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I don’t really know what I will say that today looks like…. Classes were cool and teachers develop more


interest in asking Elvin almost all the questions they got.


I will be having meeting with the minister of education today with other Schools, Academy and institutions owner today at my won school so immediately it was 11.30 am I pick up my phone and walk to the quest office.


Already my sister Mirabel were there, Davis, And other schools and colleges owner in Luxembourg… I walked in start to were Mirabel were sited.


” Hey Mirabel


For how long have you been here???? …..”


I asked.


Not quite long…. I choose not to disturb you in your classes since you will be coming over ……” She said.


That’s so thoughtful of you


We are having chitchat when the minister of education walked in with two of his staff I guess…. he


walked directly to the seat provided for him and his staff.






I went to a conference meeting with other states Minister’s of education to a brief discussions with the European God Emperor.


” According to the situation of the meeting


We were instructed to bring to you guys notice the owner of school College and institutions concerning the new development made by the Educational Officials around Europe…..” He said pause for a while and then look at us before continuing.


Just like it has been known that’s every year that’s Europe provides the best among best that will be represent us in the world’s competition.


Just like you guys know we have presented one person for the past three years now and the European God emperor made a promise that if their will be a new found brain box other than her that the person will be rewarded personal apart form the normal award giving to the winner.


The world as also giving a room for male student to participate in this competition but with different


award and for that reason the European God Emperor made it mandatory for every student of Europe to


get prepared for the upcoming competition.


He said.


Come of the guys to participate in the competition.. it is mandatory that any male student can partake in it and for this reason their will be two respected individual which is the male and the female beat students.


Just like I said earlier the European God Emperor has so much interest in this year’s winner because he wants the world best to be selected from this noble continent.


And for that reason he has mandated that the two students that comes out to the best will be awarded the European King and Queen from the Less of five years coming…….” He said and everybody wow.


That’s really really so motivating…..” I said to Mirabel.


Yeah I can see that the Emperor so want this continent to hit as the very best ……” She said and I nod in agreement.


Off course we have all it takes to hit the world beat ….”


The Emperor has offered an award to any male student that will win the upcoming competition…


He said that their will be an award also for the second and third best.


” Is that not cheating to us.


The male student has more advantage than us ….”


Mirabel asked.


” Why do you say that.


I mean those that study such are really intelligent so I think their field is simply the best field for this……”


I said to her while nod.


He finished up his speech and walk away immediately while everybody should to leave for their various institution.


We are gonna talk more about this when we get home….” I said to Mirabel and we walk to her car


Fine by me..


You are gonna come over Alex is so much missing you… You know it has been long you both saw each


other and he has been asking after you……”


She said and I laughed



” My stubborn cousin ……”


I said and she laughed as well






I was at home viewing what the emperor said about the upcoming competition.


I invited in brother over to have a chat.


After we exchange peasantry


I took out a win and pour in a glass cup.


So brother What do you think about what the emperor said concerning the upcoming competition for the world best science student …..”


My brother asked.


I think his speech and decission is great… He is really trying so hard to move this continent to another level at least with this our students will put more passion and be committed in their studies……”




Brother you know I have been thinking.. Since the part three years now your daughter hasn’t been able


to attend any competition because none has been able to defeat Priscilla and Olivia the two intelligence


science student who is next after Stephannie……”


He said.


What are you trying to say ….” I asked.


You know practice they say makes perfection….With all ramifications they both will be more advanced with the present method of winning a competition…. The truth is that with the way am seeing Stephannie if care is not taken and something isn’t done very fast.. She might loss this time ……”


He said.


That’s truth…


You have a point there


So do you suggest I do..


Don’t forget she is also your daughter ……”


I said.


” Yeah you are right.


I think a private tutorial should be issued to her..


I will also do that for Mirabel…..”


He suggested.


” You have a point there.


I will do just as you said……”


We talk on more things mostly business and all that.. But my mind I’d not fully focused..


His words echoed in my ear again..


She might loss this time.


After the whole thing I got home to have a chat with Stephannie to know what’s her plans towards the event and to find a way to get her prepared.






Considering what Victor told me about how down cast kester has been for someday now.


Getting home and discovering that kester is at home and still sent Eric to pick us up shows something is truly wrong somewhere.


I went into my room change to something simple and just at that moment Victor walked into my room.


What’s up bro


He said.


Am cool ….where are you heading to


i asked.


To Kester’s room ..I need to find out what’s the problem is …..


I said ..


You are right . Let go then


He said and we walked into Kester’s room .. we knocked and knocked but no one opened the door so I pushed the door and it opened..


I walking in to see kester so lost im his own thought.. his hand on the laptop inn front of him but he wasn’t looking or touching it at all.


” Kester !! ……”


I called and he was shocked.


How did you guys get in ????……” He said still in shocked .



Through the door off course. Since you decide not to open or say anything to us so we had to push the door open by ourselves…..”


I said.


Am sorry about that .. I was carried away by what I am doing .. I don’t even know you guys are already back …..”


He said.


You are carried away by what exactly??? when it obvious that you are doing nothing.


