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We arrived at Luxembourg on time and I traced to the building I left them all this years and surprisingly they are still leaving there, well I never thought they could find and more safe place than that place.


I got there and I input the same password o used years back and it was still the same, the gate opened immediately after I input the password, we drove into with out car and luckily my precious little nieces, she ran and hugged me.


Well come Uncle….. ” She said and I smiled.


I never know she is gonna remember me, a guy with a hectic gun was sighted but Charlton, Derek someone is around he said calmly.


Stay calm and watch carefully I guess he must be their guard…..” I said calmly.


The guy walked down and pull down his gun with a smiled


” Good evening boss…..”


He greeted and just then Doc. Harrietta walled out form the building.


Wow!!! who do we have here. Derek Elson!!!!!!!!! ……”


She said as she walk more closer to us


Good afternoon doctor


I greeted and she smiled


I never expected to see you today


It has been a long time Charlton


She said and I was surprised she still remember him despite it has been years she saw him.


You still recognized me????……” Charlton asked


Why not, the almighty protector of my best friend Evelyn……” She said and I smiled at little.


Let go in……”


She said as she lead the way in and we followed her while I walk with my beautiful daughter whom has come of age almost the same height with her father.


If I should guess right, she will be like seventeen or eighteen years now. A beautiful grown up baby girl.


We got in and my brother’s wife Evelyn walked out but she wasn’t surprised to see me, not even an attempt to hug me after all this years.


Is she angry that I haven’t visited all this while????


I tried hugging her but she stopped me with her hands and then Doc Harrietta noticed what’s going on and she asked me to stop.


Am sorry Evelyn


I had allot of things to take care of, I heard to save your son Elvin, I had to make sure he is fine that’s why I wasn’t able to come check on you……”


I said in a pleading manner but she never showed a Remus that she the one am talking to.


What’s wrong???? …………”




Am sorry Derek


You need to take it easy on yourself


This is not what you think


She is not angry with you because she don’t even know you exist at all


Doc Harrietta said and I was surprised at her speech


What do you mean by that


I asked


You need to seat so that I can explain more for


She said and I seat down still looking at her.


You see Derek


You know she has already lost allot of blood the moment house rushed her to my hospital, I tried my best and I was able to save her life and that of the unborn baby girl whom you already know that’s her there.


She said pointing at the girl.


That’s your uncle that I have been telling you about


She said to her and she smiled.


” I recognized him the moment he came


Uncle welcome, author has has told me so much about you.


You are just what your pictures says….”


She said with a smile and I smiled at her.


” Well as for her, after some surgery


She went into comma for four good years and with the grace of God she is back on her feet but she had a memory loss, at first she was not able to recognize anything entirely but I thank God that at least she was able to recognize me and few people which you, your brother her husband and other of her relative was out of……..”


She said and tears slip down my chest.


“‘ You don’t need to force this Derek


Pit your self together at least you saved her life and that’s what matters the most……”


She said and I nod and clean the years and asked the girl to come seat on my laps and she came.


You know I was expecting you before now but you never showed up, I managed to show her your pictures and told her how important she is to you that why she was able to call you uncle……..” She said.


Thank you much doctor but do you think their is something that can be done to bring back her Loss memory because it of no use her been alive if her memory is not there……”


I said.


Yeah we have two options her which on is under probably and the other is fifty fifty chances……” She said..


Can I hear them……”


Is either is undergo a brain surgery or she will be taken to all her love once and area maybe seeing them can restore the lost memories……”


She said.



” Well I goes with the first


I think we will go for the surgery because that the only way to keep her alive for now she needs to stay


on a low key…….”


I said.


” Sure am aware of that.


Am really happy to see you again Derek after all this years……”


She said and smiled


” I don’t have much to say


She is your best friend even though she is more important to me but you need to do all you can to get your friend back to her feet ……”


” I will


That’s a promise…… ”


She said.


Well let do some introduction.


That’s Keira and Laura my two best female friends. We have our life’s bond together I said.


Wow!!! You guys are welcome


She said.


Well doctor you will be seeing their face often than mine for some reason.


Most especially Laura


I said and she look at her and nod.


Okay let me get you guys something to drink


She said and all this while Evelyn was just looking at us without saying anything word.




I want to have a private chat with my little niece….. I said and she stood up and walked out.


Others where in the sitting room while I walked out with her. I walked with her around the little compound.


