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After the visit of Kester and Victor, after school that very day, Victor drive to the house with another car anyway.


After we exchanged brotherly greeted and for the first time we spoke using our dialect.


” What’s up……”


I asked as one of the servant around serve us with a drink.


” Nothing much,


How was school today???……”


He asked.


Fine but bad, I don’t know why that fool can’t just stay away form Stephannie, they are always together ……”


I said angry.


Calm down


It a matter of time


I know that Stephannie still feel something strong for you, she is just using Kim to think less about you.


Don’t worry she is gonna come around one day……”


He said and I nod.


” How is Kester??


He didn’t come over with you……”


I asked.


” Well he is coming later


He went on a honeymoon with his sweet heart Flora……”


He said and I smiled.


Am happy all this didn’t spoil their relationship at all.


” So what your plan about this whole mess……”


He asked seating up right and I have him a look of what are you talking about.


” Come on don’t play dump with me


I know you aren’t gonna let that butch that calls herself Maya go score free.


So what’s your plan, what do you want to happen to her……”


He asked again.


Off course she is not gonna move freely in the city after making my living her unconducive for me…..” I said.


So what’s your plans……”


He asked again and I used my hand to ask him to come closer and I whispered it in his mouth.


You think this is gonna work out perfectly……” He asked.


Yeah, I have thought about it.


Am Gonna make her pay, she claims to be the master of the game but am gonna show her the other


side of life that she haven’t experienced……”


I said.


Well you have my support anytime you need them, I will really wish to see her cry and beg for mercy Victor said.


Sure she will.


He had allot of drink even before Kester arrive with Flora, she was kind of surprises seeing that Kester actually drive here. We had a wonderful time but it wasn’t fun to me because my queen Stephannie isn’t around me.


Stephannie I really missed you




The day went away and another day came very fast.


This is gonna make it the fifth day after all this that happened.


The second tournament is coming around the corner


Maya since you are good at this game let play along then. Even after the whole things happening around, Maya has kept on calling and asking me to give her a chance but ever since then haven’t given her any straight reply well she is gonna get that very soon.


More days flows and school was really annoying without the company of Stephannie she is always with that Kim of a boy.


The second day of the competition has finally arrive, I drove to the stadium alone this time because am still not at peace with my beautiful queen Stephannie.


I was actually very early at the stadium because I don’t want the sight caught of the fool Maya and Stephannie as well. I stayed at the other side of the pinch though I could see everyone at the other side of the pinch as well.


I watched Stephannie drove in with that Kim of a guy again and angry grow in me a little but I just stared away. She hugged him and he went into the changing room to get dressed for the game.


Few minutes Maya and Eryk drives in as well and I watched the witch smiling ,she came with someone I thought could be one of her friends which I don’t even know her name.


The sat at the same spot that the sat the other day. Two men walked in as well discussing and they equally sat down as well.


I focused back on the field, this place is sure quick a hug and large environment


Kester and his team came out fully prepared but Kim wasn’t among them which made me wonder were he could have been.


Isn’t he gonna play along with them again ???? Well maybe they have other plans for the game. This time the game is a game between the three teams


Van’s, Dave’s and Kester’s team. They all came out but this time with just four players of different teams.


In Kester’s team were, Kester Maxwell and two other guys, Daniel was not there as well. The four head stand out and the ball was bounced and the game started immediately.


I watched how they play the game with so much focused.


Little belief about the second tournament,


It a game of six to seven participants but at the starting game it requires only four player to get the game started then other could join as the minute goes down.



They played so perfectly but seen tougher than that of the first time, Dave’s team was the first to score and then Van’s team leaving only Kester’s team behind. It seen it a tension and then Daniel was let into the game.


He was very good in defending the goals of the other opponent, and through that Kester was able to score. They all were with just one goals till the game ended.


The second half began and the game was moving in smoothly, this tike Kim’ joined the game and truth be told Kester’s team became the first to score this time and it was through the help of Kim that he scored the goal.


Daniel and Maxwell focussed on stopping all the opponent form scoring it was hard for them to score again.