How do you even intend knowing we are back when you are here thinking of what I can’t even say …


What is really the problem kester talk to us .. We are more like family and we promise not to hid secrets


from each other….”


I said calmly to him.


I never said something is the matter … I came back form the stadium and I felt so weak so I needed some rest that why I have to sent Eric to pick you guys up…..”


He said .


Who is talking about who picked us up …


Come on kester …. We just walked in here to see you lost in your won thought.. What’s really the




I asked.


But I never said or either am I having a matter at hand …..” He said trying to cover up.


You don’t need to tell anybody.


It all written all over you kester … Come on tell us what the problem is .. We could be of help……”


I said trying so hard to convince him and he became calm.


” We are listening…”


I said again.


” Trust me Elvin ..


Is something I can handle ……”


He said.


Even if we believe what you just said you can still tell you what is it and tell us how you wants to tackle it..


We can even help execute them if it something we can join hand to do….” I said.


Don’t bother yourself Elvin


I can handle it trust me on that …


I wish to tell you guys but is something I can say. It even too heavy for my ears to carry…..”


He said.


” Okay fine


Just make sure you sort this out as fast as possible..


I don’t want to see you in this mood again…. It hurting us seeing you in this condition……”


I said and he nod putting up a smile …


So weak


” Thanks guys for understanding….


How I wish this is something I can share with you guys …..”


He said.


” Is okay…Let give you some break then …..”


I said tried walking out from his room.. I wonder what this is that is eating him up.


I felt so weak but I still have to let him be I understand his case and that why I don’t want to push further.


” Come on Elvin you can stay …


You guys are not a distraction to me in anyway so no need going …..”


He said as I was much close to the door.


I know that but their is something I needed to fix in my room after checking on you …


Victor can stay anyway… I will join you guys when am through with it….” I said and smiled at him before walking away.


I got to my room and their is nothing I could do … Not even to ready .. I feels so weak and down cast…


I fall on my bed and before I knew it ….” I went into a dream Land






How I so wish this is something I can say out freely but no..


This is more than what a friend can no.. dad warned me not to let anyone no of this not even my step mom.


This is really hurting me so hard.. how I wish I can let the cat out from the bag so that people can know that what I have is more than a cat…


Is not hurting me because of that position after the whole thing but it hurting me because of the way dad is taken it..



I have up to twelve (12) wonderful students that I have spent a lot if time and resources trying so hard to make the very best but out the twelve (12) is only seven (7) remaining others has been decided with what I don’t even know because money is not what they lack.


The game is a race for six (6) participants and eventually the person behind the quitting of the other five (5) will surely come for more.


God please don’t let this happen..


it now remaining my two students from Nigeria.. Morgan’s son and and two other students from Asian.


I need backup for the unfortunate but how will I get them when the once I have are been taken away by a hiding wind.


I called one of my students that went to his home country to know if he could get me a new student and he said that the friend he wanted to come with is no where to be found again.. maybe the other opponent has taken him way.


What will really be my fate and the gate of this family after this whole thing.


Dad has lost a lot of investment and some of his companies are not moving like before.


I think someone is out to pull my dad down.. Only this competition can pull him up to his feet again but lol at.. I don’t even know what will be the out come of this whole thing.


Tear drop form my cheeks




” You are crying Kester……”


I heard Victor said and I was shocked I have even forgotten that he is still here with me.


” Not really


Is just that I remembered something that I so much treasured that got missing…”


I lied to him.






It comes a new beautiful day…


Am so happy to behold this beautiful day. I checked my time and it was just the normal time I use to get up from sleep..


I walk out to get some fresh air just like i use to do everything single day and it seem now to be a culture..


I saw Stephannie just like I always do and she walked to her little beautiful garden.



I spent my usual time like always did and I got back to my room and get ready for school..


The thought of Kester popped into my mind, I wonder what it could be that he doesn’t want anybody to know about it..


Well I don’t care to know what it is because I must stop at nothing until I found out whatever the problem is.


After I finish bathing


Sandra was the one to get my food for me and to my greatest surprise Angela came as well with her own food when I was done eating Sandra’s own food.


Well I smell fish here though I had to tell her that am not hungry not to bring problems between her and her colleague.. Just on time I got a message from Victor and I got down immediately.


” Where is Kester??? ….”


I asked Victor who wasn’t looking any bright at all.


” Here I am


What’s up Elvin……”


He said putting up a smile.


Am cool hope you had a great night ……” I asked and stretched himself.


I think I had and what about you…”


He asked looking at both me and Victor.


” Cool …..”


I said and got into the car while Victor followed without saying anything.


Look am sorry for yesterday. I over slept …..”


He pleading.


Who is questioning you for sleeping Huh!!! ??……”


I don’t know ……”


Victor said and he breathed out and the driver drove us off from the castle.


Victor am sorry about yesterday……” He said and I look at them in surprise


” Why sorry


I never said you wronged me……”


Victor defended while Kester kept calm.


We got to school and Stephannie was already in the class. I just walked in and smiled at Flora and she smiled back.


I said a good morning greeting but she didn’t even look at me not to talk of responding to it just like she did yesterday.


I sat down and school activities began…


To be continued………



Happy New Month Guys










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