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Something is really not right


He looks so connected as if I had known him for a long time, this can’t possibly be him. He is long


thought dead


How come?????…


Well am not wishing my niece to be dead, how I wish my sister is still alive and this is really him. I really need to inform the Emperor about this,


Am gonna go on a test with him if their is confusing but I hope that this is my lost niece Elvin. Hope my sister Evelyn is still alive. Just hoping


Ever since the day I saw him in the custody of my daughter Vera, I haven’t been myself. I have to warn her to be careful with him so not to complicate issues.


I really need to inform the Emperor about this…..”


I said to myself and I walked around my room






What’s this boy up to????


He thinks he can play this game more faster than I, he has forgotten so soon that he us dealing with the devil herself, am Maya and u gets whatever I wants.


How could he.


I thought he will be even apologizing over what he did yesterday by leaving me in such a state making me to make out with those idiots that I don’t even know.


I didn’t even use any protections.


Gosh, Elvin you have done much damage and this time am gonna make you pay for it,


Am gonna take that which you have been denying me if since we met, am sorry I loved you but Stephannie has covered your eyes that you know longer see any other that girl but you see this, you are gonna pay dearly for it.


You have bit in more than what you can chew.


I took out my phone and called my guard immediately. And I instructed them that I needed the video from him, weather dead or alive.


Elvin, you made me to do this so you should have yourself to pushed me to hard, next time in your miserable life you won’t try to play such a smart game on someone like me.







After sending the video with Victor I know Maya is gonna try something stupid but I want her to try, I wanna let her know I am the master of the game. I have the tips in my finger nails .


Even without victor telling me, I know that she is gonna come after me for the record videos and pictures but she should get ready for something worse.


That very hour, the next day.


I walked out from the new mansion, Victor could have followed us out but he had an appointment with Kester and he is already on his way to pick him up so I just have to leave with Lextar to have fun together.


Well something about him is that he is a jovial and friendly person despite his duty call. We are actually going to one of the running club around the city. Coming out from the gate, I notice a parked car along the side and I just smiled.


Her very words occur in my mind


You won’t get away with it Elvin, I bet you on that, I know this guy’s are out for me and not just the video is either me or the life am living on.


” I guess we have companies……”


I said to him and he smiled as well.


Let watch and know if they are whom we think they are…..” He said.


Just immediately we drove and kissed them, they got into the car and drive behind us…


” They are in deed companies……”


I said and Lextar looked at the side mirror.


Worry less, I gat you covered……” He assured.


I took out my phone and I searched for the city name and then I got the map. I haven’t been in such past of this city, it wasn’t hard for me to read and identify the more safe and smooth root to take. And I zoomed it go have a more brighter view of it.


Drive left immediately……” I said and he did like I said.



” Have you been here before now….”


He asked.


‘” Not really


As a matter of fact this is my first time been here……”


Then how do you know do much about it… You can’t just be giving me exact direction when you said you haven’t been here……”


He said and I smiled.


I have the map here……”


Wow !!!!! you can read maps????……”


He asked and I nod and we turned the car in a roundabout and drive left immediately with much greater speed.


” Take left again……”


I said and he drive towards the direction while those cars flowing us was coming after us with massive speed and they aren’t looking as if they a not gonna give up.


We kept of driving with a massive speed and they keep on following us, an idea struck in and I asked him to slow down and then give it a speed up and he did and that and one of their car to get busted and they were still with two more cars.


We turned the car at a share needing of a building.


” Can you shoot


Have you handle gun before now……”


He asked and i nod and he pull out a gun and handed it over to me.


I checked it and it was fully loaded gun, I put it back to normal and then I chuck the gun, I look at the side mirror and none of them was still ready to shoot so, I just opened the uproot of the car and I tool out my gun and start shooting at them which distractions them, dwell to constant shooting the first car lost control and we ran into a moving car while the last one was still chasing after us and this time they pull out and started shooting at us.


I tried to shoot at them again but they were shooting constantly at us, none stopping, bullet was hitting out car, thanks to good it just a mare car.


This guy’s came with a more higher guns than us. Can you do the driving…” He asked.


I won’t be that too fast


Just keep moving let me think of an easy option ……”


I said to him and he increased the speed.



