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It was so fast that even anyone could know what was happening those idoit has already started shooting so all I could do is to make sure I stay in a safe side while my guard went after Stephannie and Elvin.


Thanks to Elvin for saving my sister again, I just pray that no harm comes to them. I was at the safety house with Victor, Mirabel and Flora. I was really restless with Elvin and Stephannie been by my side.


It seen more security joined the shootout because the gunshots became more rampant as if the criminal after my sister’s life wants her by all means.


When the gunshots started reducing, then I was able to walk out from our hidout by then the VIPs was now clears.


I was so worried because I still haven’t seen my sister.


My two guards returned with an injured female guard of ours and still Stephannie and Elvin still haven’t been fine.


Please sister just be fine for me Okay


I said to myself.


We were still there when Stephannie ran in crying that some men took Elvin with them and we were still at the incident spot when the black tintered car drive pass us and she indicate the car as the car that Elvin is in.


I got in with other of my three bodyguard including Stephannie because she insisted on coming with us. We drove after them immediately and that’s Lextar was the one handling the car and he is very good with the faster was to get the criminals.


I informed my dad about the incident and he called the police to go after us through the information of direction I gave him that we took.


I was in the car but my mind was still very far, my sister was just crying so I had to calm her down and assure her that Elvin is gonna be fine.


We drive after them even though they were on speed but their car seem to be a foreign car.



We got to a sport and the car stopped and we drive to the spot as well stopped and my guard stepped down while there own guard stepped down.


Since they weren’t exchanging bullet I came down as well and then I noticed that allot of cars are on the way and men of suit are down pointing guys at each other.


The other car beside us on the other road by the right, none of his boys where down.


This shouldn’t be a bloody quest


Why not calm down let settle this in a more mature way. You need to let him go so we can settle it in a calm way


I spoke out but now of them pull down there gun.


How dare you ask me to surrender my boss to you, you should stay clear of this because what you don’t know is gonna hut you so hard…..”


One of the men form the car that has Elvin said.


And what if I tell you guys that you guys got different people……”


A voice spoke up and the guys dropped there guns.






One could see allot of black cars


At least each car has three armed men beside it pointing a gun at one person or the other.


The first car to park is Keria’s car which contain, Alvin, Priscilla and herself.


On their left hand side were Derek’s car which contain. Charlton, Laura and Derek.


On the other car opposite Derek’s car is Jacky’s car that is Alvin’s personal bodyguard from Iceland which contains Elvin, Vera, Steve and Jacky himself.


Behind that same car we’re other of there car which contains four other bodyguard plus Kalya Alvin’s personal female bodyguard still behind them is one of Kester car which contains, Eric and Edward while on Kester’s side was him, Stephannie Lextar and one other bodyguard.


All of them are down from there car only Elvin, Alvin, Priscilla, Stephannie, Charlton, Laura and Derek were inside their different cars.


Everyone was pointing guns on there opponent side ready to shoot when ordered.


Just after Kester stepped down, Derek opened the car and step down.






This shouldn’t be a bloody quest when we all here are the protectors or the emperor’s son.


I think this is something’ to hat can be settled easily Eric and Jacky……


I called out taken off my eyeglasses and they we’re shocked to see it me.


They asked there boys to take back their guns while I just smiled and then Charlton stepped down.


” This is just a matter of misunderstanding….”


I said.


” Charlton!!!!…..”


Jacky called out


” Yeah that’s me brother…….”


Charlton said.


” What happened???…….”


He asked.


” Well it gonna be a discussion for another day. Eric it has quite been a long time…..”


I said to him.


” It sure gonna be a talk for another day…..”


He said.


” Never know I could ever meet again


So we finally meet again Derek Elson……”


He called my name in full and I just smiled.


Jacky you got the wrong boss Keria let him down…….”


I said and the two twins stepped down and they looked at each other in surprised. Then Priscilla stepped down as well.