The Dave’s Van’s team get to score by change leaving only the Dave’s team. The defence become tough that Dave’s team wasn’t able to score again.


The game was getting more hotter and hotter till Kim game the ball freely to Dave’s player and he scored immediately the game was ended.


It was announced that since there was a tie at the end of the game the three teams will be privileged to come out to compete in the Third tournament of the game which will still take place in the next one week.


Every one was congratulating the player because indeed they did perfectly well.


I couldn’t go to congratulate Kester the time they were through with changing because at that spot, Stephannie was still with them.


I must say that this game is gonna end in a bloody way, judging for what I saw Dave’s team can go to the


length of injuring players to get to the top.


It was sure a tough one.


After Stephannie was done congratulating him ,she left with Kim to were I don’t know and then I walked down form the pinch I was in to say a congratulating words to Kester.


I caught sight of Maya and she winked at me and few steps I got a message from her.


Your lover girl he moving freely with her newly found love, why bot give us a chance please She texted and I looked at her smiled and continue walking.


Maybe it time to give this a second thought .



I walked to Kester was he was with Victor I guess they are sure waiting for me to come over.



” You sure did great.


You gat allot of speed ……”


Come on what is the need for speed when I nearly lot the game if not for the help of Daniel, am really down……”


He said frowning


Come-on you are the best


You scored and that’s what count


For the fact you couldn’t score when you were with you other team doesn’t make you a weak man…….”


But I claim to be the best why couldn’t I score to show a different, Gustav score and so did Jan, why didn’t I.


I have to score when Daniel and Kim joined the game which mean I could kiss out if they weren’t with me…..”


He said.


I understand but I need to know that this game is game of team, you needs ones help to win. Don’t blame yourself if you couldn’t do it alone because none of those that scored did it alone. That’s why you are team,


TEAM simply means TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE. so chill you are the best….” I said.


Thanks so much Elvin……”


He said


” You are welcome……”


I said and hug him in a guy way.


I turned to Flora she smiled and we had a hand shake.


Just then Daniel and Maxwell walked in with a smile and u just pretended like I never know them, I even thought then sweeter cap could help hid my identity.


Who do we have here What’s up Elvin……”


Daniel said with a smile while Kester and Victor was surprised that they know me even by name. Gosh, he recognized me.


I gave a surprise looks for me.


Come on Elvin


It Daniel has you forgotten me so soon.


He asked.



I looked at Kester and then Victor And I surprised him with a hug while Maxwell smiled.


” Let talk more privately later……”


I whispered into his ears and he nodded a little.


I shook hands with Maxwell.


It has sure been a long time……” He said.


Do you guys know each other???……” Kester asked and I nod.




Wow !!!!!


He is one of my best student in the academy ……”


Kester said.


” Am a witness to that


They both did perfectly great in the game. Am really surprised….”


I said and Maxwell smiled


We had an exchange of contact and then I left with Lextar while Victor and Kester drive home with Flora but on the process of entering the car I caught sight of a man staring at with.


His looks wasn’t familiar and he has an angry expression, surprised and shock ed at the same time. Who the hell is he.????


They later came in the evening time to have a chat with me






After the game which I must say I nearly Los the hope of winning.


What’s all this about, I could have lost out if Daniel and Kim didn’t join the game.


Well I think Elvin is right


I gat to work as a team to get what we really want for the game,


We must sure win no matter what.


I tried taking to my sister evolution Elvin and she got so mad at it so I had a change the discussion and talk about something else.







Today I got to school with Flora and it happens that Kim was the one that drive Stephannie to school and this time around they stayed at the car and discuss what I don’t even know.


Just like everyone other day, I stayed in the garden waiting to get Flora’s message that a teacher is in the class the truth is that ever since all this happened I haven’t been in the lecture class, I only comes when their is a teacher.


After our first lecture


I still left the class immediately to the garden and I called Victor and he said he is still watching out closely. Well Victor is the only person that knows about my plans.


I got a call from Lextar this time that everything is already set just the way it planned.


