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We both walk a little thought we are already far from the beautiful garden.


Am sorry about what happened back there …” Kester apologize.


Come on… It wasn’t your fault and perhaps you weren’t the one that told her to act that way towards me….”


But still she is my sister and am supposed to protect you I was the one that brought you here with me… So it my duty to protect you no matter what……” he said.


Fine I get it …”


I made eye contact with the girl that met me at the garden earlier I forgot to get her name because she left in a hurry…


She smiled at me but she was unfortunate because I couldn’t return the smile because the Stephannie of a girl has spoilt my cut mood.


She is the one you saw her picture at the living room……” Kester said..


I can see he is trying so hard to make me forget what happened between me and his sister Stephannie….”


Wow !!! She look more beautiful and amazing cute more than what the portray shows in the pictures ……”


But also much rude than how you expected rich kid to be ……”


He added and i just smiled at him.


” Why is she so angry


I asked but Kester didn’t say anything..



I turned to know if am still walking with him and yeah we were still together but his mood was no longer the same….”


Something is behind this…


I choose not to ask the question again







” The question he asked changed my mood.


I don’t know what to tell him….. I can’t possibly tell him that she is just angry when


I know that my sister has been this way for years and the way am looking at things it growing form bad to worse….”


I guess Elvin must have observed my mood because he had to touch me for me to regain myself….”


Don’t worry kester am sorry for asking a question that spoil your mood..


promise never I ask again…..” Elvin said immediately.


” You don’t have to apologize Elvin


You asked the right questions and to the right person and an suppose to give you an appropriate answer


You know my…….”


” Don’t worry kester


I don’t even think am ready to know what made her so mad…


Just keep it to yourself… You can tell at your own convenient time….”


He cut in.


” I don’t even know what else to say


I just nod and we continue our walk but in a silent mode….”


We walk a bit close to the building when Victor came out immediately.



Where have you guys been… I have been looking for you guys all around the building. where are you guys coming from???? ….”


Victor asked.


We are around.. We didn’t go anywhere…..”


Elvin answered while I keep quiet.


I have been quite since the question Elvin asked even without been asked I know that there is something else that Elvin so much treasures to ask but he is just want to allow it die for my sake.


Stephannie has been this way.. was even thinking that coming to the family house were both her and Elvin will be seeing each other might make this easy.


How am I even going to tell Elvin that this has been the life that my sister have been living for years now.


I just excused myself form the both of them and I walk straight to my room…. I


will be needing to have cool time before dad comes back… My head is been too heavy for me to carry them again….”








I was watching Kester all this while… something is really bothering him… I wouldn’t be needing a prophet to tell me that.


I had a little time with Victor and I got to know that he so much love woman…


well that’s his own business.






Everybody was present at the dining table.


Mr. and Mrs Barlon, Kester and his sister me and Victor.



I was sitting opposite Stephannie while while Mr and Mrs Barlon where sitting together and Kester was sitting opposite Victor…


I took at we all one after the other …Everybody were so busy with the food we were served.


I found out that Kester looks so much like his dad Mr. Barlon while Stephannie look a little like her dad.. Mrs Beatrice was out of the line and that made me wonder if she is really the one that gave birth to Kester and Stephannie.


Dinner is going on smoothly and I maintain a smart look at Stephannie to avoid eye contact… that will be a very bad thing if she caught me staring.


I was really looking at her not the beautiful and amazing cute girl I met in the afternoon but how harsh arrogant and rude she is to people even at their first meeting.


Anyways I still maintain my smart looks on her… The family were enjoying but I don’t even think I am because my mind Is in Stephannie and am forgetting my food.


I can’t get my mind from what happened in the afternoon between Stephannie and I


” After we are done eating..


Me Kester and Victor walk back to my room upstairs.


I first walk into kester’s room and the room was so huge and cute …


I saw her ,sister’s picture while with Kester.


She looks so innocent and calm but I think that’s just the opposite of her….”


So how did you guys see you room. Hope you guys are okay with them….”


Kester asked driving me off from my thoughts.


Off course those room are so beautiful and huge… I love mine I don’t know of Elvin..


Victor said and I gave him a look of you don’t know of Elvin as in what was that supposed to mean.?….”



Anyway mine is great…..I love it ……” I said calmly .


Okay then so let discus how tomorrows event gonna look like …..” He said looking at both me and victor


I wanted to say something when we headed a knock at the door. I stood up to know who the person is, opening the door was the girl I meet at the garden. She was putting on a smile and since I don’t know her I opened the door more wider for Kester I see her….”


What the problem Tessia….”


Kester asked.


Oh !! her name is Tessia cute name ” I said to myself.


Sir your dad demands your presence and that of your friends….” She said calmly.


Do you have any idea of what the call is all about….”


Kester asked


I don’t really know sir….” She said


Okay you can go.. We will be coming behind you…” Kester said and turned to look at me.


Let find out why dad is calling us….”


He said and i just nod and lead the way since am closer to the door.


We walk down the stairs into the living room and Mr. and Mrs Barlon were the only one there, rounded up with some armed male guys and many armed ladies.


Stephannie wasn’t down yet…



We waited for like (2) two minutes before she cat walk in without a smile in her and that made me wonder if she ever smiles at all. Well is might be none of my business.


She came in and sat very close beside her dad as if her dad is her husband even though Mrs. Barlon was present there.. Well maybe that how she acts.


Everybody is welcome to the family Mr. Barlon began.


We I will love us to introduce ourselves to each other let start from the guys…” He added and look at me and Victor.


Sir my name is Edward Victor


Am just like a brother to Elvin here….”


He said.


” Am Elson Elvin …”


I said calmly.


Well you guys already know my name…


am Kester Barlon….”


Kester said and we laugh a little.


The living room went in silence


We all turn to Stephannie including her dad.


Aren’t you gonna say something….” Kester ask her.


Come on Kester you don’t expect me to say My name to this fools Here come on am too big for that….They can search for my name if they so wish or desire to know …..”


She said


What manner of girl is this ???


Even in the present of her parent.


She is so unfortunate with words



I thought


I look at victor and he just swallowed his spit


Stephannie mind you speeches here her dad…..”


Mr. Barlon warned


Am sorry about that Elvin and Victor


Well she is Stephannie just like you heard me call her. She is the younger sister to Kester and she is the only baby in the house…..” Mr. Barlon said in her place with a clear smile.


He is such a good man not like if it were to be some rich parents they will support her on what she did.. but he is just kind and a good man …..”


I thought.


Am Mr Barlon and that’s my wife over there Mrs Beatrice Barlon….”


He said still putting on his smiling face.


You guys should take here as your won home okay… Feel comfortable to ask me of anything in case you need something just come to me or you can tell Kester…


He will definitely tell me about it…..” He said.


Are they gonna be staying here.


I mean am I gonna live in the same building with this idiot…… ”


Stephannie asked with cleared anger in a face.


Off course they are gonna be staying here with us weather you like it or not…


You can go to hell….” Kester said back to her.


OMG which kind girl be this???



Why can’t she be good with words for just once in her life.



Mr. Barlon was just looking that the both Stephannie and Kester as they both shout at each other.


Kester take your friends to there room


you know they came a long distance and they must be very tired..


So take them inside


Mr Barlon told Kester and he just stood up and we went upstairs to our room.


To be continued………


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