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I don’t really know what’s wrong with me, ever since he told me he is still gonna leave the castle, I haven’t been myself. Am I sure u can live with this boy far gone me????.


I was really so weak after the night but I was kind of happy that I told him how I feels about life, I visited my mum’s grave this morning and I wiped so hard.


I know that something was definitely going to go wrong with that boy called Elvin around, I fought it but nature $as much stronger than what I expected.


I failed the promise I made you mum not to have anything to do with the kind that took your life away from me but everything seem different around him.


I have never all my life, felt comfortable and complete around any man beside him. Am sorry I had no other option than to give in to nature but am really scared mum.


What if he didn’t feel the same way for me??, what if he is gonna play with my heart??, what if he betrayed me again??.


What if he is like other guys???


I think the best is to hold onto the feeling alone, I can’t hurt two times in life all because of love.


Am just scared.


I think this feeling is much save and good for me if I don’t show or tell me, I wouldn’t want anybody to play with my feelings again.


I came back to my room a bit much late than my normal time. Everything seem to have changed everything since he left the castle. All my body calls for him to be around me but men are all just the same.


It just a natural thing for someone to fight against what she of he don’t want and it also wise to give way for it when you have tried and see that you can’t win I heard my grandma’s voice and I raised my face up.






Their are more to life than thinking about past. No man ever makes a difference dwelling on the past.


Their is nothing the past can offer other than set back and pains and weaknesses.


You need to forget those that hurt you in the pass and looks at those that cherish you now and in the future.


Their is not future without a past but a man that keeps living on it can never see the future. *.


My daughter, their are more to was love can bring, it can bring joy and sorry happiness and sadness, trust and betrayal, strength and weakness but you need to wish and think of the best love can give…….” Grandma said.


Good morning grandma……”


I greeted after watching her without knowing what to say about what she just said.


He is already gone. You need to take you bath and get ready for school, that’s the best way to calm yourself down ……”


She said and walked into the kitchen.


I took out a deep breath stood up and walked into my bathroom.


After i was done with my shower, I came out had my breakfast which i was forced to eat by my grandma.


I walked out form my room and I got into the car and we zoom off to school.


Throughout today in school, Elvin seem to be avoiding everybody including Flora was alone to herself.


I tired searching for him but I don’t know much about where he goes.



School was really boring with him much around to talk with, after school I was drive home even without seeing Elvin. All my heart wanted was to just see him and I could go any length to.


I asked Tessia to drive me to their new house which she did but they weren’t home yet so I drove back to the castle incomplete and sad.


I waited for him knowing fully well that he us gonna come over for my lesson. I prepared my private laboratory and I set everything ready.


I told Tessia to get him up immediately he arrives. I was seating comfortably in my room when I had a knock and I opened the door and it was him.


He was so amazed viewing my room.


The lesson was wonderful I must say but though I grabbed all he taught me but my eyes where on him throughout the whole lesson.


He is too cute to be this smart and intelligent I thought .








Monday came and gone so fast even before I could know, here is kind of bored but I have to do it this way if I must get rid of this feeling called love.


I won’t want to be one of it victim.


Love is a mess and someone like me shouldn’t get myself involved in it.


Dad warned about it.


Just like I always does in the castle, I came out very early just at the same time that Stephannie normally come out to visit her mums grave but this time something is different.


No Stephannie and the breeze didn’t seem comfortable just like that of the castles own.


That’s hysterical tell you that the present of Stephannie create the comfortability of the breeze……” My conscious said to me.


I walked into my room played a cool music and after which I took my bath and I got ready for school.


I and Victor had breakfast and Joe drove us to school with just a soldier with us by name Lextar.


I got to school very early so I stayed in the car operating my phone and thirty minutes after I arrived Stephannie drove in and she also started in the car.



I was checking my time and immediately it was time for lecture I walked into the class but surprisingly I saw Stephannie sitting comfortably at the seat. I stare out in shock. When did she come in


I asked myself but u still kept calm.


Flora winked at me and I smiled at her while Sonia and Vivian smiled at what I don’t know.


This girl’s should let me be in this school.


I walked to my seat sat down even without saying a greeting to Stephannie but instead she did the greeting this time surprising me.


Anyway I responded I still have a soft spot for her.


The school activities started and it was moving smoothly.


