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” What are you really saying Dad???…….”


Stephannie asked in anger as I told her to stop all the communication she is having with Elvin.


Look daughter, I understand how you feel but all this whole thing is for your own safety. His father has threatened to hurt you so bad if he ever sets his eyes on either you or your brother……..”


I said to her.


I can’t take all this Dad.


You can’t just ask me to stop all the communication I have with someone I so much love. Look dad you better find a way to settle all this because am gonna hurt myself if anything dares stand in my way with Elvin


Not even form You or anybody……”


She said and walked out from the Living.


I know a this is gonna hit up this way. What do you suggest brother ……..”

I Asked my brother.


Nothing, we should seize her mobile phone and gets her another one and keep a close watch on her ……..”


He said.


Are you sure this is the best way to go about this ?????…….”


That’s what I think is the best


He said come on she won’t hurt herself that’s just a mare threat………” He said to me.


Don’t worry am gonna ask Mirabel to come over and stay with her till all this is over……..”


He added and I just nod.








We are going into impossible mission because getting into my brother’s estate without alerting the his guard a mission that requires smartness.


Laura and Keria you guys have to stay back and watch properly just like I have told you guys earlier and please don’t fail to inform me first if any Cris arises…….” I ask.


Okay boss


Am gonna miss you guys……”


Keria’ said and i just smiled.


Come it just a matter of just three days, don’t worry am gonna come back okay……”


I said and they nod.


I got into the car and drive away Immediately to the airport, but I first drive to a friend’s house, you remember the guys that told me he is a friend??? The guy that gave me Information that Charlton and Laura is under attack.


Yeah that’s the guy am going to see.


He is quite good with the internet even more than Charlton is. All this while he has been the one feeding me with all the information I needs.


His name is Dominic….. An internet wizard.


After I had a chat with him. Me and Charlton we got back into the car and zoom of to the airport,


We actually spent an hour in his resident.


We we’re already done with all the necessary things needed for our safe traveling.


The plane was gonna take of in the next thirty minutes when I got a call from Dominic that the safe house where Evelyn and Priscilla lives is under attack.


” But why didn’t Laura inform us????……”


Charlton asked.


” That’s I can’t say


Maybe it something she can handle perhaps Keria is there with her


So I don’t think there will need for us to drive back………”


I said.


” Come on Derek this isn’t what they can handle….. Now take a look at this…….”


Dominic said and he sent me the video of the shootout .


” Gosh !!!!……”


I pick up my luggage and I ran down from the plane with Derek got into the car and drive back to the safe house.


I drive according to the information I was getting from Dominic, he got to the attack spot and it was only a shoot out between some few police men and only Laura,


” Where the hell is Keria????…….”


I asked Laura as I on the communication micro.


She is inside to take Mrs Evelyn and her daughter to a save place, the doctor isn’t even inside…….”


She said.


I loaded my two guns and I step down while Charlton watch my back.


He gun down those I couldn’t see on time.


He step down as well and he shot at the men as we walk more closer.


All the police officer are all dead.


Just when the gun sound was calm which shows that all the armed men are down. I pull down my gun but thanks to Charlton and Laura that was still holding there guns fame.


Unknowingly another group of armed men drive into the spot and started another shootout with us.


I took cover immediately and I find and way inside the safe house because the armed men’s car was blocking the entrance gate.



I got in and the whole place was already messed up with bullet scratch everywhere. I ran in and I opened the place underground and there was Evelyn and Priscilla safely kept.


I took them and I kept them inside one of the BMW packed on the parking garage and I told Priscilla to get ready to drive if I ask her to.


Miss Harriatta’s safety crossed my mind. Hope she is save.


Dominic search for Miss Harriatta.


I want to know her location and if she is save……” I said to him through with our communication cell.


The more we kill the more can drives in.


It shows that the sender of those men are well prepared and ready to get Evelyn and Priscilla killed by all cost.


” They are out numbered boss…..”


Laura said over the communication cells in our ears.


Fine, gun down the cars. Focus on the fuel pump……” I said.


