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The seat I was in was getting more hotter for me every single minute, it become unbearable when Kester was knocked down and he wasn’t able to get up.


I walked out of the pitch seat. I only told Stephannie that I was going to help Kester stand up again but I don’t know if she understands such parable.


I but on my shoe and it happens that I have to wear a different color of Jessy.


I was substituted in and it was a boy has been added to the game becomes know one held me or shout as if a player joined the pitch.


I ride to the sport where Kester was knocked down, I looked at him he wasn’t seeing my face because the head met I was putting on was covering my face, it unlike their that one could easily indicates who is with the ball.


I took of a part of the headmate and he smiled a little bit seeing I was the one.


I gave him a helping hand and he grabbed my hand and stood up right.


You gat to be strong and stand whenever you fall, you gat to be a hero and stand fame and keep fighting even when the fight become more rough and tough.


In this game we are the only king others are slave and they must be under our alignments.


We got just forty minutes to put up six goal and it must be down under the space of thirty minutes while the other ten minutes will be use to jubilate our victory ……”


I said to him as he looks at me like a man poring water in a rock.



The ball was thrown up and I looked Kester nod and he pick up a race towards the direction of the ball, they gave him a close marking while I was like a referee that got no opponent in the game.


I followed him behind as he race towards the ball like a novice that knows nothing about the game. They gave me enough space because to them they think am just in the pitch to help keep Kester standing. I laugh at their ignorance.


Kim I hope you are well prepared for whatever is coming your way because you are sure gonna fall if you are not standing frame but I leave you with just one promise, am gonna disgrace you, am gonna knock you down like a baby that you are.


Kester was rounded up with four players of Dave’s team. Daniel got the ball because he always know I was good with the game he didn’t have a second doubt before serving the ball to me and immediately I got the ball.


I look up to Kim’s direction thinking he is gonna attack me but he was far, two if this players race towards me and I calculated the way to the score pitch..they are white and not as strong as us that are been trained in Nigeria so even when we got body contact they happen to be the one to fall.


Two players advance towards me and I Knocked one down while the other choose to pick a race with me but it unfortunate for him because he wins still a boy with a little speed before he could even cover the half distance I gave him I had already scored a wonderful goal.


The fans shout in joy


The screamed as if we had already won the game. I look at Kester and he had a little smile with him.


The game started again and then the first time get hold of the ball was one of kind team but he lost to to a team of Van’s whom also lost it to Kate.


Kate is a female player from Kester’s team, she looked at Kester’s direction to pass the ball to him but he was been heavily marked but he still served the ball to him.


The Kim’s team overshadowed him but he proved to be the master of the game and he managed to jump up and touched the ball moving it towards my own direction and I got the ball again.


I looked up smiled and looked to know if I have any company with me and surprisingly I got none but two race towards me immediately I got hold of the ball but as well they are off no match for me. I speed up with a great speed.


I bounce the ball when they become four in number and they all jumped up to get the ball while I just race to the front knowing fulling well that they will end up pushing the ball at the front and just like I calculated they pushed the ball at the front and I got hold of it and the ended up hitting themselves and felled down while I move the ball to the score pitch again.



I was blocked by Van’s team but they were just like blocked because passing through them wasn’t a hard thing for me and I scored again..


Kester rushed to me and he hugged me for the first time he smiled ever since the game started well am happy.


I looked at Kim but he wasn’t smiling at all. The ball was thrown up by the referee again and the game begin.


Kate got the ball served to Daniel but he lost it to Kim but unfortunately for him Kate struck off the ball from him hand passing it towards my direction.


I struck body with one of Kim’s team player unknownly. I never I got two players watching over me already well I controlled my ball and I move with speed knocking down anyone that dares Stand on the way.


The pitch was as if it was just for Kester’s team and Kim’s team because Van’s team wasn’t that active in the game.


I move in great speed. Kim was on the other side so he couldn’t get to me even if he tries. I wanted to serve the ball to Kester but he was heavily marked so I move to the score pitch to score for myself then.


Two players of Kim’s team blocked my way so I just shifted the ball to Daniel side which he shifted it back to me because they where to much on his side and I gave a wonderful score again.Goal!!!!!!!


I looked at Kim’s face and he was not giving Kester a close marking. The ball was served again just as magic the ball got to me again but unfortunately this time it wasn’t a hard one because I was just been marked by two players so I took them unawares even before they could notice that u was no longer on their side I was far away from their reach.


I looked beside me and there was Daniel running as a free man so u served the ball to him and he still returned immediately.


We race to the score pitch and their was two Ayers standing like a demon on the score pitch but they wasn’t a hard nut to crack, I just shifted the ball to Daniel and moved ahead of them while Daniel shifted it back and he moved ahead of them.


