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We wake up the next day really weak like someone who worked all night without sleeping, my whole body is really heavy like someone that they gave the besten of his life, I really feels so exhausted and tried.


I used my hand to searched around the bed but I didn’t feel Stephannie’s body around me so I opened my eyes and she wasn’t beside me like we slept off in the night.


” Looking for me my king??? …….”


She asked walking in with a tray in her hands with a bold smiled on, I just nod.


” Awwn !!!!


I moan out in pain as I tried sitting up right.


Yesterday’s activity has finally gathered to delt with me this morning….


She dropped the trays and walked close to he and claimed the bed.


” What’s the problem sweetheart!??!……”


She asked showing concerned face as she tried helping me up gentlely.


” What’s the problem!?!……”


She asked again and I tried smiling but you know nah my body isn’t in a good state.


” Am fine sweetie


Just feeling pains alover my body……”


I said calmly.



” Awwn !!! sorry my king


Don’t worry am gonna help you out


Am coming my king……”


She said kiseed me, stood you form the bed and rushed to get something I don’t really know.


She came back with something and then she kept the thing in the table and after I was done eating she made me lie down facing my stomach on the bed while I back her.


She started messaging my back so calm and gently. I felt at peace and my body was getting a little relaxed.


She applied something like an oil which has a fantastic smell on my body while till messaging it. Her has was so soft and warm.


I enjoyed myself anyway.


I slept while she was still messaging my back with her soft and warm hand, I enjoyed her hand moving


around my back so slowly.


I waked up at the mid day.


My whole body was now strong and much relaxed all the pains where gone.


She sure did a great job on my back in the morning.


Stephannie was around but she was busy with her phone but she dropped it immediately she noticed that I am awake.


” Awwwwn my king is already awake……”


She said as She walked to me on the bed and claimed up though her legs where still touching the floor.


How are you feeling now ???……..” She asked with a smiled


You did a great job sweetheart


Am fine now all my body is now relaxed.


All the pains are all gone…….”


I said and she smiled.


Thanks sweetie……” She said and kissed me.


I eat and after then a relaxed for sometimes.


I got a message form Vera asking me to visit her in her house but you know I can’t honor such invitation.


Honny don’t you think we should take a walk around the castle or better still go have a chat with others they are at the castle shade drinking and chatting..……”



She said and I nod while she went to my wardrobe to get me a cloth of wear because am just on short and singlet.


” Fine by me


Let go have a chat with them……”


I said as I put on the cloth she got for me,


She handed over a sweeter a black color anyway,


” You look more cute like a king…….”


She said walk closer to me and adjusted something in my cloth and then she kissed me.


” I guess we are good to go?????…….”


I said and she smiled kissed me again and we walked out of my room hand in hand.


We got out and there was Kester, Victor, Flora and Mirabel then was a surprise guest Anastasia and Vanessa they we’re in kind of a random seat.


We walked more closer.


” Ooh !!!!! Here comes the royals …….”


Victor said drawing the attention of others and they looked at our way, all of them smiled ” surprised ”


” Sliy boy !!!!!!


What’s up guys ???………”


I said as we got to the shad and sat down at a place. I sat actually with Stephannie and beside Mirabel that’s is, I was seating between the two sisters.


” We are fine


Just have been expecting the arrival of the majesty……..”


Victor said again and I just smiled.


We had allot of time for each other and we discussed allot of things and we played allot of game and talk about allot of things.


When it was dark


I went on a walk with Stephannie and she insisted we have a private chat with her when we got to her beautiful garden.


We sat down at the spot she was crying the very day I told her I was leaving the castle.


When we sat down she hold my hand so tight and silent moved around the us for some time before I decide to start up a conversation.



” So what’s that you want us to talk about??…..”


I asked her.


” Nothing really


Maybe you can tell me about your family


Unno you never told me about your family ever since we started dating…….”


She said not looking at me.


Well nothing much about my family The truth is that I got none


I grew up with my foster father whom got missing at my age ten and from then I lived with an old woman who letter died few years ago, that’s all about my family……..”


