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After attending to my mum I came back to my room and I opened my laptop and I looked what I saw earlier and it was truth. The history of my mum and everyone that is related to her.


The History reads


Mrs Elson Evelyn is a medical psychologist the ever existed in the present country of Iceland. She is forty-eight years old with three children.


Two boys and a death unidentified child before her demise.


She was married to Mr Elson who is the present God Emperor of Europe.


I screw down and there was the picture of her two sons by name Elvin and Alvin whom happens to twins.


I clicked on more details about his sons.


Well, one of his sons dead with her during the fire outbreak that happened in the hospital were she went to deliver her last baby whom happened to be Alvin.


I clicked on the pictures shown and there was the picture of her with her two handsome sons and husband and I still scrolled down the more.


He has only one relative by name Marcelo. Then I clicked on the name and his picture and that if his history was shown.


He is a widow with just a daughter whom happened to my school mate Vera.


I searched for about the Emperor and his picture and that of his son was shown. His history reads.


Mr. Thomson is the European God Emperor and he is the richest business tycoon in the world of Europe.


He is survived by his only son Alvin.


I clicked on the picture but the image of his son wasn’t clear so I didn’t really see whom his son is.



I saw a picture of my uncle Derek so I read down. Derek is the only brother to Thomson the Emperor. He was the ambassador general commander in the army force years back in Iceland. He wasn’t married so there was no much detail about him.


I think Miss Harrietta needs to undergo this surgeon fast because she has allot of explanation to make to me.


I said to my self.


I saved the pictures of all the people I saw and then u shut down my laptop immediately I heard the call of Miss Harrietta.






Days ran as fast as if the world was gonna end anytime soon, and finally comes the day for Kester’s third tournament of the competition.


Kester has already gone to his own stadium to train a Little before coming out for the competition. I, Victor, Flora Stephannie and Vanessa drove to the competition venue there we meet Anastasia and Mirabel.


We sat at the VIP’s seat waiting for the game to start… The plays of each team came out just four representative each while two where kept aside…


Kester’s team was him, Maxwell the female player and one other guy. They lined up in the Jessy dress.


The referee brew the whistle and the game started.


I searched around for Kim but he was not way around the pitch. Where could he have gone to OR is he not gonna participate in the game????


I asked myself but I still focused on the game.


At first the game was tough just like the beginning of the second tournament was but as tike goes on it was becoming more tougher. I notice that Dave’s team focussed on Kester’ alone, they didn’t give him a breathe space at all..


I could even count how many times he touched the ball since the game started. He was running around the field like a boy whom engaged himself in a match with his elders.


After some times of running fork post to post he managed to get the ball but he was knocked down and the ball Snashed from him immediately. I watch him stood up and still ran after the ball again..


On the other side Maxwell was the only one privileged to be touching the ball but it never lasted for even two seconds in his hand.


Time was running and there seem to be know hope for any team to score.


It seem like the game is a game without break till the time stops. At fifteen minutes of the game substitution was made and then each team got in two player and took out one while some just got one without removing any.


Kester’s team only got in one player without removing any. After sometime minutes after the substitution Dave’s team scored a goal and then Van’s team scored and they still scored another after some more minutes passed.


Kester’s team has even getting close to the score post not to talk of scoring any goal at all. I was really restless. The seat I was occupying was becoming unconducive for me.


Stephannie hold my hands more tighter


” Calm down


they will sure gonna score…..”


She said as if she was gonna be the one to score but I still nod with believe.


The game was getting more tough as the Dave’s team isn’t giving Kester any breathing space while Van’s team prevents any other team from scoring.


All Kester’s fans were cold and I know they are all disappointed because this never happened in any of the first and second tournament of the competition.


After more fifteen minutes passed another substitution was made and this time Daniel joined the game but still I didn’t see Kim. Other team added two players but I don’t know why Kester’s team only added one. Judging from my count Kester’s are just six players while other teams are seven.


The game started again and more effort was been added by Kester’s team but it seems like they are pouring water in a rock. Dave’s team keep on pulling down all their efforts.


I was really troubled


Kester was becoming tried and he seem to be focusing on the substituting beach as if he was expecting his helper to come for there.


The more seconds pass the more the game becomes tougher for everyone or should I say Kester and his team. I checked the time and it was just thirty-five minutes of the game and then Kester’s dad and his uncle stood up and left the.


Kester even sustained an injury but he refused leaving the game pitch. He was working slowing and I look at Stephannie she hold my hand more tight and I look at her and her eyes were reddish


When Mr. Barlon left the pitch was when I noticed that Kim’s father isn’t even in the play pitch.