I gave him the ball and he scored a wonderful goal. We struck Hands together and race back to the center where the ball was bounced up.


I turned around to noticed that I gave been franked with four players while on Kester’s side was just two players including Kim.


The ball because difficult for me to get. Well the king must always find a way to get whatever he wants.



I gave them a track race making them think that Kester was gonna give me the ball and just a little space from them Daniel served the ball to me and I moved it to Kester because he is now in a more comfortable zone than I am.


Kim wasn’t any matches for them because it him against Kester, Daniel, Kate and one other male player that am not familiar with him name.


Daniel played a team game with Kester and at the ending Kester gave a wonderful remarkable goal that drive all the Conor of the stadium wide.


His fans went crazy as they should and raise Kester’s team flag and shout in joy. The score was now four, two, two 4-2-2. Four for us and two for Kim’s team and two for Van’s team.


The pitch was thrown into confusion for Kim’s team. They become confused on between me and Kester whom to give much marking.


The game started and I looked at the time and it was left ten minutes for the game to come to an end.


The ball bounce to me side and I took it up only to be knocked down surprisingly by Kim. He looked at me and smiled and I smiled back while he frown confused on why I smiled but he didn’t know that Kester was much closer to him than he expected.


Immediately he turned Kester knocked him down and snatched the ball form him and he moved it to me because his company was much closer as well.


I got on my feet and so did Kim but Daniel knocked him down again through the back very bad for him and i picked a race well I got allot of speed than those players of his team.


I scored a goal and this time I removed the helmet that I was on and I shouted out because that happened to be the fifth goal our team had scored in the space of thirty-five minutes.


Kim wasn’t looking any happy at all.


The ball was served and I looked around and I got no company what happened.


The ball was passed to me and before my hand could get to it, Kim tried knocking me down, he sure had a perfect calculation because he sure got me and I felled down but u pushed the ball a little bit so before he could turn to get the ball I was fast on my feet and this time I knocked him but he seem to be well prepared because he stood flame and with the help of his skating shoe he just rolled a little.


We took a ride towards the ball again and this time I was prepared for anything, he tried knocking me down but the both of felled down after hitting each other…


We still stood on our feet again and rushed towards the ball but lost it to of van’s team who still lost it out of fear seeing I and Kim coming towards with great speed.



He was first to attempt hitting me but I gave way for him and he felled while I pick a race towards the ball and before I could know he was close again.


He hit me and the both of us felled together but I pushed the ball rolling.


We got up looked at each other and then pick a race, the more closer we rude towards the ball the more it keeps rolling.


Kim sure got a great speed but I got more speed than him so I used that as an advantage.. Immediately I got the ball I looked at the time and I just had three minutes to score before the match ended and the score pitch was still far with allot of players on the way.


I calculated how I could cover up but with my calculations I can’t get to the score pitch before the time thick stop.


Truth be told I can’t get to the score pitch in the space of that time and Kester is heavily marked so is Daniel. Kate is the only one Free but she is in the midst of Van’s players.


I pick a race and Kim ran after me with a great speed. I knocked down three players and it was already twenty seconds. I was already close but there was much players blocking my way.


I shifted ghetto ball to Kester and he pushed the ball to Daniel and he pushed it to me and I smiled and score immediately and the tike ended.


The fans shouted as the five turned to suck goals the players rushed and jumped on me and we jubilated.


I all walked out of pitch while Kim’s and Van’s team was still in the pitch. We got to a place in the outside the stadium well it actually a big neat field.


We sat down as we got to the spot and Mr. Barlon, Mr. Henderson and Vera’s dad walked towards us.


” Thanks so much Elvin


You saved allot of soul today…….”


He said and I just smiled.


I never know you got allot of speed. You took everyone by surprise. Thanks so much……”


Mr. Henderson said


They made some speech to the players and they gave them some encouraging word and they told them to prepare very well for any team that is gonna qualify between Van’s and Dave’s team which is gonna take place four days before the final of the competition.


According to the referee


Since the two team has the same goal they will have to competition to know whom is coming up as the second position.


After the speech therapy into the car and drive home while Kester made a personal speech to his team before the both of us started walking towards were Stephannie, Flora Victor and Mirabel where.


Immediately Stephannie saw me she ran to me and kissed me crossing her arms around my neck and she deepen the kiss the more.


We kissed for some time before I break the kiss because of Kester’s word.


You guys are in a open place and it not a good one for your class don’t eat him up now you still have the whole night to spend with him when we gets to the castle. Kester said and I just laughed while Stephannie gave him a ” what’s your business look ”


She crossed her hand around my waist and we walked to Victor.


You did great bro.


He said and he hug sha and the I hugged Vanessa, Flora Anastasia and Mirabel then we all got into the car and drove to the castle.








