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I wasn’t expecting to see someone in the garden even if I should see I wasn’t expecting the person to be Elvin.



Do you know the problem here is that am even talking to him and he is smiling foolishly at his foolish behavior.


What is even his problem????


I just stood looking at him as he walk out from the garden even before tessia won’t approach us….. This boy must be in crazy.


He walk all the way from his room here just to say good morning.


I wonder what is giving this guy some gust to do things he is doing …… Well time


will sure tell about it.


I stay for sometimes but now I was thinking …. You wouldn’t want to know what


am thinking about….. Am always weak around and I find very hard to hit him.


I was drive to school by my bodyguards… getting to school Tessia was the first to step down and open my door for me to come down i just gave her straight looks.


Among all my personal bodyguard Tessia and Stella is my favorite… I like them because they knows when am angry, when someone can talk to me and when am in a good mood.


I like them like a sister.


They will disobey my dad just to make me happy and obey my own command….


Yeah my dad gave her rules to follow like…


bring Stephannie home after school and follow her every where she goes.


can you imagine such !!!!


It seem am just realizing that you are naturally beautiful…..” she said smiling




I asked because I can’t tell were the surprise is coming form..


Yeah.. You know you look like you did a lot of make up before coming out…..” She said.



” Come on


You know I don’t like doing that.


I feels like am carrying another face added to my own original face.


I hate make up and I don’t involve myself in it not even a slight of it….”


I said to her while she nodded.


Tessia !!!!! ….” I called her name.


Yeah Miss Stephannie ….” She answered and I kept calm.


What’s the problem ”


She asked noticing that I wasn’t saying anything again.


” Nothing really …”


I said though something is bothering me and I so much need someone to talk to.. I don’t even mind but I control myself..


I will have to send for Mirabel after school…. She is only one I feels free telling


about my troubled mind.


I just pray is isn’t what am thinking.


” You can tell what ever it is.


You know I can have something or even the solution or answer to it…..”


She persuaded.


Don’t worry is something I can handle


Won’t you go back to the car or do you want to go into my class with me as well…”


I asked.


If you wish then is done….”


she said and I look at her and she smile and walk back to the car while I went into the noisy classroom and immediately I step in everywhere went dead.



They better be like this till school dismissal or else.. They will not study in this classroom today.


I made eye contact with that Jasper of a boy and he removed his eyes immediately.. I guess he is not man enough to start a simple eye contact with Stephannie I said to myself and smiled.






It time to start mapping out out plan on how to get the fight done…. remember we


are not the only one fighting against him but we needs to walk faster than them to get that which they are looking for from him…..” The one that seems to be their boss said.


But boss, don’t you think that we will be needing the help of Mr. Morgan in this….”


One of the criminal asked.


To hell with Mr. Morgan.


look Mr man… for the fact am working with Mr. Morgan on this is for him to just help me achieve my aim…”


I know that the only son of Thomson is his life.. if we can get him killed then everything is done… the only way were Morgan comes in is to help me become as rich as I use to be….”


The boss said.


But dad what made you think that after taken down Thomson that Morgan will help you take over his wealth???…”


his son asked a fair guy in nature.


Look the only person here is Thomson and if I can get him down then even Morgan can’t stop me because I know how to hunt him down… so just leave that to me ….”


the boss said while the son nod.


Thomson am coming for you…


It quiet unfortunate that you will dead by my sword but always have it in mind to keep your clothes were your hand can get it.







I woke up before Karia and I just went to the dining inside the same bedroom. I on my laptop and but the hot-spot on.


I typed the names of the twelve (12) Emperors of Europe and their pictures and positive appeared.


I scroll down and thick good to those that hurt me, starting form Mr. Thomson, Barlon Morgan Belmont and Lonnie. Am gonna hunt you down one after the other.. and I will start from your THOMSON.


I saved the site and I closed the laptop put on my T-shirt and walk of the room to were I don’t even know.








Since that boy Elvin come to this house.. I have feel like am living with someone I have known for years well one thing is sure about his identity which I still don’t know who hid the history of his life and origin and the reason for doing that.


Well I will still keep searching if it him then I will protect him with all I have


I promise you that my good friend


I said to myself.


I was in my secret room with my diary as I go through all that has happened for years back.


Life is like round about.. after turning you will still meet it to turn again.



I wish I could take back the hand of time to correct all my mistakes but we you can only remember those you have hurt and those that hurt you but what counts are the way you handle those that hurt you and how you make things right between the people you hurt.


I had a great past but it ended up in a great fight that the way am seeing thing it could be pass over to the next generation.


As I was reading


My phone beeps my younger brother is the one calling and I wonder why calling so early.


I pick up the call place it in my ear.


Dear brother… There won’t be time for pleasantries….. We will be needing you


immediately.. Meet us at you favorite Hotel


It very urgent and please inform Jannelle before coming He said and the line went dead.


What could probably be the problem.


I got up alert Jack he will pass the information to Alex and other.


I texted Miss Jannelle immediately.


I can down and the cars were ready


I got into my BMW and we zoom off.


To be continued………


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