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I got to school the next day and I waited outside to if I could see him drive in but he didn’t show up. Kim driver into the institution with a great speed and he stopped just few metres away form the place i was standing.


” He came down and walked up to me.


Stephannie !!!!…what’s wrong. You left on your won without waiting for me for come over and pick you




He said.


” Am not even in the middle for all this


Look Kim, you are my friend not my driver, I left early because I needed to catch up something on time……”


I said to him.


” Okay I get it


Am more than you friend Stephannie


You could have gave me a call to inform me………”


He said.


Look Kim


I need to be in the classroom now


I was here because I know you are gonna come and now that o have explained I will be going inside I said and walked out on him.


I got to the class and no teacher was around, so k called Miss Kitty and asked her to spend a teacher to come over, maybe he is gonna come to the class immediately he sees a teacher around.


Not quite long.


I teacher walked in and the students where surprise because he wasn’t supposed to be in class by then.


He just passed an information just like I asked him but all his stay Elvin didn’t show up.


I was getting frustrated


Is he avoiding me or something.


I tried calling his number but he wasn’t connecting.


Throughout the whole day


Elvin never showed up in the school


I tried asking Flora but she said she is also confused about Elvin’s way about.


She said that Elvin wasn’t in school at all and that was strange.


After school


I drives to his house but still I only met the guards but Joe wasn’t around.


I called him and he told me the location they were so I drove there immediately.


Even when I got there


Elvin didn’t show up again till it was evening and I had to drive home without seeing him.


Is he now avoiding me???


Throughout the whole night, I couldn’t sleep at all. I kept on calling his number but it wasn’t connecting ” switched off ”


I later slept off and wake up with a very gigantic headache, all my body was in pain due to lack of rest.



I prepared for school earlier and on getting to school, I asked the security guard and they gave exactly the description of Elvin’s car.


They said it has came and gone back which means he is already in school.


I searched around even at the garden, at the valley the institution park but he wasn’t in any.


I waited till a teacher came in and just then, he walked in majestically into the class and he came and sat down with me, the moment he came I wasn’t opportune to say anything so I was hoping that I could say sorry when teacher is gone but he left with the teacher.


I mean the teacher asked him to come with him to his staff office immediately.


I waited in the classroom for him thinking that he is gonna come back since Flora was also in the classroom.


I even told Flora that I have found out the real truth about the whole thing that she should help me tell Elvin how sorry I am and stop avoiding me but it seem he is even avoiding her as well.


I was restless in the class room


During the free time Kim drove into the institution but I told Tessia to find an excuse for him.






I know Stephannie has known the truth and the real truth about how I feel about her is that, I don’t want to be the reason she will get hurt.


I was avoiding but her and her calls


She should just be with Kim since they are getting along smoothly perhaps Kim isn’t a bad guy.


Today I was in school earlier than I use to be that I had to ask Lextar to still drive back to the house and pick Flora up just because I don’t want Stephannie to follow me about.


I had to come to the class to receive lectures and immediately after the class ended I made as if the teacher needs my attention so I left with her.


On my way to the garden


I met Kim’s car outside, I know he is here to pick his girlfriend. I waited hoping that Stephannie is gonna come out but she never did.


I left the garden to the institution library to study some things that I have lacked behind during my hard times with Maya’s game.



After I was done with what I came to study, I walked to my usual rest garden but I was uncomfortable in it so I just decided to take a walk around the institution entertainment hall.


I walked into the hall only to caught sight of Stephannie and Kim kissing each other with anger, I hissed out loud which made them noticed my attention and I walked away while Stephannie ran after me.






I waited for Elvin to come over but he didn’t show up so I had to go out with the intention of waiting for him at his garden but coming I meet Kim by surprise.


I even thought he was out of the institution, I walk fast and he followed me calling me back but I was moving ahead of him without turning back.


What’s the problem Stephannie


Stop!!! Why are you avoiding me??? …..”


He asked but I still didn’t say anything nor stopped.


I walked into the institution entertainment hall and he followed.


He dragged me by my hand and pushed me to the wall.


What’s the problem Stephannie


Did I do anything wrong?? Why are you avoiding me. Say something


Is it because of this idiot???


He asked.


Mind what you say to me Kim


I never invited you over so find your way out.


I said and tried to walk away but he pulled me back again.


You know what


Am fade up Stephannie


He said pitched me to the wall.


You are hurting me Kim


I said but he wasn’t ready to let go.


He started moving his lips closer to mine and I just stared at him not knowing what else to do again.


I closed my eyes gently and just some inch close I heard a lot hiss and I opened my eyes to see it was Elvin.


He walked out angrily and I ran after him.



” Elvin wait !!!!!!……”


I said but he wasn’t stopping at all.


I kept following him but he increased his space.


” Please wait Elvin……”


I said but he was still not stopping


I ran and pulled him by his hands and he jerk his hand off mind.


” Am sorry Elvin


It isn’t what you are thinking


Please just listen to me…….”


I said and hold him back again.


” What of you want Stephannie???


Go back and continue with what you were doing with him He said looking so angry…….”


My whole body was changing because the shouting was getting into my head.


