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Ever since all this happened I haven’t noticed heard or seen Flora, I have even been to her house and her parents said she left and had not been home for the past three days now.


Have you tried calling her??……” Victor asked


I tried calling her number but it wasn’t connecting ,what could be wrong.


Elvin could have been in a better position to know her whereabouts but he had messed up every thing.


I was in my room Victor.


Elvin is even lucky that dad is on one week business trip in Switzerland if not he would have seen the other side of him..


You at some point I think why he could even do such a thing…..” Victor said.


But truth be told Kester.


Are you actually convinced that Elvin actually did that????


He asked getting me a little confused.


I was really mad at Elvin for doing that to my sister even though I told him so much about her and her past life and he still have the guts to play with her feelings and emotions but what us Victor now trying to say????


My grandma walked into my room.


” Good evening grandma……”


I greeted with actually a bad mood.


I understand Kester but you know there are more to what we think and feels…..” She said I really don’t understand were she is driving at.



What do you mean grandma???


I asked.


Kester, we all are human the only difference is that we the old man and woman has much experience than you the young ones, People can sacrifice there life to get what they really want She said.



You are getting me more confused grandma, who are you talking about


” Is about Elvin


I think you guys should pay him a visit and hear his own part of the story. Even a known killer is still allowed to say something before been killed…….”


She said turned and walked away without saying anything again.


I have always have this feeling but I was waiting for the best moments to tell you about it, we might be making a big mistake by punishing him without giving him a listening ear……”


Victor said.


But what else do you want to hear


Off course you know he is gonna lie


The record is the evidence that he did it……”


Look Kester one thing I know about Elvin that he doesn’t lie, we might really Be wrong judging him.


We all know that there are allot if girls that can go to nay length to make Elvin there’s……”.


He said.


Why are you saying this..


You were the one that showed me the record


Yeah I did because I was present with Stephannie the moment it was sent.


But I know Elvin too well, he really loved Stephannie’ and I don’t think he will hurt her with someone like Maya.


Why even her?????


I could remember that very day. Elvin said he was gonna get something inside the institution but the truth was that he got a message from Vivian and the next thing was the message. It looks suspicious.


He said again and I was getting more confused.


So what are you driving at??? ……”



You and I know that Stephannie is the only one stopping Elvin for moving around with other girls and to


get him Stephannie is needed out of the way.


I think there are more to that record.


Perhaps why did Elvin come to the castle knowing fully well that she has gotten the record message?????? ……”


He asked and I couldn’t give an answer to that.


Even if Elvin wants to cheat on Stephannie, he will do that with people he knows like Vivian, Flora or even Sonia or Anastasia why Maya that he don’t even know, he has not meet with Maya except at the competition board….”


He said.


So what are you saying then


How sure are you about this.


I asked.


Kester, I might beat Elvin up but don’t forget he is the only brother that I have and I know what he is capable of doing, ever since all this started I have been cold to him because I really want to find out what went wrong.


If you can remember after Kim made a threat to Elvin then this happened aside for it Maya is Stephannie’s rival and she will do anything possible to way Stephannie down.


Secondly according to the research I made, Maya is Kim’s ex girlfriend and the reason for the break up


was because of Stephannie……”


He explained.


He is really making a point in all this


Maya could want a break up of Stephannie and Elvin because of this He concluded.


Gosh, we really made a mistake


I said.


Yeah we did but Elvin will understand


All we need to do is to go to him and get the real truth about this whole thing


And we can then judge form there……”


He said and I nod.


When do you suggest we do that I asked.



I think this evening is Okay but we must do that without the concert of your sister Stephannie……” He said..


You have my word…..”


I wanna take a little walk around


You mind joining me


Victor asked and I stood up and we both walked outside.


We were having a good walk when we caught sight of Flora and I smiled at her but she managed to smiled back.


Anyways she still hugged me..


” How are you doing sweetheart


What happened to your phone??? ……”


I asked.


It got damaged….” She said.


Where have you been???……” I asked again.


Been in the hospital for a while now.


There was no way I could have reached you guys……””


She said.


