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After the whole lot I have gone through.. If any one should tell me that I will


finally find myself in the almighty Stephannie’s institution of science I will simply


call the person a




I put on their uniform


Well the only thing the wear in common is a shirt with the name of the school tagged on it


I didn’t bother wearing the school sweeter.


I just want to my wardrobe and get a befitting sweeter for myself .


I checked myself in the mirror before walking out to meet Victor and Kester.



You know.. Stephannie left for school before us and Kester took both me and Victor to his stadium first…. The stadium is really hug and so big….” He drove us back to school..


Wow ! Wow !! Wow !!!


Only the school entrance gate shows that the school is indeed a school for the wealthy people not even rich people…


Oh you don’t know that their is a different between been wealthy and been rich..


Am Nigerian citizen I can’t mess up here… I gat to coordinate myself every well..


You know as this kind of thing is like.


We drove just into the gate and Kester ordered his bodyguard Albert to stopped …


We came down and both me and Victor was lost looking at the beauty of the institution.


” Is this really a school????? ……”


Victor asked while I look at kester’s to answer the question but he just smiled before nodding.


Students were moving from one place to the other maybe form class to office I guess.


” This way Elvin……”


Kester said from my behind and I followed the direction while he does the leading to were am sure must be an office…


I wonder what we will be doing there since Kester said that all the necessary thing are already done….. Well i just kept calm and followed him like a sheep into the office.


This must be the office of one of the head officer in the institution.


Entering the man’s office… He was attending to some teacher and immediately he saw Kester he dismissed the teacher and face Kester with a smile..


Everything here is different.



” Good morning young Kester


He greeted unlike if it were Nigeria you must be the one to greet the principal not the other way round… anyway maybe they are doing all this things because of whom his father is.


” Good morning sir…”


We greeted him one after the other and we also had a hand shake with him as we greet.


How about your Dad Kester ???……” He asked with a bold smile on his face.


Very fine sir..He is aware that we are here….” Kester said.


Oh !!!.. You should have a seat……”


He said and we sat down while we allow Kester do the talking here.


Which of them was your dad referring to over the phone???? ……” He asked Looking at me and Victor.


Him Elvin……”


Kester answered pointing me to indicate that am the one.


Wow.. He looks smart He said.


Thanks sir..


I said in a polite manner…”


I wonder if intelligent people now look smart


Just wondering.



You are welcome to the almighty Stephannie’s institution of science… Hope you will teach our students your method of reading….”


He said still with his bold smile.


” Huh!!!! Am I here to teach or to learn???


I asked myself but I still nod to what the man said and replied thank you


We walk into a class room and student stood up and greeted us or should I say the head of the institution.


Girl stood up and adjust their clothes I wonder if this kid have respect for their teacher…How can they be adjusting their clothes in the presence of the head of institution.


You guys can have your seat.. Here is a new student by name Victor.. He will be studying with you in the same class…


You guys should treat him well and accommodate him like one of us….” He said…


Victor you can go have a seat….”


He said to victor while victor walk majestically to an empty seat that is only occupied by a beautiful girl.


I was waiting to my turn by rather they said you can have a nice day while he lead the way out…


Am I supposed to follow Huh???


I asked myself well I still followed them anyways.


We got into another set of building….


here seem not to be like a class


There were not single noise here and no student is seen outside unlike the other side student were moving up and down.


Is here among the school class premises


I asked Kester but he just nod to me and we continue our little walk to a very massive and beautiful… Should I say house or classroom.


I was in and Wow !!! here is really a classroom… No one needs to tell me that this place is actually a class for wealthy kid.



I made eye contact with Stephannie and I removed mine immediately I won’t want any embarrassment form her not now not ever.


She wasn’t smiling at all


She is just the way she use to be when she is home….


Immediately we got in student stood up and greeted us except five student who didn’t even look at the head of institution not to talk of saying greeting as other did….


Three cute boys at the last seat..


One other guy with a girl.. a beautiful one actually……”


I wonder who they are…


I wasn’t even counting Stephannie to greet.


the funny apart of it is that the head of institution didn’t even do as if he noticed something.


Is this how this kids behaves Here…” I asked myself again.


You can have your seat ……”


The head of institution instructed them and they sat down.


” Here with me is Elvin Elson.


The brain machine that won the world scholarship….”


He said and it was as if I became a magnet that moment because all eyes were on me except that of the three guys at the back seat and Stephannie as well.


I push off my sweeter cap and girls gap.


I felt like covering my face again immediately.


” He will be studying with you guys..


So I urge you guys to accommodate him as One of us… He really has a lot to teach


you guys….”


He said..



But it seem that the people he is talking to is no longer listen.. All their focus were on me as if am the one passing the information.


Elvin you can go and have a seat.


The head of institution said and I look around.. Their were only two space. One is were those three guys


that didn’t greet were sitting while the one place is beside Stephannie….. Well I


decided to sit with Stephannie..


I walk towards her and she was fully focused on what she was reading..


Is anybody sitting here??? ……” I asked calmly.


She look at me and look down and the next thing I heard was…


Getting the hell out of my sight you pig


She voiced out but only me heard it so I just respected myself and drop my bag…


It seen like the head of institution noticed What is going on that he told me to come with him to the office to finish up some documents.











I woke up today very weak.


But I still prepare and go to school not that I love school but going to school to see my fans gives me another reason to keep living.


I wonder what I would have done without my fans though none of them knows the picture of their favorite artist but I feel happy that I makes them happy even at the expense of my tears.



I got to school and as usual the crown came out from their various classes to see me..


well I don’t blame them that’s the only time they could see me apart from in the school..


I stay indoors like a prisoner..