I said beliefly and she just nod.


We had a wonderful moment together and she ended up sleeping on my tight when I started playing my


guitar .


I carried her to my room and I covered her up with my bedsheets and then logged into the social media to caht with my friends.


It happens that Flora was online to I had a chat with her.


I went into Stephannie’s message box then I went to her gallay all her pictures are so classic, I actually checked the pictures of when when we haven’t started dating.


I slept late though but that’s because I slept in the afternoon I guess.




We took our bath separately and we got ready for school and we got down and Kester joined our ride to school.


School activity were moving fine just like every other day, I saw a morning text form Priscilla and that even remainded me that I asked to have a chat with her today.


I don’t even know how that is gonna be possible because Stephannie isn’t even acting as if she is gonna leave my side anytime soon. She doesn’t give me any breathing space to stay in the company of others but thanks to God, it as if he knows my heart because seriously I would have find an escuse to give to Stephannie if she didn’t got that Emergerence call.


Immediately she left I informed Priscilla my location and she came right a way. She walked just like a queen as she walk close to me, she is really beautiful.


” Hey Elvin ……”


She said with a bold smiled and I smiled at her as well .



” Am fine Priscilla


How are you doing today????……”


I asked


” Am fine as you see


Hope you had a wonderful night????………”


She asked and I nod while imade some space for her and she sat beside me.


” You really look so cute……”


I said just to say what I saw nothing attached and she smiled at my complement, there is something I noticed about her that other girls does that she doesn’t which is, other girls feels shy around me and they get shy when I complement or look straight into their Eyes but she case is different.



She doesn’t get shy or feel intimidated


So what’s up where is the beautiful Stephannie ?????…….” She asked


She went to attend to an emergency stuff in the institution…..”


Wow!!! that’s good……”


She said and a bit silent run in us till I decided to start up a conversation with her base on what we were discussing the night.


” So tell me about your boyfriend


Don’t you have because I never sees you with one ???…….”


I asked and she just smiled.


Well I don’t have a boyfriend maybe I should say I don’t wanna date for now……..” She said.


Wow !!!……..”


What’s the wow for!!?!?!??!!


You what about your parents


I learnt you live with Stephannie…….”


She asked.


” Well I don’t really know how to explain but I live with them actually here in Luxembourg,


I don’t really know anything about my really parent, I only know my uncle and he never told me anything about my real parents whether they are dead or alive.


He was the one that trained me from my childhood and got stolen at my age of ten and I lived with an


old wonderful woman whom took me like hers but she passed out few years before I won this


Stephannie’s scholarship…..”


I explained.


” Awwn that’s so bad


Am sorry reminding you of your past……”


She said and I just smiled


” it okay.


So it your turn


How about your parents and siblings……..”


I asked and she frowned a little.


” What’s the problem!????……”


I asked


” Nothing……..”


She said sadly


Look Priscilla if it something you can’t bear to tell just let it stay, I said


” No !! am fine


It not, you know I grew up a doctor while I later found out to be my mom’s best friend, I don’t really know whom my dad is till date. As for my mum, she is ill though a bit healthy now but she has memory wipe. She lost her memory from her 15years live.


I only know my uncle Derek whom I hardly easy constantly…….”


She said.


Am sorry for that What of your dad?????


Is he late or something?????………”


I asked with concerned as if am trying to find out what wrong with my blood.


Well my dad has never visited me and my mum and mum could have been the one to tell me whom my dad is bit the little research I made on my own with her name i found out that my mum got married to the emperor and the history had it that she is dead and that’s the confusing thing.


According the research I made


During the time they married there is nothing like devous each other but what I don’t know if my mum is hiding or something. She can’t remember anything that happened in the past……..” She said


” This is serious


You know your mum is the best person to give you all the details your seek but what about your mum’s friend didn’t she know anything about your mum??…….” I asked .




Well she knows but she said that it a secret for now till my uncle returns. I have tried asking her to tell me but she said no that he only know few thing that my uncle is the right person to tell me…………” She said .


This your uncle were is he…….”