” Am sorry


What happened????……”


” Maybe we can talk about it later


I don’t am in the mood to talk about it


I really missed you…..”


She said and I hugged her again and we kissed each other.


We then walked inside and we spent a wonderful time together. She even slept over in the castle, I have really missed her so much.






Ever since Maya did that I haven’t been in a good terms with her. I was monitoring every move of Stephannie, I have watched Elvin countless number of time tried to apologize but it seem all her efforts are not fruitful.



I notice that Kester is always driving a guy to school every day, I researched about him and the Says that he is Elvin’s brother. I think he is the best person to tell this because I have seen him with Stephannie talking freely.


Today, as usual Kester came to pick him up and I followed them to their destination and it happy they stopped at one expensive restaurant around.


I just stayed on my car and allow them make an order first then I walked in and I wanted to sat down with them but their bodyguard refused but Kester asked him to allow me seat.


I must do this now, I know it gonna cost me more than what I think but I have made up my mind to tell them the real truth about the whole thing.


Maya I must do everything to make sure you pay for all this.


What’s up guys.


I said calmly and they smiled anyway


How are you doing pretty damsel


Kester asked and I nod fine.


They tried to order for a drink but u stopped them.


” You know Kester Barlon,


I called out and they look at me including his bodyguard.


I know you and you dating be the most popular and important people in the country and you guys have all the information you wish to have at the tips of your fingers but there is this information about Elvin and Maya you don’t have…….”


I said and watched there reaction.


And what’s this information that you know about those two that we don’t know, Vivian The guy with him said and I was really surprised that he knows me by name…


Or Is it about Elvin’s cheating life with Maya, is that it???? ……” He added.


Am Vivian just like you heard him call me now, I have a hug crush on Elvin from the first time I met him a with a girl in the institution by name Flora.


Ever since then I have been trying all I could to get his attention but he is always busy with Flora.


At first I thought that Flora was the only one standing on the way between me and Elvin but I found out that more filter with much class are after him.


I wanted to be the one to win his heart despite the fact he never showed care or interest in me.


Then one day your sister Stephannie came into the picture and it was a news that the both are dating each other. I gave up on him but a friend of mine told me she is gonna help me out and get him even when Stephannie is involved…… .”


I said stopped and observe them a little.


I know I couldn’t compete with Stephannie in anything, she is more beautiful and cute than I am, Not intelligent, not smartness. Not in knowledge either in wealth popularity and infurence..


So I decided to allow betrayals do the work for me while I seat and enjoy my victory ……” I said calmly again and I observed them this time and they look confused…


” And what do you mean by allowing betrayals do the fighting for you……”


Victor asked.


Well we all knows Stephannie, she is a model she is even more popular than some celebrities in this country so everything about her us been shown in the internet and nation wide.


The world knows her as someone that so much despise men, it recorded that she is the only model that hasn’t dated all her life apart from her first date.


So I know she just have little knowledge about relationships tips.


I know she must have dated Elvin because probably she has not option of saying no to nature.


I know she didn’t know much about Elvin and I also know that she is still scared of been betrayed in the relationship.


The voice record that was sent to her was a lie, yeah it was Elvin’s voice but he was made to say that at the point of a gun on Flora’s head.


” What……”


The Kester of a guy asked with anger written all over him.


The pictures was a lie, it was a picture of Bella and Alvin Thomson we know with the record she had she won’t look properly go know that that wasn’t Elvin.


What are you really trying to say???……” Kester asked again.


That record was made by Elvin at the point of gun on Flora’s head. I have the real video with me here if you think am lying, Elvin never cheated on Stephannie……”


I said.



It was just a mare mirage to take Stephannie out if the way, we know that with the record Stephannie won’t want to have anything to do with Elvin again which will give me a chance to have Elvin…….”


I concluded.


Anger could be seen visibly on Kester face, it was boiling up in them and at that moment I was really scared of what the outcome of this whole thing will be.


Kester even tried to hit me but the Victor of a guy hold him back.


If you wanted to leave here in one piece then you must tell us all that you know about this whole thing……”


He said and I nod rapidly.