Stephannie beside her is Elvin then Victor beside him were Mirabel then Kester with Flora and Vanessa and Anastasia was just sitting together but Vanessa was close to Victor as well or should I say in between Kester and Victor.


Food and drink in seen on every corner of the table any type of high classic wines









Stephannie kissed me as I drink from her cup.


” Come on


Stephannie give Elvin some space don’t you know he must be very tired after what we went through in


the pitch……”


Kester said…


Am I sensing jealousy here…” Stephannie said..



” Who is jealous here


My baby is here, can’t you see she gave me some space…….”


Kester said.


” Elvin isn’t complaining.


That’s why you couldn’t concentrate


You are lucky that he came to your rescue……”


Stephannie said and I just laughed.


” You know I was thinking.


Even if Elvin didn’t join the pitch I was getting my Jessy to get into the pitch


I got more speed than Elvin……”


Victor said and we burst into laughter.


” Look at you.


Seriously Elvin you got allot of speed.


You know, I was wondering is Elvin the backup that dad is gonna sent.


You know I doubted your strength…….”


Kester said.


” My baby is the master..


He is a king, he scored three goals in less than twenty minutes…….”


Stephannie said and I just smiled and then my phone beep light and it was a message from an unknown number.


It was just a congratulations message so I just leave it like that to be read it later.


” Look at her mouth……”


Victor said to Stephanie’ and she laughed..


You what are you even good at…….” She asked him.


Me??? ……”


He asked back


” Yes you


You are only good with talking nothing else……”


She said.


I knows how to do allot of things…..” Victor said



Which are???……” She asked


That’s gonna be a private discussion between us and it gonna be for another day……” He said and we all laughed at him.


We had a random discussion that involves the contribution of all of us in the table.


It was surely a cool day.


Grandma later came out to congratulate us any and then after everything I walked to my room while Stephannie went to have a world with her dad.


I got to my room keep my phone and went in to have another shower again because I was feeling dizzy already.


Immediately I was through with my shower I came out to see that my phone is ringing and it checked it was from an unknown saved number.


I looked at the ID but it wasn’t indicated.


I picked the call and placed it in my ears and wait for the caller to start a conversation.


” Hello Elvin !!


How are you doing????……”


A female melodious voice came up and I checked the number again and it a unknown caller.


” Am fine!!!


Who are you please ?? ……”


I asked back.


Oh sorry My manners


I thought my voice could have done the magic of giving you the crew on whom is on the line but anyway Marcelo Priscilla the girl you almost knocked down in the institution because of your girl friend……” She said.




I said and smiled


How are you doing Priscilla???……”


I asked.


Am fine Elvin Congratulations


You are just a smart king


You are a sport bike……”


She said.


Thanks dear……”


You are welcome…..” She said.


So how is your cute girlfriend?!?……” She asked


She is fine……”


Hope she is not gonna get mad at me for calling her cutie this tike of the night????? `……..”


No as a matter of fact


She is already fast asleep…..”


I lied.


Okay, my regards to her when she wakes up……” She said and I said find.


So let talk about you


How is your parents and boyfriend


I asked not really wanting to cut the call but unfortunately Stephannie walked in so I had to cut the call.


You know what Priscilla


Why bot let have time together in school on Monday


I said and she said okay.


Goodnight Priscilla……” I said.


Good night Elvin


Take Care of yourself……”


She said and the like went dead.


” Hey baby……”


I turned to Stephannie and she kissed me immediately.


Who was that?!?“……” She asked.



” Oh that’s my friend from Nigeria


Daniel one of Kester’s student…..”


I lied.


Okay less go to bed it already late


She said and she kissed me and covered the bed sheets and off the lamp in the room.






Who is that boy


Who the hell is his father


This is the second time am seeing this boy hope he is not whom am thinking her is.


I called my researcher to investigate concerning who he is and get me every detail I need to know about him.


I walk around my room after coming back from the stadium.


My son walked into my room so angry and downcast.


I calmed him down and told him am gonna out things in place, I called my mechanic to keep things ready for the next upcoming competition.


This time what is gonna hit you is gonna be beyond what you expected Barlon, you think you got a back up but am gonna prove to you that am still the master of the game.


I said and I went to my bar and took out a hard wine and drink.






I purposely knocked Kester down and I gave him a morcking smile. The game was moving smooth until he got involved. At first I even thought he was a novice in the game but he seem to be very good at it.


I even tried but I seem to be good in all rounds, He got speed and he is good with target and he is well built I tried hitting him down but I end up humiliating my self in the process.


I drove home so angry with frustration I got home to meet my restless dad well it his duty to keep thing like this in check. He should better have a way to handle this because I must win that competition in any course.


I walked back to my room and drank myself to something I don’t even know about.


To be continued.













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