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I ran up to Anabella’s room immediately j heard the noise… but I got there and found her on the floor.


Anabella ! Anabella !! Annabella !!!……” I called but she wasn’t moving at all.


I rushed to the bathroom and got some water came out and pour her a little and she coughed…




What’s the problem????


I asked but she still kept mute just crying.


I helped her up to her bed and she sat down.


I have heard a lot for today.. I wonder what have rendered my sister this weak… This has really cause her so much pain…


I don’t think if can even forgive anybody involve in this.



Anabella please calm down and talk to me


Am pleading


What’s wrong with your..?????


What’s the problem???


Dad and Mom has refused to say anything and Elvin is no where to be found.


Am just confused..


please just stop crying and telling what the problem is????


I pleaded with her and she wiped off her tears and sat up right.


I don’t really have any problem


I only one I have is not knowing the were about of Elvin..


I can’t even say if weather he is dead or alive


she said.


why say that.


do you have any problem with him or something???


No I don’t but he had a fallout with mum and Jennica she answered.


What happened


Make me understand more


I said.


Mum and Jennica want to have s£x affairs with him and he declined she said.




they set him up with Jennica and dad put him in prison… I pleaded with him to let him go but dad refused even when Elvin was mentioned as one of the competition winner that will be going to Europe…


I begged dad to realize him so that he will not miss the opportunity but dad paid deaf ears to all my plead… he allow him miss the golden opportunity… she said and I found tear run down my cheek.


How could dad be this heartless and mean to poor boy like Elvin why what’s his reason


I don’t no..


he said that Elvin will be realized if only Jennica give in.


you could imagine that


she voiced out with tears covering some of her words.


I guess he is still the police custody???


I asked.


No one knows the real truth


we were made to believe that Elvin and four other prisoners escaped form the prison yard and in the


process of the policeman going after them… they killed three while the remaining two were no we’re to


be found till date.


she explained.


Was he among the three that was killed???


I don’t really know


the three was shown in the television with their body burnt so it hard to indicate if he was among them she answered.


Please brother can you take me far away from this house… maybe to a friends place she asked.


Sure I will just get your things ready..


we are leaving this immediately


I said to her and stood up with so much anger boiling inside me.. at this moment I can kill if possible.


I walked down to the living room and they were still seated.


Dad !! Mum !!


someone is missing in this house


I asked like Anabella never told me anything.


And who could that be


Jennica asked.


will you shut that your useless mouth or do you prefer me shutting it for you I scold her and she kept quiet.


Daniel !!!


My dad called and I look at him with my red eyes.


that was very harsh


he added.


I went to Elvin’s room and I found it locked from outside… Didn’t you guys inform him that I was coming back today


I asked like an ignorant boy but instead they kept quite staring foolishly at me.



How could you dad


I asked and he face down.


am so much disappointed in dad..


you don’t what been a father.


Stop Daniel


what has come into you. how dear you talk to your father in that manner my mum shouted


Don’t you dare talk to me mother.


you are a disgrace to woman hood.


You guys do not what any respect form someone like me.


I scold she and she was shocked.


I regret bee your son..


I said… their faces were down..


none of them could look at me


my heart was bleeding and boiling in anger.


But He was guilty


he tried raping your own sister


my dad said and I look at Jennica and laughed.


No the reverse is the case here…


A prostitute has no value for her body..


I apart at her.


What has that idiot feed you with.


Jennica asked referring to Anabella.


Is not a matter of what she told me but a matter of who you are… I can never pray to have a sister like you


You are a disgrace to the world in the whole.


we are sorry Daniel


don’t you ever call my name.


you should be sorry for yourselves perhaps you got what you wanted.


You caused this whole thing dad.


if you have not valued you job more than your family all this won’t have been happening.


you have sold the trust and respect I have for you.



And for you.. mum


even after all the promises you made to me in the past… The only person your own daughter ever loved… even at what dad did..


why did you went to that extent of jailing him and denying him the only opportunity to travel outside the country.


I hate you


I hate you all


you know what…


I promise you that you will never see me nor my sister to hurt again.


I will take her far away from you all reach so that you guys will not hurt her again.


Getting up


She was already prepared to leave


I backed my small bag and both of us walk down..


Mum and dad were shouting at each other the time we came down but that is none of my business they


can kill themselves for all I care…..


Please don’t leave me my children


dad pleaded.


Don’t you dare call us your children


you don’t what calling father.


I can bear the shame of calling you dad outside…


staying here will only be in dangering my life because what you have done to someone will surely to done to you.


I and my sister wouldn’t want to be a victim of your evil deeds…”


I scold him and he kept quiet.