So tell, how did you get to know that your uncle ????……”


Well Miss Harrietta always make mention of your name and she always says that you are looking after my elder brothers


She said that am gonna see them and they are so cute…….”


She said and I smiled


Yeah they are, don’t worry when next am coming am gonna come over with them…..” I said and she nod with a smiled.


So what’s about your education hope you are doing just great…..”


I asked


” Yes uncle


I schools at the most popular institution around here in Luxembourg and am among the students going to represent Europe in the upcoming national championship competition……” She said



” Wow !!!! you must be very intelligent….”


I said and she smiled just like her mum so cute with a cute dimple.


We had a lot to talk about but that’s gonna be after am done with what I came for, don’t worry sweetie am gonna come back but I need to visit a friend and then I will tell your brother to get ready to come say hey to you…..”


Okay uncle….”


She said with a smile


We walked in and we left to the competition venue.






I was wondering whom my daughter could be referring to as uncle because I never introduced any one to be so as a matter of fact the only person I know is Jim, Harrietta and my lovely daughter.


They walked into the house and the young man wanted to hug me and I had to stop him, I don’t know him actually but his face was too deep familiar like I have met him somewhere. Something related to such.


Even the one that mentioned his name to be Charlton there is something deep about this people the worse confusing thing is that Doctor Harrietta so much love there visit.


This people has been the only people that has visited us here for years now.


I have stayed here and all I ever needed was provided by my friend Harrietta.


They talked about I having memory loss and that was ticking dark in my brain, maybe he was right, he knows me.


I don’t even know who I am


Only my profession and my daughter is the only thing I know.


Am a medical doctor world known but I don’t know where my family is.


After they left I tried asking my best friend whom they are but she didn’t say much. She only said they ate the most important people in my life.


Just confused






Am kind of having double mind about this competition, with the feelings am having now. I might not really know much about it but am sure the ending is not gonna be a good thing to talk about, the feeling is so strong.


Every player is already set, all in their attire, Kester’s team wore white on blue short, vans team wore total white, Lin’s team wore yellow while Dave’s team wore pick with a designed black lines.


All of them are already standing with their skating shoe intact ready for action.


I know Kester will be in a deep tension at this point in time, I look at Kester at the spot we were seated even though he wasn’t looking my direction, I smiled.


Come on Kester Believe you can do it……”


I said inside me as if Kester is my mind and am having the conversation with it, I just smiled as I was talking with my conscious.


The whistle was blown and the ball was bounced in the middle and the game started, judging from my guessing the people with the ball at first was the Van’s team.


The man guy with the ball, actually has some speed but it didn’t last for him as he exchanged the ball with his opponent but unlucky it got to Dave’s team and they race with the ball, getting to the score post Daniel took the ball form the guy with it.


Yeah, I know it Daniel Anabella brother, he didn’t change but I don’t think he is gonna recognise me, I don’t really know anyways.


He blocked the ball and gave it to Kim whom seem to have speed and good at the game properly.


At first the game seem to be a hard but to crack as any team that tries go score fails, Kester made many attempts but he wasn’t able to get much closer to the post because immediately he gets the ball Dave’s team especially comes to attack him.



Judging from what am seeing it seem the Dave’s team is the best team here, they are the only one that isn’t attempting to score and they keep on defending the score post as if it their personal post, they stops other team from scoring.


At a point Kester got the ball and he ride his skating shoe so perfectly, other team tried stopping him but he was much faster than them, he served the ball to Kim and he took a race towards the score post and at this moment I was just watching the moves if Dave’s team but they were just running along with Kim without giving him much street.


He finally passed the ball to Kester and he score a wonderful goal which triggered the attention of the fans and they shout of joy.


I smiled form our seat and Stephannie looked at me, He scored, she said and I smiled at her.


” Off course Kester is still gonna score another on……”


I said and she smiled the more and we focused back on the game but turning my eyes could sight if someone.


” Who is she???……”


I asked Stephannie and she turned her eyes towards the direction and she kind of frowned.


Why do you asking??……” She asked.


Nothing just wants to know……”


That’s Maya Eryk’s younger sister


that’s her dad seating beside her Mr. Robinson…. That’s the early of a guy……”


She said pointing at one of the players in the field and I just nod and focus back on the game.


The started the game again after the jubilation and Kester still scored again still on the help of Kim then Dave’s team scored and the honest truth is that they didn’t stress themselves in scoring


They scored as if it a training grounds


None of the opponent was able to stop them from scoring at their first attempt to score.