Okay boss!!!……”


We started aiming at the fuel pump and through there it was easy to be wiping them off. The gun down six vans and the others has to retrieve.


I asked Laura and Keria to take Evelyn and Priscilla while Charlton and I goes after them.


I need to get one alive.


We gun down two men while the other are went on a two different ways so we went after one.


” Shit !!!! Derek you need to drive to her resident immediately…


That’s the location of Doc. Harriatta because her house might be under attack if my prescription of what am seeing here is right….” Dominic said over the communication cell.


” This complicated boss


How are we gonna go about this????…….”


Charlton asked.


” Simple, you go after them while I take a cab to Miss Harriatta’s resident…….”


I said.


” Okay boss.


Watch your back and inform me if any backup is needed ………”


He said and I nod and step down.


I got down then took a cab while he drove after the other hoodlums and I drive to Miss Harriatta’s resident but on getting there she was unconscious so I had to rush her to the hospital first.


I was at the hospital when Charlton drove in with one of the armed me, it happens that he sustain an injury but he was still breathing and can talk.


” How did it go……”


Charlton asked


She was shoot even before I could get to her resident….. I guess the boss of those


idoit has a well gathered information about them.


What about you …..????


What happened.??…….” I asked.


Well they we’re three but I gun down all but two dead at the spot while this is the only one we can get information from, Dominic informed me that you were here to I had to drive here for the doctor to watch and put him in a good state so we can get whatever we need from him……..”


He said.


” That’s so smart of you……..”


” What of Laura and Keria……..”


He asked.


They are at our main resident. With Evelyn and Priscilla……..” I said..


That’s cool ……..”


He said and just then the doctor walked out.


” Are you a relation of the man you brought to our Ward now …..”


The doctor asked directing the question to Charlton and he nod in a yes answer.


” How is he doing doctor.


Can we go and see him now …….”


He asked .


Yeah. It just a bullet in his shoulder but it has been successful removed. He can go home if you guys wish to take him home…. But what really happened??????……..”


The female doctor asked.


Doctor we ran into a shootout with some hoodlums and we were lucky to inform the police in time but during the shoot out the police men engaged with the hoodlums got him in that condition……..”


Charlton explained.


Thanks so much doctor…..”


He said and the doctor smiled and walked away.


We walked into the ward where he was kept and the moment he saw us, he was freaked out,


” Easy boy!!!


We got you here because we want you alive but if you play a smart game with me. I promise to send your dead body to that monster of a boss you got ……..”


I said to him and he looked at Charlton and just then the nurse walked in checked on him and she got him ready for discharged.


We took him to the car and drive to the resident while I ask Dominic to stay on watch and give me any information about the environment of the hospital.








Derek you thought you are the master of the game but I will teach you the best way the game is done.


Send more men to him.


I need three head for dinner.


Either that if Derek and his hoodlums or the head of the fool Evelyn, her daughter


and the useless doctor Miss Harriatta.


I ordered my boys over the phone.


” Derek let see how you are gonna watch over all them at a time……..” I said and I smiled.


Tell Dominic to get me the location of where that idoit is been kept and I’m get me


his head .


I ordered.







” Am Derek !!!!!


The devil’s contractor.


I don’t care about your life or your blood Because I have tasted allot of blood and am still living.


I gets whatever I want, when and how I want it….. So it for your own good to tell


me whom your boss is or I will kill you and still go for him………”


I said to the boy I got home with but he wasn’t feeling any remorsed.


” So you are the so called Derek Elson.


Let me tell you, my boss is gonna get you all and I promise you to watch you cry……”


He said and spat at my face and I smiled.


” Wow ! wow !! wow !!!


He knows me and is well prepared for me.


He even made a promise to me and truck and deal with the devil himself.


I love his courage.


I think I know the tyrant of a man that can train a beast like him……..”


I said and I looked at Charlton’s face but he wasn’t smiling at all.


I got it all…


Charlton, guys


His boss is gonna get to me soon


Get me all the information I need……”


I said and turned my back and I heard the idoit scream.