Am sorry


Am so so sorry Daniel


Since the time I realized what I deed my mind has never been in peace


I have been living with this guilt


am so sorry for am actions Anabella


please just forgive me my children


she pleaded


I really regret my actions


you and your sister leaving will only kill me slowly.. please she said kneeling down


Tears pour down from her cheeks and I know that she is deeply sorry for her acts…


I blame dad for all this..


he caused this damage in mum..


if he has not valued his wife more than his job.. he would have known when a woman needs her husband around.


He stays out for up to three months without coming home to check after his family.. I mean who does that?????


I know if he has been there for his wife all this won’t have happened.


I feel like killing myself.


I don’t even think i that I can live with this.


I take the blame for everything.


You were right after all Daniel.


I don’t what calling a father because I failed in my duty as a man to protect my family but I just plead


that you find a spot in your heart to forgive me


I have failed in my duty as a father.


my dad said and took some steps to walk into his room.


I felt weak for his words


I look at Anabella..


I don’t even think that she is even hearing what they are saying.


I might be hot tempered but I don’t have hard heart.


Dad is really sorry


I said to my sister but she wasn’t saying anything at all.


I have forgiven you all for a very long time but I can’t stay in this house not for now maybe when I get to forget about Elvin I will come back but for now… everything in this house reminds me of him she said



Dad !! Mum !! Jennica !!


I have forgiven you with all my heart but I have to go for now… please..


you can come and visit me anytime you wish


but I have to stay in another place so that I can forget about Elvin she explained.


I understand my daughter


I caused it all if only I had listened to you


Dad said.



We hugged each other and I got out with Anabella and we drove into my new house.







Why has this boy vowed to always look for my trouble… Is like he so much want to see the other side of Stephannie.


If only he knows how much I dislike men around.. He will run very far away from my reach…….”


I left for school very early.. Am so mad at dad for signing in Elvin into the institution without my consent… Dad Is really looking for my trouble and I have it that Kester is the brain behind all this…


Kester you better stay on your side of your game and stay away form anything that has to do with me and my institutions.. I even wonder how he pick that Elvin of a boy..


How did he even overcome all this intelligent student of Rose college????…


He might sure be smart…”


Well am somehow happy.. Not because of your silly thought but for the fact that I have someone like Elvin as a backup in the institution affairs…. But it could have been sweet if Kester has begged on his behalf but what did he do.. He played the ball behind the bar..


Well one day I will still pay him back for doing this behind my back.


I was peaceful reading an interesting story written by my cute and handsome Author tittle DAYS OF MY PAIN when.. The so called Elvin My brother and Mr. Desmond the head of the institution walked into the class room..


I guess they are here to introduce Elvin to the class.. Why would they even put him in the same class with me…..”


I asked myself.


Because he is more than qualified to be in the same class with you ……”


My conscious scold me…


I just looked back the book I was reading I don’t want to see his ugly face but I discovered that he was covering his face with his sweeter cap.. I wonder why he always does that even at the castle he covers his face…


I guess that why my crazy classmates didn’t see it was him coming their so-called Greek God … if not they would have turned the class into something else.


Elvin was the last to got in by then the students were already up to say a greeting to their HOI head of institution apart form their so called DLK Dynal, Lyonal and Kistona… they are the sons of some of the rich men in the country but trust me they are so poor in my sight.



After Mr. Desmond introduced Elvin the class went crazy.. the classroom went crazy and they started taken pictures of Elvin with them and the boy didn’t even removed his sweeter cap so that his face could be visible.


After the crazy pictures he was asked to pick a seat.. You know what the idiot did.. I came to sit beside me….”


Sometimes I wonder what is really giving him some guts to come close to me… Well I scold him if you must know and instead of leaving he kept his useless bag and left with Mr. Desmond to his office….”


Well he will come back and meet me here..


Elvin you are so dead.


After they left the crazy girl started admiring their pictures with him..


He is so cute and handsome


I wish he will date me


Should I say the most ugly girl in the class made the statement … that’s kind of funny right..????


He is even more cut than….


Flora a female student wanted to say but hold back her word … I guess Dynal didn’t hear her say that if not he will squeeze the life out of her…


Dynal is the cutest among the three guys at the back.. I must say he is the cutest I have seen in the school before the arrival of Elvin.


They were saying a lot of things about him been so cute and been the cutest guys they have ever came across… My head is so filled up.. The teacher that was in the class had to leave because the class was so noisy for her to control again…


They should thank their stars… If it were to be when am angry I would have shut their mouth for them..


I stood up and left the classroom to the school garden .. The place is always so quiet and calm..


I was sitting peaceful when I got a message from Kester..


Beautiful morning my Sweet heart


Hope you will be fine after this message


he texted and I another message popped in.