They have two main best player in their team and form my observation they have speed enough and they both can finish up a started work. I mean scoring.


I watched those two morely and watch closely how they attack and defend the goal post from others to score.


Kim tried to score and he couldn’t even though no one was after him and that means that he is only good with speed and passing but Kester is good in speed and also I’m finally line.



Kester still scored again and then Dave’s team scored making the game as if it only the Dave’s team and Kester team is on the field.


Kester missed on of his ball which became an advantage to Van’s team and they scored. Also from my observation I notice that Dave’s team mostly attack Lin’s team as if they are their main opponent,


They never gave them any breathing space to even score at least one goal.


The first half ending and they just took some minutes rest and those that want to exchange players did and they got back to the field again.


Again, judging in terms between Kim and Kester, Kim gat more speed than Kester but Kester doesn’t miss the finishing touches. It can more said that Kim doesn’t know how to score. Kester never misses any of his opportunity to score.


Kester’s team was accumulating six goals and Dave’s team was accumulating four goals then Van’s team was just accumulating a goal while Lin’s team is still yet to score at all.


The game continued and this time Kester at the finishing line gave Daniel the ball and that gave him a wonderful opportunity to score.


Maxwell didn’t score but he played a vital role even more than Kim even though he was the one giving Kester the opportunity to score.


Kester still scored again making it eight goals while Dave’s team is still at four goals before the competition ended they were able to score another one.


The game ended as Kester’s team been the first with Nine goals and Dave’s team the second with five goals and Lin’s team third with just two goals while Van’s was declared out of the game because they weren’t able to score any goal at all.


The sport coordinator came and made some speech about their Wonderful effort then he mention the teams to play in the next game and then the date for the next competition.


Immediately the whole stuff was over, the fans fly their flag of Kester’s sport academy as they walk out in glory.


Wow, I really love what I saw


They are really good at this hope I could get challenge anyway time may tell.


” Come on Elvin


Let go and hey to Kester……”


Stephannie said dragging me up and I walked out of the spot was sat on.



I went and waited for him at the car. Other fans was congratulating them as they walk into the room, probably to change.


After everything is over Kester walked out with Kim behind him immediately he saw me with Stephannie


his mood change who cares about him???? .


Mirabel was the first to ran and hug Kester them Stephannie hugged him and to my own greatest surprise Flora hugged him and peck him as well while I just clapped my hands.


Victor shake hands with him and I was just standing were I was and he walked up to me,


Look at how you messed yourself up and you missed a golden opportunity…..” I said and he laughed


What about others that I score….”


He asked


I don’t talk about were you got it right but your wrongs Anyway you gat you best and I must say you ate best best……” I said and hug him guys method.


We got into the car and zoom off to the castle together but without Kim, he went with his own escort.


He even got to the castle before us, I guess that because we branches in a shopping mall where we picked allot of things but guess what I picked


A new a beautiful guitar


Then a beautiful created picture of a rose flower for Stephannie actually.


Still after the shopping we still continue our ride to the castle, getting there Kim was already coming out form the castle, I guess he came to have conversations with Mr Barlon.


We step down and we all walked to our room but instead Stephannie drag me to her room, she took her bath while I just stay on her bed operation her laptop.


She came out for the bathroom looking so s£xy and cute, so tempting but I controlled myself, I need to take a shower I said to her because she was just on a short and a singlet.


She followed me to my room and I had my bath and we’ll while she was the one to select the cloth she wants me to wear, after I wore the clothes she selected for mewith a sweater.



” You look so cute my king ……”


She said kissing me with her hand around my neck and I kiss



her back


” You too you look so amazing that I can stare at you and kiss you till the end of the world…….”


I said and she became shy and I kiss her and she deepens the Kiss .


We walked down to see that everyone was already at the circle table except Kester and Flora.


Oh so surprising seeing the God and the goddess down while Kester is still up…..” Victor said and I just smiled


Where is he then??……”


I don’t really know…”


Victor said.


I think the both are down long before you guys came down, I saw them behind that pool……” Mirabel said.


I think he is having a private time with Flora…… ” She added.


Am gonna find out myself


I think the man wanna do the needful today, you know


I walked with Stephannie to the direction that Mirabel said they were and true they where there and Kester was holing her hand and I stare at them.


I could hear them clearly from the spot we are.


I really love you and truth be told I have never felt this way from any other girl except you Flora, can you be my girlfriend…..”


He asked and I felt like answering the yes for Flora.


