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What’s wrong with this boys, how could they have missed this wonderful opportunity, they got all the chance they need to shoot the hell life out of that idoit that calls himself Elvin..


I tried calling them but none of there lines was going, none where picking up there phones. One of the hoodlums are already down in my present, I was at the stadium to watch how they go about the whole thing but what I don’t understand is who could have alerted some other hoodlums that came against my boys.


Gosh, those idoit that spoilt everything for me, by now I could have been enjoying myself with Stephannie right on my bed.


Well I will still get you no matter how protected you think you are been protect.


I was still at the place I was expecting to get a response from the idiot I sent to get Stephannie when Maya walked in with some of her friends. I tied to ignore her but she walked to the place I was seated.


You know I thought you were just busy but now it clear to me that you are ignoring me Kim, why are you treating me this way Kim


Why !!!??????????…….” She asked with a sad voice.


That’s because I don’t feel anything for you


I said not feeling any remorse.


Kim !!! I have done allot of crazy things just because of you, did you so much dislike me. Is it because of that bitch called Stephannie…….”


She asked.


Oh !!!! Yeah


That’s so called bitch


Is the girl am in long with……”


I said boldly.



” Kim you are gonna pay for this…….”


She threatened.


” Look Maya


You better stay far away from me for your own safety, I don’t like you either do you want to have anything to do with you, get yourself someone else. We can’t be together don’t you get it ???.……”


I said in a harsh manner.


I know all this situation because of Stephannie, Kim what happened to the love we once shared together????


You and I know that you don’t love Stephannie one bit you just want that thing in between her legs, Fine I understand, you can have her but have it in mind that you are gonna beg one-day……”


She said and I just laughed.


I don’t want you,


So get that into you head…..”


” Look Kim


You are unfaithful pharaoh an no girl can stay with you if not me but I must warn you to stay way from


her because Elvin will surely come after you…….”


She said and I laughed.


” He can’t and you know that.


He is still a boy to me and a boy he will remain………”


” Oh !!!!!! Really


Elvin is a real man who can go any length to protect what he loves but you are just a woman that has a different reproductive organ…….”


She said and anger grew in me and I tried to hit her but she hold back my hand back


Look for the fact I so much love you doesn’t give you the impertus to raise you f**king hands on me. Never dream of doing that because the day you tries that everyday you will pay with you damn life……” She said and pull down my hands


You are not a real man Kim.


Dare cross his part and he will make you feed on your own fresh…….”


She said and walked out of the place.


Elvin is a boy that I will surely dealt with till he begs me for his own life. Elvin!!! Am gonna make you see hell……”


I muched and sip my drink.



After I was done drinking. I was already late actually, I got into my car and I drive home. On my way home I got an unexpected message from an unknown number.




Kim Morgan !!! Am sure for the fact that your dad gave birth to you show that he lived his life in a peace to gave given birth to you and trained you to this level.


Don’t Start a fight you don’t know what triggered it.


You are still a boy and I won’t want to shade your innocent blood but I will love to do you a favor of knowing the truth so that you can make your own decisions and then decide if whether your blood will still be innocent of not.


Watch your back Kim Morgan


Have a nice day


The text ended.


I checked the time and it shows that the message just just in around the time I had argument with Maya.


Who could be the bearer of the text.


How on Earth did he get my number from.


How did he even know my name and my father??????


Who the f**k are you and how dare you threaten me with my life


I texted the unknown number and just immediately it send another text to me




Kim Morgan !!!


You are still a boy.


I will plead with you not to forget asking your father the necessary things you need to know .


As for who I am


Tell him that am his doom.


Am the death sent to reduce his pain on Earth by bringing him closer to his creator.


Am his Doom !!!!!!


The text ended.


Gosh !!! Who the hell is this and why will he be asking me ask my dad such questions????



I drive home so worried.



I got home and I met dad on the cushions in the living room because of my curiosity i didn’t even greet my dad and I asked him the question of why he has so much better on frustrating the life of Mr. Barlon and his family.


“Dad you know I was meaning to ask


What did transpired between you and barlon that you have bet on humiliating him……..”


I asked


” Son how dare you ask me such a question without even a greeting…….”


He asked so angry.


Dad am sorry but I deserve to know the truth. What really happened.


Why can’t you just let the man be for cry out loud he is your friend that trusted you so much……


Why pay him back in such way ???…….” I asked and he slapped me.


How dare you son


What has gone into your head ???…….”


He asked.


” Yeah !!!!


Something actually got into my head dad


Read this ……”


I said and hand him over my phone and he was shocked seeing the message.


” Who sent this text to you……”


He asked.


” I don’t know


He identified his name as your doom.


I mean I don’t really understand.


What’s going on dad.


I deserve to know the truth behind what am fight for so that u can be answerable to any action I takes………”


He said this time a bit calm.