And it reads


Dad gave instruction that Elvin should sit beside you in the class and almost in all the activities the institution is performing..


is liking to say he is your partner



What this must be crazy handwork of Kester.. He must be kidding me…. he can’t be serious with this..


I called him immediately and he didn’t waste anytime.. he picked up almost immediately.


What’s the meaning of that silly message I just got form you ….” I asked with anger boiling inside me.


Am sorry Stephannie but I made dad do that. their is nothing you can do to change it.. you need Elvin around trust me……….


He was about saying something but I put the phone down.. what nonsense.. dad mustn’t be serious about this… I felt like crying. what sort of order is that????


I called Dad immediately


Hello dad.


” Hello my priceless jewelry


You don’t sound okay what’s the problem???…”


He asked..


” Dad you are the problem here..


Why would you leave such a stupid instruction that Elvin should sit by my side??


” Is that the problem..


look Stephannie am doing all this for your own good.. Elvin is a good influence and a company for someone like you to keep..”


” Spear me all the information that Dad


Elvin might be the whole to you but please he is nothing to me and I won’t have him distract me from study so you better cancel that order now…..”


” You know what My Princess


We talk about this when you comes back..


I think is better…..”


He said..


Fine I put the phone down.. Kester why are you doing all this???


What’s your problem with how I live my own life.. Why can’t you stay on your own????…” I asked myself.


Because he so much cares about your well been…. ”


My conscious scold me.



He doesn’t f**king care


I got to the class with so much anger to deal with the idiot but he isn’t yet back from Mr. Desmond’s office.






After signing a whole lot of documents that I didn’t even read properly I went back to Kester he was really waiting for me the car…


Am really grateful for the support Kester …” I said to him.


Come on Elvin


I told you you are like a younger brother that I never have… I will do anything for you…” He said and we hug each other


I have talked to dad you will be sitting close to Stephannie….” He said.


You think that is possible.


She wasn’t even happy the time I came closer to her seat back there.. and you think I can sit with her till when I don’t even know….”


Come on Elvin don’t worry dad has spoke to her she will not give you hard time but just don’t also give her hard time… Just don’t forget to carry her along with other students you are simply the very definition of the best…”


He said.


Come on Kester your sister remains the best for now ….”


I remind him.


Look Elvin Stephannie is just the female best though we don’t have a present male best that’s why she is regarded as the first for now.. But I know they will still cave out that….”


He said..


I don’t even think that my sister can defend her status as the best for you.. Don’t worry with time you will get to understand what am taking about….”


He added


You talk as if you don’t know that you are just keeping me in loins den…”


I said and he laughed..



I might come pick you guys up myself if I have the space or I might sent Albert to do so…..” He said.


Let me worry about that….


I watched he drove off form the school preemies before heading back to my classroom or should I say party hall….”


” I arrive at the classroom and their were already a teacher teaching them so I calmly walk to my seat


and sat down… l backed my bag because the queen has already occupied the whole seat with nonsense….”


” Hey !!!…. Will you remove that


I heard the teacher said.. and I thought she was taking to me and I raised my face and found out that I wasn’t the person she was talking to but then she notice my present in the class.


” We have a new student in our mist


be on your feet and tell the class your name…”


She ordered smiling.


I stood up… They all look at me.. What is even their problem I thought I said my name earlier is their anything sweet about my name ????….”


I asked myself


My name is Elvin Elson….”


I said calmly


” Wow cut name for a cute boy like you.


you are welcome to Stephannie’s institution of science….”


She commented.


” Thanks MA…”


I said and wanted to sit down..


Why are you covering your face with your sweeter cap???? …….” She asked this time and I felt like chucking her so bad…


What’s even this teachers problem nah??????….. Why can’t this one focus on what she is here to teach and leave me a new student alone…..”


Am talking to you or are you shy???…”


She asked and I nod no


Me shy ….Impossible



Hey if you don’t have anything to teach why not get your f**king self out of here one of the guys in the back shouted at the teacher and she just apologize….”


Gosh what’s that for..


A student shouts at the teacher and the teacher will so the apology… Who does that.. If it were in Nigeria who born you Mwtchew this kids are so rude now I know of why


Stephannie is very rude to people…… am I even sure that I can stay in such environment..????I might just kill someone …”


Well am happy she now focus on what she were teaching… Atleast so that I can concentrate…..”


She taught and left the class afterwards without looking at me at all I look at Stephannie she was fully focused on what she is reading.


It was break time…


Everybody was out except Stephannie and few of the student where the only people in the class..


I wonder what I should do


I asked myself..


I stood up and left the class to the location of the class they said is Victor’s classroom.. Atleast I have someone to talk to.


To be continued………















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