I almost talk but Stephanie close my mouth and she said yes and Victor and Mirabel stared clapping that’s when I knew they were also following us as well.


Kester turned to look at us and Flora was shy at the moment, she is always shy. Shy bestie.


I need a romance seen


I said and she smiled knowing what I mean but Kester was confused.


Kester do your work


I need a kiss or I will help you out


I said and Stephannie pinched me and I just laughed I was just kidding


I said and I kissed her and before I was done with Stephannie then have already kissed.



am not going with that another round


I said and this time flies was the one to do the kissing and I smiled finally a game became a real date if I


had known I won’t make such wish


I said and Kester laughed.


Off course I will still make it official


He said and was walked out form the place to the random table and by then all the corner of the table


with different wines .


Kester pop the wine and we drank as we gist in a random,


” Well done Son….. ”


We heard Mr Barlon’s voice and we all turned to see him and Mr. Henderson Kester’s uncle and their little son Alex.


Kester walked closer to them and embrace them each, Son am gonna give you wonderful gift when the game is over ……”


The old woman said.


Me too Son


You are really the best with allot of speed like a flying jet…..”


Mrs Beatrice said


Yeah he gat allot of speed just like his father, I could remember those days in the football arena ,am very good at football you can ask your uncle here…..”


Mr Barlon said.


Well Son


I still keeps my promise……”


He added


Okay Dad am gonna win and get that It a sure promise……”


Kester said and I kind of smiled.


Okay guys


Let give you some break to have fun with your friends and your new girlfriend you didn’t want to introduce to us…….”


Mr. Barlon said and turned while Flora looks shy a little.


After they left we played a popular game truth or dare you know what Stephannie dare me to do


Bath her…..







I thank God for a wonderful and victorious competition, it wasn’t an easy game but thanks to God that me and my team excelled At least the first tournament is over.


Let just be waiting for the second tournament, I don’t even know what it gonna look at but I know that I and my team will keep excelling.


I know that this game is not gonna be hard but you know what it gonna be tougher than what man can conceive.


Well it gonna take more training.


I noticed a little fowl play in this competition, it always an impossible that a team will play the whole time without a single goal and also all the goal i was able to score sort from one was all through with the help of Kim.


Well it a matter of time.


After the whole thing I got a surprising hug form Flora, I never expected it anyways,


I got to ask her out to be my official girlfriend which she accepted without a thought.


We had a wonderful time together all of us and we played q game which kept me thinking if Elvin is gonna do what Stephannie dare him to






Am gonna deal with this boy called Elvin and all the entire family of Mr. Barlon though I don’t know the thing you have with my dad but since what he wants is your humiliation am gonna help him out.


As for you Kester’ yours is gonna be a public disgrace and gonna watch the almighty goal scorer cry in a game for not scoring a mare goal.


Stephannie if you refuse to give me what I want in peace am gonna get it from you in a hard way, must sure have a taste of that’s thing In between your two legs. I said to myself smilef as I drive.



I got hope hoke and Dad congratulated me for a job well-done.


I got all the fastness needed to make them win the game.


As for what I discussed with Mr. Barlon at his house, I went to reassure him that we are cool and can win with just the number of play we already have in the game


All this is gonna come like a shock to you Mr. Barlon.







Am so angry at the outcome of the whole competition, there is something wrong, it seem like a conspiracy for us to be the one to be pushed out of the game.


I walked in a met Dad and my sister Maya seating down but my Daddy was walking around restlessly.


What went wrong Eryk???? ……” He asked immediately I stepped in.


I don’t really know dad


It seen someone linked our secret, I think that Kim of a guy knows that we are the one coordinating that Lin’s academy……”


But how possible is that perhaps why is he even playing with Barlon’s team leaving his team behind……”


Mr. Robinson asked.


Dad they played a smart game in this.


Kim even though he was with Kester’s team he still helped his academy come second in the whole thing, they are using the help of Kester’s team to win.


Dad this is not good at all……”


I said.


” How possible is this


Morgan, you think you are smart right……”


Mr Robinson said.


Dad there Is nothing to be done The deed is settled already.


We are out of the game……”


We might be out of the game but am gonna make sure that Van’s academy wins both Morgan and Barlon are gonna lose out the game……”


Mr. Robinson said.


” How can that be possible


Dad something needs to be done


That’s Kim of a guy is beating in more than he can crew, he needs to be dealt with ……”


” Leave that to me


Am gonna tell them that am the master of the game.


I know what exactly to do…..”



To be continued..















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