” I understand son


Am sorry for hitting you but I can’t disclose such information to you in this kind of state, just go inside have your bath them come down I will tell you all you need to know


I promise…….”


He said and l left my phone with him and walked upstairs.








I was in my office the moment I got new that my son’s academy got attacked by unknown armed men.


They set the academy a braze but thanks to the saviour that saved my son.


Allot of his students were badly injured during the shootout that took place during the time the security could get alerted.


I know that this has to do with the same people that attacked my son and daughter at the field yesterday.


No one else is behind this if not Morgan.


Morgan !!!! I thought you were a friend but I never knew you were a greenish snake in a green grass but am gonna make you pay for you betrayals.


I drive to the hospital and after seeing them and my son. I was still in the hospital when I got a call form one of the official working in the board the see about the things been imported and exported in Europe. He said that the Emperor has ban all my imported goods and declare that all of them should be hold still till he decides on what to do.


I wonder why the emperor has to pass such orders in the things that concerns someone like me.


I tried calling him but he wasn’t picking up my calls.


Am really worried the goods he seized what 50 billion dollars. The profile in it wasn’t even increase.


What’s real his motive doing this.


Something needs to be done and must be done fast.


Later in the day i got emergency call from my research Janella that the emperor came over to Luxembourg few minutes ago because at first I told her to make me a research on where the emperor is at the moment.


I really have allot in my head.


I thought he was here for business so I thought it could be a good thing to use the opportunity to come face to face with so called emperor.


I drive home leaving my son, daughter and Elvin to come back at there own will.


I got home and I want to have my shower then I ordered Albert to get the car ready and get more security on watch for the safety of the emperor.


Just when I was done having my bath.


I walked out of my bathroom and I noticed black cars lined up. I called Eric and he told me that the boss in the car requested to come down only when am down.



I put on something simple and walked down.


I watched the armed men on black opened the car and a man a but familiar stepped down.


Surprisingly it happened to be the Emperor.


” Old friend


Barry Loen !!!!……”


The emperor called my long forgotten name.


And I looked at him because only one man calls me my name in full.


Old friend !!! Aren’t you happy to see me again. I know you thought I was dead but as you can see, am alive strong and more higher than what you can imagine He said and I just smiled at what I don’t even now.


Am really surprised to see the man I thought was long dead. You know something about life is that it gonna live you to run but one funny thing about it is that it will become your shadows and it appears where and when you never expected.


Thom Elson !!! The business tortise….” I called including his business nickname.


Am happy you still remember that…….”


He said removing his eyesglass and my smiled fade away.


You know sometime.


When you think you have outrun your past and one day it comes face to face with you.


” Barry Loen !!!!


A Friend that could sell of his friends because of money.


You are a Cameron and you no what I promise. Am here to draw your days more closer to your creator……”


He said with so much anger in his voice.


” You know what


Am back for you and this time it gonna be Eye for an eye.


Blood for blood.


We will see where we should be seen……..”


He said without any trace of smiled in his face.


You have all the right but things isn’t as you thought it were, there are more to what you need to know


about the past


I said so calmly.


You don’t deserve to be giving a listening ear Get him into the car…….”



He said and turned his back to leave while his three armed men got to close to Elvin and asked him to move at a gun point.


Don’t dare make a move!!! How dare you Thom Elson???.


How dare you come into my house to make you stupid orders.


Order your boys to stay back or else..…..”


Or what Barry Loen?????


What’s gonna happen if my boys don’t…..”


He said and my boys chocked their guns ready to shoot.


” He turned to face me.


Barry Loen !!! Even if you forget so soon about me I know you haven’t forgotten that am never afraid of blood. It gives me joy to see blood flow.


Am your shadow Barry Loen and I chooses the time I want to appear to you.


Old friend this is just the beginning am sure still coming for you…….”


He said.


Shoot aside any man that dares make a move here…….” He ordered.


Mr.mperor, you don’t have the right by law to take someone who is under my custody without my permission, his papers and details where situated for him to live with me in my castle………..”


I said to him.


Look Barry Loen


The bloodline of the emperor’s son is not under anybody’s submission.


You adopted him against his wish.


You labeled him fatherless because of your greed……..”


He said.


” Put him into the car and shoot any idiot that stands on your way……..”


He ordered again.


” Shoot aside anybody that dares touch the hair in his head……..”


I ordered back and his boys hold still.


” You can’t drag my son with me.


Move him……”


He said.


” We don’t need to end this like this Mr. Emperor…..”


My brother said as he step down immediately he drove into the seen.



Please allow him to go with him. By right the boy is his son……” He said calmly.


Stay back I ordered my boys and they pull back there guns and I watch them take Elvin to their car and the so called emperor took a step close to his car………”


You should always have it in mind that we grow up from the same hood. Even with your powers and wealth am that one man that can never be Afraid of you Thom Elson……..”


