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After the day gone bye


I slept at the castle and then tomorrow morning we all drive to school together.


School after that very day was just for loves and romance, minutes were turning into days, days running to hours, it was just three days to the next tournament of the competition.


It was on a Wednesday morning after school which I spend much time with Elvin.


After school, I decided to drive home I was riding with Elvin by my side but after answering a call, he said he needed to fix something in the institution before coming home.


I wanted to wait for him but he persuaded me to go while he is gonna take a cab home. I had to just ride home with Victor then.


The moment he left Victor came down form the front seat and joined me in the back seat.


I hate seating alone even before I started loving Elvin, I normally seat with Tessia or Stella.


On my way home I was operating my phone while I was having a chat with Victor, I was actually on instagram when I got a message from an unknown number and it reads



Good afternoon beautiful Stephannie, hope you are gonna find this funny….. Your lover boy


The text ended.


The next thing was a picture of Elvin and Maya my rival kissing. Tears dropped from my eyes. I couldn’t believe it at all… What’s this I asked myself as more tears flow uncontrollably.


My phone felt off from my hand and that caught Victor’s attention and he looked at me but the truth remains that at that moment am no longer myself again…. I felt what I thought couldn’t come hurting me again.


What’s the problem Stephannie????


Victor asked picking my phone but I couldn’t take them back, at that moment all I needed was just to cry, I felt broken and betrayed.


Another message entered immediately and Victor hand me over the phone to me and u read


I told you earlier that Elvin is a gold digger, he is too cute to stick on one girl not even the almighty can


satisfy him…. I told you he is gonna break your heart so hard…


Just stay far away form him because he is a fool, the only thing he has too say is sorry and still hurt you


again and again if you allow him to


The text needed.


Who are you????




Am someone that wants to help you out from the devil you called a boyfriend, he impregnated me and asked me to do abortion which caused me my womb, and I vowed not to allow him to do the same to you


The text reads and more tears flow down.


Elvin why


I trusted you, for years I kept my heart in the best save place I could but the time you came I gave them to you with my full heart.


Why did you decide to hurt me this must Elvin I called out.


Is not his fault that he is too cute


He can’t stick to you alone Stephannie,


Elvin is a gold digger.


He is not good for you at all.


The text came again and I work as I read.



If you still doubt to know now listening to this voice record.

the text came and the next thing was an audio



I put it on and it was just only me to hear because my head phone was plugged in so I had to take my headphone out for Victor to hear as well.


” What’s up ??……”


Elvin’s voice came up.


” Hey sweetheart


How are you doing???……”


A female voice asked.


Where are you coming from??


Don’t even dare to tell me that you went to visit that bitch Stephannie The female voice asked whom by picture shows that it Maya.


Tears kept flowing and I couldn’t control the pain I was feeling at this moment.


I felt like taking my own life because at this point living here on earth can nothing good again to me.


” Why now Elvin


Why did you take my heart only to sell it to my enemy, why???? Elvin.


I asked myself


” Come on Maya I already told you that I don’t have anything to do with her.


You know how her brother so much helped me so I just still need to play along for now…….”


Elvin’s voice came up.




Don’t worry Maya am gonna find a way to take her out form the way.


You know that you are the only one I truly love… I must with her.


I can’t even dream of choosing her over you…….”


His word echoed like a thunderstorm in my ears .


Are you sure


The female voice asked.


Yeah, you know she is just crushing on my cute and handsome face. Don’t worry I know how to handle


her, she won’t be a problem for us Okay


Elvin voice came up.


You are the only one I love and I can’t go with any other person but you and you alone.



She is a fool if she thinks am gonna date someone as stupid and naive like her. She is a low life to compare to you


Elvin’s voice said again and the female laughter could be heard.


My heart seem to stop working


How could Elvin do this to me.


I broke down crying.


Don’t worry am gonna humiliate her in public before the same student she has ego for. You look so pretty than her …..”


Elvin voice said again.


Thanks sweetheart, that’s why I love you so much, I can’t wait to see her cry and wipe out of frustration and rejection ……”


The female voice said.


Come on sweetie


You know it has been long we did it and I have really missed you inside me.


Come and give it to me the best way you does…….”


The female voice said In a romantic way.


I could not do anything again than to cry. I guess this was all my mum saw and she warned me against Love.