He on a record and asked me to start talking, at this moment I was really scared. I took out a deep breath mare looking around one can die because their four hectic bodyguard have already surrounded the table ready for anything.


Start talking……” He said again.


I will….. Tell… you… all……that… I know


I said like a stammer.


Well Maya is Kim’s ex girlfriend and the reason for the break up was because of Stephannie, Kim wants Stephannie.


On the other hands I was the one that told Maya about the existence of Elvin.


It happens that Maya got information that the reason behind her break up with Kim was because if Stephannie so when she heard that Stephannie was going out with Elvin, she vowed to kill Stephannie’s happiness by causing a break up with her and Elvin.


The truth is that I thought that Maya was just helping me as a friend to separate Elvin and Stephannie, I never know she has a different thing in mind.


She was made to just help me adapt Elvin then I can have him whenever I wish to have him.


I was supposed to be the one to make that video she sent to Stephannie.


I don’t really understand all this


Judging from all you have said here, Maya is helping you out in this whole plan, so why are you now telling us all this…..”


The Victor of a guy asked.



Well you are right. I shouldn’t be telling you guys this but that if Maya didn’t betray me.



We had a plan that she will help me to kidnap Elvin then she will retain him till I wants to have him. But she went against the deal. and she used that record she sent to Stephannie as the one that Elvin is cheating her with.


Elvin’s kidnap was just to make me date him and then help Maya to win the upcoming competition because it was heard that Elvin is the one tutoring Stephannie against the competition……” I said.


I don’t really understand


Kester asked.


Well Maya is melt to just adapt Elvin then she will hand him over to me and I will keep him till the competition Is over. I tried confronting her but she told me to my face that their is nothing I can do to her, she said am too ugly and wretched to have Elvin. She really said allot go me……”


Now I get it


You are doing all this because you want to get back at Maya right???? ……”


Victor asked and I nod.


I can’t do anything to her on my own buying know that letting the truths out will make Stephannie and Elvin back together making her a loser because she will definitely lose the competition and Elvin as well.


I would have gone to Stephannie directly but she might kill me if I try telling her all this.


I looked at them but the other guy was still with a calm looks but that Kester of a guy is with a very scary look, he is so angry at that spot.


You have to go now and be very careful Watch you back very well…….”


The Victor of a guy said and I nod stood up and left immediately.






I was outside and I watched the both of them hug each other and Stephannie walked inside the house, I really felt hurt.


Why can’t he just stay away form him.


I got a message from Flora that Kester still didn’t know about her involving in the video so I advise her to go and visit them and if possible she can put any blame on me if there is a need for it..


I got a message about the practical we are gonna have in some hour later and I took out my phone to search for more details about the practical.


Immediately it time I waited for everyone to be in the class before I walked in covering my face and I


searched for my name and surprisely


Stephannie happens to be my partner.


I walked towards her and I stood by her but I never said a word at first.


The practicals was moving smoothly and when the man Mr. Johnson was through with what he was teaching and he asked us to get one done.


I did mine and when I was done.


I look at her and she was still battling on how to finish up the finals line.


I could help you with that.


I said but she didn’t turn or say anything to me.


I really understand how you feel Stephannie but believe I feels more hurt than you. Their are more to what you heard that what it really is.


Elvin you are distracting me from what am here for. Am not here to talk about this, I don’t care if you are been hurt or something, you can always continue with your cheating life She said.



That’s what they made it look like but trust me Stephannie, just give me a listening ear and I will tell you


all you need to know about this whole thing


I tried to persuade her.


Elvin am warning you. Stay far away from me, you are a killer and a backstabber, I can never have anything to do with people like you.


I don’t need people like you in my life……” She said and truth be told I really feel hurt.


Your little words are really hurting me more than you can think of…….”


I said to her.


I don’t care Elvin…..” She said.


Can I ask you for something???……” I said to her.


You are just wasting your time Elvin


We are in a laboratory stop all this


She said.



Even if you want to forget about me don’t do that with Kim. Stay away from him, am pleading with you I said.


You don’t have the right to tell me who I will be moving around with him. I do the choosing of my friends and the person I wish to date…..”