Could this be what am thinking but they don’t have any reason of doing so perhaps I know Kim is gonna have his own share when they wins.


Just like the first attempt of Maxwell he was badly injured but one of the of the Dave’s team and he was carried away unconscious by the first aid attendant. It was just five players left in his team.


Another player was substituted by Kester’s team after Maxwell was taken way I guess to replace him.


The game seem like a game of Kester’s team which five players against Van’s and Dave’s team which are seven payers each.


There was really no breathing space for them till the first half ended. They were just given some minutes to rest. And the score post was taken away and the smaller post was mounted in.






I drive with my brother and friend Marcelo to the stadium with the confirmation of what Morgan told me of how they have perfectly plan out how to win the game with five goals ahead.


I got to the stadium and I sat down to watch everything play out. At first j didn’t see Kim in the pitch with other players and I alerted Morgan and he said that Kim is gonna come in a surprise to Dave’s team. He said he is gonna join during the first substituting phrase.


I thought he was gonna join during the first substitution just like he said. The game was really tough but I thought that when Kim joins the team that Dave’s team will be no match.


I watch the game with confidence waiting for the outcome but Kim didn’t show up during the first substitution…


” What’s happening brother


This game is not getting any close to our winning favor. Isn’t Kim Morgan not joining the players.???……”


He asked looking concerned


”Yeah, he is gonna join


I have already spoke with his father so there is nothing to worry about.


Am sure gonna go home with Victory…..”


I said to him even though I was worried


The seat became more hotter for me when Dave’s team and Van’s team scored two goals and Kester sustained injury while trying to get close to the score post.



” This is not good at all……”



Brother I think Kester needs a helping hand, inform Morgan to get his son in. He said but I don’t know what to give as a reply again because I have called him but he wasn’t picking up.


I watch Kester fall many time as he tried scoring. I stood up and left the pitch with my brother and friend Marcelo.


” What’s happening brother


The outcome of this game won’t be a good one if nothing is done……”


He asked


Don’t you have any other substitute that could help Kester out???……” Marcelo asked.


Morgan was supposed to come with two more substitute but he isn’t here yet ……” I said.


Then call him…..”


My brother said


I called again and then a car drives and stop some metres away from us and Morgan step down of the car with his guards.


” Morgan, what kept you so long


The team needs back up immediately, where is Kim and the Two others??? ……”


I asked him immediately.


” Ehe!! Barlon.


You don’t order me around.


Am with Kim and the two others but they are not gonna step down until you make a transfer of thirty million dollars ($30) only then can they join the pitch……” He said.



” What!?!?!?!


Morgan!?! That wasn’t the agreement perhaps the game hasn’t ended…….”


I said calmly


Who is talking about agreement here Barlon, if you can’t make the transfer now then forget about Kim and the two others joining your team…..”


He said.


Morgan why are you doing this ??


You both had an agreement while not play your part and then hold him when he does otherwise……”


My brother said.


” You are a fool Henderson


I thought you and your computer are wise…. Why should understand when the game is over.


I warned you not to stand on my way but you dared.


I will helping the Dave’s team to make sure that you lose the game……”


He said and I was speechless.


When you are ready you know where to find me, your time is kicking, am just giving you five minutes before the second half starts…….”


He said and walked out on us. I could move.


It fine brother


Don’t let this way you down because that’s exactly what he wants, we are already in this need let find a


way to get out of it


My brother said


But there is no other way.


I said


There is brother it requires us to think ..” He said


Let think out sometime time is kicking. Marcelo said.


Am so confused


I don’t have any suggestions in my head now, Kester is already in the pitch and only him can me able to


know if there is a way out……”


I said then


Let go to him…..” My brother said.


I think the only solution is to find a way an pay him what he demanded perhaps when we wins you can have the money double……”


Marcelo said.


It just wasting of time and money. Morgan is the CEO of Dave’s team so there is no way he will let your team win, the reason he is demanding for that money so that you can go bankrupt……”


My brother said.


What!?!, you know about this and you ever tell me???? ……”


I asked.



That’s because you didn’t tell me the teams participating in the game. I don’t know Dave’s team was among and even at the first tournament of the game I thought maybe the reason his team got involved is to win the second prize since Kim played along side with Kester’s team……”


He explained


This is not tike for this.


We are like family and who so ever that gets into trouble get us all into trouble. We are already in a bug


mess let think of how to get out of it…..”


Marcelo said.


I think we should callback Morgan, maybe we can go into another fresh agreement with him at least to let your team become the second……”


Marcelo said.


I don’t suggest one but to that.


Morgan is evil himself let cut all deals with him.


I think the only way is to walk to Kester and tell him the situation of thing.