Men !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!




!!!!! !! !!!

!!!!! !!



I shouted on top if my voice.



The next thing was a picture of Elvin on bed with an unknown girl this time.


Elvin !!!!!……” I shouted again.


You need to take it easy on yourself Stephannie you know you are not strong and the shouting is not good for you……”


Victor said.


Another audio came in put Victor snatched the phone form me.


You need to put yourself together for now and forget about Elvin and everything that gets to do with this while thing


He said put u kept on wiping.


I couldn’t hold my tears


It was too heavy for me to hold back.



I stopped immediately and I ran into my room and close up the door because I know y grandma will definitely come asking what’s wrong.


I hear her knocking but I was crying endlessly, the pain was too heavy for only me to carry.


I shared in a loud voice and I passed out immediately.






Awwn this boy is a dam God in humanity form, guess is too way more cute than Kim Morgan.


I think am falling in love with this cute God I thought as I stare at him.


It unfortunately that you got your self in a mess you know nothing about but I need to use you to get what I want.


Ma’am, the girls are ready.


Should I asked them to move on with the plan.


My guard asked.


No their is a change of plan.


None of you should touch a hair in his head, first go to the restaurant and get him something good to eat first.


I ordered and she bowed and walked out.


I discharged other girls and it was only I and him and I removed the blind fold and he was surprised to see me.


Maya !!!!! How dare you hold me captive against my own will????……” He asked getting very furious.


Calm down Elvin.


I assure you that no harm is gonna come to you Okay. ……”


I don’t need to be here. Untie me so that I can go……” He said and that made me laugh.


So you can go to that bitch right.


Elvin Stephannie is a slut and you are too cute to be with a naive girl like Stephannie……”


I said and he spite on me.



” Maya you are the slut here


Let me tell you, you got the wrong person for this deal.


Am snake and can’t be played with even in my dead state……”


He rant and I laughed because he doesn’t know who is with him.


Look Elvin, am Maya and I gets what I wants, even the almighty Stephannie knows me too well and that why she gave way for the two of us.


Elvin, for the very first time I met you.


I fall I’m love with you, I can’t even believe myself that I failed from you but it because you are too cute and irresistible ……..”


” Look Maya


You will gain nothing by doing all this.


I promise not to come for you if only you let me go without harming me……”


He said.


” Off course Elvin.


Am not gonna hurt you Elvin. I can’t hurt the only one that my heart beats for.


Elvin I love you and I will do everything possible to make you mine and nobody can stop that…..”


You caught a wrong fish Maya….” He said.


Bring them in…..”


I said and two girls walked in half naked.


” Maya you can’t do this.


You said you loved me and you want other girls to rape me……”


He asked and I ordered them to stay back.


” He is right..


I should the only one to have access to him and no one else.


I took out my phone and I asked him to take off his clothes but he was just looking at me.


His clothes were taken off by the girls and I first took the picture and then I gave him a book and asked him to say whatever he sees in the book that has his name tag.


I started recording and he was misbehaving. He was proving so stubborn until I brought his favorite Flora.


He was looking so angry and with Flora’s tears he did just like I wanted.


It was unfortunate that mistakely I hit her and she passed out Because she tried playing a smart game on


me by telling Elvin the truth……


I told my guard to drive them to the hospital while they take care of the bill.


I think I Willi for Elvin.


to hell with Kim


He can keep lusting after Stephannie


I have already gotten myself a God in human form


I said to myself and I smiled.


Immediately they were taken out I sent the audio record and some pictures to Stephannie.


I smiled as I could feel how hurt she will be feeling now.


Next time Stephannie don’t pray to come across someone like me Maya.


Am the daughter of the devil himself.


I gotta whatever I want at anytime


Elvin you will be mine soon.






” What are you guys saying


That Maya refused you guys from coming with Elvin……”


I asked the boys I sent to bring Elvin over here as planned.


Ma’am that the outcome of what she told us, it seen she has fallen in love with that boy, you could image that he even didn’t allow his guard close to him……”


One of my boys said.


It can’t be possible


Maya can’t play such a game with me because she knows that know where her life’s line is and I will


simply cut it off for her……”


I said with so much anger.


I took my phone and I called Maya but she didn’t pick up the call but I got a message after from her.