I got into my car even though classes was still going on and I drove out form the institution to Maya’s own institution.


On getting there she was sitting in a well decorated porch with two of her friends I guess. Student was moving about.


I just walked up to her and I pecked her and she looked surprise in the present of her friends, even the students around was all surprised, I guess they have seen someone more cute than that idiot she was dating before now Kim.


” Hey sweetheart


I said with smiles and looking at her will be just imagining if this is a dream.


” Hey Elvin……”


She said easing a little tension out.


You have always wanted me to give you a chance so here I am, I think you are more caring and loving than that Stephannie……”


I said and she smiled.


Are you really the one saying all this about me…….”


She asked and I kissed her again and this time she reciprocated to the kiss.


” Come on


Am here for you


Come am gonna spoil you today with love and care…..”


I said and drag her up wit a smile and we both walked towards my car.



Maya!!!! Can you really play this game so perfectly without been shot at the legs????????????????????. I thought


We got to the car and I opened the door for her and she got in and I did as well and we drove out form the institution to a hotel leave better still a restaurant.


We got at a well classic and expensive hotel and we had a lot of fun, drink together, chat together we even take allot of pictures and even swim as well.


After all this I feed her up with a naughty thoughts and she was craving for us to be in a bedroom.


I told her that I was waiting for a foreign friends that I will like to direct to my house before I move into the restroom with her to avoid unnecessary distractions when we are having fun so I convinced her for us to have a little drink.


After the drink I engaged her with a chat for just fifteen minutes and the drug I used on her was has already manifested.


I took her to the restroom and immediately we got in she jumped on me and started kissing me and was trying to tie my clothes apart.


” Easy baby girl


Don’t eat me up, am all yours but you need to freshen up first……”


I said to her calmly.


” Come on Elvin


Am not a pig. Let just do this, the pressure unstop much and I can’t hold myself any longer ……”


She said frowning a little and I smiled inside me I know she don’t have any option.


” Come on this is me, am aren’t running.


Am all yours tonight so go make it very fast am waiting. Make it very fast…..”


I said and she undress herself in my presence kissed me.


” Wait right there for me……”


She said In a romantic way and walked towards the door and locked it up and took the key with her into


the bedroom.


I just smiled.


I on the record camera and then I called Victor and he assured me that the boys are already coming up for the job, I smiled and I used another key to get myself out form the dam room.







I was really surprised beyond words, I was never expecting Elvin in my school, as a matter of fact I never had a thought that he can ever lust after me. He even kissed me in the presence of my friends and students.


Thank God that after everything I still have him as my man, Elvin you are so sweet, due to the excitement I had seeing Elvin kiss me without been forced, he asked me me out and I followed him to the place he said he know best.


We had a lot of fun and I enjoyed every minute I spent with him, he so romantic now I know why Stephannie wants him only for herself at least even if Stephannie later get to find out about the truth, I have already gotten my taste from him.


After having all the fun we had, he pull up a naughty question that got me so wet and I was so desperate to have something inside of me,


I asked me for us to has a private time in the room which he never objected.


He only said we should have some drink more while he waits for the last call of the day to avoid calls distracting us while in our honeymoon.


After having some drink with him he took me inside and I was carving to have him inside me.


The pressure was so much and I must say I have never feel such a thing for a any man, even though Kim was very good in s£x still he never controls such lust I have for Elvin at this spot.


All my body was ready for him,


my whole body wanted nothing but his touch. He demanded that I freshen up which I rushed into the bathroom and I the more time I wait the more the urge to have something inside me increases


After I was done bathing I came out only to see him naked on my bed. I falled on him in the bed and I was touching him as if he was Elvin.


Only his touch made me moan but the moment he turned I found out it wasn’t Elvin. What, I stood up form the bed and I walked towards the door but I found out it was rocked and the key isn’t even with me, they are in the bath room.


I couldn’t find my phone again and then I remembered I gave them to my guard down to take care of any call I might get.


