Thu. Jul 11th, 2024




















He is really handsome and so cute..


very intelligent… Wow how I wish we can be close friends.



Having a chat with him and his brother was so great.. I found out a little information apart from what I heard before… Maybe I should say a personal life of him.



We will be leaving back to Europe Luxembourg to be precise and my greatest joy is that they are coming with us to Europe.



Though I wasn’t gonna attend the same institution with him but I know how to get in touch with him anyway.



Kester really has a good heart you know.well they both has gone a long way.








After I told them that they will be traveling with me back to Europe.. They seem happy and am happy that they are cool traveling with me. Stephannie will surely see a God in man form.


If I should be a girl.. if not Elvin I will not date any other guy.



My dad called me and i told him that am coming back by tomorrow with some friends…. he just said as long as am cool with them he has no problem with it.



That’s my dad for you all he cares is his children’s happiness but I warned him not to tell Stephanie about it… I want it to be a surprise to her and Grandma.



Have been thinking ..



Anyway till I get back home first.








After Kester told us that we will be traveling with him to Europe…There comes a change…


I won’t talk on it much.



We had fun throughout the day.. Well I had a little fun as well despite the fact that am not feeling fine.



I had a long chat with Anastasia and I gun out so lot about her.. should I say she talks a lot so am I the reason of her talking too much I don’t know anyway.



I took a lot if pictures with her as de demanded… I don’t really know what she want to do with it.






It was time to go and everybody was ready.. Vanessa won’t be traveling with us today so she is the only one that wasn’t prepared and she looks a little downcast.



Vanessa !!!!!


kester called and she turned ( she was facing her sister before)






We will be leaving now… take care of yourself and don’t forget what told you Okay…”


He said and they both huge themselves



Off course I won’t….


Bye and you guys should take good care of yourselves… Kester take care of him very well……”


She said pointing at me and I just smiled.


Am really gonna miss you guys a lot



We all huge her one after the other before we entered the car and zoom….


we drove off.








It gonna be like traveling to another world.


anyways we survives where ever we found ourselves in… NO MATTER WHAT.







They finally gonna make it to Europe.


The police are still investigating on the prisoners that escaped and the criminals that rub a back that same night.



Mrs. Dora is till not aware of Elvin’s escape from the prison either does her two daughters or Dennis knew about it..










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