She said.


Is that a way to tell me that there is something going on between the two of you??? ……”




Answer me Stephannie


I called out and the whole class looked towards our direction and at that moment I was holding her hand. I made eye contact with Flora and I just let her be.


Sir I need to change positions……” Stephannie said.


There will be no need for that Am already done with mine……”


Just join the fifth line with that of the third like and you will end the finishing line……” I said and walked way.


I stayed at the garden and after others was done with the practical Flora came to meet me there.


We had some discussion and I left her at that spot immediately I saw Stephannie walking towards the institution stadium with that Kim of a boy.


The moment I got closer to Her it seen Kim was just a mirage. But I thought I saw them. I called her but she never stopped, she kept on moving with turning, Stephannie just wait and here me out.


I said holing her by her hands but she forcefully remove it and he tried to move again but u blocked her.


Why can’t you just do this one thing for me, stay far away from him…….”


What’s your business with my associates Elvin, why are troubling my life, let me be am. Warning for the very last time


I don’t wanna see your dam face in my presence again……” She said.


Fine but can you just stay far away from him, you can mingle with any other guys in the institution but not Kim


Stay far from him…….”


I said again.


” I don’t give a dam about what you feel.


Look as a matter of fact I have nothing to do with you again…….”


She said and it hurts


I know you still love me don’t you???….” I asked looking at her for an answer


If you must know


I have killed all the feelings I have for you, at this moment I don’t have anything to do with someone like you,


What we had is now a night mare to me……”


She said and I felt like there is no other thing to fight for.


” It really hurt


Do you really mean that????……”


I asked again.


” What else do you wanna hear.


Fine, it over what else do you want to hear ………”


She said


” But I still feels something for you.


Fine look me in the eyes and tell me is over then I will leave and promise will never disturb you again……”


I said and I look at her but she removed her eyes form mine.


Who cares about your feelings for me. Well if you wish to hear it again, it over between us I can’t date a cheat and a liar…….”


She said but she wasn’t looking at me and I just smiled,


One way to prove that




She wanted to walk pass me and I draw her back and kissed her forcefully, she tried to push me away but my grip on her was stronger at a point she give up and surprise she kissed me back.


Someone hit me from behind and I left her immediately only to turn and see that Kim of a guy.




How dare you touch her you this ungrateful fool. Are you crazy, do you want your head to be served as a plate for her to eat…….”


He ran his mouth and I smiled.



” You made a mistake by touching me…”


I said get close to him and punched him so hard that he failed down.


” How dare you……”


I said with anger allover me.



He stood up and I gave her double of the punch

and he failed down again.



Stop Elvin…” Stephannie said.


You won’t be lucky next time…..”


I said and walked away without even looking at Stephannie. Am happy anyway, she still feels something for me even with all this happens but why is she always with Kim.


Do she really mean it over between the two of us?????????? .


I got to the garden took my phone and texted Maya, you have succeeded in separating me and Stephannie now she doesn’t feel anything for me again.


Hope you are happy now??


Sorry sweetie


Am sorry I made you loss your baby girl don’t worry if you can give me a chance we can still make it large.


I really love you


Am not a wicked witch either am I heartless, I did that because that’s the only way I could separate you and Stephannie. Give me a chance and I will make things right again.


I really love you Elvin


I love you with all my heart and I trust you so much…….”


She texted .


And you think it gonna be an easy one falling in love without after all you did to me Maya, you could have told me you loved me and I could have carved out a better way but you choose to humiliate me and my feelings


I texted her back


Am sorry Elvin


I thought with Stephannie around you won’t think properly.


Am really sorry Elvin


Just give me one chance and I will turn things around, am a calm and lovely person…..”



She texted


I really love you. Never felt this for someone not even for Kim my ex boyfriend .


And I just smiled and I didn’t reply the message again.


I got home that very day with two different feeling, it time to make Maya pay for playing such game with someone like me and second how to distance Stephannie far away form Kim.


I got home, Lextar was just busy jogging so I greeted him and he asked me about school which I told him am gonna give him feed back when am done taken a brief bath.


