn’t that far away from my house.


I got to the stadium late because the field has been filled up with allot of people, I just took a little walk into the location the guy asked me to wait for him. I got there and I alerted him of my arrival.


I was waiting for him when the crowd went crazy or should I say the girls around that particular vicinity went crazy over something I don’t even know.


I stare deep into the crowd and it was a guy coming, his face wasn’t really clear because he was a bit far.


Girls took pictures with him.


He was even with a girl whom I still didn’t flsee her face but the surprise thing about the whole thing is that his girlfriend isn’t even concerned about allot of girls taken pictures with his man.


Well all girls aren’t the same any way


She isn’t girl like me that can kill any pest seen around my man.


I was brought back to my sense when my phone ran, I even thought it was the guy I came to see but surprisingly it happened to be my uncle Derek. At first I didn’t know it was him but when I picked up the call and we went into a conversation he told me it was him on the line..


I was still speaking with him when the crowd started running about. Gunshots we’re heard and my uncle asked me to get into a save place. You know that was when he knew I was at the stadium.


He was actually the person that told me the safe place under the stadium were I could stay without been harm.


When I cut the call, I used my phone to search the alarm control of the stadium and I used my phone hacked into it and I uesd my volume button to control the alarm around the stadium alerting more security men around.


The gunshots become more ranpant.


I stayed at the spot I was and then just some few metres way from my hidout, I caught sight of Elvin and Stephannie only for me to put my Phone in the bag, look up again and I couldn’t find Elvin again in my sight.


I left the place I was in search of Elvin and there I found him ran into a little something with a door.


I walked to the place and I pushed it open to see him squatting in one of the unsaved corner of the stadium, I looked around but I didn’t see Stephannie, we’re could she have ran to leaving Elvin here.


He was just staring at me.


Elvin, we need to leave this place, is not save for us. Here is too open and any one could see us here. Come let go for a safer place


I said to him but he didn’t make any move, he was just mopping at me.


Come on Elvin


Here isn’t safe at all


Come on


I said stretching my hand for him to come.


He stood up and was walking as if someone is pushing him behind.


He was just walking sluggishly and then I caught sight of an armed female killers.


I guess she must be among the killers so I pushed Elvin back into the hidding and I joined him holding his mouth not to make a sound and I pushed the door and used my back to hold it.


I can’t tell if the female killers saw us or not.


Waited for sometimes then I heard a knock on the door. I didn’t make any sound but the knock came again with a female voice.


Priscilla, open the door am harmless


The female voice said calmly.


I got double mind,


I don’t know if I should opened the door or keep pushing it back but on the second thought even if I didn’t open the door, she can kill us if she wants without waiting for us to open the door.


So I decided to open the door.


I opened it to see a female killer but she wasn’t pointing her gun at us.


Come on Priscilla


Don’t you remember me


It me Keria, your uncle’s friend.


Come on let get out of here


It not save


She said and we followed her to where a car was parked. I got in and then Elvin refused coming with us.


He was insisting that he can’t leave without his sister, but when there was gunshots coming towards our direction. Keria forced him into the car then got in and we drove out of the stadium.


” Who are you guys???


If you know who I am you won’t dare to force me do something against my will……”


He said with harsh voice, I tried calming him down but he kept on shouting in the car.



” Look Alvin



Here is not your father’s damn house to be careful, I don’t f**king care who you are so you keep that thing you called mouth…….”


Keria shouted at him and he kept quiet.


We drive to a point and she stopped the car.


” We will have to wait here for your uncle to join us before we go back home……”


She said and I just nod.


” Who the hell are you guys…..”


The guy asked because I can’t say who he is because he isn’t acting like the Elvin I know.


We were there when three cars drive to the spot and stopped.


One was behind us and Immediately they got close, they pull of and armed men form all the car rushed out pointing a gun at each other.


Keria gently steped down with her two guns pointing front and back.


The other car still have a car packed behind them and then armed men still came out form the car pointing at the armed me close to them.


The boy I was in the car with wanted to rush down but u pulled him back.


” Are you Okay !!!!!


Can’t you see it isn’t save out there……”


I said to him.


Look I don’t know who the f**k you are but u must warn you. Don’t dare drag me back because you are gonna regret it……..”


He shouted at me.


A voice spoke up from the other side of the car and silent triggered. And I watch to know whom could be the person.


To be continued.












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