Let encourage him to stay strong and at least equalize the scores while he find a way to get him back up.


I know if he can be able to equalize the scores we can then think of how to win in the finals……..”


My brother said and I nod.


We were still there and one of my team players where carried out.


We need to move now……” Marcelo said.


Calm down brother


There will sure be a way


My brother said and I nod and we walked into pitch.


it was just just three minutes for them to get into the second half. They were all together so we walked up to them to address them.


” Hey guys.


You shouldn’t give up yet


Am impressed with your efforts and I want to assure you guys that we will surely win this game no


matter how tough it look like……”


I said.


But sir we need Kim and the other two strikers they are good with speed more than us here and that’s why we haven’t been able to score……”


One of the players said.



” Look guys



I understand but you need to know that this is a game and must be some whom makes it easy but that doesn’t mean that without them the team can’t stand…….” My brother said




Uncle is Kim not joining us What’s even keeping him????……” My son asked


Well Kester.


The truth remains that’s Kim quited out because of greediness and selfish interest but I believe you guys can make it happen and prove to him that win of without him you can….” He said.



They were down the moment he said Kim wasn’t gonna join them.


But what really happened


Something could be done to get him back


Another player said.


I know this is gonna way your guys down but that’s shouldn’t way you guys down because he left because he thinks you guys are nothing without him. But I believe you can can prove him wrong. He said they were all quite including my son. he kept on telling him they can.


Kester’ play this game as if you are the only one in the pitch while others are your enemies. I know you can Kester


You got a it takes to win, your speed are excellent and you are the best in finishing the game.


You can beat this guy


My brother said and just then the whistle was brown and they all shake hands with us and walked into the game pitch.


Do you have anyone that can serve as a little back up.????`……”


I asked


Well he is a footballer but until we should just put him to fill up the space at least it gonna create a little


strength in them……”


He said and I nod.


Morgan!!!!! Am sure gonna make you pay for all this. I will make every moment of your life count in a bad way you never dream of……”


I munched







Wow I think you should be giving award as the best planner……” Mr Robinson said as I got into the car.and I just smiled.


You can say that again


You know Barlon’ thinks he is smart but am gonna deal with him that he will beg death to take him.


I got them were it pains the most they will have no other choice than to run back to me and you know


what I will finish him up…..”


I said and laughed.


” You are a planner


I thought Barlon was smart but you are the genius here…….”


He said.


” This calls for celebration


Am gonna watch the ugly face if the almighty Barlon cry ……”


He said and we laughed


” So dad what’s the plan now.


Are we gonna wait for them to come over and make the transfer ????……”


My son asked


” No !!!!!!


We won’t you should join your team immediately and win with four goal, I don’t want another competition to be hold …….”


” Okay dad……”


He said and he walked down form the car


Barlon i told you that you can run but can’t hid. Am your shadow and where you goes I goes with you. I will help you draw near your doom…..”


I said.






I walked down for my Dad’s car and I got into the drssing room and I dress up and walked out to the substitution bench. My teams name was boldly written in my Jessy.


The referee brow the whistle and I was substituted with one of my players. I could see the shock in Kester’s face as I walked in majestically. The fans went cold seeing the Jessy team that u was wearing.


It sure a wonderful surprise for everyone. The game started again.


Welcome to the real world Kester


Show the world what you got without me…..”


I munched.


He got the ball after some minutes and u rushed and took the ball form him, he failed down and I looked at him and rude off with the ball.






I became weak hearing that Kim wasn’t gonna join us again. I knew something is gonna go wrong in this game but I wasn’t expecting it to come from one of my own Player.


I walked back into the pitch after the word of encouragement from my uncle, the truth is that only his word is the strength left In me. Hope his word could sustain me till this game ends.


I felt more weak seeing Kim walked into the pitch as one of Dave’s team player. I even lose my track and lost my ball to another opponent.


I strive to get the ball again but Kim took it off and I felled down. I lost the hope of winning this game because Kim was trained by the same teacher that trained me and we have been in one team for some months now, he knows my strength and weakness.


I look around and I only saw four of my players while other teams are seven in number….


” How possible could this be that we can win?????


I asked myself but I didn’t get answer from anywhere.


I just think all I need to to give up because I don’t think there is any hope left again. Dave’s team are two goals winning same with Van’s team.


I think there is hope for me and my team.


I was loosing my strength every single passing seconds. I look at the time and it just forty minutes for us to win or the game ends.


I look up and saw the ball coming towards me again and I rushed and grab the ball but just some mile away I was heavily matched my Kim and I felled down. He looked at me smiled and move away with the ball.


I tried getting up but I felled again.


There was no strength left in me.


There is no longer Hope!!!!!!











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