Dad !!!!…….”


Elvin called and I smiled


” Yeah that’s me…….”


I said and I took some step closer to him.


He was really surprised seeing me.


You need to stay with him for now till when am ready to come for you…….” I said to him after we break up from the hug he gave me.



Eric watch over him.


Not a scratch should be found his body


I said and he just nod with a smile.


Barlon’s daughter hugged him and then I turned to Jacky, we shall sure meet so soon.


I said and he nod and got into his car reverse his car and they drove off.


I got into the car that Keria and Priscilla was in and we drove away and they Eric did as well.


” Wow !!!! wow !!!! wow !!!!…….”


They two handsome nephew of mine has sure grown into been a man already.






Indeed anybody that mistook me to be that boy Alvin shouldn’t be judged to be a liar. Something seem do different, even when they took me the Moment they saw me with Stephannie.


Who could this boy really be.


No doubt I have a family which probably that Alvin comes form. He is my twin brother and Priscilla is my sister.


This is all a movie,


I just need to calm myself down.


I need to take a long shower and take a long sleep to know if I can get myself back to normal.


What really happened


Dad is still alive, I know he was the moment I got that message because he is the only one I know to be the bearer of such logo but what happened!????…..”


You need to calm down my Love


Stephannie said to me and I just nod and allow her lay her head on my tight.


I have sure had a long day.


We were just few miles away from the spot when three cars blocked us and Greg rushed down Immediately.


Are you Okay boss


He asekd Kester stepped down was well.


He got back to his own car and we all drive back to the castle.


Honest true, my mind was restless.


I took a long shower and after which Stephannie feed me and I slept on her tight.


I wake up to see a brand new day.



The face I saw the moment I opened my eyes, I even thought I was dead but the constant smile from the face made me blink my eyes and I found an anglic cute beautiful face of my Stephannie.


She kissed me and helped me up to have my teeth brushed.


After I was done brushing.


I had my breakfast in my room, I didn’t even remember the existence of Victor nor Kester. The whole thing that happened yesterday came flashing on mind and everything wayed me down.


It changed my mood to a sad one and just then Stephannie walked in and Frown seeing the way I kept my face in a worry manner.


” What’s it again sweetheart….….”


She asked seating beside me on the bed.


” Nothing much sweetie


Just recoring what happened yesterday.


That’s my Dad, the man that i called father all this year’s. He got disappeared and now this…….”


I said.


” Come on!!!!……”


You should be happy seeing him.


He sure came back for you


She said.


That isn’t my problem but that whole thing that really happened, my uncle is Priscilla’s uncle and that boy??.. something seem so connected.


I haven’t even meet him it not yesterday……..”


I said.


Look sweet heart


You don’t need to be bothering yourself.


Your dad or Uncle knows everything about your family and he said he is gonna come for you when he is




She said.


” You know


I was thinking, what could have triggered Kim to think of sending some hoodlums to kill me and Maya as well…….”


I said.


” Well they have there selfish reason but don’t worry Dad is gonna protect you.



I promise I won’t let anything happen to you so don’t bother about Maya and Kim am gonna handle that……..”


She said and I smiled remembering my deal with Maya, white citizen !!!!!!


” So just chill …….”


She said and kissed me and I reciprocate to the kiss.


I think we should go and spend time with Kester and Victor at least it gonna make you feel relaxed…….”


She said and I nod.


She stood up and helped me up.


I put on a sweeter and I walked out with her crossing her arms around my waist.






” Who is this boy????


Something about him seem connected to me somewhere, who is he???……..”


I asked Vera in particular


” Well, the only thing I know about him.


Is his name Elvin Elson, he is form Nigeria and my crush that all I know. He is the boy I was telling you




She said.


” Jacky!!!! That man that called him son


Also called your name which means you guys know each other


Who is he????……..”


I asked him.


” Yes sir


I know him.