Laura shoot at his two legs while Keria help him with a drinking wine and he scream the more.


” Am gonna talk…….”


He said in pain


” Oh !!!! You are gonna talk……”


I said with a bold smile.


” Look idoit


Am Derek, your blood won’t even be enough for me and my guys here.


You tell me what I need to know and I will let you go without any more harm…….”


I said to him.


” Am working for Robbinson…….”


He said.


” I see…..


So who has been the one giving you guys information about me, how did you guys


find out about Evelyn and Priscilla???……..”


I asked.


” He is a well known researcher.


His name is Dominic !…….”


He said and I looked at Charlton then to Laura and Keria.


” What ?????……..”


” Yes that’s his name…….”


He said again.


” Boss !! It might be truth but I don’t think that Dominic knows that he is working


for him to get to us …..

I can swear with my life on that……



Laura said and just then his call came in.





I picked up and put the call on loud speaker





” Hello friend…….







He said.








” Dominic any problem!?!????………





I asked .








” Not really the load is clear






No suspect I just want to ask you of something………




He said.








” What’s that………







I asked.








” I think I have the

Of the men behind the attack of the safe house …….



He said and I looked at the rest.


” And who is that…….”


I asked.


” One Robbinson.


A drug business dealer.


I got a contract from his this morning to track down some spot of car ……..”


He said.


” What.


How sure are you about this……”


I asked


” Fully sure old friend


I have actually made a personal information about him, he is the Best friend to Morgan and he was the boss of those hoodlums that attacked Charlton……..” He said.


Thanks so much about this information and please watch properly for Miss Harriatta……”


I said..


Anything for you old friend…….”


He said and the line went dead.


Get into the car Keria.


Charlton you are gonna watch out Evelyn and Priscilla with Laura here.


I will inform you when I need your help.


I going to send a message to him.


I said and I got into the car with anger and I drove away.






Elvin could be seen with a worry face and just then Vera and Alvin walked in…..****







“Come on brother stop been this way……”


Alvin said.


“But I miss her brother


She is like my addiction, when we stays together she never leaves my sight not for


any reason on the earth but look at what all this while trumar has caused my


relationship with her……..”


I said to him.


“Maybe we should try talking to Dad,


You know he might listen to us if we talk to him ……..”


Vera said.


“Dad isn’t gonna listen to us at this point…….”


I said.


“Do you have anything in mind???……”


Alvin asked.


“I wanna pay a visit to Luxembourg.


I wanna see Stephannie and know how she is really feeling…….”


I said.


We can’t give that a second thought brother, dad is gonna find out. He is the emperor if you are forgotten and can get all this information he wants and when and whatever time he wishes.……..”


Alvin said.


Come on brother


Dad isn’t around now and we all know he is not coming back soon.


Luxembourg is just a three hours journey we can spend just an hour and use six hours to tavel and be back before dad will know…….”


I said.


Brother those men out there are our guard and they will obey our instructions……..”


I said.


You are right and perhaps dad’s meeting is gonna last for eight hours or more beside he didn’t give a restriction from us traveling.


I will put things together, since that’s what you want that’s what we are gonna do


……” Alvin said.


Gosh !!!! We have a problem here


I don’t have papers to move freely…….”


I said to him.


That’s not gonna be a problem We are going with my private flight.


Just pick up something while I got out to check how things are gonna move about…….”


Alvin said and I nod while he left with Vera.










I was in my room crying.


How could Dad ask me not retrieve all the communication am having with Elvin. Is Elvin his father ???


I got a call from Elvin and I was surprised.


I picked up immediately.



” Hey sweetheart ……


His melodious voice came in and that triggered out a smiled form my face.



” Hey my love


How are you doing????…….”


I asked.


” Am fine.


Am in city hostel at Luxembourg as we speak now, we need to see and I have


limited time to spend here in Luxembourg because my Dad isn’t even aware about


my visit here……”


He said.


” Okay my love


I will be there in the nearest minutes……..”


I said and the phone went dead.


I dress up and walked out of my room to see two strange bodyguard standing on my door.