He is on his way to his house,


Get him yourself if you wish but I must warn you, don’t hurt him


She texted.


Maya you must be so stupid if that message is really what I think it means.



You guys need to get him here fast I will handle Maya later…..”


I said to them and they bow down and left.


I was pissed off and I was walking around my room, just thirty minutes later, they still came back without Elvin.


What happened We’re is he???……”


Ma’am am sorry


We lost him. Someone else took him away before we could get closer to him……”


One of my boys said and I gave him a very hot slap.


” Are you crazy


How dare you tell me in my face that you lost the person I asked you to get to another????……”


I asked admitting shout.


Am sorry ma’am……” He said bowing down


I give you just twenty-four hours to get that boy here or else, you guys will see the other side of me




Now get lost and find him


I commanded and they still bow down and left.


Maya !!!! You are making a mistake.


You got it all wrong if you think I will let you play a smart game on me and take away Elvin I won’t let that happen.






I got a call from my training field that my sister passed out. I Even thought it because of her sickness so I had to rush home immediately but getting home. Sandra said she has been driven to my step mom’s hospital.


Getting to the hospital


I met my unconscious sister lying helplessly on the hospital bed.


Beside her were my old grandma and Victor was just standing with a sad looks while my sisters bodyguard where inside as well..



My step mom isn’t in so I just went to her office to see her but I got a report that she just drive away after checking on Stephannie.


I walked back to Stephannie’s official room and then my mind remembered the Someone that is supposed to be here isn’t here.


I searched around but we couldn’t find Elvin.


” Where is Elvin?????…….”


I asked Victor but he wasn’t saying anything to me at all.


I look at Lillian and Tessia but they look surprised not knowing what’s really wrong.


I got a message form an unknown number and it reads.


Hello cute and caring Kester.


How is your sister doing


Hope the condition is getting worse


The message reads and just then I got a call form the same number and I walked out form the room to answer the call.


Who the hell is this


Who are you?????


I asked angrily.


Calm down Kester


Don’t be too fast, I do the talking here while you pay rapid attention


Your sister is getting what she deserves, You can ask Victor what the problem is, he knows everything and what made your sister to be in this condition.


The female voice said and before I could say a word she put the line down.


I angrily walked inside and seeing my mood Victor was kind of scared


I walked closer to him and hold him by his shirt and pull him a little up.


What happened to my sister?????


I asked without any trace of smiles on my face.


Come on Kester am also hurt here.


So just take it easy


He said.


I ask you again.


What happened to sister???



Is alright Kester


Just put me down let take a walk outside, am gonna tell you everything


He said and I looked at him and put him down gently while he adjusted his shirt and we both walked outside.


Getting outside he handed me over Stephannie’s phone and he showed me everything.


I only view one of the pictures and then I listened to the voice record of Elvin and his cheat of a slut.


How dare Elvin okay the my sisters heart and feelings. How dare him???


I asked no one in particular with so much anger boiling inside me.


Am much hurt than you think Kester.


I wonder why Elvin had to do this after all he knows about Stephannie.


Why did he had to play such game


Victor asked and he look hurt.


Elvin you must pay for playing with my sister’s feelings and emotions.


You will soon much pay.


I said called my guard immediately and I got into the car with Victor and we drive back to the institution.


I guess that where he will still be freaking with his slut of a bitch.


We got to the institution and my guard attached everywhere but no one was seen.


You really need to calm down a little bit


Victor said.


You don’t make mention of that word calm again to me.


Elvin must pay will his life if possible


I said got in and drove to their new house but he still not their.


I drove to the castle but no way then I thought of Flora’s apartment and I drove immediately to the place but Flora herself wasn’t there.


I tried calling her but she wasn’t picking up her calls.


I drove back to the hospital.


After everything she was brought home, she will be fine by tomorrow.


She will be receiving treatment from home. My Step mom is gonna be treating her.


Letter in the night after I have gone out to have a little drunk to calm myself down a little with Victor..



I drive back home and by then Stephannie were already awake but crying. Grandma wasn’t around so I sat down to console her and just on the process Elvin walked in.


Seeing him


The devil took over me..


The only thing I wants is to kill him for hurting my sister this much.


How dare you show you good for nothing face after hurting my sister this much


I asked standing up and Victor stood up as well and we walk towards him while he walk back……..












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