I walked into my room Fallon my bed


Today it kind of a long day, the memories of the kiss flash in and I smiled at my fast thinking, I know even at all this she still has something for me.


I went to the bathroom and took my bath then I took out my books to read, truth be told it has been up to four now and I have not opened my book at all, all because of all this thing happening around.


I was in the middle of what I was reading with full concentration when my swing open and the image or should I say the image imagination of Kester and Victor showed up.



” What are they doing here now


is it to beat me up again after not allowing to heat my own part of the story????


I asked my self but I still maintain my calmness.






They just stood looking at me without saying anything and I dropped the book in my hand and seat up. I wasn’t scared neither was I happy about their sudden visit that I never expected, at this point I was just waiting for their worse and nothing more.


They walk more closer and sat down on my bed while Victor sat on the cushion in my room.


Silent lingered in the room for sometimes before Victor made a speech.


How are you doing Elvin???? ……” He asked and I just nod fine.


Elvin we are really sorry about what happens lately, We are really sorry He said and I breathe down and smiled then.


” Is okay brother


I don’t blame you guys for your action, you guys acted on what you saw, it no where hour fault and I don’t blame you guys a single bit either am I holding it against you……” I said to them sincerely.



” We messed up


We could have come check on you all this while, we could have given you a listening ear no matter what we must have heard, Am sorry Elvin…….”


Kester spoke for the very first time ever since he walked in and I just smiled.


I don’t have anything against them because they are right in what they did.


Is not really your fault and that’s why I don’t hold it against you guys, if it were me I will do worse, I can even kill, so I don’t blame you guys at all….”


I said smiling.


Thanks Elvin for your understanding


Kester said.


” Come on


I have missed you guys like hell…..”


I said stood up and we hug ourselves.


I got a drink for us to drink.


let do the needful now


So tell us Elvin, what really happened??


Victor asked.


I can’t really tell you guys that I know what really happened, you know that’ll was with Stephannie then I gotta call form Vivian that I left something behind in the institution garden.


She said I should come to the institution tollgate to get it from her before she leaves.


I didn’t tell Stephannie about it because she is a jealous type and I won’t want to spoil her mood that why I just gave her another excuse, then when I got at the tollgate, she wasn’t there so I called her and she said I should take a little walk down.


Just few step away for the gate a sport car stopped in front of me and men with hectic good came out and force me into their car. They blindfolded my eyes so I couldn’t identify who they are or where they took me to.


I Lattered got my blindfold off and I was standing in front of a girl I recognize to be Maya. they made a video and a record and I guess that’s what they sent to Stephannie……”


I can’t really say how all this happened but it happened so fast, they even got Flora involved in it. she had been in the hospital ever since then because she was shot on the process of trying to tell me the real truth about the whole thing.


That’s why she put her phone was off all those while because she thought you also got a video of her but she came to you because Stephannie didn’t smell such statement when they meet at the institution.



When I was out form the hospital I took her to, I got a call from one of her guard that she fainted and that’s why I rushed to the institution because I never heard it in my that she could have gotten the video so fast.


Getting there I met the angry you and that when I know that something has gone wrong.


I was really hurt more that she is passing through allot because of me that’s what really what happened….”


I concluded.


They sent a picture of Alvin and his girlfriend Bella and you know the both of you looks so much alike. we were wrong at the guessing all this while….”


He said.


Did anybody spoke to you guys……”


I asked.


” Not really.


Victor told me we needed to come hear from you…..”


Kester said


” Am really sorry Elvin


for not listening to you and for not trusting you enough…”


Kester said.


” Am sorry Elvin……”


Victor said as well and I just smiled


” It Okay.


How is Stephannie doing???? ……”


She us a litle fine, she has not really been herself since all this happened, I think she is trying to get hold


of herself but don’t worry am gonna talk to her


Kester said and I smiled.


I don’t there will be any need for that


I said inside me.


I will make sure that Maya pays for doing all this….” Kester said.


We had allot of drink and allot of things still talk about, I don’t even know why I didn’t make mention of the fact that I was also adapted by Vera.














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