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One could see a man at this early forties beside him is a lady of twenty nine years.


they both are high killer.



They just landed on Luxembourg on black attire both the eyeglasses are black color


No one needs to tell the citizens of Luxembourg that their country is gonna face a whole lost.


People make way for them to pass


Their was not smile on their faces


One of the two beings happens to be Derek Elson who was a Ex soldier of Iceland.


He has been in the shadows for over (13) thirteen years after the incident that happened in Switzerland Years back.


No one knows his were about not even his blood brother.


History has it that he dead alone side with Evelyn Elson during the bomb attack in the hospital she went to deliver her baby…


Both her and her baby had been a history till date.








It Has really Been Long… a flight all the way from Asia here to Europe was really a very far distance covered.


I came down with my new found friend Keira by name female high killer all the way from Asia as well she has really pass through a whole lot from the ruler of her country.



well she has prove to be a string girl all this while… She Gat a heart of a hungry tiger.


” Wow !! Wow !! Wow !!!


Europe is so cool and much developed than when I left.. it seen am in a new world….”


I said spoke out.


” What were you expecting..


After leaving out from here for the past complete (13) thirteen years …..”


What were you expecting ????


She asked me while backing her little bag.


I look up to see the image of the man that turned me opposite the life am living now.


My mood changed immediately..


Keira noticed my mood and hold my hand a little… it so gonna be okay trust me.


She said.


Come on Derek you have grown stronger than this…


We are here for him..


So chill all those that cause you pain will fail one after the other ….” She assured me…


I look at her and smiled..


She don’t even know who the man I saw is to me I always feel weak knowing that he is among the people than dig for my own grave.


Anyway.. Man must pay for what they did… Am not here to pity them or even talk of mercy…”


I said within me.


” But you can’t kill your blood..


It have never been done. men are not know great by hurting their own…” My conscious said to me.


” But he hurt me first …”


You Really think so???


What of the one that never get to see him all his life.. You promised to take him to him




My conscious scold.


I might not pill his blood because my cousin and niece still need him around but I will so much hurt him that he will cry and beg for his life….”


You can run but you can never hide..


I will get you.. I will hunt you and your enemies down… I will Spear no one…” I said inside me.




My name is DEREK ELSON..


I know you must have heard that name before ELSON. Yeah am the Co father of Elvin.


I have missed him but don’t worry my boy..


am here to get you back and I promise I will never leave ever again.







It all started sixteen years ago.


A man by name BARRY LEON and THOM ELSON were very tight friends.


They trusted each other with their lives though they weren’t that rich but they have the spirit of one team.


They run business like family but all this was forgotten in just a second when envy envelop their other friend by name MORGAN.


MORGAN was the one that connected Mr. Barry Leon and Mr. Thom Elson with a business help offer.



He claim that they Barry Leon and Thom Elson is hiding something for him since they have become so close that they can’t book a business trip without each other.


He did everything he could and he succeeded in separating the two friends apart….


but he did the separation in a very terrible way that involve the shading of blood.


The war between the two friends Barry Leon and Thom Elson lasted for two years and they both left Switzerland to far away different countries of the same Europe.











” Here we are I said to Keira and she wow .


We are gonna be staying here till our mission is done…”


I said to her.


Well here is cool …I like it…” She said and hug me


Don’t worry baby we will visit them one after the other.. they must pay for driving you to exile….”


She panted my back softly.


I look at her I know that one day will tell her who the man we are hunting is to me.


is just a matter of time.


Let go out and get something to eat…


we will get to work by tomorrow


I said and walk into our bedroom.


To be continued………


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