As a matter of fact he is your uncle.


Yourost thought dead uncle.


Your dad once bear the name Elson……”


He said.


” What !!!


What are you tryna say ???…..”


I asked.


” Am sorry sir


Maybe you should put your dad on car


He is in the best position to give you all the answers you seek sir…….”


He said.


” Get me my phone……”


I said and he handed me over my phone.


And I called Dad Immediately.


He picked up immediately.


Phone conversation


” Hello !!! Dad…….”


Good afternoon!!!


” How are you doing son


You don’t sound good, is there any thing bothering you !????……”


He asked.


Yes Dad..….”


And what’s it ……. ” He asked immediately


Dad !!!!! What are you hiding from me


You saw a boy that looks like me and also a man by name Derek Elson!!……”


I said.


” What !!!!


You can’t be serious son


Do you know who bears that name??…….”


He asked


” Yeah , my thoughts dead uncle.


Dad !!!! You know I had a twin brother but you never bothered telling me anything about him…….”


I said in anger.


” Am sorry son


This is not what we can talk over through the phone, we will talk about it when you come back.


I promise to explain to you all you need to know……”


He said and I put off the phone.


Gosh !!!!! Dad why !!


I muched in anger and just then my uncle walked into the house in kind of a haste.


” Alvin are you guys Okay !!……”


He asked.


” We are fine Dad


Derek Elson helped us out…..”


Vera said and he looked shocked.


” What !!!!!…..”


He shout in surprised.


” Yeah uncle


That’s the name of the man that saved me and he asked me to tell you and Dad to show us his place because you guy know him……..”


I said in pretence as if I haven’t told Dad about it.


” For now you guys should stay low and don’t move about for any reason……..”


He said and left my room.


My feeling wasn’t wrong.


I know I have some part of me missing but I never thought it could this all this year’s.






Life teaches the best way it could be lived.


Everything about life has just two side,


Is either you are a child or an adult,


Is either you are poor or you are wealthy,


Is either you are sad or you are happy.


Is either you are trustworthy or you are a betrayal.


Is either you are am animal or thing.


Is either you becomes a failure or you passes.


Is either you keep fighting till you win or your quit and die.


Is either you are been loved or been hate.


Is either you are kind or you become wicked.


Is either you feeds on food or you feeds on blood.


Is either you are living or you are been counted a one of the dead…..


Life can’t give less than what he has to those that lives around it premises….,”


All this while I have been Living in the dark part of life, I have been living in my own Shadow. No human knows my pain but I help others sort there’s.



Only I left for myself and sometimes I wonder how I have been able to live all this while like this.



Life is indeed something without discribsion.




All this year’s I never thought I could hear the name of this man whom killed the warm part of my heart, the man whom and me live in secret and in the shadows of my own self.


The name that caused me endless pain.


The man that divided my family into what can’t ever been place back to normal.


The man that made my life miserable even with all the power and wealth I have.


Barry Loen !!!!!!!!!


I called out.


I pray to God to set my eyes on you again so that I can fulfill the late promise I made to my helpless wife and brother.


But you know what I promise you !!!


I will help you finish what you started year’s back without ending it …… I will make every moment of


your life count to others.


Barry Loen !!!!!!!!!!


I muched in anger.


I got a call from my son and after the call I couldn’t think straight, my son can’t call me to ask me off a man who is label dead when he didn’t see him.


Is my brother alive !!????


If he is then where have he been all this year’s without trace ????


I asked but I didn’t get the answer anywhere.


Well one thing at a time.


My son’s safety first before any other things.


I just pray that my brother is indeed alive.


I prayed slowly.


I took out my phone and called my private researcher Miss Jennifer.


” Hello Miss Jennifer


Am making a trip to Luxembourg tomorrow I need you to watch my back and the city till am back..…”


” Okay sir …..”


She said.


And one more thing,


I need all the details about Mr. Barlon’ and all the activities that gets him money.