I should even say that a prisoner has more advantage and privilege than me because a prisoner is paying for his or her crime but me…


Steve and Jacky made way for me to enter my class room.


Well if you must now.. Steve studies with me..


I means he stays in the class with me even when the lesson is going on.


My class has an electric door only a student of my class and teachers can the door open for them… that’s to show you how protective my dad is.


Rival ! rival !! rival !!!…


I wonder when I will see them face to face and congratulate them for the pain they cause me all the name of hunting my dad.


I don’t even know if I should say that the teaching was good though I leant a lot..


During the break period I decided to take a walk with Jack Steve and Kayla.. Kayla is my female bodyguard.. she is always moody but sometimes fun but that’s when you engage in a conversation with her.


” I was thinking….”


I said to them as we walk like friends


they are actually my friends aside from my only friend Leo.


I look at them they weren’t saying anything.


Am talking to you guys……” I said.


We are sorry sir. What were you saying…” Kayla asked.


” I was thinking……”


I said again and pause to look at them.


” what’s the thing you were thinking about……” Kayla asked again.


why can’t I live like other kids???……”


Sir is not that you can’t live like them.. off course you can but you can’t live the way they are living because even them don’t love the way they are living….” she answered


Why ????? If I ask and who even told you that they don’t like the way they are living because to me the way they live is the supposed way human should live.. not like this ……”


Well they don’t sir and perhaps you are the son of our Emperor… You can’t live just like an ordinary citizen of this country …..”


She said.


I don’t think that’s enough reason


Why can’t I live, play and move around like other kid does without been followed by you not even only followed by you guys but you guys coming along with this hectic guys that just the mare look can kill someone…..” I said but they didn’t say anything


I wish all this things will one day be over…..” I said calmly.


Off course it will young Thomson though it gonna take time but trust me it will when all our boss rivals has been put behind bar..


their supposed position…..” Jacky said and I just nod.



Unlock my phone and put headphones

on a cool music




we continue our walk with silence.









” We watch as she drove off from their house in a camera settled along their gate….”


my boys



Why wasn’t I able to view the inside of the house …..” The boss asked.


Sir we don’t really know..


We have tried all possible the hake it but the password is so wrong..


It seem someone is watching them as well but I think she is the only one living their sir ….” One of the computer programmer said.


” Your job is just to monitor her movements…


don’t strike until I give you guys the orders to do so.. Do you get that…..”


The boss asked and his boys nod …


She is just like her father very smart


So we are going to thread with so much cautious to avoid the story that touches the heart..


” Sorry young girl.


Your dad have long dead and forgotten I just want to help him clean up his lineage……”


their boss said and laughed.


Sir there is a picture of a assassins that came into the city.. I think maybe we should get him work for you because according to the information I have from his biography he was once Thomson’s trusted bodyguard..


So think he could be able to give us more details about how we can get Thomson


down without much stress……”


One of the criminal said.


” You think that is a good idea???……”


Their boss asked.


” Yes sir…


His name is Charlton and he came along with a female assassins by name Laura they both are very dangerous killers from Asia….” He gave more details.




Wow !!! That’s very interesting things to know about him… Get me the details of his apartment let us pay him a surprise visit…”


Their boss ordered.


Sir a man like him can’t live in a house…


I will just have to inform him about our arrival else something might go wrong if


we try doing it in a secret way….”


You know he is a high killer like us.


The criminal said again.


” Yes.. You are kind of right..


You know what inform him about me.


I will like to have a deal with such a man…”


The boss said and walk away.








The feelings am having now is not a good feeling… Some people are in the city of ICELAND and I can’t give account of whom those people are or their mission for coming into the city of ICELAND.


Look Jannelle you need to do all you can to trace whom those people are…


This so not good for me and my citizens…..” I said to Jannelle and she nod.


Yes Sir..


I will do everything within my power to being whom the person is to book before the next twenty four hours sir…


I promise….”


She said and I smile at her..


Thanks Jannelle ……” I said..


You don’t have to thank me sir…


Is my duty to keep all the transaction and movement going on in ICELAND in record..


am just doing my job Sir……”


She and I smiled at her again.






Been the European God emperor is what many men treasured so much but it was unlucky for them that someone as rich and smart as Thomson was able to win all the contestants.


He become the center of attraction


and so many men wants him down by all means… He was still playing a smart game for them but they keep on increasing Every single day by day..


I wonder if he could be able to withstand all this bullet coming his direction.


The worst thing is that his armored is no longer there to protect his as usual…


Can he be able to withstand all this trials???


Can he protect the life of his son Alvin???


Or will he give up as the European God emperor because of his rivals???


This are the questions he keep on asking him virtue answers seems to be very far from him.


I wonder who will be his back bone this time






Emperors seat is a seat of power and many so much treasured to sit on it but am not giving up because even if I die fighting for it I have nothing more to Loss than the lost of my precious daughter wife and son..


the thought of them only brings pain sorrows


and tears .


I can never forgive you Barry Leon


Even after this life I will hunt your spirit so badly for you have dig uncoverable hold in my heart…


My soul bleeds every day and night.





But you still have your only surviving son Alvin.. Is better to treasure what you have because even if you kill the people involved the silver you have in have is


better than the gold you lost even though the silver is incomparable to gold……”


My conscious said to me.


” But I feel hurt ……”


I said to no one in particular.


” You are the only strength Alvin has.


So, In all the things you do you should not keep him out of the budget don’t forget that a bird at hand is more than a two in the jungle….” My conscious said again.




” I look at the picture of Alvin my son and tears flow down my cheek he so much look like her mom… How I wish you were here to see how strong and brave he has grown to be….”


I voice out as if I was talking with someone.




To be continued………




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