I kept on trying to know if I can be able to shoot down any of them but their constant shooting couldn’t allow me to concentrate. They seem to know all the short corners of this very city.


How close are we out of this very city


He asked and I looked at the map and answered him while he nodded and focused on the car steering.


We can’t gun this men done, the only option Here is to find a way and escape….” I said.


Come on we are gonna get all of them down, we can. Let just focus and be more clever than their imagination……”


He said and I nod.


Am idea struck my mind.


And I started searching for a place where I could a three different road that joined together and I focused on the map again and I was moving my eyes very fast.


” It seem I wasn’t saying anything at all.


I need to calm down, we are gonna get this fools down. You have all it take to do so……”


I said to myself.


I calmed down and searched again and I smiled seeing on and just like at the best spot. I told Lextar what to do and immediately we got there. He stopped and he began to make the car produce smoke around the vicinity.


I was seeing their location through my phone and immediately they got close, we moved away form there and immediately they entered into the smoke the cat turned upside down.


We got down immediately from our car and I shot at the fuel tank and the car caught fire. They were now struggling for their life’s. At this moment I just smiled, all they wanted is to live and not to kill again.


They were able to get out of the car before the fire because rampant and by then the police was already there with the fire extinguishers and they stopped the burning car and took them away.


I think we still have the chance of knowing who sent them he said and we got into our car and drive back to know if we could be able to still meet the first car that got crushed on the race and yeah, we got them but we only find a dyeing One.


Police officer was already there investigating what happened. He looked at me and we smiled got into the car and drove back to the house.


Do you think that Maya could be the one that sent those hoodlums after us. He asked and I nod.


Yeah, am sure of it


She threatened to do so


I said.


So what is gonna be her fate now that she didn’t succeed He asked again.


Am gonna handle her


I said and he nodded and we continue driving.


I got home and I freshen up immediately and then took out my laptop and It wasn’t a difficult task to get Olivia and Vivian number and I sent the video to them and as well to her brother Eryk.


Few minutes


I got a call form her but I allowed her to keep calling, at a point I picked up.


Elvin !!!!!!!……” She called out.


Yeah, am the one


Just wanna say hey to you


You know I made it alive as you can see dead people don’t talk……”


I said and with a frown face then I put the call down and of my phone.


One thing about me is that..


i don’t hurt people but I found it hard to understand the word sorry, I so much love revenge. Maya and her family is gonna pay this time not even his brother Eryk will be speared. I said with anger.







I was in my room when my brother walked into my room with Olivia with am angry face


Maya wants the meaning of this.


Have you lost it to the extend of making out with three different guys in a hotel.


He said and my jaw dropped.


What are you talking about…..” I asked confused.


This is exactly what am talking about Maya, what’s the meaning of this….” He said.



How were you able to get this????……” I asked.


Is that what you care to know.


This is a message from a strange number and even your two favorite friend got the message…” He said.


What, I already got a call from Vivian and she was laughing evilly of what she is gonna do with the video, how could you let such out???……”


He said.


What !!!!????……”


Maya, how could


Had a video were you make out with three different guy and one of them dead and you dumped him at the hotel


Do you know what is gonna become of you if the police fund out about this …..”


He asked and I became more scared.


What have I gotten myself into???……”


Look Maya you better think of a way to take care of this before it get out of hand, you know of what it gonna cause to your relationship and then to your competition. You better take care of this before Dad gets to see this……”


He said and walked out form my room.


Come on girl


How can you be this careless with such a secret. You know your Dad’s rival are gonna do when they get


hands in this.


Olivia said.


” I was speechless


Why would he do such????




I shrugged.


Just then I got a message from him that I should check my Dad’s phone. Gosh Elvin I ran to Dad’s room but he wasn’t there. I was down……”


I called him again and several time but he never picked up my calls.


What’s all this


Who could be behind this……”


Olivia asked.


Is that boyfriend of that slut that calls herself Stephannie…..”


You mean Elvin….”


She asked and I nod


What business do you have with him that could make him get access to such a bad an reputation killing video….”


She asked.


How was he even able to lay hands in such a video……”


She added.


