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I was waiting patiently for that so called Elvin of a boy to get to the class and finally he did.


He walked to the class and walk up to were am sitting to seat.


” What the hell are you doing here..


I thought I warned you to stay far away from me Huh..


Are you crazy or dumb so hear????? …..”


I asked him with so much anger but the idiot was just smiling.


Gosh what planet is this boy from.


Are you mad???


Have you go crazy


I asked but he didn’t altar any word at all just look at me and smiling like a he goat..


I so hate this boy




I stood up and let the class room.


I stayed outside till a teacher came in ..


The less of the call was cool and am so angry.



Kester came and pick them up after school. I drove to a shopping model to get some outfit and after that I drove back home.


Getting home Dad was in so I went straight to his room ..


He needs to tell me why he gave such a stupid order.


” Dad !!!!!……..”


I called immediately I got .


” Easy girl ..


Say greeting to dad before any other thing…”


He said but he saw that I wasn’t with a good mood at all.


” Okay fine ..


What’s the matter with you


Why Is your face like this ???….”


He asked.


” Dad ….!


Why did you do all you did today without even seeking for my opinion???….”


I did what I thought was wise so I didn’t need seeking for your opinion….” He said


Dad even to the extend of giving a mandate that he should be made my partner in school Huh !!!! ????


You are just giving the idoit the opportunity to be pestering my life ……”


” Look Stephannie


I don’t really get were you are driving at.


The order I made is for your won good and nothing more so I don’t think is something bad…” He said calmly.


Dad am not comfortable with that arrangements so I beg you retrieve that….”


Why ..?????……”


I can only do that if you give me a


Reason to ..


He said.


Dad that boy can only be a distraction to me … Staying on the same class illitates me not to talk of him staying in one seat together…


He is just a pest ….”



” That’s you own personal view Stephannie.


Have you thought of this this way .. Elvin is so smart and intelligent if you both can mingle together it will help build upyour intelligence.


Try to see it in this angle….”


He said and I felt like killing that boy if he wasn’t here all this wouldn’t be happening.


” Dad am not comfortable with all this ..


This is my life that we are talking about here .. that boy can’t improve me .. he can only be a distraction..


you could imagine what happened in the class today .


He couldn’t allow me concentrate..


Me studying in the same seat can only distracte me…..”


Stephannie if you said he distracted you today. Then I will put a call to your mistress to take charge of that but for him to separated form that seat. I don’t think is possible….”


He said.


Dad !!! …”


Don’t give me the impression that you are scared of him … because that’s the only thing that can bring distraction to someone…..”


Never Dad !!


You know I can’t be scared of that boy .


He just a low life….”


I said out of anger ..


He is not a distraction to you .. Is just that you so hate him but let me just say this .. You better call yourself down and learn for him ….He sure has a whole lot to offer….”


He said and I walk out of his room with anger ..


I don’t think that this building can contain the both of us Elvin .


I walk into my room and I put on a cool music to calm my head down ..


I wonder why dad is doing all this.


The music seem to be making the situation worse ..


I took out my phone and the thought of that Elvin of a boy can flashing on my mind … Why do I find it so difficult to allow this guy be … We have Eric, Greg, Albert and other male guard here. Why am I finding it difficult to just let him be


I asked myself.


I don’t even know…. He should just stay on him own.


I walk I Kester’s room he might be of help in this kind of situation.



Room should be respected because is a privacy of someone


He said Immediately I walked into bus room if you must know I didn’t knock that’s what he is saying.


” Brother I need you to help me talk to dad ..


How he make a pronoument that’s Elvin and I should sit in one seat….”


I said to him.


But I don’t see anything wrong with that or are you having any problem sitting next to him ?? …” He asked


Yeah I am how can I sit in one seat with that low life ….I can’t


He irritates me….”


I said.


” Well their is nothing I can do ..


Am not dad maybe you should talk to him yourself….”


He said.


But I already did but he is not seeing reason with me ..that boy can only be a distraction to me don’t you guys get it ??….”


I said more Iike a shout.


Look Elvin is not a distraction but is judt that you dislike him and everything that has to do with him …


Look in the state you need him infact you need to make him your best of friend.. I don’t see why you hate him even at first sight …


I only heard about love at first sight not hatred at the first sight …..” He said and I hiss and walk out of his room.


Why can’t they understand that I can’t sit in the same seat with him .. they should get me another sitting


partner if they want but not Elvin….


Why can’t they just understand this.


” Because what you are saying is unreasonable….


Just forget about Elvin and focus on your studies perhaps he is gonna be of help to you…” My conscious mind scold me.







The next day


I woke up so sound and good


I check the time and it was still 5.49 am







I woke up late today … Yeah you heard me right .. I use to wake up 5.30 am


too early to start preparing for school I decided to look around the massive castle.

on the Dot.. Since it



I walk out from my room to the Sitout of the massive building. I stood there looking around the massive structure of other building that made the castle so great though the weather is not Yet bright enough for someone to see so clearly but I still could see some guards with hectic guns ..


It seem the female guards here are stephannie’s personal bodyguard’s because only few of them are out ..