I said.


Am still coming back for you old friend.


I will make sure that I made you life a little bit of the way you kept me living for the past 15 years…….” He said and they all got into the car and drove away.


” Just let them leave brother,


There is always another way for things to be corrected……..”


My brother said and I took out a deep breath.


” Dad will you just let him take way without doing anything????……..”


Stephannie asked but I didn’t say anything to her I just walked into the castle so angry.






Dad How could you allow them take Elvin just like that ????.


I asked my Dad but he just walked inside without saying anything to me and I walked in with them with my brother and cousin sister Mirabel.


” Dad say something ……”


I said as we walked inside but dad was still silent.


” Look Stephannie.


That man just left here is the emperor his name is Thom Elson.


Elvin’ is his missing son.


By right He is the real father to Elvin and has the right to take him anytime from anywhere.


So you see there is nothing your dad can do about this……”


My uncle said and I felt like killing myself.


Does that mean am not gonna see Elvin again because judging from what happened here it shows that dad isn’t in a good term with him


Is this how am gonna lose Elvin ???


I ran into my room and Mirabel ran after me calling my name but I paid deaf ears to her calls






Am surprised at all the events happening around. I was just mopping at the armed men on suit asked me to get into the car. Well I just respected them since the almighty Barlon can’t do anything.


Just some minutes I got into the cool and wonderful car the next place I found myself was in Vera’s




The Thom Elson step down and one of the armed men opened the car and I step down to see the same boy I met yesterday. Around him we’re the people that calms that am there boss.


Then Vera walked out and she smiled seeing me and we walked into the house but only the man while I stayed outside just looking around.


After some times they came down and this time the boy I saw that looks just like me , he got into the car and so did Vera and we drove out of the house to where I don’t now know.


Just as the goat been dragged to it slotter I followed them and I found myself in a jet and the next thing, I found myself in Iceland.


Actually not in an airport but still armed men with hectic gun surrounded the environment.


He took just few miles into the Dua double castle that has the same structure of the building built beside it just like an castle estate.


I followed them in just like a fool and


The interior was wow !!!!! Just like heaven.


Indeed this man is so rich and famous.


Allot of armed men in suit are at all corner of his living room or should I say around all the building vicinity.


Please take him to his room.


Son I know this is gonna be hard but it just how the nature wants it.


I could have never wish for any of this to happen but we gat to live the way nature has been planned.


Anything you need will be delivered to you are any point in time and at any where you wish. Here is your new home.


It has been a long day you need to go up.


Freshen up and change into something much good.


Am gonna explain all you need to know later in the evening, I need to fix something.


That’s your twin brother Alvin’.


He said and I looked at him as if this is the first am seeing or hearing his name.


He didn’t say anything about whom Vera is before he walked away after saying excuse.


Welcome home


The Alvin of a boy say with a bold smile.


I looked around the interior of the building


Come on brother, you need to take a shower to gain up some strength you can do the eye surgery later Alvin side and I just nod while he lead the way to my room.


If you look at the walls, you will think that it glass but I don’t really know what it is but it was transpired.


One can see it’s image in the wall.


We got into a door and he just spoke and the door opened by it’s self and we walked but this time that guard waited outside while I walked in with Alvin.


Here is your room, all you need is in this room. Those are electronic wall and all electronic technology


you need are there.


He said.


You are welcome brother


Make you self comfortable and your door is voice activate just a word and it will open, by the guard on duty if you need anything.


He said and he smiled and walked out of my room.


I looked around the massive room.






Brother something really need to be done and it needs to be done very fast, Morgan mustn’t be allowed to win this competition. You and I knows that Kester Alone can’t win them without Elvin Mr. Barlon said looking so worked up.


I know brother. Am so much aware and I know that the reason you don’t want to allow he take Elvin but you need to always know that it not all about money.


I now loosing this competition makes you lose your position as the second power emperor but their are more to what we must finish before it claimes the life of our love ones…….”


He said and he was right.


You know you can’t fight the emperor even though you are his second, you and I knows Thom Elson too well and what’s he says he does…….”


He added.


But I can still retain Elvin if I charge him to court brother. I can’t just allow Morgan win this competition, I have gone too far to back down……”


I said to him.


I perfectly understand your stand brother but you still need to remember that this is his missing son and he got evidence to prove against you, brother we just need to calm down and think a smart way to go about this because any decisions we makes now will neither calm things down now and in the future or it will still bounce back in a hard way on us……”


He said again.


What do you suggest I do


This is getting into head……”


I said


” Dad what’s really happening.


How could they just walk in her and take Elvin away just like


What’s going on Dad!???……”


Stephannie asked in tears


” Yeah Dad


What’s happening????……”


Kester asked looking down cast.