I guess he did the time he came to the institution to take me out. He drugged me that very night and I guess the drug was too much for me to control, the more I try the more the sΒ£xual urges increase…..”


He played a smart game on you.


How could you have fallen so easily for him and you even went to the extend of thinking of having


something With him……”


Olivia said.


” You don’t understand Olivia


He looked real, like finally he had fallen for me, everything seriously to me and I hot carried away by his cute and romantic body……”


” Come on girl, you are smarter than that


You think he can just walk up to you after all his threat and he finally fall for you. so easily??? ……”


Olivia said


” It was complicated.


Let just think of a way out of this mess…”


I said really feeling worked up.


Just my fear


Dad walked into my room with furious expression.


” Dad am so sorry


Please am gonna put thing back to normal…..”


I said without allowing him make a word.


” How could you allow this video be in existence Maya, How Maya?


Do you know what this so gonna cost me if Morgan or Barlon ever lay hands in such a thing……”


He said and my mind drives that Elvin is close to Barlon



” Am sorry Dad I promise to put things back to normal immediately……”


I said.


You better do and be fast about this


He said and walked out of my room as well, Stephannie you have caused me so much. Gosh am in all this mess because of Stephannie now my reputation is at stake.


What am I gonna do now


This idiot thinks he is good at this.


” Off course


He got you wet it matters the most.


All you need is to do whatever he wants,


He can do worse than this if you try anything gamish……”


She said.


How was he able to survive the attacks from my boys, I took out my phone and I called my boy but he wasn’t picking up, I was only able to get to one of them and he didn’t sound good which means they operation didn’t go well at all.


I tried calling him many times but he wasn’t picking up, even when he did he only say some sort of thing and then bridge off the call.


I tried calling him numerous times but he wasn’t picking up at a point his phone was no longer connecting.


The I do it isn’t taken my calls


I said with so much anger in me.


Gosh, Maya this is more hard than you think, he isn’t playing child game with you here……” Olivia said.


I don’t care Olivia am gonna deal with him.


I know we’re he will be hiding and am gonna send some men to help him out short his life for him. He has bitten in more than what his mouth can contain


You think that’s the best way for all this, look Maya, don’t neglect this guy at all, his actions shows he is good with games. Just calm down and think of something that can help out sending assassins to him can worsen the whole issue here…..”


She said.


I was just walking about the room and I got a call form him and I stared at Olivia in surprise.


Who is that???……” She asked



” It him


They devil……”


I said.


” What are you waiting for


Pick up the call and know why he is calling before he decides to pit off his phone……”


She said and I picked up the call and put it in loud speaker.


Hello beautiful Maya.


I just called to inform you my location do that you won’t stress yourself in finding me……”


He said and I looked at Olivia’ in surprise.


You know I was thinking beautiful daughter of the devil whom knows the best way of winning the game how it gonna feel if the video gets to the police so that they could see how you raped a guy to death.


I will also send the video to Mr Barlon and Stephannie so that they can enjoy the real view of a life sΒ£x of the almighty Maya.


” More of it


I thinks that your boyfriend and his father will also be delighted to view the pictures and watch the videos at least it will make to improve in how he gives it to you…..” He said and laughed.



Please Elvin


I said and he cut out the call.


I kept on trying till after some hours his number became switch off.


Maya you sure got yourself In a mess You have shot yourself in the legs How are we gonna tackle this???……” Olivia asked.


I don’t really know Olivia am confused right now, this boy is more hard than I thought, The worst part of it is that his phone is no longer available…….”


What have I gotten myself into


I said to myself.


I kept on calling him but yet he wasn’t picking my calls or returning them. I was really getting frustrated, I couldn’t imagine if this video ever gets to Stephannie hands that means am done.


I kept on calling him and texting him a apology message that am really sorry for sending assassins after him.


Even Olivia had to text him using her own phone number but it was still nothing replying.


It was getting late so Olivia said she is gonna send the night over so to know the outcome of everything.


I couldn’t really sleep.


I was so worried, he has shown himself to be a mean person, I kept on calling him till he finally picked up.


Am sorry Elvin


Please just be whatever you want and it done, please don’t hang on me


I pleading and Olivia sat up right.


Please Elvin, am really sorry for everything, just name you prize and I promise to pay whatever you want me to


I said and he laughed in the background.