I need this information in the next twenty four hours……”


I said and put the line down.


Inform others and the necessary people that needs to be informed about my trip to Luxembourg tomorrow….. I don’t need stroy put everything in order…….”


I said to Sylvester my must trusted bodyguard.


I took a call immediately to the director in charge in the goods been imported in Europe.


” Good evening Mr. Emperor……..”


He said a greeting immediately he picked up.


I need all the goods been imported by Mr. Barlon both imported and exported good should be seized till


I says otherwise


I said to him.


” Okay sir …….”


He said.


I want it to be monitored from this minute.


I said and put the line dead.


Barry Loen!!!! You are free to run if you gat strength to.






I don’t even know what to say about this whole thing, my uncle ride with me home because ever since my mum’s brain surgery was carried out he hasn’t come visiting.


Me I haven’t even put pressure in asking mum about her family but with what had happened today, she will have to explain to me all I need to know.


We got home and mum was so happy to see uncle unlike the first day he came after his long travel.


After we eat with his friends I don’t even know all their name but I can’t forget Keria because she is the one that save me and Alvin.


After we were done eating but we all were still in the dining table so I thought now is the Best time to ask.


” Mum I really want to know everything about my family…….”


I said and she kind of look a little surprised but she still smiled.



I was expecting that question long time before now but am gonna tell you. Here is your uncle and his brother is your dad whom is by name Thom Elson……” She said and I nod for her to continue.


I have only one brother by name Marcelo and he had only one beautiful daughter that i only saw once by name Vera.


” You have two twins elder brothers by name Elvin and Alvin. They are identical twins…..” She said and stopped.


” Is that all mum…….”


I asked and she nod


” That’s all I know may be your uncle came help you out with the ones I don’t know…….” She said and I looked at uncle.


Well I know this is because of what happened earlier but as your mind tells you, those two identical twin you saw some hours ago are you two elder brother……..”


He said.


What !!!…..”


I asked more of a shout


Yeah !! You are the only daughter to Mr. Thom Elson the present God Emperor of Europe, the number one regarded citizen of the wonderful continent………”


My uncle said and I couldn’t altar any other words.


Derek!!! It has been a while.


What really happened.


I thought I was gone …….”


My mum said and looked at my uncle and he smiled.


Maybe God never wanted it in such a way,


I promised my brother to watch over you and that what I did, you fainted even before the fire could get to the room you were in because I kept a fire extinguisher which got boost immediately the fire became too much.


The feeling I got kept me unsettled and I drive immediately to check on you only to meet the hospital on fire.


I took you out and I investigated on the reason for the fire out beark and then I found out that it was casued by your husband’s rival. Mr. Robbinson…….”


My uncle said and I was shocked.


Maya’s dad is whom kept my mum in this kind of dark life that I have been living.


Knowing that they will still come after you so I had to keep you in your friends house for her to watch over you till you gets better.


You were under her custody when you gave birth to her.


I took Elvin far away because you know that he has a tracked that can be seen when around Europe…


I took him to Nigeria an African continent.


He explained.


Thanks so much bestie


Mum said to Miss Harriatta and she smiled.


I was just mopping at them all.


For now you guys still needs to stay low till I informs my brother before you can come over to Iceland Uncle said and I was kind of Happy I don’t even know why maybe because am gonna see my cute and charming brothers.






What’s wrong with this boys


How could they miss this opportunity. They got all the chance they needed to gun that idoit called Stephanie done.


I tried to call there number but it wasn’t connecting, I tried serval times but it still not connecting.


Dad I told you those boys can’t carry out this plans perfectly, now look they have f**ked up the whole things…..”


I said as I ran into his room.


No problem


I will handle that


He said and I angrily walked out his room, I will deal with them if they fail to get back the money I paid for then I will make the pay with their lives.


Stephannie you might think you are saved but am still coming for you.


I muched.











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