I asked


He live in Iceland but presently he is here in Luxembourg, the last time he came he promised to come with my two twins brother so am just hoping on the day am gonna see him………”


She said


”’ Oh !!! I think that’s the best


Since he is already in Luxembourg he is gonna viste soon…….”


I said to her and she nod.


But haven’t your uncle for once make mention of you having a dad and why he never showed up uptill now????………”


I asked


” Well like I told you


Am uncle has been away for so long but am gonna get the answer soon even if my uncle didn’t tell me because my mum will be going on a brain surgery soon I know when she is okay she won’t hid any secret from me ……..”


She said with so much certainty.


You know I wish the brain surgery goes fine and fast because I can’t wait to know whom my two cute twins brothers that my uncle told me about…….”


She said ..


Wow , that reminds me


What’s their name, you researched about them right?????…….”


I asked even though I don’t why I’m asking.


” Well according what I got


They are identical twin by name Alvin and Elvin ……..”


She said and just then the almighty queen walked into us and I couldn’t ask any other questions to her that I wanted to ask before.



” Good afternoon Stephannie…..”



She greeted her calmly with a smile and surprised Stephannie smiled at her even though her mood what’s a good one when she walked in on us.


” Okay Elvin


I have to give you some space I need to out something in order……”


She said and I smiled at her and she walk away gently.


Stephannie was still standing folding her hands without a trace of smiled in her face at all, I know she is jealous again. Girls !!!!!


” Would you telatger stand the whole day ……”


I asked but she didn’t say anything to me still frowning anyway


” Come on


What’s the problem sweetheart????


Come and seat with me……”


I said but she didn’t say anything initially but she is still with a Frown face.


Who is that girl to you and why is she always around you whenever am not around Who is she ????????………”


She asked and I just smiled.


You know you are too protective and jealous in everything around me.


Come on that’s Priscilla, she is my friend,you don’t expect me to just sit without have a chat with someone.


Their is nothing attached she is just a friend…..”


I said calmly to her but she was still frowning.


Come on sweetheart It nothing trust me…..”


I said but she didn’t make any move so I stood up and walk closer to her hugged her even though she was folding her hands.


I kissed her and at first she didn’t reciprocate but I still kissed her again and then she kissed me back and fold her hand around me this time.


” ALWAYS JEALOUS !!!!!…..”


I wispered in her ears and she smiled.


“” Why won’t I be over jealous.


My boyfriend is so cute and irresistible so I gat to watch him always.He should just stay far away form bitches as simple as that crush and any of them that dare cross the line will have her self to blame…….” She said holding me more tight and I just smiled.


We walked back to the classroom together.


I met Vera where we came to have lunch with Stephannie and she winked at me.


I remember she sent a message I haven’t really read this time to know what it saying but am gonna read later.


We went home after classes is over.


Kester actually came to pick me up.






I was with Stephannie as she message my back when Kester walked in as usual without knocking. He walked in with Victor behind him.


” Come on Kester


Grow up man, knock while coming my room what if I was about to……..”


I said and stopped what I wanted to and Stephannie hit me smilling


” Naughty boy…..”


She wispered in my ears.


If you are about to do something it isn’t bad if we watch a life video…..” Victor said and we all busrt out laughing.


Let me be fast so that they can continue from what they are doing……” Kester said .


Come on brother


We aren’t going anything bad


Am just messaging his back for him…….”


Stephannie said.


” Well Elvin


Mr. Marcelo wants to have a chat with all the players that are coming for the competition


So I came to inform you……”


He said.


” Okay no problem


Now you guys should leave…..”


I said .


” And what if we decide to sleep over ……..”


Victor said but Kester push him out



” We are gone already


You guys can continue….….”


He shouted from outside and I just smiled.






Am I actually been over protective???


I asked myself but why us he always with that girl whenever am away??


This is the only girl she is free with in the institution aside from Flora whom now spend her time more with my brother.


I stood where I was watching her and Elvin after attending to the emergency call I got form Mr.


Desmond concerning a request that was sent to one of the student in my institution.