When it was our free time I decided to go have a talk with Miss Kitty I think I will be needing a change if seat for some reason anyway.


I walked to her office and she seem busy but I waited for her anyway and when she was down I walked in.


” Good afternoon Mistress……”


I greeted calmly bowing down a little bit in respect.


How are you Elvin Have a seat……..”


She said pointed at one for me and I thanked her and sat down.


What’s the problem this one you decide to visit me in my office today??……” She asked.


Nothing actually it just a minor favor I want to ask of you……”


I said.


” A favor??? …”


She asked and I nod.


” Okay


What’s the favor about???…”


She asked.


Ma please I will like to have a change if seat, I kind of want to change seat….” I said.



” You want to change your sitting position???? ……”


She asked and I nod.


” But why


Aren’t you the one seating beside Stephannie ????……”


She asked again.


Yeah ”


Then why do you want a change of seat, almost all other student wants to seat beside her, why do you want to change your sitting position???……”


She asked.


Noting actually just that I want to change, perhaps she will be happy if and give her some space….”


I said.


Look Elvin, am sorry but I can’t approve this because her dad where the one that gave the instructions that the both of you should be made seat mate, that’s why even in the practical hall you both stays together…..


She explained.


I don’t have any problem been her partner in our practical hall but I just want a change of seat that’s all…”


Am sorry you can’t have what you are asking for Elvin….”


She said.


But Ma even Stephannie complained that am a distraction to her so don’t think she will report this to her father, she will be even happy doing that I want to give her some space….”


I said.


Are you so sure about this????…”


She asked and I nodded.


” Okay fine


I will sent a message across so to have your seating position changed…”


She said and I smiled thanked her and walked out of her office.


The truth there is that it not my making to change my seating position but I have tons utbtobguve her some space.


But you know that tyebfeeling you have for her is much more stronger than changing a seat.


My conscious said.



” I don’t care


She wanted it that way……”


So she is gonna enjoy it that way.


” But she now loves you can’t you see


She cares now, don’t fight your nature because of her wrong past.


She is already making amendment….”


My conscious said.



” Who cares …..”


I put on a headphone





and I played a cool music, I won’t be needing to disturb my brain over



I walked into the lecture room and a lecturer is already lecturing the student and I walked in gently sat on my seat and paid a rapid attention.


After class I didn’t even say bye to Flora I just called Joe and we drove in with Victor already and we left for our new house.


Well I did go for lessons and this time I counts the remaining days left. I need distance to kill this whole feeling.






I woke up to see a beautiful day and I smiled knowing am gonna see with Elvin, I really wonder how I changed so fast.


I busted my mum’s grave and the only thing I made was a new promise and then then drop a beautiful


flower for her.


I went back to my room got ready for school, I took my bath and did everything before grandma walked even do with my breakfast. Well don’t be thinking why grandma always does my breakfast because am eligible to some certain food.


I drove to school and I found out that their was a new changes in the class room. Everywhere looks much beautiful did dad did this without informing me????


My seat was a silver colour while others are always the same. I walked in like a queen and I sat down waiting patiently for Elvin and just few minutes he did but surprisingly he didn’t come to seat beside me.


He rather dropped his bag on a seat were Jasper seats and he walked out of the classroom again though he made eye contact with Flora and he smiled at her.



Not quite long after he left Jasper walked in with his useless sister Sonia and Sonia went at sat beside beside the seat where Elvin kept his backpack, what’s really going on?????.


Jasper on the other hand walked up to seat beside me and he smiled at his ghost not me. I just allowed him to seat first so we can then have a discussion.


Good morning Miss Stephannie


He greeted putting on his ugly smile.


Is this guy crazy???


He wants to seat beside the almighty Stephannie, What’s the name of the dam God are you doing here????


I asked without any trace of smiles on my face.


He looks scared anyways.


Their was a change of seating position and here happens to be my new seating position….” He said.


Are you crazy???


Who made the changes??


I asked.


The mistress did….” He answered.


Are you insane???


And you agreed to it right??? Now if I should count to three (3) and I still found you here you will regret ever been in this institution….”


I said and he stood up immediately and move away.


Did Elvin choose to have a change of seat or something???? But why will he have to do that???


I took out my phone and called Miss Kitty’s and I instructed her to put the seating position back to the way it was before now.


Not quite long after a call with her my Dad’s call came in and I know maybe the mistress has called him on Elvin’s behalf or so.


