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I wasn’t expecting a kiss from him,


I have so much desire to kiss his cute lips they are so attractive, Does that mean he loves me as well???



Is he dying over me or my beauty?


I thinks he lives me as well, he is cute so he can’t be dying for my beauty.






All my body couldn’t resist him and I had to kiss him back. Mirabel had to come out form no where to spoil the whole but we’ll I didn’t let her to.


I still hugged him again and kissed him so passionately and he reciprocated. I crossed my hand across his shoulder and we feeling the kiss. The kiss was really deep that I even forgot that am in school and we are still in the existence of the world.


After a period of time we broke the kiss and we breath so fast.


I look around and some student were watching us, gosh did u really kissed in public like this??? Thank God that their are not allot of students around.


I was kind of shy the moment we break the kiss, I look at him and he smiled then I frown


I wanted to walk away but he hold me back.


” I love you Stephannie


I couldn’t fight it again……”


He said and I smiled.


” I love you too Elvin.


I was scared that why I never said since, I love you too…..”


I said and he smiled and we both hugged again no kisses this time.


We walked into the class hand in hand.


The student in the class were kind of surprised seeing the two of us, anyway even thought I never wanted him close but now all I want is more of him.


We sat down and a teacher walked in teach and walked way.


After school.


We bleed ourselves goodbye but not without kissing each other and they Flora left with than and I got into my car and zoom off happy.






” Gosh.


What’s this new that is trending everywhere, what it all about??? ……”


I asked no one in particular.


That guy that you saw on the picture is the Elvin of a boy, Vivian said.


I thought you said you have a crush on him, how could he ends up with Stephannie???


I don’t really know,


The guy is really cute and all the girls in the institution is getting crazy over him. Even the almighty Sonia


and crazy Vera


Vivian said.


Did you tell him how you feel about him I asked.


Not really


He is always with a girl by name Flora, they are always together and u can’t tell him such with her around.


I have lost him and their is nothing that could be done…..”


Vivian said.


” Off course something will be done.


I can’t allow this to happen not in this world. I must make sure that she didn’t date him, I will make her pay for causing me pain….”


” Maya you need to calm yourself down.


Their is nothing wrong can do now, she already have him, I never know she loves him as well. I guess all his side crush will just give up because we can’t even contest with the almighty Stephannie…….” Vivian said.


” Come on Vivian.


You should have known me and what am capable of doing. I must make sure that Elvin dates you not


that bitch Stephannie, I assure you that……”


I said.


” And how are you gonna achieve that.


Judging form what we saw now, the Elvin of a boy lives him if not why will he be kidding her like that.


Their is nothing to be done……”


Vivian said.


” Off course their is something I can do and k must do it for my friend.


Am gonna separate them and she will feel my pain for driving away Kim’s attention from Me……”


I said.


And how are you gonna achieve that???…” Olivia asked and I just smiled.


Do the watching


That a promise


Elvin must date my friend and no one else……”


I said.


But who is this guy’s that girls are dying over him, is he really that cute ???……” I asked.


He is really cute if it come to that.


He is gentle and very smart, hot and sΒ£xy, all a girl need, he possess…..”


Vivian said.


” I see.


I will see about that….”


We had a wonderful drink together and we talked about a loot if things.


Then they wanted to know why I wanted to terminate Stephannie’s relationship with Elvin and I told them how Stephannie distracted mine.


How are intending to go about this, Share with us……”


Olivia said.


Come on, am doing all this because of the reasons I gave you guys, one for taking Kim’s attention from me and for the fact you are my girlfriend……”


I said.


So how are you gonna go about it,


Remember that we are talking about the almighty Stephannie Barlon here…..”


Vivian reminded me and I smiled.


Off course I know and that why I want to humiliate her publicly…..”


No matter how smart him can be, am still the Maya Robinson, I have this city in the back of my palms. I gonna play a smart game with him.


Am sure he can’t win me in it……” I said and smiled.








After the crazy kiss I had with Stephannie, I really felt like am on tip of the world. I got a message from Victor congratulating me over what happened. Then I know they must have posted it in the institution timeline.


I opened my hot-spot and there was it.


The almighty Stephannie had finally fall in and it happens she walked in love with the hottest guy in the institution by name Elvin


They look so cute in the crazy kiss


It came like a video and that was the moment I draw Stephannie back and kiss her and the time she kissed me back. Gosh, we really look like a god and goddess.


I smiled staring at the cute picture and then I saved it in my phone.


The lest of the class was cool


We kept on smiling at ourselves and after school she got into her car and u went into our and we drove to our new home but not without a kiss and this time Victor witnessed it.


On the ride home.


With Flora and Victor.


I got a message from her telling me to take care of myself and she will be waiting at the castle. I just smiled at the message and then I sent her a emoji of kiss


You guys looks so cute in this picture


Flora said and I just focused on the driving without saying anything to her.