I noticed some one’s present..


And I look closely and the person happens to be Stephannie. She looks so cute and beautiful just like a queen..


I watch her walked into the garden and did what I don’t even know… I didn’t even wait till she came back ..I walked into my room to prepare for school.


I brushed my teeth and took my bath ..


Today is Tuesday and we do wear skyblue top.


I put mine on and I put on a black eyeglass and a black sweeter.


I think am good to go ..


I checked my time and it still 6.30 am …


Gosh that’s is took early..


I sat down on my bed and operate my phone …


I got a message from Victor that’s he is ready and I got my small bag on my back and I walk out form my room .


I got down and Victor and Kester was already there …


We shake hands and got into the car while Eric drove us to school.


We got to school around 7. 23 am..


Students are already in the class getting ready for lectures as I thought but getting to the class their were few students.


The girl I met .. two guys from the three that didn’t stood up to greet the Head of the institution yesterday and Three other girls I don’t know.


Well stephannie is not in class though she is already in school .. I saw her in her car busy with what I don’t know .


I took out my laptop the school provided desktop for students but I carries my personal own to school always.



I look around the class environment only Flora that’s reading others are discussing and pressing their phone…. She looked back and our eyes meet and she smiled at me.


I took my laptop and and small book into my bag …backed it and walk out of the class…..I think I need a


cool place to read..


I saw a little shade or better still it might be called a little garden.


No student were out .


I sat down on the moulded seat and I took out my laptop.


I didn’t stay up to an hour when I felt someone’s presence.. I look up and I saw smiling Flora …


” Hey !!! …”


She said still smiling


” Hey Flora …..”


How are you doing???


I asked.


” Am fine


What are you doing here all by yourself….”


She asked.


Nothing actually just going through something in the internet……”


Oh..!!!! I see but you could have done that in the class… Or is it something private….” She asked.


Not really……I just felt like reading on my own ..


” That’s cool anyway


I guess that’s what made you so intelligent….”


She said and I laughed.


” Maybe ..


Were are you heading to ????….”


” Nowhere in particular


I just felt like taking a walk around the school..”


She said.


Wow !!! ….. Okay then I’ll love to join you in your walk hope you will be comfortable having a walk with me??? ….”


I asked



” No problem….”


She said and I put my laptop in my small bag along side with my book ..


I backed them again and walk with her to were I don’t know .


Still on the walk ….


Why is the class so empty….” I asked Flora .


Oh that is Tuesday and very Tuesday and Thursday we do have music class for those interested in stuffs like that ….”


She explained.


Okay but why is some not involved in it …??


Well very body is entitled to it if wanted but we are exceptional…” She said




That’s because what we are studying is one of the most difficult course and we won’t be needing distraction at all.


Our field is the most difficult to study as long as science is concerned. So that’s why the school made it like that…..”


She said.


Oh !! I see….”


Yeah… we need to get going back to the class … The music class is over and teachers will soon start coming in to teach….”


She said.


Okay then let get back to the class immediately


I said and she smiled at me.


The less of the class was so cool and I saw a lot a beautiful faces that I have not seen before …


We are now up to 18 eighteen student in the class.


I decided to have a chat with Flora since we both are less busy


” Hey Flora …”


I said to as I walk closer to her seat …


She turned and smiled seeing me.



What’s up Elvin…..” She said still with a smile.


Am Okay I thought we could have a chat since we both are less busy…” You know …..”


That’s cool by me


You can have a seat she said to me adjusting a little for me to seat…”


Thanks I said as I sat down beside her.


” So what do you want us to talk about….”


She asked closing the little hug book in front of her.


” Maybe we should start by you telling me about all this people in the class starting from yourself…..”


I said to her and she smiled.


Okay fine but I will start form the most important people here with ……” She said.


Which are ???……”


That’s Stephannie the daughter of Barlon


That’s Jasper the only son of the president and that’s her sister.


That’s the DLK Dynal, Lyonal and kistona they are the most handsome and riches guys in Stephannie’s institution….”


She said and I look at them again.


Their is one crazy damsel that’s is not yet in school her name is Vera the daughter of the Belmont form Ireland.


That’s Olivia the daughter of the minister of education in Luxembourg.


That’s Vivian the Daughter of minister of finical.


Okay that’s okay …” We continue next time I said.


And finally finally am Flora


The daughter from the sky


I ended the speech for her and she laughed….


Am kind of hungry let go have lunch


She said and i just nod…



We stood up together and walk out of the class .






What does that girl ever think she possess that he throws her cheat self at Elvin….” I asked myself.


I will make sure I put at end to all this before it gets out of hand …I so much felt like cutting if Flora’s head and serving it to her people for her to learn a lesson form.


Since the day he was introduced to the class my our head of institution I have always admire him but Flora is driving his attention to herself


Could you imagine that they both have been together since morning and now they are in the cafeteria eating and smiling like lovers … I just don’t want to believe that their is something going on.


Am Vivian the daughter to the minister of finance… I have been monitoring their moves since morning and with what I have so far this Flora of a girl will be an obstacle for me to get Elvin to myself.


To be continued………










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