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After getting another hard beating form Kester and Victor, I lost the hope of explaining myself to them. I think the only thing I need now to get to Stephannie but how am I gonna do that.


I know she still have something for me even with all this that Is happening around, she still feels my pain and so wish to help me out.


I think all I need now is too see her maybe if I can see her and explain things to her she might understand faster than even Victor and Kester. This two are really angry at me.


Now understand more about this whole things happening around.


I must get back Stephannie


That’s a must.


” You need to calm down Elvin.


I understand how you feel right now but have it in mind that I hat your back in anything you think that


could help make Stephannie happy again…..”


Lextar said and I nod.


I think we should go see a doctor to look at this your wound it getting worse….” He said again.


Know i will be fine


Just drive home straight, I will use hot or warn water to get it treated


I will be fine……”


I said


Are you sure about that. That is beating is indeed a hard one and you got it from angry guys, are you sure hot water can help……”


He asked and I nod.


He drove me back to the house and I warned a little water and I used it on my face and some of my body were there u wound. Ever since all this happened.


I haven’t been in school


It had been two days now. Well i know Stephannie will be in school by tomorrow so I need to get well fast and do try a luck on talking to her.


I thought


I slept off that day and I woke up a little bit tried and weak but I still get ready and went to school.



I got to school but I never went into the classroom, I just stayed outside and waited for Stephannie even though teaching was going on but I stayed outside.


Flora is still in the hospital, well am gonna do discharged her today after school, I just wanna try a luck on Stephannie.


Her car was already in school but she never came out, I waited til school was over and then a car drove into the institution and parked beside that of hers and then a guy can down and closely looking it was Kim


What’s he doing here ??????




He lied on his car and operate what I don’t know on his phone and just few minutes Stephannie walked out with two different guys attached to Tessia and Stella, I guess am the the reason for the two guys.


I watched her get to her car but she entered the guys car instead I hit my hand so hard on the seat I was seating on. I was so angry seeing her get into his car.


I watched them drive away form the institution and then I came out for my hiding place and I walked to my car got in and zoom off as well or better still I followed them behind.


They stopped at a shopping mall and they walked in with just only Tessia and Stella while Lillian and other two guys stayed out.


I parked my car and watch them.


I couldn’t get into the mail because definitely Lillian is sure gonna see me.


They spent up-to an hour in the shopping center before they came out and Stephannie seen smiling anger overwhelmed me.


I watched them drive off then I turned the car and drive to the hospital.


I walked in and she was already strong and can be able to stand on her feet again. Immediately I walked in she saw me and tears slip down her cheeks.


” Flora !!!!!!!!!!!!!……”


I called walking closer to her and she couldn’t look at me in the eyes, I know she is feeling quilt for all that happened.


Am so sorry Elvin


She said as tears slip down


and for the first time ever since all this started I force out a weak smile for




” It Okay Flora,


It sure gonna be okay trust me on that


It no way your fault so stop blaming yourself……”


” But I took part in betraying you.


I betrayed everybody including Victor’, Stephannie and Kester……”


She said.


” You never did Flora


You can never betray me and I no that.


You are not a backstabber.


Come on, anyway can do what you did.


You were protecting your family. I could even done worst if I were to be in your shoes ……..”


I said with all sincerity


Don’t blame yourself again for anything


I added and she hugged me and cried know my shoulder.


” Don’t worry Flora


They are so gonna pay for making my favorite to shed tears……”


I said.


Please just let them be,. They are dangerous and you can’t contend with them, you know they are born into wealth and they can easily get away with whatever they do……..”


She said and I smiled.


Yes they are but you see this one. They can never get away with it. That’s a promise and I will fulfill it




Elvin please listen to me.


Just let them be, Maya is known and she gets what she want and get away with whatever she does…….”


She said.


” That’s her logo,


But you see this one. She played a game that she is not good at.


I will make her pay and then I will tell her my own logo……”


Don’t worry I promise that no harm will come to your nor your family, I assure you about that……” I added and she nod.


How is Kester doing???……””


She asked again.



You know at this moment I will not in a good books of his… But I guess he is in bad condition, I don’t really know if he saw the video and the picture as well or if he heard what happened from Victor. hasn’t he called you yet???……”


I asked back.


No, I switched off my phone


I don’t know how am gonna face him…”


She said.


Come Flora, I don’t think he saw the video of you. Perhaps it was made for me not you so just relax and don’t panic even if he saw the picture and the video it still a matter of time for them to now the truth. I know they ate gonna come around and know the really truth about the whole thing ……”


I said and she nod while I pant her back.