The headline should have been tagged the seen kissing seen of a god and mermaid.


Stephannie looks like a mermaid and you are the god


Victor said.


Won’t you focus on where you are driving at than be discussing?????……” I asked and he laughed.


Am focused so don’t bother about that.


I think I should get myself a girlfriend as well, I need someone to kiss me as well……”


He added and I kept my phone and look at him through the Front mirror and he smiled.


We dropped Flora at her house and then drove home, I took my bath and the got ready and Victor and just Joe drive to the castle.



I walked into her room and everywhere was so neatly kept with a very classic and expensive cent that penetrated into my nostrils .


She walked out form her kitchen if I guess right and she was looking so cut as ever. She hugged and


kissed me again.


I have missed you…..” She said and I smiled.


Me too….”


I said.


” It time for studying not for a romantic movies


We heard grandma’s voice from behind us and we move a little separate.


Elvin you didn’t come to say hey to the old woman just because you so much wish to see her….” She said and u was speechless.


Good afternoon grandma


I greeted and she smiled.


No need asking how you are because I can see you are doing good with you new found wife


She said and I kind of smiled without looking at Stephannie but she good my hand a little and squeeze it then I turned and look at her.


You guys should get to what is right and the right moment for it, you can continue you romance letter but after studying…..”


She said and then gave us a look if go on.


We walked into her personal laboratory and we had a wonderful class together but it didn’t last much long because we kissed occasionally because of her crazy constant stares.


After the wonderful class we both walked outside together because it was already late (not getting late) Kester and Victor was seating outside the moment we walked


So finally the two stubborn heads agreed they have something strong for each other……” Kester said and I gave him a deadly look while Stephannie just smiled.


They look cute anyways…..”


Victor said.


Come on Victor let get going It already getting dark……”


Not already


It already dark.


You don’t know we will be going back home the moment you were spending time with her inside……” He said.


Are you now jealous???……”


Stephannie asked.


” Not really …….”


He said stood up drank off his cup and took up the car keys and we all walked towards the car.


Joe got in and Victor did as well.


I wanted to walk away but she dragged me back.


You are leaving without a kiss


She said and before u could day a word she has already rock her lips on mine and I kissed her back.



Take care of yourself


She said as we pull out form the kiss.


And as for you Victor. Drive save and carefully.


Let nothing happen to him…..”


She said and I smiled while Victor nod laughing.


I frowned making eye contact with Kester and I waved at Stephannie then got in and we drove off from the castle








I texted Stephannie that am home Dave and she sent me back a good night message, I sent her a good morning message very early in the morning.


I prepared for school and Joe and Lextar drove us to school while me and Victor just stay back in the back car.


I got to school and Stephannie was already in school but in the car, I walked up to her and she smiled seeing me, I got closer and she hugged me a I kissed her.


Good morning handsome


She greeted and I smiled.



” Good morning Queen


How are you doing today ??……”


I asked.


” Am fine seeing you happy


Hope you had a wonderful night???……”


She asked.


” Yeah


And what about you ???


Wonderful thinking about you all night….” She said.


Why still outside……”


I asked.


Waiting to walk with my king…..” She said and I smiled


We locked out hands and walked into the class, Flora Giggle with a smile while Sonia’s face wasn’t a


good one, same with Vivian but she looks better.


Who cares.


The class was wonderful and during our free time, Victor came over and both I, Stephannie Victor and Flora have lunch together.


Their was no much activity in the institution, I spent much time this time with Stephannie then Flora.


After school I got a text from Kester he said I should drive over to the castle immediately. Well I was riding with Stephannie while Victor and Flora was on the other car.


Will you mind coming with us to the castle then I will drive you home later


I texted Flora


Okay, I will but that will be if u will be able to witness another life romance


She texted back and I sent her an angry emoji while she returned the message again with a smiling emoji.


We got to the castle and there was Kester sitting with Vanessa and Mirabel I look around but I didn’t see her sister Anastasia maybe she didn’t come with her sister. Better for her


I thought .


Their was a random set of seat.


I walked hand rocked with Stephannie and after saying hey to Kester.


Am coming let me change to something more light and simple……” She whispered into my ears


She kissed me and just after we pulled out from the kiss, Kim walked out.


Well I don’t know if he saw us or not.


I don’t have business with him anyways.


We all sat down and I reserved a seat so close for Stephannie, Victor was seating beside Mirabel while Kester opposite Flora and then Vanessa was just seating alone.


I looked at Kim’s direction and he seem he said something to Stephannie before she continued her walking.


He didn’t come to were we were seating, he just looked at us or better still me in particular then get into his car and zoom off.


Few minutes later


Stephannie walked out looking so cute that I even lost control staring at her.


Victor laughed out loud and I just smiled while Stephannie kissed me and seat beside me.






