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(WHO IS SHE !?! )










Second turn to minutes minutes turn to hour and hours to days and the more the love me and Stephannie share become more stronger


We become addicted to each other that wherever you finds me is were she stays.


It was two days after she was discharged from the hospital and it was just reminding four days for Kester’s third tournament of the competition to take place and they are really preparing for it because it sure gonna be a tough one..


This very day


I slept in the castle actually in Stephannie’s room after we had allot of drinks with Kester and Victor even Flora went home very late yesterday.



I was woken up by the old woman well Stephannie was still asleep so i did a warm tea for her and then I waked her up to eat and then she went to shower afterwards. We got ready for school and when Flora got to the castle we all drive to school.


I ride with Stephannie while Victor ride with Flora. The school activities was moving smoothly just like every other day’s event.


When it was time for lunch I was walking with Stephannie to the institution cafeteria.


She was holding my hands while we walk and I wasn’t concentrating till I hit someone that she failed on the ground, I looked up to see a beautiful girl that looks so familiar to me…


” Am so sorry dear


I wasn’t looking at my way…..”


I said trying to help her up.


” Is Okay …”


She said with a smiled


” Hope you are not hurt…..”


Stephannie asked kind of surprising to me.


” Yeah …..”


She said and we made eye contact for some minutes before she continued where she was going to. I even turned back to look at her not her body anyways.


We got to the institution cafeteria and we eat and went back to the class room. After the days event we got home and there was Kim and his father but the time we got home they were already on their way going.


No body knows what they came to do.


The eyes stare I got form Kim’s dad is quite a scary one, he wasn’t smiling at all even though this is the first time am meeting with him.


Why is he acting this way


Why giving me a dangerous looks as if our part has once crushed.


I went in alone because Stephannie had to have a conversation with Kim’s father.






The truth about this whole matter is that seeing someone that looks just like my niece their is something behind it indeed and I must find out before it gets into the wrong hands



Am Marcelo the fourth richest business tycoon in the world of Europe. Am the best friend to Mr. Barlon and his younger brother Henderson while am the uncle to Alvin the only brother to Evelyn Thomson’s dead wife.


After the lost of my only sister Evelyn whom dead during the child bearing if her third child while we never get to see. They all died in the bomb blast that happened in the hospital years back..


After then I only visit Iceland only when we the emperor’s have any meetings but today am already in a flight heading to Iceland with two double mind.


The boy I meet with my daughter the other day is so confusing.


He had a different identify but he looks so familiar. The only way to find out the truth is by going for a DNA test and I don’t want the emperor’ to be involved till am sure about my investigation.


I arrived at the airport and soldiers welcomed me with my four personal guard I came with.


I got into a sport car and my driver drove me to the emperor’s living Estate. Immediately I got Jacky went to inform him about my arrival.


Just few minutes he walked down with a smiled.


Wow you are here already


He said coming closer to were j was seated while I stood up and we had a hand shake.


Get us something to drink


He ordered and immediately a soft drinks was set for us and it was poured in a glass cup already.


It has really been a long while you visited the Emperor’s Estates.


What happened???


The Emperor said and I just smiled


” Nothing


I never said something went wrong perhaps am already at the emperor’s meeting, I never missed one not even for one day…….”


I said and he smiled as well and just then my niece Alvin walked down and smiled seeing me.


Good afternoon uncle…..” He greeted.


How are you doing son???


You have grown into something else


The young Thomson…..”


I called out.



You can say that a again……” The Emperor said.


How is my beautiful daughter Vera


I know by now she has already grown into a woman…….”


The Emperor asked.


Maybe. You know.


She is really missing her crazy charming brother Alvin, it has been long the two saw each other…..” I said.




well maybe we could sort that later……”


The Emperor said.


No no no. That’s the major reason why I came over, she is really disturbing the life out of me. We are gonna sort it out now as a matter of fact


He is leaving with me to Luxembourg tomorrow……” I said.


Am not really doubting your capability of keeping him safe but can he cope it the living in Luxembourg The Emperor asked


Leave that to me


We have an entertaining things happening around and am sure he us gonna love seeing them .


His security is guaranteed.


I know Marcelo but if he is gonna leave with you then he is going with his personal guard that stays with him here


The Emperor said .


That’s not a problem to me.


I just want him to spend sometime with his sister so that the girl won’t kill me one day I said and we laughed.


Fine by me then


You know his status


So no cause for alarms


The Emperor said


We had allot of drinks and we discussed about allot of things, about how got the seat has been as a Emperor.


We will be leaving day after tomorrow because of the competition my friend is participating in.






The more day draw closer the more we counts the remaining days of the competition, it another beautiful day and it just three days to go. This upcoming competition is the semi finals and anyone that is taken out losses the price.


I got to school with Stephannie and just like every other day’s she was around me till she was sent by Miss Kitty to come over to her office for a brief meeting with whom I don’t really know.


I was in my garden when I got a message in my phone,


I still keeps my promise though it took time but am still gonna fulfill it.


This time am coming back and am not gonna leave ever again


The message reads.


After reading the messages I looked beside me to see a hidden letter in a white color. I picked it up and my name was written on it…


I unsealed it and the only thing I saw was a sign of a golden imagine of a two crossed hectic gun.