” Am sorry


It isn’t what you are thinking


I wasn’t doing anything with him


He was forcing himself on me……”


I explained


I don’t care to know what you were doing with him or not, I don’t even care to know if he is forcing himself on you or not, I know you don’t need me and so do I, so just go to Kim and stay far away from me…… ”


He said, tears slip down my cheek while tried walking away but I hold him back.


Please Elvin


I no you are angry at me but please am really sorry.


I can explain


” Oh!!!! You is it that you can explain Stephannie’ tell what???


Yes I get it, you thought I was dating Maya that’s why you choose to freaking around Kim right???? Just go to him.


Maya was right after all


You never lived me because live is built on trust and believe. You never trusted me that’s why you believe whatever you were told I did……”


He said admitting shout and my head ached. I started feeling weak and feverish due to the shouting was not getting into my head.


Tears slip down from my cheeks


I was getting more weak.


Am sorry Elvin


I managed to say.


I was no longer my self again.


Am sorry


Was the last thing I said and I slumped but he caught me on time and I smiled


He still cares about me after all.


Am sorry Elvin Am really sorry


I don’t mean to hurt you by staying around Kim. Am so sorry Elvin……”


”I Love you with all my heart and I don’t think I can live without you beside me.


I promise to trust and love you no matter what …..”


I said even though I don’t know if anyone could hear me it seem I was just speaking inside of me.






I rushed her into the car.


I couldn’t really say what was wrong this is the second time am witnessing this, I even thought the love I had for her has died but seeing her fall slowing awakes all the love I have for.


I listen to her saying something in a very tiny baby voice and I stayed quiet and listen to her.


Tessia drove very fast to the step mom’s hospital and even before we got to the hospital the nurses were already out and they carried her inside immediately while I stayed in the waiting room.


It didn’t even cross my mind to call anyone at all, just few minutes Kester and Victor walked into the hospital looking furious and I even wondered how they got to know that she fainted.


What happened Elvin ?????…… ” He asked immediately they walked in..


I can’t really say Kester


You know, I caught her kissing Kim at the institution entertainment Hall so when she noticed my present, she left Kim and ran after me.


So at the middle of our conversation she lumped but thanks to God that I saw her on time to had caught her and bring her here just like Tessia suggested….”



” You just need to calm down and out your self together she is gonna be fine



It gonna be okay Don’t worry yourself My sister will be fine


Kester said patting my back a little and I just nod as if he knew what’s going on in my mind…….” Kester said patting my back and I just nod.


We waited for Miss Beatrice to be done and just even on our waiting two more doctors walking into the theater room.


Mr. Barlon walked in with Stephannie’s uncle and Mirabel.


How is she doing right now….” Mr. Barlon asked.


I don’t really know Dad.


Mum hasn’t been out from the theater room since we got here but from what I heard, she fainted while on conversation with Elvin Here.


After some hours they came out.


Not frowning none smile. Mr. Barlon waked up to Mrs. Beatrice.


How is my daughter doing???…..” He asked.


She is fine honey…”


She is sleeping at the moment but any of you can go and see her when the nurse is done cleaning her up… ”


She said and I breathe out.


” Thanks God……”


I said calmly as Mr. Barlon and Henderson walked to Mrs. Beatrice office.


Honey can we have a chat in my office


She said directing the request to Mr. Barlon. Both him and Stephannie’s uncle left to see Mrs Beatrice.


After sometime time the nurses came out so we walked into other room was in and then she was fast asleep so we just stood there waiting to know if she is gonna wake up.


I sat beside her on the hospital bed while other great on something around.


We waited fire some hours before she opened her eyes but she was so emerald that I don’t even think she could recognize everyone around.


She ate and still sleep again.



Kester and other had to go back to the castle together coke beck tomorrow but I just stayed in the hospital with her.


She was left with four extra male guards to watch over her..


I waited thinking that she is gonna wake up soon but she never woke up. I touched her countless time and she was still alive.


I kind of blame myself for her state now maybe if I haven’t given her hard time she won’t have fainted trying to plead with me.


Just wake up Stephannie


I really love you and I don’t want anything to happen to you


I said so calmly…


I stayed beside her waiting for her to wake up again but she never did. I hold her hands so tight as if she us gonna disappear if u let out.


I used her hands to make a pillow and u slept of unknowingly.






I opened my eyes and the first person I felt around was him Elvin, I know he is around because he was holding my hands while sleeping.


I just smiled looking at him


He looks so cute and he is so lovely and caring.


I rob my other palms.


I still slept off again and then I was woken by my brother’s shouting voice.


I opened my eyes a little to see Elvin stretching him self which shows he must been woken by my brother and Victor. I look around and there was Mirabel and Flora.


They smiled at me while the girls came to seat beside me.


Who is really sick between the two of you, Stephannie and Elvin??? ……” Kester asked.


How could you be asking such question. If any of us should be sick that still means that the two are sick.


So the two head are sick just that one is the known patient…..” Victor said and i laughed a little



Dad later came to check on me or better still I will say he came to take me home because during the time of his arrival that my discharging documents was been processed.


I got home a little weak and I spent all day with him.


Our live grow stronger.


I learn to trust and believe only in what he says and what i see about him well am not even a type that listen to gossip because I don’t keep friends.


Days pass and the love we get for each other grew more stronger, we become addicted to each other, we developed the habit of staying around each other in everything we are doing.


To be continued.










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