” Good morning Daddy…”


I greeted him immediately I picked up the call.


How are you doing my beautiful Stephannie???? …….” He asked and I smiled.



Am fine Dad…..”


Stephannie a student of yours wants a change of seating position. why did you decline that???? …..” He asked.


Dad, that’s turning the classroom into some else. Allot of students wants the change of seat but because


of the procedure they have kept quiet now if I should allow one student to have a change of seat then


other will still want theirs to be changed.


I said and I could hear him smiled.


But the person that wants the change of seat is someone you always want a out if the way. I thought you said he is a distraction to you??……”


He asked.


I know Dad but what happens to other students, is better all the seats remains the way it was before….”


Fine, just be happy for me sweetie


he said and kissed me over the phone and I smiled.


After I dropped the call Elvin walked in without a normal expression and that made me wonder if he really wanted a change of seat in the first place.


Elvin you need to be happy i wants you beside me, is it too much to ask for???


I walked and sat down beside me and I focused on what I was reading though at some point I steals graze from him.


He don’t look much happy than those days, what’s wrong??? Did he really want to stay far from me but why that has been what he wanted staying close to me what then changed I asked myself but I couldn’t get the answers I seek.


Well I don’t care how he feels maybe I do but he is gonna seat next to me and nobody can change that I said to myself and smiled.


During lunch time


He stood up and left while Flora followed him anyway.


I waited for sometimes before I left the class and I want to a hidden place to watch him.


The time I got out Flora wasn’t with him, he was just seating alone at his normal resting garden while I stood beside my car and watch him with my phone.



The first was that Vera diva girl, I don’t really know what they were discussing by she took pictures with him and left smiling.


I was so angry and Jealous seeing him with any other girl, can I really fight this. I think will be needing to


tell him how I really feel about him. .


Not up to some minutes then a girl of out class, I don’t really know the girl’s name and I don’t care to know this bitches should stay far away form Elvin.


They had some discussion with she left immediately and then I spotted Flora and I guess she left because of Flora’s presence.


He was still with Flora when Sonia walked up to them and this time Flora did the walking ways.


I stare at them and I felt like going over there and slap the hell out of Sonia’s miserable life.


What the hell are they doing around my Elvin???? .


I was watching them and was getting much angry, I took out a phone and I called Elvin. I watched him look around then he picked it up.


I just told him that he stood come over to the class room immediately then I put the call down. I actually didn’t call with my number.


I caught sight of someone staring at Elvin from a far. I watched her and she seem to have been standing there for a long time, I zoom the pointer of my phone more closer and the face of Priscilla appeared.




I keep looking at her and she almost spent up to thirty minutes staring at him and then she started moving away and I look back to the garden but Elvin was no longer there.


What the hell do Priscilla have with Elvin for her to stare at him for that long???? .


I walked back to the class knowing he is on his way coming.


I sat down and just some minutes after he walked in sat beside me and I wanted to tell him how I feels about him.


I tried but I opened my mouth without any word coming out.


Can you just stop freaking around with All those bitches??? ……” I said and he look at me.


they have nothing good to offer you, keep distance from them



When you said bitches I don’t know and I don’t care to know who you are referring to, but I choose my friend.


Nobody does that for me……” He said.


Stay away from Sonia and Vivian, infact distance yourself from those female low life they have nothing to offer……”


That I choose the people I want around me perhaps I don’t even have anything with them Flora she is the only friend


He said.


Come on give her some space.


I don’t say she shouldn’t be your friend but you can get yourself some classic girls in the institution not someone like her…….”


” I don’t care how you see her.


But she is my friend and let me warn you dont try anything stupid around her…”


He said.


Why are you even interested in the friends I keep….” He asked.


Is just that she is a distraction to……


She stopped what she ante to say


Yeah she is a distraction in your studies……”


I stammered I don’t even know what am saying.


” Thanks for your concern


I know how to handle myself


He said still calm.


I don’t even know what else to say.


” So is that Why you want a change of seat….”


I asked and he looked at me and face his book again.


Nothing I thought that’s the best way to give you some space…..” He said still not looking at me.


I don’t think I will be needing some space again ……”


I said and he look at me then turned away again.



Keep don’t stay far Elvin.



I have been sick that’s why I didn’t post yesterday…..


To be continued.















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