Who could this be ???


Which promise ????


The only person my mind drive at was Maya, could she planning for something but she dares not because am gonna humiliate her this time but the message came with something strange and sign that is only been used by a lost military personnel that I know.


Well I don’t think he is the only one using that logo so I don’t think it him perhaps he has long been forgotten.


My mind wasn’t any bit at rest.


I was really worried about whom could be the bearer of the message.


I was lost in thought when I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to see the same girl that I knocked down yesterday.


She smiled at me and I managed a smile.


Hey……” She said.


” Hi ………”


I said back looking at her eye boll



I was passing by and I thought it wisely to say hey to you……” She said.


Have you emery somewhere before now ????……”


I don’t know but I don’t we have


Yesterday was our only encounter together


She said.




Am sorry about yesterday anyway


it was a mistake


It Okay


I know it wasn’t your fault and that’s why I wasn’t and at you at all


She said


Can I seat…..”


She asked




I said making a space for her to seat.


While she sat down and then look up and our eyes meet again but she took it off.


What are you doing alone here without your girl friend around???……”


She said and I just smiled knowing she was talking about Stephannie just then the queen walked in on us and she stood up and left without even saying her name to me.


She sat down beside me and crossed her hand around my neck.


” What kept you so long


You kept me waiting????……”


I said not wanting to ask why her face is like that because I know she might be jealous or thinking otherwise about the lady’s chatting with me.


” Am sorry about that sweet heart


The meeting took much time than I expected……”


She said sitting beside me.


” What’s the call for !??……”


I didn’t really get all thrt said but Emperor wanted a camp excursion among the six student going for the competition but I don’t think am interested so I declined to the suggestion……..” She explained.


But why did you declined, you know it gonna create more adventures for your guys …….”


I said and I look at the direction that the girl took and her imagine was still a little visible, I stare at her till she was out of my sight and when I turn i saw Stephannie looking at me not angry not happy.


” Who is she????……”


I asked not minding her mood.


” Her name is Priscilla Elson


The best student of Neuroscience department.


We are one grade ahead of her`……”


She explained.


Is there something more about her……” I asked again.


I don’t know what you e mean by that but did she said anything contrary to what I just told you…..” She asked


Not really.


Just wondering if there is more I could get form you…….”


I said and they message I got earlier came flashing on my mind and my mood changed.


” Well, She is fatherless


I only know of her with a mother, I guess maybe she was trained by just he mum.


That’s all I know about her……”


She said and she kissed me but unfortunately I didn’t reciprocate to the kiss so she break the kiss and look at me.


” What’s the problem.


Is something wrong??? ……”


She asked.


” Nothing…….”


I said even though I was kind of bothered about the message.


You know am not gonna take that as an answer, no for any reason. tell me what the problem is because something is wrong…….”


She persuaded and I hand over the phone to her to see the message and then I showed her the letter.


Who do you think could be behind this


She asked.


” That’s the confusing thing here


I don’t know who could have sent such massage …….”



” Don’t bother yourself


it might be mistake perhaps this is a military logo.


Don’t let it bother you




She said and kissed me again but at first I didn’t reciprocate but she kissed me again and this tike I kissed her back.


We got back to the classroom and after our day lesson we drove back home.






” Who is that boy!??……”


Dad asked immediately we drive into my mansion


You mean that one that walked in with Stephannie??? ……”


Yeah !!!!!!!……”


He is Elvin from Nigeria


The guy that own Stephannie’s scholarship. He came over to Europe some months ago……'”


Are you sure about this????……” He asked


Yeah, am very sure


I even thought he was Alvin the very first day I meet him just like you are thinking but I made my research and it wasn’t him… They are just lucky to have the same similarities……” I said to him..



” I just hope so……”


He said and walked into his room without saying anything to me again.


As for what we went to discuss with Mr. Barlon.


We didn’t actually went on our on accord but he sent for me, he just want to know our next plan on how to win the third coming tournament of the competition and trust my dad he gave him a strong assurance.






Why am I having this mixed feelings about this boy, why???? It unfortunate that I don’t know any of my family member apart form mum, Aunt Harrietta and Uncle Derek.



But why am I always having this type of feelings whenever I sees him. The problem here is that I don’t know who he is.


But my uncle said that he came over with my brothers, maybe I could get some answers from aunt Harrietta. Maybe she could help me out


I thought


Am Priscilla Elson


Am my mum’s only child..


My mum was once a doctor before she took ill that affected his memories.


Am one of Stephannie’s institution scholarship holder and am among the best student of Neuroscience.


Am very good with internet because that’s the only way I can keep my mum save both inside and outside the mansion.


In the mansion has an underground room that only I can operate it with my phone or laptop but when am in OR out.


So you see am very good with internet


I got home that very day so worried.


I don’t even know why.


I got my laptop and I searched about him and his details showed up.


I searched about my uncle but I only got his name and his status in the country as a ex soldier. He wasn’t married so he had no child.


I only finds three people bearing my surname Elson that is, my uncle and the boy I met in the institution and as well the Emperor once bear the name Elson.


Could the boy somewhere related to me or something??


Well Then I decided to search for my mum and there I got something shocking but I have to cover my laptop immediately my mum walked into my room.















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