” Look Stephannie and Kester


This is sure a long story but I think your Dad will have to say it out now to kill off this curiosity in you guys……”


My brother said and he looked at me and I took out a deep breath.


I looked at my daughter’ she is in tears and my son isn’t happy, he looks so down casted.


It sure a sad one but must be told, It all started long time ago. Years back when I only got Kester here as a child, he was just still three years of then.


Thom Elson the present Thomson was my best friend intact we were like brothers though I got to met him again through the connection business I did with him and Morgan.


I had known Thomson for a very long time even before we were kid , we grew up in the same hood.


From that very day we become best of friends again and we did business like brothers and what we shared years part helped us build another strong relationship again. I became more free with business with Thom Elson than Morgan because I knew Thomson before Morgan.



We started to do business Even without involving Morgan to it. Jealousy happened and one day my wife was attacked by unknown men after the qurral I had with Thom Elson which even results to us threatening each others life.


I thought my wife was been attacked by Thom Elson because he is man known of be to careful with words because any word he ever voiced out he must make sure he makes it a reality.


Out of anger I sent my men after Thomson’s wife and on the process she sustain an injury in her arms and was kept in the hospital ever since then but the truth of the whole thing is that my boys wasn’t behind Thomson’s wife been shot.


I was told she was already shot before they got to the place so they left her like that but I know that Thomson wasn’t gonna pay attention to such a talk.


Thom Elson was still on that pain when his brother was murdered by one of my men and the place his


wife was hospitalized was bomded down


and the killer was paid by Morgan.


I had to left Switzerland for the safety.


Of my pregnant wife your mum and son Kester here.


After that I confronted Morgan and he said it was all a mistake that the blame should be placed on the killer because he killed the wrong target.


I decided to live that way and never in my life step my feet in Switzerland for any reason.


I promised myself to go look for Thom Elson again after some years when he must have been calm and have buried his dead but when I went he wasn’t living in Switzerland any more and he didn’t live any address of his way about.


There was nothing I could have done.


When I met Elvin the very first time I know that he was his thoughts dead son but how he managed to survive was what I don’t know till date.


Ever since then till date, today is the first day I came face to face with him again.


Yeah I know you might be wondering how I haven’t met him maybe in one of our meeting but my


brother has been the one representing my stand because most of the time the emperor’s meeting will


be hold I will be faced with something……….”


I concluded.


Dad you know that Morgan was behind his wife’s attack why did you still mingle with him when you know he was that evil???……….”


Kester asked



There are more to what men count before judging others. I thought he was saying the truth when he told me that his boy made a mistake of target.


But now I know better ……….” I said to him.


Dad you knew all this while that Elvin is your friends son why didn’t you bother telling us. And you shouldn’t have argued Elvin’s identity with him… Maybe if you had been calm this whole thing would have end smoothly …..”


Kester asked.


Why should I when all about him brings back old sad memories, I couldn’t have when I thought his father must be dead since there was no trace of him.


Talking about letting go of Elvin, it really not an easy thing because he has helped me and still the only helper I needs at this moment……..”


So Dad he is gonna come back for revenge??????…….”


My son asked.


” What !!???!? Is he gonna come back to hurt us Dad??? …….”


Stephannie asked and I just smiled.


” Look daughter


Thomson is my friend even with our differencise he is still my friend and he still lives life the way we we’re brought up.


He will sure come after me like he said but you guys shouldn’t be worried every thing will be taken care


of before it gets that worse……”


I assured them






Barry Loen and Thom Elson are tight close stubborn friends that got connected by Morgan and out of greediness and jealousy Morgan separated the two friends and turned them to become the best of enemy…..*


Barry Loen and Thom Elson are childhood friend that grew up to love and care for each other like brothers, then Henderson Barlon’s younger brother was living with one of their uncle in Iceland.


Barlon was the only one left to live with their foster dad in Switzerland. His live was frustrated by his foster parents. As of then Thom Elson and his younger brother was the back bone of Barlon.


They cloth him and feed him as their own blood. Then Derek was a stubborn type so when they left form the hood to the city he joined the military while Thom Elson ventured into business.



Years after they met each other in a business conference and from there they become friends again and lived like blood.


Robbinson was their only business rival as of then, he was so rich and hated the personality of Barlon and Thomson because those two friends refused the importation of drugs into their own resident country.


Derek due to his power as a solider guarded the life of his brother and friend Barlon. When the conflict became more rampant he was sent to Asian to become a terrorist.


He came back been a dangerous assassin. A killer that kills without mercy.


But when jealousy came into them through the seed of confusion planted by Morgan grew up and they become the best of enemies.


After all that happened years back those two friends weren’t able to see each other, they don’t even know themselves because they have changed their name from Barry Loen to Barlon and Thom Elson to Thomson.


To be continued.


Final season of the story.















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