The pressure was too much and I couldn’t control it any longer so I have to give in for him to have me.


we had s£x and he wasn’t even enough for me, he realized so easily and he became tried. I could have called Kim but am not with my phone, he tried to leave but I stopped him and I still forced him to s£x me again till he was no longer moving.



Even at that, all my body was still craving for men. The more I walk around the room the more the pressure increase. I opened the showcase in the room and I saw a vibrator.


I had to use it on myself


Even at that, the more I truck it in and out of me the more the pressure increases and I was moaning out so loud.


My door got opened and I cute well built guy walked. I couldn’t comprehend how he got in but that’s isn’t my headache now.


He took off his clothes and I have him ride me so hard, he lasted more than the first guy. Talking about him.


I pushed him under the bed.


We had s£x for up to five hours then her got tried after realizing in me again, at this point the pressure was now fading fast but I still need someone.


he called someone that came and I still had my time with him, he was too full of strength that I passed out while he was still on me but I was still breathing but too tired that I couldn’t see anything happening around me.


I woke up the next day and I didn’t even see any of the guys that I had s£x with. They were gone.


I put on my clothes and I walked out of the restroom. I got done and drove him feeling very tired and weak.






After I left the room and the guy that was pad for the deal walked in, I stayed down in one of the room in the restroom, I have already called victor to tell him to cover me up if Kester suspect anything.


Letter in the morning they came knocking on my door very easily as five o’clock and I payed them off and the left even them don’t have any idea of why I paused them for the act.


I walked back to the room I left Maya in and I found her lying down with just the bed sheets covering her naked body. I touched her to make sure she is still alive and yeah she is still alive so I just took what I kept smiled and walked out form the hotel room.


I got out took a cab home immediately and I got ready for school so not to be late. Other things are gonna follow after school. It happens that it a Thursday and it just two days left for the third tournament of Kester’s competition.



After school which Stephannie did everything possible to avoid me. Well am most happy for Kester and Flora at least all this things seem to make their love grow stronger.


After school that very day, well I didn’t spent time with anybody apart from monitor the movement of Kim and Stephannie, seeing them together drives me crazy.


I got home and I have already told Victor what the next action is gonna look like so after his time with Stephannie at the castle he is gonna come home.


I was really feeling bored when Eric and Lextar drove in, we I informed them about the moves and the gave me some assurance to watch my back perfectly for me.


I briefed them about how it went but I never told them I have a video of her just the pictures I took. We chatted more about allot of things and they told me so much about their lost heroes kg Iceland and Luxembourg. Eric told me how he got to know Mr. Barlon’s through the help of an old time friend whom died in the bad conflict between the two friends.


Victor came back very late in the night but I still waited for him, After we had our dinner we both walked into my room to get the playback video distributed.


I first sent the video to her and then I sent it to her father, well I got her dad’s phone number from the internet.


That’s wasn’t a hard thing to get.


After sending the pictures and then video, I texted a message to her and just immediately she called me and I picked up and put it in a loud speaker to able Victor go hear our conversation.


” Elvin!!!!! Are you crazy


What’s the meaning of what you just sent to me now………”


She asked admitting shout and I smiled.


That’s the real video and pictures you wanted for the job so I saved you the stress of getting it… I love you Maya…..”


I said and laughed.


Elvin you are dam playing with a fire that is gonna consume you. I want that video to be deleted in the next twenty four hours and with immediate effect…..”


She said.


Look Maya am not soft to fool when am having business with them, you should be thanking me for helping you not go kill your self when the pressure became high…….”


I said and laugh the more.



” Elvin Even after this I still loved you.



Even though you did that to me by abandoning me at the edge of frustration. Just stop all this and be matured for once….


Get that picture and whatever deleted


I don’t want to come after you……”


She said and the like went dead and I was surprised.


” What the f**k


Oh this bitch thinks am a sort of her follow senseless foreign citizen……”


I said and Victor laughed.


Don’t worry by tomorrow if she doesn’t call to apologize, we will show her the main view of the movie, I know she will tryna do something silly……”


He said.


Off course, don’t bother


I will watch it very well.


I want her to make the stupid move first …..”


To be continued.








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