I need to see the doctor immediately do to clear up the bill, your parents are so worried about you I had to lie to them about your were about but that not a problem anyway.


You need to get back to school……” I said


I don’t think there will be any need for that, Maya had already cleared up the bills, she called the doctor and did some transfer…….”


She said.


Okay then I don’t think there is anything we are doing in this hospital, let me go see the doctor do we can leave immediately…….”


I said and she nod while I stood up and walked into the doctors chamber.


I got his approval and I came back took Flora with me to the car and drove her to my own house instead. We had dinner together including Lextar and he also promised to help Flora watch her family for the main time.






Feels hurt More than what can eyes can show with tears. I could have resisted even when my family is at risk other than betraying the trust of my friends.


I don’t even know what’s going on on Kester’s mind at this moment, I know he must have seen the video and pictures and he will be so disappointed in me.


How am I gonna explain this whole thing to him?????? Is he gonna believe that am innocent of it all????



I love you Kester and I can’t picture my self doing anything to hurt you or your feelings, I cried in the night when everyone had gone to sleep.


I really need to stop Elvin from going after Maya, she is the devil herself.


I know she won’t stop at nothing until she makes Elvin’ hers.






Their comes another new day and Kester’s competition will be holding in the next three days time for the second tournament.


Maya you have really caused me a whole lot but we are gonna see when am ready for you.


Flora will be starting school by tomorrow, she still needs to get full hold of herself so that the students won’t suspect anything.


I drive to school with Lextar while he drive back to watch over Flora. As usual I stayed in the garden monitoring Stephannie’s move but she still didn’t come out even when it was her normal time of coming out.


I was expecting to see her when that same car that came the other day drove in and the Kim of a boy stepped down…


This time he was in his car while Stephannie came out and meet him and they got into the car and drove out of the institution.


Why is she freaking around with this fool of a boy. Why Stephannie?????


I took a cab and followed them slowing and they got to a very big restaurant.


I covered my face properly and walked in, I ordered for just a drink while I watch the both of them eat. Kim was trying to make it look like a date but Stephannie isn’t helping matters anyway but even if she don’t like him why will she be moving around with him……”


I asked myself


Because she wants to get over you and watch it gradually she is gonna forget about you if you don’t act fast…….. ”


My conscious said


Never, I can’t allow that ….”


After they finished eaten they bought ice-cream then walked out while I followed as well, they got into the car and I did as well and they ride back to the institution.


When they got to the institution they kind of spent some time in the car before Stephannie walked down and went into the classroom.



I stayed outside hoping am gonna get to talk to her when the classes is over but the same car drove in some minutes before the classes was over and Stephannie still got into her car and then Tessia and Stella ride on the other two cars of Stephannie’s escort.


Am really dying slowing


Till when am I gonna be living with all this, watching Stephannie moving freely with that son of a Bastard Stephannie why??


I took a little walk around the institution, no students anymore, I got to the entrance of the institution valley and the wonderful memories I had with Stephannie came flashing in my mind.


I stare for a while and then I walked passed it Athena turned back and to the institution gate.


I didn’t bother calling Lextar, I just took a cab and drove back to the mansion, Seeing Flora I had to put on a wonderful smile do that she isn’t suspect anything.






I know that Vivian was gonna pay a visit sooner or later but am sorry my dear Vivian, it unfortunate that your crush captured my heart at first sight.


I know I went against the plan and even Olivia has called me to know why I did such but you know am the queen here, I told her that I developed a feeling for him, Vivian should go and get herself another.


She don’t what Elvin.


Just like I expected


Her car arrived in my Dad’s house and my guard tried stopping her but she was proving stubborn.


Yeah I ordered them not to allow her in the very day.


I called them and took of the order.


Not quite much minutes she walked into my look looking so furious and angry.


What’s the meaning of all this Maya….” She asked.


I know you are not dumb Vivian you should have unstop what it means I don’t want disturbance at all……”


I said and she smiled.


Maya if you ever think you are gonna have Elvin then you should wake you because that will be a wish that will be granted in the after Life….”


She said and I laughed.



Why did you go against the initial plan Why Maya ???????…..”


Look Vivian I understand how you feel but you need to know that kings and queens takes first before any other person will, it unfortunate that I fall in love with him at first sight ……”


I said.


You are very stupid Maya.


You know how much I loved him but you show to do this


You know what I can do……”


She threatened.