Really the almighty Maya wants me to name my price, really??? The daughter of the devil is finally afraid of temptation


He said and laughed again and I just kept quiet.


I thought you said you are the genius and you know the game very well to be able to win no matter




He said.


” Am sorry Elvin


Please am ready to make amends


Just name your price and it done ……”


” You want me to name my price Maya


Can you bring back the trust and love Stephannie has for me that you destroyed can you……”


He asked admitting shout.


If that’s what you want then am gonna do it Elvin. Am gonna tell her the real truth about everything but please don’t let the video out…..”


I said.


Then get it done and fast


That’s the only way I can keep calm if not…. And let me warn you this must be done in the less than 12




He said and the like went dead.


I got a message immediately


You time starts now to count.



I took out a deep breath and dropped my phones, I don’t really know what’s next now. Well no option am gonna do it tomorrow.






I know you are surprised how I get to know everything she is discussing well I kept a record date at the back of her bag… So whatever happens around the vicinity of her bag gets to me.


I slept peacefully waiting for tomorrow to come so that am gonna watch how everything goes.


I got to school with Flora and Kester along with Victor, it happens that the Kim of a guy was still the one that dropped Stephannie in school.


The class activity was moving smoothly, I only comes into the class when a teacher is in to teach. I got a message from three different institution in Luxembourg if I will love to come over to the institution and help mobilize there student that is sent on excursion.


Well I kept it pending for the main time.


I will get back to them when am ready for it if I will ever be.






Today’s schooling was boring, other days were but today was worse. Elvin didn’t spend up to a second in the class except if a teacher came in.


You know doing lunch time.


I waited for Kim because he said he is gonna come over to take me out for lunch but she didn’t meet up.


As I was waiting for him.


I got a message from him that u should meet him in a restaurant that he is waiting for me at the place.


Well, I went with my bodyguard with me and getting there, he was nowhere to be found, I tried his number but he wasn’t picking up but after calling I still got a message that he is coming.


He said I should make an order for the both of us that he is gonna join me soon.


I just ordered for a drink as I wait for him, just then Maya walked into the restaurant and she looked at my direction and she started walking towards me.


What does this devil want this time.


Just some few metres away form my table, Tessia blocked her from getting close to me.


” Come on Stephannie


You of all people should know I don’t misbehave I’m public, as your guard to stay down am not here for problems……”


She said and I asked Tessia to let her be.


She walked closer and sat down while Tessia and Stella came more closer to my table.


Why are you here Maya????……? I asked.


Slow down baby girl


Am here on my own, you never Invited me so allow me do the talking at my own will…..”


She said and I just kept calm looking at her.


Well maybe here to tell you the real truth behind the video I sent to you about Elvin making out with me, it a force accusations. I forced him to it at the point of gun……”


She said.


What the hell are you talking about???……”


Well I kidnapped him that same day you got the video that he was cheating on you, the pictures I sent wasn’t even his pictures because I couldn’t get the exact picture I want from him because he was proving so stubborn…….”


She said and anger grew in me.


I wanted to hit her but Tessia hold back my hand.


How dare you Maya????……”


I asked with anger.


Look Stephannie, I don’t owe you any apologize. Kim is my boyfriend and you are freaking around him like a pest, you are the reason for our break up…..”


Why am I even explaining to you.


You are an idiot Stephannie, you couldn’t trust someone you love What suit of human are you……”


She asked and I tried hitting her again and Tessia still stopped me.She stood up and walked away from the restaurant.


” Anger was boiling in me.


Maya ,you might think all this is over but you just started a process that gonna kill you. I must make sure you pay for doing this.


Am sorry Elvin


I could have trusted you


Am so sorry……”


I said as tears slip down my cheeks.


Well the reason why Tessia was holding me back form hitting her is that if I do, I will lose the competition even without competing, it will be recorded that I attacked her.


I was so weak.


Am really sorry Elvin for not trusting you.


I got home so frustrated


I didn’t even go to school again, I just drive straight to the castle.


I tried calling him but he wasn’t picking up my calls. I texted him but he never responded to it.


I drank myself to stupors out of anger and frustration. Am sorry Elvin















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