Am really happy that after everything that Elvin was the one that finally won the heart of my stubborn sister.


I never wish and wanted her to date that Kim Kim of a boy, I was in my training when Mirabel drove in and gist me about the happenings in the institution


She even showed me their cute picture of Elvin kissing Stephannie or should I say Stephannie kissing


him, well all I know is that their is an existence of kiss .


It was another cute day after preparing my students for the upcoming events that it gonna take place in the next two days, and I drove to Mirabel’s house and she insisted on coming over to the castle with me.


On our way home I got a text from Vanessa that she is feeling bored that I should come pick her and I did.


I texted Elvin to drive straight to the castle and on getting to the castle was that Kim of a boy.


I don’t really know what he was discussing with my Dad, j well I don’t care, I only greeted my Dad and go my way.



I came down and the seat had already been set in a random table just like I instructed them before walking to greet my Dad.


Just few minutes they arrived and you no like a new couple they kissed each other and I could see the ugly face of Kim.


They came with someone whom Elvin introduced to be Flora, truth be told I felt something at the moment I sent my eyes on her, she looks so cute and adorable.


I thought of what we could do to make our gathering fun of a game popped into my head.


Guys I think we should play a die and command game……” I said and they all looked surprised.


How???? ……”


They asked.


” Well, I have a die here with..and we are gonna be throwing the die but that will be after we have


picked the numbers that is gonna represent each if us And when the die is been thrown any one that it


number comes out will make a command to anybody he or she wants and the person must do whatever


is been commanded to do……”


I said.


” Wow !!! it sounds interesting


Hope know one is gonna give a naughty command……”


Elvin said and I nod sure.


” So you guys should pick a number and you know 1 and two is not a number because this is a double die ….. ”


I said.


I think I will go with three (3) Elvin said.


I will go as four (4) Stephannie said.


I will go with six (6) Victor said And I look at Flora and Vanessa.


I goes with twelve(12) Flora said.


I goes with five (5) Vanessa said.


I goes with ten (10) Mirabel said and I took out a deep breath then am going with eight (8)



The first person to throw the die Elvin and he frowned.

was Victor and it turned to me eight (8) and I smiled then looked at



Elvin I command that you to tell us all if you had ever had a naughty thoughts about my sister and the reason you never had a girlfriend before now……”


I said and he frowned.


” No Kester


That’s against the rules of the game


No telling stories perhaps it a personal issue ……”


He said and I smiled.


” Am listening Sweet heart


Have you had such in mind???……”


Stephannie asked and I smiled while he frowned and everyone was looking at him.


” The truth……”


I reminded him and he hissed.


Yeah, I have admired her body and how cute we could be together in the bed and as for the reason why I had no girl friend is because I don’t want to encounter heart break…..”


He said and I watch his face while my sister smiled.


It was my turn to throw the die and I did this time I walked for Stephannie.


She was asked to make a command


Stephannie demanded that Elvin should kiss her and Elvin did without hesitation.


I handed the die to Vanessa and she threw it and it failed for Victor and he made a command that Flora should seat on my laps till the game is over she tried to decline but we refuse so she did like the command said but she was shy. Well I wasn’t anyway.


I handed my sister the die and she threw it only for it to fall for Elvin and Elvin choose to pull my legs by asking me to point out whom I love between Vanessa and Flora and who so ever I choose am going on a one week dating with.


I was really speechless hearing that from him and they all were staring at me hoping to see whom am gonna choose.


All my heart was pointing at Flora,


What’s this feeling for???


I look at Vanessa and then to the Flora I was carrying then I opened my mouth and Flora’s name came out.


I look at Vanessa’s look she wasn’t either angry or sad I couldn’t read the looks she had.


Flora on the other side was very shy this time.



” I can’t go on a date for one week with him, It gonna affect my studies and some other things…..”


She said.


That’s a command and you must do just like I want perhaps it not a real date so you guys can play the love games while the school time is over but aside from then, you will be spending all you free time with only him ….”


Elvin said.


Why will he make such a wish.


Elvin why???????????????????






After today’s training that Kester’s stadium, I drove straight to his Dad’s house just like my dad instructed and I feed him up with some lies which he believes to me confidence.


I was coming out from the massive building when I caught sight of the idiot kissing Stephannie.


How could Stephannie choose that fool over me, I felt like killing him the moment I saw the both of them kissing.


I will deal will you reconfirm crossing your boundaries.


I drive home immediately with so much anger boiling inside me, I even tried talking to Stephannie but she did. Like I never existed, she is treating me like a trash because of Elvin.


Getting home was Maya seating with my Mom and I didn’t even say anything to any of them I just walked into my room and Maya tried calling me back but I shot the door immediately I entered my room.


I will deal with you Elvin. I will


that’s a promise Elvin.


To be continued.













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