” Vivian stop making an empty threats


You and I know that you can’t do anything, let be friends as usual perhaps you can still get yourself another cute guy that will love you


Elvin doesn’t and you know that……”


I said.


You are unbelievable Maya You want Elvin????


Gosh what manner of a friend are you? You are ready to betray your friend?? Maya you know what.


You better kill the feeling you have for him because you can never have him……” She said and I laughed


Even him Elvin


Can’t stop me from having him not to talk of you Vivian. You are just ranting.


You can’t be moving with a guy as cute and classy like Elvin.


He doesn’t like you so just back off…..”


The same with you Maya. You are such a bitch.


You better back off now you have the chance to because am gonna make you regret this…..” She threatened.


You are the bitch her Vivian


You can always get yourself a cute guy but you see Elvin stay far away form him. Am capable of paying both your bill and that if your miserable father, just name your price and get paid……” I said..



” You are sure gonna regret this Maya


I will cut that life you think you controls.


Let watch and we who plays this game more perfect……”


She threatened and walked out form my house and I just smiled at her.


Empty threats from an empty idiot






I drive home very angry.


How could Maya think of playing such games with me, she went against the plan and she has the guy to warn me to stay way form Elvin.


I can never back down


Is neither I have Elvin or I will make sure that you Maya don’t get him as well.


How could she betray her own friend


It quite painful and I really felt hurt. I even thought I have a friend, the initial plan was if she takes Elvin away for some time than she will hand Elvin over to me so that I can then do whatever I want with him.


I know Maya did All this because she thinks I can’t back at her, she thinks everything is about money.


I know I can’t get back at her but I sure know who can and I will get the person involved in all this. I know it gonna cost me even to my life but am ready to make sure I succeed in getting back at Maya.


I really need to act fast about this


I even called Olivia and what did she do. She supported Maya in her actions.


The only one that can get Maya punished is Stephannie and she has succeeded in separating her from Elvin and the only way I can get them back together if I can show her the video I have, the real one.


I can’t go to her with such because she will definitely kill me, I just need to find someone close to her to disclose the information to..


Maya you will pay for doing this.


I will help you cut short your life


I said and smiled.






Ever since all that happened Kim has been close to me well even before I meet Elvin, I have been in a good term with him as a matter of fact he is the only guy I could call a friend then.


I need to stay away from Elvin and forgot about Jim and if I can do that then I need to find someone that I could be talking with and it happened the only person available was Kim.



He was with me all the days I was home without going to school and even when I resumed he made it a duty to come pick me up daily.


Kester assigned two male guards to always follow me around the institution and he gave them a warning to beat Elvin mercilessly if he dares come an inch close to me.


Not that I want make guards but I think that the best way to make him stay far away form me.


Today I was in the class, I wasn’t really feeling hungry but Kim told me he has been waiting outside for hour and he was waiting to see me out for lunch and because I didn’t have lunch he offered to take me a wonderful restaurant to get the very best diet.


At the restaurant we were eating I felt an unknown cent of someone that has stayed close to me for sometime but I couldn’t place whom bears the cent, it seen the cent us following us like an eye so I felt uncomfortable even Kim that was trying so hard to impress me.


We drove back to the institution and after the classes he still came and pick me up…


Ever since all this happened


I haven’t really seen Elvin in then class even though I don’t want him, I still wouldn’t want him to have problems with his education.


The truth be told the castle is so boring without Elvin around. Kim really tried don’t get me wrong he might be harsh, brutal and arrogant but he is still caring and loving


I got a message from an unknown number asking.


Hope there is nothing going on between the two of you??????


Who the hell are you I texted the person back but he replied with only the word.


Answer me


Why are freaking around with that son of a bastard. I hope nothing is going on???


Reading it this time I then new it was Elvin, only him could sent me such a message, why is he even concern if anything is going on between us????


I switched off the phone when he started calling after I didn’t reply his messages.


I stayed in my room still the next day.


Kester’s competition will be holding in the next three days.


Tomorrow came so fast and Kim texted me that a good morning message and then he called to tell me he is coming over to pick me up to school.



I tried as fast as possible to leave the for school before his arrival but on my coming out his car was already parked.


We walked out of the car smiling.


You look so beautiful and astonish my beautiful princess…..” He said and I just smiled.


Thanks Kim…..”


How was your night……”


He asked.


” Fine….”


I said and walked closer to his car door and he opened it from me making a bow.