You know as a point I was overwhelmed with jealousy so I have to walk in on them to stop the discussion. Even when I walked in none of them was freaked out, scared or surprised.


Well as for the reason for Mr. Desmond to sent for me is just that three different institution wants Elvin to join their students in their school forest excursion which I decline all the request.


Well I will still tell him about it but not now, I won’t want a divided attention.


The time is kicking and the more my competition is coming more closer. I just have five days left for my competition to take place after Kester’s final competition.






Am so happy for the arrival of my cousins brother Alvin, it has really been long we stayed together after I came back from Iceland five years ago.


If not that am blood related I wouldn’t mind dating him, I always love going everywhere with him then and he was my friends crush then in Iceland.


At least from the main time that am gonna stay with him I won’t feel bored like I use too.


This house is too big for just one daughter I have told dad to marry another wife but he had refused she claims to so much love my late mum.


I walk around my my dads house with him and he told me allot about how bored he had been living with his dad in Iceland, I don’t blame him his dad is too popular.



He complains that his dad don’t allow him take a step outside the estate and he is always with bodyguard everywhere aside his bedroom well mine is a but better, I do move around sometime with guards.


You know I feel like staying here for a long time, in my dads house he won’t even allow me take a walk around our estate without asking me to move with the company of my two personal bodyguard…….” Alvin said and I just smiled


Well that’s the difference between Iceland and Luxembourg you know your dad is the emperor’s and allot of people wants to get you down so he gat to be protective so not to let harm come to you ……” I said to him..


But his own is getting bad.


Do you know that I even attend classes with my bodyguard and that made me not to have any friends in school apart from my only friend Alexander I got no other friend, sometimes he is even scared coming close to me.


You could imagine such……”


He said and I could really feel his pain


Well that’s they type of life we are born to live, I understand even me over here am aren’t comfortable but don’t worry we are gonna take a walk around the city on Saturday I got a plan……”


I said to him


Oh!!!! Really……”


He asked and i nod.


You know there is this my crush that so much look like you he is even cute than you but you got nice body than him anyway I want you to meet him……”


I said to him


Really??, that will be great……”


He said.


But you know am the most handsome guy in the world, I have no comparison……” He added and we laughed together.


‘! So what’s your plan????


You know dad isn’t gonna allow that……”


He said.


Yeah I know and I have already planned ahead of time, that why I arranged it to be Saturday, you know dad always have time to spend with his two friends on Saturday……”



The second power in Europe Stephannie’s dad and his brother, so am gonna tell him that we want to go for an exercise then from there we could go and have found……”


I whispered.


Hope it gonna work…..”


He said


Sure, am gonna make dad allow us…..” I assured him and he smiled.


We discussed about other things


He is an artist so he sang a love song for me which I listened to till I felled asleep in his arms






I walk around my factory to make sure that everything is well worked as planned, Barlon am sorry for you.


You are the cause for the death of your son.


I said as I smiled and walk out of my factory.


I got home and I called Mr. Emperor


His personal guard picked up the call and handed it over to the Emperor.


Good afternoon Emperor……” I greeted


Mr. Morgan


It has sure been a long time we had a phone conversation……”


He said and I gave out a evil smile.


It right but this call for it…


I could have come over but the state of things her calls for my presence…”


I said


” That’s okay


So what’s the reason for this call ??……”


He asked


Sir it might interest you to know that your thoughts dead son Elvin is still alive and has been harboured by Barry Leon…….”



” What !!!……”


He exclaimed and I smiled


Yeah Emperor.


Barry Leon is still alive and he lives here in Luxembourg, he is the same as the Barlon


As a matter of fact he is planning of forcing the boy to become one of his skater player in one of a deadly




I informed.


Thanks for this knowledge……” He thanked


You are welcome Emperor Your respect is my priority.


You gat research on the boy he is harbouring as of three months ago. He bears the name Elvin Elson…..”


He said


Thanks so much


I will put thing back to normal……”


He assured me and i smiled and put the call down.


Barlon, let me see how fast you can run


I said and I drink my wine in happiness


To be continued.













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