They followed me immediately I made a move.


” Where is Tessia and Stella???……”


I asked the two strange men on suit and rivals.


” I they are out miss…….”


They said.


” And what are you doing behind my doors?????……”


I asked without a trace of smiled.


Your dad asked us to monitor your moves for safety………


One of them said.


I have my personal bodyguard so I don’t need any of your services, am going out and I don’t wanna turn and see you guys an inch close to me……..”


I said and I tried to move but they still followed me.


Are you both deaf?????……..”


I asked.



Am sorry miss but we can’t let you leave our sight, the boss mustn’t see you without us by your side ………”


One of them said.


Are you deaf,


I just said I have my personal bodyguard and I don’t need your services around me.


You can wait here for me when I comes back you can continue your stand……..”


I said but they still followed me.


I walked into my brother’s room and they wait outside for me.


” Brother I need your help.


I want to go somewhere but those fool out there that dad has ordered to follow me about won’t let me be……….”


I said to him putting on a Frown.


” Go with them


Or is the place confidential?????……”


He asked and I looked at me.


” Yeah !!!! It a confidential


I want to pay a visit to someone and it urgent. They don’t have time to waste……”


I said


” So what do you want me to do for you??……”


He asked.


Maybe you can talk to them I need some space…..”


I said.


You know they are under dad’s order


Okay, you know what, am going with you that’s the only way they can stay




He said.


” Okay fine be fast……”


I said and I just stood up pick his car key and we walked out.


He called Dad and Because he is with me Dad asked them to stay back while I only go with Kester’s male guard and my own personal bodyguard.






Elvin and his brother we’re seated waiting for the arrival of Stephannie and just like expected the queen walked into the room.***


I walked in to see two handsome guys and I couldn’t even recognize my own Elvin but I guess my heart did.


I walked up to the one my heart beats for and I hugged him and he smiled.


” You have a wrong guess….….”


The other one said with a Frown and I was kind of confused.


You guys should stop playing tricks with me here, this is my Elvin and am sure…..”


I said with confidence my brother was just confused looking at them.


What’s up Kester……”


The one I was hugged said shaking has with my brother.


How is everything?? How is your academy??


How are the injured one???……”


He asked and then looked at me and I kissed him …… That’s my Elvin .







” I called Jeff.


How is the estate…….”


I asked.



” Sir. !!!!!!!


Alvin and Elvin is not in the estate as we speak right now. I don’t really know where they are off to sir but they are still on our reach …….” He said.




How many of them are out ???


Where is Chris and Jacky???…..” I asked.


They are out with them sir …….” He said.


Okay, don’t worry they are save with Chris and Jacky around……..” I said.


Okay sir ……”


He said.


” Watch over the estate


I said and put down the call……”


And walked back to the conference meeting.






I was in a meeting with when I got a call that my two son and niece are on a flight to Luxembourg and the general Commander of the air Force called to know if he should stop them but I just gave him the order to let them do whatever they wish to do.


Immediately I put the call down I called my resreacher miss Jennifer


” Good afternoon Mr. Emperor…….”


Miss Jennifer greeted my researcher.


My two sons are on a trip to Luxembourg, I need you to keep a close watch on them and inform me if any need for it…..”


I said to her


” Okay sir …….”


She said and I put the line down.


I got a call from one of my boys in Luxembourg.


” Sir !!!!!…


Your two sons are already in Luxembourg and as we speak and Stephannie Barlon and Kester Barlon are right with them right now. Here is the Best traget to pull her down.


We have the girl where we want her.


She is out her with her brother and just with five bodyguard here, three female and three male guard……”


One of my boys over Luxembourg informed me and I just smiled and keep calm.


” I don’t want any harm on my sons…….”


I said.


” Okay Sir but Sir


Should we strick Sir ????…….”


He asked.


” Barlon !!!


I have you indeed where I want you.


I have both your life and death in my hands now…….”


I said.


I will get back to you in the nearest thirty minutes…. I need the details about my


sons environment……


I said and I put the line down.


……. BARLON !!!!!………






























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