He closed the door and entered through the other side of the car and we zoom off to the institution.


We got to the institution and He said a good bye to me, well he demanded for a hug which I just hugged him and them I caught sight of Elvin Only for me to brink my eyes and he was no where to be found.


Kim left the institution and I walked into the classroom and searched for him but he wasn’t there, it only one I saw was Flora, it has been long


Now that I even realize that I haven’t seen her for sometime now.


” Hey Flora……”


I said walking closer to her and she put up a week smile like someone that is passing through challenges of life.


” Good morning Stephannie……”


She greeted me and I smiled and sat beside her.


It has been long we saw each other. What really happened, why haven’t you been to the castle for some days now….”


I asked.


My mum had been sick all this while and my phone developed some fault, I haven’t even speaking with Kester and I know he must be worried by now……”


She said looking sad.


I understand, well he had tried calling you but your number isn’t connecting, I guess we will have to go to the castle together because he really missed you…”


I said and she nod.


” I pant her back and I stood up


Am sorry about what happened……”


She said and I look at her and smiled


” Is Okay


Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, I will get over it soon……”


I said and she nod.


I walked back to my seat and I got a message which I know everyone in the class also got about out practical that will be in the next few hours.






I was outside and I watched the both of them hug each other and Stephannie walked inside the house, I really felt hurt.


Why can’t he just stay away form him.


I got a message from Flora that Kester still didn’t know about her involving in the video so I advise her to go and visit them and if possible she can put any blame on me if there is a need for it..


I got a message about the practical we are gonna have in some hour later and I took out my phone to search for more details about the practical.


Immediately it time I waited for everyone to be in the class before I walked in covering my face and I


searched for my name and surprisely


Stephannie happens to be my partner.


I walked towards her and I stood by her but I never said a word at first.


The practicals was moving smoothly and when the man Mr. Johnson was through with what he was teaching and he asked us to get one done.


I did mine and when I was done.


I look at her and she was still battling on how to finish up the finals line.


I could help you with that.


I said but she didn’t turn or say anything to me.


I really understand how you feel Stephannie but believe I feels more hurt than you. Their are more to what you heard that what it really is.


Elvin you are distracting me from what am here for. Am not here to talk about this, I don’t care if you are been hurt or something, you can always continue with your cheating life


She said.


That’s what they made it look like but trust me Stephannie, just give me a listening ear and I will tell you


all you need to know about this whole thing


I tried to persuade her.


Elvin am warning you. Stay far away from me, you are a killer and a backstabber, I can never have anything to do with people like you.


I don’t need people like you in my life……” She said and truth be told I really feel hurt.


Your little words are really hurting me more than you can think of…….”


I said to her.


I don’t care Elvin…..” She said.


Can I ask you for something???……” I said to her.


You are just wasting your time Elvin


We are in a laboratory stop all this


She said.


Even if you want to forget about me don’t do that with Kim. Stay away from him, am pleading with you I said.


You don’t have the right to tell me who I will be moving around with him. I do the choosing of my friends and the person I wish to date…..”


She said.


Is that a way to tell me that there is something going on between the two of you??? ……”


Elvin !!!!!!!……”


Answer me Stephannie


I called out and the whole class looked towards our direction and at that moment I was holding her hand. I made eye contact with Flora and I just let her be.


Sir I need to change positions……” Stephannie said.


There will be no need for that Am already done with mine……”



Just join the fifth line with that of the third like and you will end the finishing line……” I said and walked way.


I stayed at the garden and after others was done with the practical Flora came to meet me there.


We had some discussion and I left her at that spot immediately I saw Stephannie walking towards the institution stadium with that Kim of a boy.


The moment I got closer to Her it seen Kim was just a mirage. But I thought I saw them. The only people around was Tessia, Lillian and Stella.




I called her but she never stopped.


Please I want to have a word with you


Just hear me out, for this once please.


I said but she still didn’t stop to I hold her by her hand but she forcefully remove her hand from mine.


” Am sorry Stephannie


Am really sorry making you pass through allot of emotional trauma, initially not my fault and I can explain……”


” Explain what Elvin.


Just get lost and never in this life show your dam face to me or you will have yourself to be blame for




She warned.


Please Stephannie’ you need to listen to me, am pleading


Did you say I should listen to you so that you can feed me with other lies that you have craved out right.


Look Elvin I can’t have anything to do with a cheat like you ever again in my entire life…….” She said and I really felt hurt.


I could do anything thing


I watched her walked away.














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